Risk of Investing in Gold Coins by ynh56099

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									Title: CAE Gold

Entry         Module   Page        Exercise   Headword                Part of Speech
          1   1        pages 6-7   Reading    spectacle               n
          2   1        pages 6-7   Reading    alternative             adj
          3   1        pages 6-7   Reading    roll up                 phr v
          4   1        pages 6-7   Reading    step right up           v phr
          5   1        pages 6-7   Reading    thrill                  v
          6   1        pages 6-7   Reading    hoofprint               n
          7   1        pages 6-7   Reading    beast                   n
          8   1        pages 6-7   Reading    pack                    n
          9   1        pages 6-7   Reading    awestruck               adj
         10   1        pages 6-7   Reading    multiple                adj
         11   1        pages 6-7   Reading    trapeze                 n
         12   1        pages 6-7   Reading    juggler                 n
         13   1        pages 6-7   Reading    tamer                   n
         14   1        pages 6-7   Reading    wrestle                 v
         15   1        pages 6-7   Reading    the jaws of death       n phr
         16   1        pages 6-7   Reading    gasp                    v
         17   1        pages 6-7   Reading    tightrope               n
         18   1        pages 6-7   Reading    stride                  v
         19   1        pages 6-7   Reading    haunting                adj
         20   1        pages 6-7   Reading    compelling              adj
         21   1        pages 6-7   Reading    contortionist           n
         22   1        pages 6-7   Reading    penchant [French]       n
         23   1        pages 6-7   Reading    twirl [sth around]      v
         24   1        pages 6-7   Reading    batch                   n
         25   1        pages 6-7   Reading    hoop                    n
         26   1        pages 6-7   Reading    jaw-dropping            adj
         27   1        pages 6-7   Reading    expertise               n
         28   1        pages 6-7   Reading    aerialist               n
         29   1        pages 6-7   Reading    cube                    n
         30   1        pages 6-7   Reading    midair                  n
         31   1        pages 6-7   Reading    whizzing                adj
         32   1        pages 6-7   Reading    flip                    n
         33   1        pages 6-7   Reading    at the heart of sth     prep phr
         34   1        pages 6-7   Reading    desire                  n
         35   1        pages 6-7   Reading    refined                 adj
         36   1        pages 6-7   Reading    wailing                 adj
         37   1        pages 6-7   Reading    elaborate               adj
         38   1        pages 6-7   Reading    mesh                    v
         39   1        pages 6-7   Reading    spellbinding            adj
         40   1        pages 6-7   Reading    charm                   n
         41   1        pages 6-7   Reading    troupe                  n
         42   1        pages 6-7   Reading    capture (sb’s imagination/attention)
                                                                      v phr
         43   1        pages 6-7   Reading    pomp                    n
44   1   pages 6-7   Reading        lone           adj
45   1   pages 6-7   Reading        swoop          v
46   1   pages 6-7   Reading        facial         adj
47   1   pages 6-7   Reading        bead           n
48   1   pages 6-7   Reading        tense up       phr v
49   1   pages 6-7   Reading        intellect      n
50   1   pages 6-7   Reading        choreography   n
51   1   pages 6-7   Reading        founder        n
52   1   pages 6-7   Reading        dropout        n
53   1   pages 6-7   Reading        itinerant      adj
54   1   pages 6-7   Reading        stilt          n
55   1   pages 6-7   Reading        hone           v
56   1   pages 6-7   Reading        congregate     v
57   1   pages 6-7   Reading        come up with   phr v
58   1   pages 6-7   Reading        procedure      n
59   1   pages 6-7   Reading        tackle         v
60   1   pages 6-7   Reading        contradict     v
61   1   pages 6-7   Reading        partially      adv
62   1   pages 6-7   Reading        irrelevant     adj
63   1   pages 6-7   Reading        infer          v
64   1   pages 6-7   Reading        humanely       adv
65   1   pages 6-7   Reading        spin           v
66   1   pages 6-7   Reading        blindfolded    adj
67   1   pages 6-7   Reading        manipulate     v
68   1   pages 6-7   Reading        impact         n
69   1   pages 6-7   Reading        proximity      n
70   1   pages 6-7   Reading        essence        n
71   1   pages 6-7   Reading        scope          n
72   1   pages 6-7   Reading        creativity     n
73   1   pages 6-7   Reading        initially      adv
74   1   pages 6-7   Reading        colony         n
75   1   pages 6-7   Reading        unreservedly   adv
76   1   pages 6-7   Reading        neutral        adj
77   1   page 8      Vocabulary     deduce         v
78   1   page 8      Vocabulary     justify        v
79   1   page 8      Vocabulary     extract        n
80   1   pages 8-9   Grammar plus   reverse        v
81   1   pages 8-9   Grammar plus   omit           v
82   1   pages 8-9   Grammar plus   serviette      n
83   1   page 10     Vocabulary     agility        n
84   1   page 10     Vocabulary     flexibility    n
85   1   page 10     Vocabulary     dexterity      n
86   1   page 10     Vocabulary     donate         v
87   1   page 10     Vocabulary     landmine       n
88   1   page 10     Vocabulary     outrage        n
89   1   page 10     Vocabulary     apparent       adj
 90   1   page 10       Vocabulary   approach            n
 91   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   line up             phr v
 92   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   startling           adj
 93   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   region              n
 94   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   linen               n
 95   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   cattle              n pl
 96   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   poultry             n pl
 97   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   a sporting chance   idm
 98   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   passionate          adj
 99   1   pages 10-11   Exam focus   shroud              n
100   1   page 12       Listening    purge               v
101   1   page 12       Listening    pile                n
102   1   page 12       Listening    intrigued           adj
103   1   page 12       Listening    sceptical           adj
104   1   page 12       Listening    vile                adj
105   1   page 12       Listening    notion              n
106   1   pages 14-15   Writing      compulsory          adj
