Communication in a crisis situation Hans Christian Andersen 2005 by MattySad


									 Communication in a crisis
Hans Christian Andersen 2005

     5th EFC Chief Executive
   Symposium April 18.-20. 2007

• Poul Bache
• Director general, Danish Arts Agency
• Chairman, The Hans Christian Andersen
   The HCA 2005 Foundation
• Foundation founded 2002 by The
  municipality of Odense, The Bikuben
  Foundation and the State.

  – Board of govenors appointed by the founders
  – Secretariat headed by a secretary general
                The goal
• To give as many as possible a better and
  more differentiated knowledge of
  Andersen and his works...
2. April 2005
Goals of the HCA 2005 celebration
• To create many different pictures of HCA – in
  order to stimulate the interest for the works of

• .. By the means of ambitious artistic productions
  on an international level and a number of
  smaller events on a less ambitous level.

• .productions with broad popular appeal as well
  as projects aimed at more specific target
             The strategy
– Projects concerning
  • Culture and art
  • Education
  • Turism

– Communication
•   The State                       77,8 mio
•   Odense City / The County of Fyn: 40 mio
•   Other municipalities:           32,2 mio
•   Bikuben Foundation:               80 mio.
•   Total:                           230 mio
   Distribution of funds (DKR)
• Arts and Culture:     113,5 mio.
• Education:             15,5 mio.
• Turism:                24,5 mio.
Opening :                27,5 mio.
PR and communication:     24 mio.
Secretariat               25 mio.
Total                   230 mio.
Projects: geografical distribution

•   50% Denmark
•   25% Europe
•   12% North America
•   8% Asia
•   5% The rest of the world
      The projects:principles

The Foundation itself is not producing

The Foundation gives financial support to projects,

The Foundation does not give 100% support to a
  project – co-funding from other parties is required
      Communication strategies
    Have PR responsible for PR and communication

• The appointment of Andersen Ambassadors

     Press launches in selected countries
     Intense media coverage of project activities
     Tourism promotion internationally

• Co-branding with commercial partners
   The Hans Christian Andersen

• The Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary
  generated early media exposure by appointing a
  number of notorieties in selected countries as
  goodwill Hans Christian Andersen Ambassadors

• In all, 204 personalities within culture, politics,
  sport and business were appointed in 52
  countries on all continents.
Honorary Ambassadors
HCA Ambassadors
    Co-branding has been an essential part of the communications
    strategy of the Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary as well as an
    important factor in generating public awareness of the event.
    Many private companies and organisations have given the Hans
    Christian Andersen bicentenary an added communications platform
    by entering commercial license contracts with the Hans Christian
    Andersen 2005 Foundation and the Hans Christian Andersen abc
    The licenses grant the enterprises the right to use the official
    HCA2005 logo commercially on specific bicentennial products.
    The humanitarian initiative
• The humanitarian initiative resulted in the
  formation of the HCA-abc Foundation.

• The HCA-abc Foundation cooperates with
  UNICEF and UNESCO in their existing
  illiteracy programs.
The results
                   The projects
•   HCA2005 resulted in financial support to 250 projects
    and a official cooperation with further130 projects.

• Only ten projects were not seen through for different
  reasons – financial as well as artistic.

•    Apart from the official projects local initiatives
    contributed to making the total amount of HCA2005
    projects more than 2000 projects worldwide.
            Media coverage
• The event was covered by the press in more
  than 60 countries.
  The media monitoring and evaluation agencies
  Durrants of London and Observer of
  Copenhagen monitored the media coverage in
  35 selected countries. Press clippings amount to
  a total of 14,903.
          Media coverage value
The OMD media analysis agency has completed a valuation
  assessment of the media exposure :

• The value of the international media coverage:
  *   Printed media :                     DKK 2.620 million
  *   Radio:                              DKK     12 million.
  *   TV:                                 DKK    437million.
  *   VNR:                                DKK     32 million.
  Total value:                          DKK 3.120.million.
          Prize winning PR
Have PR won the internationally
acclaimed and prestigious European
SABRE Awards 2005 in the
category "Entertainment and Culture" for the
PR and communications work for the Hans
Christian Andersen Foundation
    Evaluation of the HCA-2005

• Evaluation report by The University of
  Southern Denmark, february 2007.
  The evaluation: Conclusions
• The celebration substantial results, both in
  Denmark and internationally, many of
  long-lasting value. The project was
  generally a success.
• A substantial positive awareness of HCA
  was created outside Denmark
• The general positive story about Andersen
  was to some extent damaged by the
  events after the opening show
        More Conclusions ..
• The presentation of Andersen as a serious
  artist should have been more distinctly
  separated from the more popular events

• The organization of the HCA-Foundation
  was not optimal for such a ambitious
• The celebration has thought us some
  lessons for future use.
What went wrong, and what
   have we learned??
Weaknesses in our organization

• Secretariat to small to cope with the
• Uncertainty over important strategic
  issues :
  – Project funding
  – The humanitarian initiative
Stories told…………..

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