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									Measuring CRA Success

 3               2

Measuring CRA Success

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Measuring CRA Success

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Measuring CRA Success
 On the Road to Successful
    Louis Orosz, MBA, AICP
     Director, Zoning and Change
   Growth Management Group, Inc.
           Fort Lauderdale
            Where are we going?
• Purpose                       •    Scope and Approach
  – Taking performance              1. Management
    measuring to the next              -----------------
    level                           2. Planning
• Main assumptions                  3. Evaluation
  – The CRA is a business              -------------------
  – The CRA director is the         4. Why measure?
    business manager                5. Measurement
  – Economic conditions will           -------------------
    compel CRAs to prove
    their value more strongly       6. Success
Measuring CRA Success

         You Can’t Manage
       What You Don’t Measure
              F. John Ren, About.com

• “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  It is an old management adage that is
  accurate today. Unless you measure
  something you don’t know if it is getting
  better or worse. You can’t manage for
  improvement if you don’t measure to see what
  is getting better and isn’t.”
   Management Circle
Continuous Periodic Recycle
                1. Plan
              5. Replan

4. Control                   2. Organize
8. Evaluate                 6. Reorganize

              7. Redirect
            Management Process

    • Controlling                               • Measured
        Evaluation                               Planning
                       Analysis     Vision
4                      Critique     Mission                    1
                       Results     Objectives

                        Tasking     Labor
    3                 Scheduling    Money                      2
                      Monitoring    Time
        • Directing                             • Analytical
          Action                                 Organizing
  Planning and Control / Evaluation
• Planning element           • Control element
  – Quantify catalytic and     – Measure progress
    key goals                    towards achieving goals
  – Use “mission” as the       – Use “mission” as the
    guiding standard             guiding standard
  – Condition your success     – Evaluate progress on
    on implementation of         performance of
    goals by NAMED others        implementers
                               – Have 3rd party conduct
                        Think about
                        how you will
                        success and
                        you will use
Measuring CRA Success

         Planning Prerequisites
Where is our agency or plan going?

Vision             Mission

         Setting the Base Standard for
          Plan Evaluation and Success
               Mission Statements
          Creating the Pathway to Success
  MissionStatement.com          Bradenton CRA Master Plan
                                • Enhance the Riverfront
                                  Downtown area as a
• A mission statement             beautiful, livable, walkable,
  describes in a paragraph or     higher density, mixed use
  so an entity’s reason for       place and an asset to the
  existence. It embodies its      entire community and
  philosophies, goals,            region.
  ambitions and mores.
              Mission Statements
      Singapore Urban            Atlanta Development
  Redevelopment Authority              Authority
• To make Singapore a        • The Atlanta Development
  great city to live, work     Authority is the catalyst for
  and play in.                 residential and economic
                               vitality in Atlanta.
                             • Atlanta will be the thriving core of
                               the metropolitan area. The most
                               successful city in the Southeast. A
                               competitive city, nationally and
            Planning Prerequisites
        Planning for Performance
            Setting the Base Standard for
            Evaluation and Performance

  Plan             Measured                 Performance
Direction           Goals                    Foundation

Measuring CRA Success

        Evaluation Mine Field

“Anything having to do with evaluation creates
discomfort for practitioners, but usually piques the
interest of funders. Outcome measures however, offer
the potential to soften the divide between them by
meeting funder’s needs while also providing
valuable, useable benefits to grantees. Interest in
outcome measurement has indeed increased
substantially in recent times, however, this topic is
largely misunderstood.”
Management Circle
Plan • Organize • Direct • Control
Measuring CRA Success

      Key Performance Indicators
        Your Organization’s Vital Signs
• From the Planning     • Identify and measure
  phase of the            the key indicators of
  Management process      success, those that will
                          collectively act as a
                          catalyst to successful
                          redevelopment as
                          measured against the
                          standard of your
                          mission statement and
                   Measure Florida
        Community Redevelopment Agencies
 New Construction          Occupied space
     Motel units             Square feet of building
     By different uses        by use type
 Renovations                   Medical office
                                General office
 Employment
 Property values               Convenience
 Residential
   Units of apartments