107   1   pages 14-15   Writing      extravaganza        n
108   1   pages 14-15   Writing      array               n
109   1   pages 14-15   Writing      continent           n
110   1   pages 14-15   Writing      pillar              n
111   1   pages 14-15   Writing      marquee             n
112   1   pages 14-15   Writing      interval            n
113   1   pages 14-15   Writing      muddy               adj
114   1   pages 14-15   Writing      appallingly         adv
115   1   pages 14-15   Writing      refund              n
116   1   page 16       Speaking     fable               n
117   1   page 16       Speaking     weaver              n
118   1   page 16       Speaking     loom                n
119   1   page 16       Speaking     procession          n
120   1   page 16       Speaking     incorporate         v
121   1   page 17       Review       draught             n
122   1   page 17       Review       overall             adj, adv
123   1   page 17       Review       alternate           v
124   1   page 17       Review       opt                 v
125   1   page 17       Review       itch                n
126   1   page 17       Review       flea                n
127   1   page 17       Review       resuscitate         v
128   1   page 17       Review       conceptual          adj
129   1   page 17       Review       painstakingly       adv
130   1   page 17       Review       furry               adj
131   1   page 17       Review       carbon dioxide      n
132   1   page 17       Review       emit                v
133   1   page 17       Review       motivator           n
134   1   page 17       Review       manipulate          v
135   1   page 17       Review       ultrathin           adj
136   1   page 17       Review       leash               n
137   1   page 17       Review       loop                v
138   1   page 17       Review       tug                 n
139   1   page 17       Review       frustration         n
140   1   page 17       Review       magnify             v
141   1   page 17       Review       goggles             n pl
142   1   page 17       Review       cape                n
143   1   page 17       Review       brandish            v
144   1   page 17       Review       whip                n
145   1   page 17       Review       conduct             v
146   1   page 17       Review       locomotive          n
147   1   page 17       Review       harness             n
148   1   page 17       Review       wobble              v
149   1   page 17       Review       hind legs           n phr
150   1   page 17       Review       gear up for         phr v
151   1   page 17       Review       highdive            n
152   1   page 17       Review       drumroll            n
153   1   page 17       Review       alas                adv
154   1   page 17       Review       plunge              n
155   1   page 17       Review       thimble             n
156   2   page 18       Listening    integrate           v
157   2   page 18       Listening    overcome            v
158   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   grin                v
159   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   wicked              adj
160   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   intuitively         adv
161   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   irresponsibly       adv
162   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   attentively         adv
163   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   bitterly            adv
164   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   imperceptibly       adv
165   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   abominably          adv
166   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   intimately          adv
167   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   elegantly           adv
168   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   illustrate          v
169   2   pages 18-19   Vocabulary   commuter            n
170   2   pages 19-21   Reading      sweep (one’s eye)   v
171   2   pages 19-21   Reading      flowing             adj
172   2   pages 19-21   Reading      skip                v
173   2   pages 19-21   Reading      eliminate           v
174   2   pages 19-21   Reading      disembodied         adj
175   2   pages 19-21   Reading      preceding           adj
176   2   pages 19-21   Reading      extinguish          v
177   2   pages 19-21   Reading      undesirable         adj
178   2   pages 19-21   Reading      ghoulish            adj
179   2   pages 19-21   Reading      trick-or-treating   n
180   2   pages 19-21   Reading      originate           v
181   2   pages 19-21   Reading      currant             n
182   2   pages 19-21   Reading      on behalf of     prep phr
183   2   pages 19-21   Reading      donor            n
184   2   pages 19-21   Reading      commemorate      v
185   2   pages 19-21   Reading      declaration      n
186   2   pages 19-21   Reading      unrest           n
187   2   pages 19-21   Reading      consequently     adv
188   2   pages 19-21   Reading      troops           n pl
189   2   pages 19-21   Reading      rebellion        n
190   2   pages 19-21   Reading      advance          v
191   2   pages 19-21   Reading      committee        n
192   2   pages 19-21   Reading      ban              v
193   2   pages 19-21   Reading      righteousness    n
194   2   pages 19-21   Reading      row              n
195   2   pages 19-21   Reading      fortnight        n
196   2   pages 19-21   Reading      exile            n
197   2   pages 19-21   Reading      twinkling        adj
198   2   pages 19-21   Reading      numerous         adj
199   2   pages 19-21   Reading      auspiciousness   n
200   2   pages 19-21   Reading      prosperity       n
201   2   pages 19-21   Reading      white-washing    n
202   2   pages 19-21   Reading      peak             n
203   2   pages 19-21   Reading      protest          v
204   2   pages 19-21   Reading      corrupt          adj
205   2   pages 19-21   Reading      poverty          n
206   2   pages 19-21   Reading      vary             v
207   2   pages 19-21   Reading      conspirator      n
208   2   pages 19-21   Reading      plotter          n
209   2   pages 19-21   Reading      torture          v
210   2   pages 19-21   Reading      execute          v
211   2   pages 19-21   Reading      gunpowder        n
212   2   pages 19-21   Reading      bonfire          n
213   2   pages 19-21   Reading      effigy           n
214   2   pages 19-21   Reading      contend          v
215   2   pages 19-21   Reading      outlaw           v
216   2   pages 19-21   Reading      oppose           v
217   2   pages 19-21   Reading      decree           n
218   2   pages 19-21   Reading      confinement      n
219   2   pages 19-21   Reading      allege           v
220   2   pages 19-21   Reading      murky            adj
221   2   pages 19-21   Reading      appeal           n
222   2   pages 19-21   Reading      skim             v
