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									                                   117 Pine View Crossing, Pooler, GA 31322
                                     Tel: (561) 891-3175 Fax: (912) 450-3174

                       2010 Tax Masters of America 1040 Program
                          Service Agreement and Order Form
Contact: ____________________________________            EFIN: ______________________________________________
Business Name: ____________________________              Additional Locations: ______________________________
Billing Address: _____________________________           ____________________________________________________
City: _______________ ST: ____ Zip: ___________          ____________________________________________________
Phone: ______________ Fax: __________________            ____________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________            ____________________________________________________

                   Tax Masters of America 1040 Program
  Quantity    Features
              -         Tax Estimator Program
              -         RAL Bank Setup
              -         Training                                                           $699.00      $699.00
              -         Check Printing Software
              -         Marketing Kit ** (Marketing supplies provided by RAL Bank)

              Rapid Setup Fee (If signed up after November 1 )                            $100
                                                                                          SUB TOTAL   $699.00
                                                                                          Sales Tax
                                                                                             6%       $41.94
                                                                                            TOTAL     $740.94
Transaction Fees: ERO receives 100% commission per transaction. A $35 transmission paid to TMA.
This fee will be deducted by the participating bank for all bank products or may be billed by TMA for
            all electronic filings according to the terms outlined on the Service Agreement.

Circle One:       MC     VISA     AMEX       DISC        3 digit security code from back of card: _________

Account Number: ______________________________________ Billing Zip code: _______________

Billing Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________

By signing you are authorizing TMA to charge your card for the amount listed above.
Or you may mail payment to Tax Masters of America at the address listed above.
                                                   SERVICE AGREEMENT

This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on the ____ day of ___________, 2009 (“Effective Date”) between Tax
Masters of America (“TMA”) and ______________________ (“ERO”). Whereas ERO desires to offer tax preparation services
including electronic filing of income tax returns (“Returns”) and completing applications for Rapid Anticipation Loans (“RAL” )
and other related loan products offered by TMA, and ERO desires to purchase computer software (“Software”) and electronic
filing and bank product services from TMA in connection with Returns. The par ties do hereby agree as follows:
       1) TERM. The ter m of this Agreement shall begin on the Effective date and end on May 31, 2012 ( the “Term”). As
            used herein the term “Agreement Year” shall mean, with respect to the first Agreement year, the period beginning on
            the Effective Date and ending on May 31, 2010, and for each Agreement Year thereafter, the twelve month period
            commencing on each successive June 1. Provided TMA is not in Default, TMA shall have the right to terminate the
            contract at the end of each succeeding tax year by notifying in writing the ERO.
       2) APPOINTMENT. TMA hereby appoints the ERO as an Affiliate office of TMA. For the purposes of this contract an
            Affiliate shall be defined as an independent organization which collects taxpayers’ infor mation for the purpose of
            electronically filing their tax return, enters all the infor mation collected in the Software and transmits the infor mation
            to the IRS. ERO agrees not to market, solicit, purchase, or use any tax return filing software or programs not
            provided by TMA during the Ter m of this contract.
       3) FEES. The ERO shall pay to TMA $699.00 per Agreement Year, to be made payable by November 1 st of the
            Agreement Year. A rapid setup fee of $100 may be assessed by TMA if payment has not been received by
            November 1st of the Agreement Year. Payment for the Software shall include: initial setup with the lending bank that
            provides tax refund loan products, training, marketing materials, working and IRS PATS approved tax preparation
            software, and customer support. As tax returns are completed and transmitted according to this agreement, TMA
            shall collect from the lending bank $35 per return to cover transmission and service bureau fees. The fee of $35 per
            return will be billed to ERO by TMA for every tax return filed electronically without a bank product and shall be due
            payable within 30 days of billing.
       4) ERO RESPONSIBILITIES. For the ter m of this contract the ERO agrees to obtain and maintain an active EFIN from
            the IRS. ERO agrees to provide information necessary for software and/or bank setup as it is requested. ERO
            agrees to collect taxpayer infor mation, enter the infor mation into the Software, and to promptly transmit the Returns
            to the IRS. ERO agrees to abide by all rules and regulations required of EFIN holders by the IRS including but not
            limited to: abiding by the Gramm Leach Bliley act, maintaining all records of taxpayer information, signed For ms
            8879, signed bank applications, copies of taxpayer checks and any documentation provided by the taxpayer or the
            IRS concerning said taxpayer for 7 years. ERO agrees to abide by all rules and regulations required by the lending
            bank. ERO agrees to download updates to the Software on a daily basis or more frequently as may be required.
            ERO agrees to transmit daily to receive updated information on any taxpayers including check print authorizations.
            ERO agrees to follow all lending bank requirements and strictly adhere to their procedures for reprinting any lost or
            damaged checks for taxpayers. ERO agrees to make its best effor t to prevent transmission of fraudulent information
            provided by a taxpayer and to repor t any cases of fraudulent information to TMA and IRS. ERO shall hold TMA
            harmless for any and all fraudulent tax returns transmitted by ERO. ERO shall hold TMA harmless for any
            fraudulent reprinting of taxpayer checks. ERO shall have no authority to alter, modify, waive, or change any portion
            of the Software, approved TMA forms or advertising without express written per mission by TMA. ERO shall have no
            authority to commit TMA in any respect regarding liability, or to incur liability on behalf of TMA. The ERO shall be
            liable to TMA for any damages or losses sustained by TMA as a result of any unauthorized acts of the ERO. ERO
            agrees to indemnify TMA from liability of any type for judgments, litigation costs, attorney’s fees, fines, penalties, or
            other liabilities incurred by TMA as a result of any unauthorized act. ERO agrees that all products and fees will be
            properly disclosed to the taxpayer and the taxpayer shall sing all required for ms pr ior to transmitting the tax return.
       5) TMA RESPONSIBILITIES. TMA has the responsibility to ensure the ERO is set up with lending bank and has
            received software prior to January 15th of each tax season. For the purpose of this agreement the tax season shall
            begin on the first day the IRS accepts electronically filed tax returns during the Agreement Year and shall end o n
            October 15th of the same Agreement Year. TMA agrees, at the request of ERO, to provide ERO w ith the previous
            year’s working and IRS approved software for the purpose of completing sample tax returns and assist in training
            effor ts of the ERO. TMA agrees to have all tax returns transmitted by ERO electronically forwarded on to the IRS as
            often as the IRS drains the returns from the software company.
       6) DEFAULT. If a Default occurs, either party may, at their sole and exclusive remedy, ter minate this Agree ment
            and/or bring an action against the other to collect the actual (but not punitive or consequential) damages suffered as
            a result of Default plus reasonable attorney’s fees incurred to enforce such remedy. ERO shall be entitled to recover
            only the ERO pay ments made for the Software w ith respect to the Agreement Year in which such Default occurred.
       This contract sets for th the entire agreement by and between ERO and TMA and shall be construed under the laws of the
       State of Florida and Venue shall be held only in Palm Beach County, Florida.

     Tax Masters of America, Inc.                                                    ERO: ________________________________

     Signature: _____________________                                                Signature: ____________________________
     Jason Gouldon, President                                                        Print Name: ___________________________
                                                                                     Title: _________________________________

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