             Measurement Dashboard
   Some suggestions by Hollywood Commissioner Beam Furr
• Slum and blight changes
• Crime changes
• Property values
   – Indexed or inflation adjusted
• Visual building condition
• Code enforcement workload
• Owner and renter housing
• Uses of TIF revenue changes
• Infrastructure changes
   – Off-street parking, street lights,
     utilities replaced
• Economic indicators
Neighborhood America
          1. What is outcome
          2. Should outcomes of
             development be
          3. How are outcomes
             measured in
Measure Rural America
Measure Australia
Measure Atlanta
                           Measure England
                               Rochdale Borough
•   How We Measure Success STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1
     – SP1.A Increase the proportion of working age adults with Level 2 and above qualifications
       from 60.9% to 66.2
     – SP1.E Business VAT registrations increase from 36.3 to 38.3 per 10,000 of the working age
     – SP1.F Increase the total number of businesses in the Borough from 6,235 to 6,385
     – SP1.G Construct a 7,500 square metre headquarters building for the Impact Partnership in
       Rochdale Town Centre
     – SP1.H Complete construction of the new Rochdale bus station by 2010
     – SP1.I Complete the development of the Middleton Arena by December 2008
     – SP1.K Increase visitor numbers to the Borough from 7 million to 10 million
     – SP1.M Increase the percentage of disadvantaged people employed by the Council as follows:
     – - Disabled people from 3.2% in 2007 to 4.0% in 2010 and ethnic minority people from 7.0% in
       2007 to 9.0% in 2010
     – SP1.N Increase library visits from 3.6 per year per head of population in 2006/07 to 6 per year
       per head by 31st March 2010
    MARCH 2010:
              Measure United Kingdom
         Performance Management
• Performance management is a process that builds on
  performance measurement approaches. Performance
  measurement shows progress against a pre-specified target
  or benchmark, whereas the purpose of performance
  management is to go a stage further, ensuring that the
  results obtained from performance measurement are used
  to influence the selection of strategic actions and that
  resources are allocated in such a way as to ensure
  achievement of organisational goals.

• EEDA has developed a robust performance management
  framework and tools designed to improve the way we
              Measure Singapore
            Visual Transformations (BBB Project)

• Outcomes (selected)          – 31% increase in median
  produced by successful         office space rental from
  plan implementation            S$3.80 per sq. ft. per month
                                 in 2000 to S$4.99 in 2007
  – Increase in National
                               – Receipt of S$3-billion in
    Museum of Singapore
                                 sites sold by government
    visitorship from 250,000
                                 since 1970s
    to 700,000 since 2006
                               – Increase variety of
  – Increase in performing
                                 museums, shopping, retail,
    and visual Arts Housing
                                 entertainment and tourist
    activities attendance
                                 accommodations to $12-
    from 50,000 to 150,000
                                 billion ($3% GDP in 2007)
    since 1996
Defining and Measuring Success in the
        Canadian Public Sector
• “In e-government, performance measures should
  define progress and success, giving the public
  reasonable assurance that the system is
  accountable to its customers. The measures
  should be developed with stakeholders’ input and
  should be clearly documented and well promoted.
  Without finite measurements and stakeholder
  input and consensus of what those measurements
  will be, government risks having the project
  assessed by arbitrary measurement standards.”
                        http://www.BradentonMasterPlan.com (2007)

Measuring CRA Success

     How Do You Measure Success?
            Expansion Management.com
            Bill King, Chief Editor (February 2003)

• “How do economic developers know they are
  doing a good job? More importantly, how do they
  prove it to those bosses, especially if those
  bosses—like most business people—are looking
  for quantifiable goals?
• “No question about it. Your job has become more
  difficult. What else is new?
• “Clearly, in a period of tight budgets, politicians
  are looking for ways to cut spending and . . .
  taxpayers and your local businesses community
  will begin to question your relevance.”
Apparent CRA Stakeholders
 • CRA board of directors
 • City commission
 • Property tax payers
 • CRA residents, merchants and
   real estate owners
 • Tourists
 • City homeowners, renters
 • Development and investment
       CRA Director’s Dilemma

        To not change.
          To change.
“It’s human nature to fear and resist change—
but it’s a business imperative to embrace it.”
            ~Leading Change and Organizational Renewal
                    Harvard Business Review
      Faith-Based Management
• 2008 Oshkosh, Wisconsin editorial
Measuring CRA Success


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