223   2   pages 19-21   Reading      authority        n
224   2   pages 19-21   Reading      military         adj
225   2   pages 19-21   Reading      intercept        v
226   2   page 22       Vocabulary   custom           n
227   2   page 22       Vocabulary   commiserate      v
228   2   page 22       Vocabulary       honour         v
229   2   page 22       Vocabulary       premonition    n
230   2   page 22       Vocabulary       inflame        v
231   2   page 22       Vocabulary       douse          v
232   2   page 22       Vocabulary       smother        v
233   2   page 22       Vocabulary       terminate      v
234   2   page 22       Vocabulary       initiate       v
235   2   page 22       Vocabulary       conceive       v
236   2   page 22       Vocabulary       soothe         v
237   2   page 22       Vocabulary       startle        v
238   2   page 22       Vocabulary       alarm          v
239   2   page 22       Vocabulary       insurrection   n
240   2   page 22       Vocabulary       mutiny         n
241   2   page 22       Vocabulary       assembly       n
242   2   page 22       Vocabulary       sanction       v
243   2   page 22       Vocabulary       prohibit       v
244   2   page 22       Vocabulary       pass down      phr v
245   2   page 22       Vocabulary       ration         n
246   2   page 22       Vocabulary       dove           n
247   2   page 22       Speaking         react          v
248   2   page 22       Speaking         contribution   n
249   2   page 23       Grammar plus     container      n
250   2   page 23       Grammar plus     inanimate      adj
251   2   page 23       Grammar plus     mineral        n
252   2   page 23       Grammar plus     minor          adj
253   2   page 23       Grammar plus     charity        n
254   2   page 23       Grammar plus     mayor          n
255   2   page 24       English in Use   almond         n
256   2   page 24       English in Use   fertility      n
257   2   page 24       English in Use   grain          n
258   2   page 24       English in Use   substitute     n
259   2   page 24       English in Use   scattering     n
260   2   page 24       English in Use   fruitful       adj
261   2   page 24       English in Use   raisin         n
262   2   page 24       English in Use   fig            n
263   2   page 24       English in Use   date           n
264   2   page 24       English in Use   talisman       n
265   2   page 24       English in Use   veil           n
266   2   page 24       English in Use   wary           adj
267   2   page 24       English in Use   in limbo       prep phr
268   2   page 24       English in Use   sedan chair    n
269   2   page 24       English in Use   seal           v
270   2   pages 24-25   Listening        stem           n
271   2   pages 24-25   Listening        insecure       adj
272   2   pages 24-25   Listening        decent         adj
273   2   pages 24-25   Listening        overwhelming   adj
274   2   pages 24-25   Listening       misinterpret     v
275   2   page 26       Grammar check   election         n
276   2   page 26       Grammar check   flatmate         n
277   2   page 26       Grammar check   take part (in)   v phr
278   2   pages 26-27   Writing         sensitive        adj
279   2   pages 26-27   Writing         issue            n
280   2   pages 26-27   Writing         offend           v
281   2   pages 26-27   Writing         gesture          n
282   2   pages 26-27   Writing         inclusion        n
283   2   pages 26-27   Writing         put (sb) off     phr v
284   2   pages 26-27   Writing         illogical        adj
285   2   page 28       Exam focus      punctuation      n
286   2   page 28       Exam focus      ceremonial       adj
287   2   page 28       Exam focus      regard           v
288   2   page 28       Exam focus      warrior          n
289   2   page 28       Exam focus      misfortune       n
290   2   page 28       Exam focus      apply            v
291   2   page 28       Exam focus      mourn            v
292   2   page 28       Exam focus      industry         n
293   2   page 28       Exam focus      vast             adj
294   2   page 28       Exam focus      campaign         n
295   2   page 29       Review          tune             v
296   2   page 29       Review          antiquated       adj
297   2   page 29       Review          obsequious       adj
298   2   page 29       Review          conductor        n
299   2   page 29       Review          attendant        n
300   2   page 29       Review          steward          n
301   2   page 29       Review          inflexible       adj
302   2   page 29       Review          quarrel          n
303   2   page 29       Review          modestly         adv
304   2   page 29       Review          purchaser        n
305   2   page 29       Review          mature           adj
306   2   page 29       Review          elderly          adj
307   2   page 29       Review          outdated         adj
308   2   page 29       Review          vintage          adj
309   2   page 29       Review          inquire          v
310   2   page 29       Review          query            v
311   2   page 29       Review          probe            v
312   2   page 29       Review          motion           v
313   2   page 29       Review          shift            v
314   2   page 29       Review          offensive        adj
315   2   page 29       Review          harrowing        adj
316   2   page 29       Review          descend          v
317   2   page 29       Review          bluntly          adv
318   2   page 29       Review          frankly          adv
319   2   page 29       Review          fulfilled        adj
320   2   page 29       Review       nest                  n
321   2   page 29       Review       hedge                 n
322   3   pages 30-31   Listening    root                  n
323   3   pages 30-31   Listening    approximately         adv
324   3   pages 30-31   Listening    specific              adj
325   3   pages 30-31   Listening    gist                  n
326   3   pages 30-31   Listening    attitude              n
327   3   pages 30-31   Listening    graveyard             n
328   3   pages 30-31   Listening    reveal                v
329   3   pages 30-31   Listening    obsess                v
330   3   pages 30-31   Listening    owl                   n
331   3   page 31       Vocabulary   get carried away      v phr
332   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry weight          v phr
333   3   page 31       Vocabulary   venture               n
334   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry sth off         phr v
335   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry sb through      phr v
336   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry                 v
337   3   page 31       Vocabulary   motion                n
338   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry (sth) too far   v phr
339   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry                 v
340   3   page 31       Vocabulary   carry out             phr v
341   3   page 31       Vocabulary   put into practice     v phr
342   3   page 31       Vocabulary   bill                  n
343   3   page 31       Vocabulary   opposition            n
344   3   pages 32-33   Reading      come into             phr v
345   3   pages 32-33   Reading      tremendously          adv
346   3   pages 32-33   Reading      fraught               adj
347   3   pages 32-33   Reading      contemporary          n
348   3   pages 32-33   Reading      strike a deal         v phr
349   3   pages 32-33   Reading      mobile                adj
350   3   pages 32-33   Reading      clinch a deal         v phr
351   3   pages 32-33   Reading      tutor                 n
352   3   pages 32-33   Reading      apprenticeship        n
353   3   pages 32-33   Reading      conventional          adj
354   3   pages 32-33   Reading      give sb the edge      v phr
355   3   pages 32-33   Reading      level-headed          adj
356   3   pages 32-33   Reading      keep (one's) cool     idm
357   3   pages 32-33   Reading      estate                n
358   3   pages 32-33   Reading      manor (house)         n
359   3   pages 32-33   Reading      priceless             adj
360   3   pages 32-33   Reading      inherit               v
361   3   pages 32-33   Reading      bachelor              n
362   3   pages 32-33   Reading      survey                v
363   3   pages 32-33   Reading      domain                n
364   3   pages 32-33   Reading      rave                  n
365   3   pages 32-33   Reading      out of the question   adj phr
366   3   pages 32-33   Reading        oak-panelled             adj
367   3   pages 32-33   Reading        bronze                   n
368   3   pages 32-33   Reading        current                  adj
369   3   pages 32-33   Reading        hefty                    adj
370   3   pages 32-33   Reading        long-term                adj
371   3   pages 32-33   Reading        acre                     n
372   3   pages 32-33   Reading        keep an eye out for sth idm
373   3   pages 32-33   Reading        gold digger              n
374   3   pages 32-33   Reading        overawe                  v
375   3   pages 32-33   Reading        tease                    v
376   3   pages 32-33   Reading        confess                  v
377   3   pages 32-33   Reading        mere                     adj
378   3   pages 32-33   Reading        windfall                 n
379   3   pages 32-33   Reading        draw                     n
380   3   pages 32-33   Reading        take sth in one's stride idm
381   3   pages 32-33   Reading        ecstatic                 adj
382   3   pages 32-33   Reading        sink in                  phr v
383   3   pages 32-33   Reading        (not) go amiss           phr
384   3   pages 32-33   Reading        scoop                    v
385   3   pages 32-33   Reading        jet-set                  v
386   3   pages 32-33   Reading        to one's heart's content idm
387   3   pages 32-33   Reading        dreary                   adj
388   3   pages 32-33   Reading        avarice                  n
389   3   pages 32-33   Reading        repetitive               adj
390   3   pages 32-33   Reading        not have a clue          idm
391   3   pages 32-33   Reading        at some stage            adv phr
392   3   pages 32-33   Reading        adjust                   v
393   3   pages 32-33   Reading        negotiate                v
394   3   pages 34-35   Grammar plus   ongoing                  adj
395   3   pages 34-35   Grammar plus   split up                 phr v
396   3   pages 34-35   Grammar plus   fund                     n
397   3   pages 34-35   Grammar plus   itinerary                n
398   3   page 36       Vocabulary     compound                 n
399   3   page 36       Vocabulary     collocate                v
400   3   page 36       Vocabulary     tycoon                   n
401   3   page 36       Vocabulary     bullet-proof             adj
402   3   page 36       Vocabulary     absent-minded            adj
403   3   page 36       Vocabulary     gathering                n
404   3   page 36       Vocabulary     conference               n
405   3   page 36       Vocabulary     connoisseur              n
406   3   page 36       Vocabulary     mass-produced            adj
407   3   page 36       Vocabulary     long-standing            adj
408   3   page 36       Vocabulary     impulsively              adv
409   3   page 36       Vocabulary     built-up                 adj
410   3   page 36       Vocabulary     hard up                  adj phr
411   3   page 36       Vocabulary     run-down                 adj
412   3   page 36       Vocabulary      promote               v
413   3   page 36       Vocabulary      well-off              adj
414   3   page 36       Vocabulary      one-off               adj
415   3   page 36       Vocabulary      burnt out             adj phr
416   3   page 36       Vocabulary      worn out              adj phr
417   3   page 36       Vocabulary      ruined                adj
418   3   page 37       Exam focus      blundering            adj
419   3   page 37       Exam focus      make ends meet        v phr
420   3   page 37       Exam focus      bank balance          n
421   3   page 37       Exam focus      transaction           n
422   3   page 37       Exam focus      to the tune of        adv phr
423   3   page 37       Exam focus      mischievous           adj
424   3   page 37       Exam focus      restoration           n
425   3   page 37       Exam focus      conservation          n
426   3   page 37       Exam focus      go to great lengths   v phr
427   3   page 37       Exam focus      headquarters          n
428   3   page 37       Exam focus      tangle                n
429   3   page 37       Exam focus      sort sth out          phr v
430   3   page 37       Exam focus      take off              phr v
431   3   page 37       Exam focus      recognition           n
432   3   page 37       Exam focus      verbally              adv
433   3   page 37       Exam focus      inconvenience         n
434   3   page 37       Exam focus      tempt                 v
435   3   page 37       Exam focus      ensure                v
436   3   page 37       Exam focus      reward                n
437   3   page 37       Exam focus      loan                  n
438   3   page 37       Exam focus      tuition fee           n
439   3   page 37       Exam focus      cross one's mind      v phr
440   3   page 37       Exam focus      staggered             adj
441   3   page 37       Exam focus      in credit             adj phr
442   3   page 38       Grammar check   assembly              n
443   3   page 38       Grammar check   solemnly              adv
444   3   page 38       Grammar check   declare               v
445   3   page 38       Grammar check   valid                 adj
446   3   page 38       Grammar check   currency              n
447   3   page 38       Grammar check   aberration            n
448   3   page 38       Grammar check   virtually             adv
449   3   page 38       Grammar check   scarce                adj
450   3   page 38       Grammar check   durable               adj
451   3   page 38       Grammar check   claw                  n
452   3   page 38       Grammar check   replica               n
453   3   page 38       Grammar check   cowrie                n
454   3   page 38       Grammar check   succumb               v
455   3   page 38       Grammar check   relentless            adj
456   3   pages 38-39   Writing         lay out               phr v
457   3   pages 38-39   Writing         drop sb a line        idm
458   3   pages 38-39   Writing         over the moon            idm
459   3   pages 38-39   Writing         get on one's nerves      v phr
460   3   pages 38-39   Writing         resolve                  v
461   3   pages 38-39   Writing         up in the air            idm
462   3   pages 38-39   Writing         get one's act together   idm
463   3   pages 38-39   Writing         hectic                   adj
464   3   pages 38-39   Writing         assume                   v
465   3   pages 38-39   Writing         cover one's expenses     v phr
466   3   page 40       Grammar check   inflation                n
467   3   page 40       Grammar check   vanish                   v
468   3   page 40       Grammar check   collapse                 n
469   3   page 40       Grammar check   at the height of sth     adv phr
470   3   page 40       Grammar check   literally                adv
471   3   page 40       Grammar check   circulation              n
472   3   page 40       Grammar check   hoard                    v
473   3   page 40       Grammar check   face value               n
474   3   page 40       Grammar check   bundle                   n
475   3   page 40       Grammar check   worthless                adj
476   3   page 40       Grammar check   heap                     n
477   3   page 40       Grammar check   wheelbarrow              n
478   3   page 40       Grammar check   denomination             n
479   3   page 40       Grammar check   solicitor                n
480   3   page 41       Review          discipline               n
481   3   page 41       Review          demanding                adj
482   3   page 41       Review          depressed                adj
483   3   page 41       Review          get on with sb           phr v
484   3   page 41       Review          assemble                 v
485   3   page 41       Review          in the red               idm
486   3   page 41       Review          pamphlet                 n
487   3   page 41       Review          fix up                   phr v
488   3   page 41       Review          overdraft                n
489   3   page 41       Review          prior                    adj
490   3   page 41       Review          adequately               adv
491   3   page 41       Review          take sth into account    v phr
492   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        migraine                 n
493   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        quote                    n
494   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        stain                    n
495   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        blot out                 phr v
496   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        quicksilver              n
497   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        clutch                   v
498   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        dart                     v
499   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        commerce                 n
500   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        abject                   adj
501   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        intercourse              n
502   4   pages 42-43   Speaking        ‘tis                     v phr
503   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   tend                     v
504   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   patch                     n
505   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   crucial                   adj
506   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   courtship                 n
507   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   marvellously              adv
508   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   accompany                 v
509   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   union                     n
510   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   compatible                adj
511   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   stir                      v
512   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   proverb                   n
513   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   mutual                    adj
514   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   consent                   n
515   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   abide by                  phr v
516   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   conflict                  n
517   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   divorce                   n
518   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   liaison                   n
519   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   dowry                     n
520   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   nicotine patch            n
521   4   pages 42-43   Grammar check   be accustomed to          v phr
522   4   page 43       Vocabulary      simile                    n
523   4   page 43       Vocabulary      like a red rag to a bull idm
524   4   page 43       Vocabulary                                idm
                                        like a bear with a sore head
525   4   page 43       Vocabulary      sleep like a log          idm
526   4   page 43       Vocabulary      like a fish out of water idm
527   4   page 43       Vocabulary                                idm
                                        like a bull in a china shop
528   4   page 43       Vocabulary      as strong as an ox        idm
529   4   page 43       Vocabulary      as light as a feather     idm
530   4   page 43       Vocabulary      as quick as a flash       idm
531   4   page 43       Vocabulary      as white as a sheet       idm
532   4   page 43       Vocabulary      as cool as a cucumber idm
533   4   page 43       Vocabulary      fit in                    phr v
534   4   page 43       Vocabulary      soundly                   adv
535   4   page 43       Vocabulary      lyrics                    n pl
536   4   pages 44-45   Reading         cliché                    n
537   4   pages 44-45   Reading         whisper sweet nothingsidm
538   4   pages 44-45   Reading                                   idm
                                        absence makes the heart grow fonder
539   4   pages 44-45   Reading         time and time again       adv phr
540   4   pages 44-45   Reading         along the lines of        adv phr
541   4   pages 44-45   Reading                                   idm
                                        birds of a feather flock together
542   4   pages 44-45   Reading         applicable                adj
543   4   pages 44-45   Reading         pull out                  phr v
544   4   pages 44-45   Reading         succinct                  adj
545   4   pages 44-45   Reading         conspiracy                n
546   4   pages 44-45   Reading         a grain of truth          idm
547   4   pages 44-45   Reading         reinforce                 v
548   4   pages 44-45   Reading         draw on                   phr v
549   4   pages 44-45   Reading         negate                    v
550   4   pages 44-45   Reading      fall back on sth         phr v
551   4   pages 44-45   Reading      short-cut                n
552   4   pages 44-45   Reading      pearls of wisdom         idm
553   4   pages 44-45   Reading      trot out                 phr v
554   4   pages 44-45   Reading      out of sight, out of mindidm
555   4   pages 44-45   Reading                               adv
                                     without fear of contradiction phr
556   4   pages 44-45   Reading      come down on             phr v
557   4   pages 44-45   Reading      squarely                 adv
558   4   pages 44-45   Reading                               idm
                                     familiarity breeds contempt
559   4   pages 44-45   Reading      back (sb/sth) up         phr v
560   4   pages 44-45   Reading      interpretation           n
561   4   pages 44-45   Reading      fare well                v phr
562   4   pages 44-45   Reading      break up                 phr v
563   4   pages 44-45   Reading      itch                     n
564   4   pages 44-45   Reading      go for sb                phr v
565   4   pages 44-45   Reading      opposites attract        idm
566   4   pages 44-45   Reading      complementary            adj
567   4   pages 44-45   Reading      vital                    adj
568   4   pages 44-45   Reading      contrary                 adj
569   4   pages 44-45   Reading      run a mile               idm
570   4   pages 44-45   Reading      unobtainable             adj
571   4   pages 44-45   Reading      play hard to get         idm
572   4   pages 44-45   Reading      hit and miss             adj phr
573   4   pages 44-45   Reading      backfire                 v
574   4   pages 44-45   Reading      witty                    adj
575   4   pages 44-45   Reading      ego                      n
576   4   pages 44-45   Reading      operative word           n phr
577   4   pages 44-45   Reading                               idm
                                     beauty is in the eye of the beholder
578   4   pages 44-45   Reading      consensus                n
579   4   pages 44-45   Reading      stereotype               n
580   4   pages 44-45   Reading      play a part in           v phr
581   4   pages 44-45   Reading      shape                    v
582   4   pages 44-45   Reading      stand out                phr v
583   4   pages 44-45   Reading      reassurance              n
584   4   pages 44-45   Reading      beauty is only skin deep idm
585   4   pages 44-45   Reading      pedestal                 n
586   4   pages 44-45   Reading      put sb on a pedestal idm
587   4   page 46       Speaking     speculation              n
588   4   page 46       Speaking     acquaintance             n
589   4   page 46       Speaking     sibling                  n
590   4   page 46       Speaking     up and down              prep phr
591   4   page 46       Speaking     on second thoughts       prep phr
592   4   pages 46-47   Exam focus   broadcast                n
593   4   pages 46-47   Exam focus   encourage                v
594   4   pages 46-47   Exam focus   significant              adj
595   4   pages 46-47   Exam focus   bring (sth) to life      v phr
596   4   pages 46-47   Exam focus       off stage              adv
597   4   pages 48-49   Grammar plus     deduction              n
598   4   pages 48-49   Grammar plus     register               v
599   4   pages 48-49   Grammar plus     inadvisable            adj
600   4   pages 48-49   Grammar plus     manually               adv
601   4   pages 48-49   Grammar plus     process                n
602   4   pages 48-49   Grammar plus     hold (sb/sth) up       phr v
603   4   page 50       English in Use   bliss                  n
604   4   page 50       English in Use   publicity stunt        n
605   4   page 50       English in Use   launch                 v
606   4   page 50       English in Use   be besieged            v phr
607   4   page 50       English in Use   eager                  adj
608   4   page 50       English in Use                          v
                                         head (towards/for/across etc.)
609   4   page 50       English in Use   tarmac                 n
610   4   page 50       English in Use   enterprise             n
611   4   page 50       English in Use   shrine                 n
612   4   page 50       English in Use   erect                  v
613   4   page 50       English in Use   ritual                 n
614   4   page 50       English in Use   bless                  v
615   4   page 50       English in Use   newlyweds              n pl
616   4   page 50       English in Use   bog                    n
617   4   page 51       Vocabulary       slip of the tongue     idm
618   4   page 51       Vocabulary       heart of gold          idm
619   4   page 51       Vocabulary       lapse of concentration n phr
620   4   page 51       Vocabulary       term of endearment     n phr
621   4   page 51       Vocabulary       the price of failure   idm
622   4   page 52       Writing          asap                   abbrev
623   4   page 52       Writing          pto                    abbrev
624   4   page 52       Writing          NB                     abbrev
625   4   page 52       Writing          i.e.                   abbrev
626   4   page 52       Writing          incl.                  abbrev
627   4   page 52       Writing          concise                adj
628   4   page 53       Review           marital vows           n pl
629   4   page 53       Review           peak-time              n
630   4   page 53       Review           come in for            phr v
631   4   page 53       Review           widespread             adj
632   4   page 53       Review           ratings                n pl
633   4   page 53       Review           panel                  n
634   4   page 53       Review           counsellor             n
635   4   page 53       Review           dismiss                v
636   4   page 53       Review           commit                 v
637   4   page 53       Review           defy                   v
638   4   page 53       Review           contemplate            v
639   5   page 54       Listening        cryonics NB cryogenics??
                                                                n pl
640   5   page 54       Listening        storage                n
641   5   pages 54-55   Speaking         crack                  v
642   5   pages 54-55   Speaking     strand                    n
643   5   pages 54-55   Speaking     nominate                  v
644   5   page 56       Writing      to what extent            prep phr
645   5   page 56       Writing      perspective               n
646   5   page 56       Writing      suspense                  n
647   5   page 56       Writing      android                   n
648   5   page 56       Writing      dogeared                  adj
649   5   page 56       Writing      bounty hunter             n
650   5   page 56       Writing      mesmerising               adj
651   5   page 56       Writing      peek                      n
652   5   page 56       Writing      teem with                 phr v
653   5   page 56       Writing      street urchin             n
654   5   page 56       Writing      pioneer                   v
655   5   page 56       Writing      rebel                     v
656   5   page 56       Writing      lifespan                  n
657   5   page 56       Writing      flee                      v
658   5   page 56       Writing      immortality               n
659   5   page 56       Writing      dim                       v
660   5   page 56       Writing      dilute                    v
661   5   page 56       Writing      pose                      v
662   5   page 56       Writing      foundation                n
663   5   page 56       Writing      stunning                  adj
664   5   page 56       Writing      profoundly                adv
665   5   page 56       Writing      excruciatingly            adv
666   5   page 56       Writing      tedious                   adj
667   5   pages 57-58   Listening    let sb loose (on)         v phr
668   5   pages 57-58   Listening    the dead of night         idm
669   5   pages 57-58   Listening    break new ground          idm
670   5   pages 57-58   Listening    guinea pig                n
671   5   pages 57-58   Listening    set one's sights on sth   idm
672   5   pages 57-58   Listening    underdog                  n
673   5   pages 57-58   Listening    ultimate                  adj
674   5   pages 57-58   Listening    imbalance                 n
675   5   pages 57-58   Listening    fumble                    v
676   5   pages 57-58   Listening    narrator                  n
677   5   pages 57-58   Listening    side effect               n
678   5   page 59       Vocabulary   clone                     v
679   5   page 59       Vocabulary   cell                      n
680   5   page 59       Vocabulary   organ                     n
681   5   page 59       Vocabulary   tissue                    n
682   5   page 59       Vocabulary   genetic engineering       n
683   5   page 59       Vocabulary   fertilisation             n
684   5   page 59       Vocabulary   physicist                 n
685   5   page 59       Vocabulary   ethics                    n pl
686   5   page 59       Vocabulary   lung                      n
687   5   page 59       Vocabulary   principles                n pl
688   5   page 59       Vocabulary   artificially            adv
689   5   pages 60-61   Reading      prone to                adj
690   5   pages 60-61   Reading      mousy                   adj
691   5   pages 60-61   Reading      cerebral                adj
692   5   pages 60-61   Reading      exposure                n
693   5   pages 60-61   Reading      utter                   v
694   5   pages 60-61   Reading      far-fetched             adj
695   5   pages 60-61   Reading      didactic                adj
696   5   pages 60-61   Reading      a household name        n phr
697   5   pages 60-61   Reading      potentially             adv
698   5   pages 60-61   Reading      split                   v
699   5   pages 60-61   Reading      identical               adj
700   5   pages 60-61   Reading      legislation             n
701   5   pages 60-61   Reading      condemnation            n
702   5   pages 60-61   Reading      fertile                 adj
703   5   pages 60-61   Reading      outright                adv
704   5   pages 60-61   Reading                              the
                                     throw the baby out with idm bath water
705   5   pages 60-61   Reading      hasty                   adj
706   5   pages 60-61   Reading      restrict                v
707   5   pages 60-61   Reading      diminish                v
708   5   pages 60-61   Reading      predisposition          n
709   5   pages 60-61   Reading      inclination             n
710   5   pages 60-61   Reading      kidney                  n
711   5   pages 60-61   Reading      absorb                  v
712   5   pages 60-61   Reading      offspring               n
713   5   pages 60-61   Reading      superior                adj
714   5   pages 60-61   Reading      allocate                v
715   5   pages 60-61   Reading      boom                    v
716   5   pages 60-61   Reading      loom                    v
717   5   pages 60-61   Reading      distracting             adj
718   5   pages 60-61   Reading      airily                  adv
719   5   pages 60-61   Reading      implication             n
720   5   pages 60-61   Reading      trait                   n
721   5   pages 60-61   Reading      foetal                  adj
722   5   pages 60-61   Reading      insight                 n
723   5   page 63       Vocabulary   drum                    v
724   5   page 63       Vocabulary   shrug                   v
725   5   page 63       Vocabulary   wrinkle one's nose      v phr
726   5   page 63       Vocabulary   knuckle                 n
727   5   page 63       Vocabulary   purse one's lips        v phr
728   5   page 63       Vocabulary   clench one's fist       v phr
729   5   page 63       Vocabulary   twist one's ankle       v phr
730   5   page 63       Vocabulary   awkwardly               adv
731   5   page 64       Exam focus   paralysed               adj
732   5   page 64       Exam focus   implant                 n
733   5   page 64       Exam focus   fuse                    v
734   5   page 64       Exam focus     cursor              n
735   5   page 64       Exam focus     limb                n
736   5   page 64       Exam focus     spine               n
737   5   page 64       Exam focus     hollow              adj
738   5   page 64       Exam focus     cone                n
739   5   page 64       Exam focus     electrode           n
740   6   page 68       Listening      decline             v
741   6   page 68       Listening      unattainable        adj
742   6   page 69       Grammar plus   session             n
743   6   page 69       Grammar plus   elite               n
744   6   page 69       Grammar plus   elevate             v
745   6   page 69       Grammar plus   bungee jump         n phr
746   6   page 69       Grammar plus   schedule            v
747   6   page 70       Speaking       endorsement         n
748   6   page 70       Speaking       consumer            n
749   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     pay tribute to      v phr
750   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     venture             v
751   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     pain barrier        n
752   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     in pursuit of       prep phr
753   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     intangible          adj
754   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     also-ran            n
755   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     marvel              v
756   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     odds                n pl
757   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     discipline          n
758   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     shot put            n phr
759   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     oppression          n
760   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     in the front rank   prep phr
761   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     on the face of it   prep phr
762   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     successive          adj
763   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     mark sb out         phr v
764   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     transcend           v
765   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     setback             n
766   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     fatal               adj
767   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     grave               adj
768   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     comeback            n
769   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     chronic             adj
770   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     cervical disc       n
771   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     undaunted           adj
772   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     cartilage           n
773   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     rib                 n
774   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     shot                n
775   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     qualify             v
776   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     wing one's way      idm
777   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     double up           phr v
778   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     albeit              conjunction
779   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus     altitude            n
780   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       administer               v
781   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       withstand                v
782   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       miler                    n
783   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       overload                 v
784   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       inextinguishable         adj
785   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       matter                   n
786   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       mount                    v
787   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       duly                     adv
788   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       cauldron                 n
789   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       contest                  v
790   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       Aussie                   n
791   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       push oneself to the limitv phr
792   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       in the face of           prep phr
793   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       adversity                n
794   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       domestic                 adj
795   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       stove                    n
796   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       (skin) graft             n
797   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       resume                   v
798   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       incredulity              n
799   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       comport oneself          v
800   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       face up to               phr v
801   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       defiance                 n
802   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       encounter                v
803   6   pages 70-71   Exam focus       intense                  adj
804   6   page 73       Listening        midfield                 n
805   6   page 73       Listening        cauliflower ear          n
806   6   page 73       Listening        referee                  n
807   6   page 74       Vocabulary       gender                   n
808   6   page 74       Vocabulary       the man in the street idm
809   6   page 74       Vocabulary       a man of his word        idm
810   6   page 74       Vocabulary       be your own man          idm
811   6   page 74       Vocabulary       as one man               idm
812   6   page 74       Vocabulary       man                      v
813   6   page 74       Vocabulary       every man for himself idm
814   6   page 74       Vocabulary       a man of the people      idm
815   6   page 75       English in Use   vicarious                adj
816   6   page 75       English in Use   sorrow                   n
817   6   page 75       English in Use   engulf                   v
818   6   page 75       English in Use   regard                   v
819   6   page 75       English in Use   fencing                  n
820   6   page 75       English in Use   duel                     n
821   6   page 75       English in Use   foil                     n
822   6   page 75       English in Use   distinguish              v
823   6   page 75       English in Use   trunk                    n
824   6   page 75       English in Use   epée                     n
825   6   page 75       English in Use   sabre                    n
826   6   page 75       English in Use   cavalry           n
827   6   page 75       English in Use   thrust            v
828   6   page 75       English in Use   waistcoat         n
829   6   page 75       English in Use   agile             adj
830   6   page 75       English in Use   equivalence       n
831   6   pages 76-77   Writing          live up to        phr v
832   6   pages 76-77   Writing          comprehensive     adj
833   6   pages 76-77   Writing          match up to       phr v
834   6   pages 76-77   Writing          make up for       phr v
835   6   pages 76-77   Writing          in due course     adv phr
836   6   page 78       English in Use   stamina           n
837   6   page 78       English in Use   captaincy         n
838   6   page 78       English in Use   foster            v
839   6   page 78       English in Use   attendance        n
840   6   page 78       English in Use   inconsistent      adj
841   6   page 78       English in Use   temper            n
842   6   page 78       English in Use   in jeopardy       prep phr
843   6   page 78       English in Use   insert            v
844   6   page 78       English in Use   all-round         adj
845   6   page 79       Review           binoculars        n pl
846   6   page 79       Review           kick off          phr v
847   6   page 79       Review           redundancy        n
848   6   page 79       Review           merit             v
849   6   page 79       Review           span              n
850   6   page 79       Review           millennium        n
851   6   page 79       Review           baron             n
852   6   page 79       Review           revive            v
853   7   page 80       Speaking         tie               n
854   7   page 80       Speaking         bind              v
855   7   page 80       Speaking         dynamics          n pl
856   7   page 80       Speaking         tremble           v
857   7   page 81       Exam focus       self-effacing     adj
858   7   page 81       Exam focus       run               v
859   7   page 82       Reading          pecking order     n
860   7   page 82       Reading          strive            v
861   7   page 82       Reading          compulsion        n
862   7   page 82       Reading          factor            n
863   7   page 82       Reading          variable          n
864   7   page 82       Reading          dictate           v
865   7   page 82       Reading          notably           adv
866   7   page 82       Reading          senior            n
867   7   page 82       Reading          adopt             v
868   7   page 82       Reading          heap              v
869   7   page 82       Reading          withdrawal        n
870   7   page 82       Reading          reduction         n
871   7   page 82       Reading          (high) achiever   n
872   7   page 82       Reading        scene                    n
873   7   page 82       Reading        carry-cot                n
874   7   page 82       Reading        bias                     n
875   7   page 82       Reading        outgoing                 adj
876   7   page 82       Reading        take the opposite line   v phr
877   7   page 82       Reading        inferiority              n
878   7   page 82       Reading        inspire                  v
879   7   page 82       Reading        outdo                    v
880   7   page 82       Reading        established order        n phr
881   7   page 82       Reading        in short                 adv phr
882   7   page 82       Reading        lean towards             v phr
883   7   page 82       Reading        provoke                  v
884   7   page 82       Reading        crash-bang wallop
885   7   page 82       Reading        hand-stand               n
886   7   page 82       Reading        dethronement             n
887   7   page 82       Reading        pamper                   v
888   7   page 82       Reading        undermine                v
889   7   page 82       Reading        interaction              n
890   7   page 82       Reading        maturity                 n
891   7   page 82       Reading        claustrophobic           adj
892   7   page 82       Reading        scepticism               n
893   7   page 82       Reading        resentful                adj
894   7   page 82       Reading        reserved                 adj
895   7   page 82       Reading        clumsy                   adj
896   7   page 82       Reading        break away               phr v
897   7   pages 84-85   Grammar plus   ellipsis                 n
898   7   pages 84-85   Grammar plus   drop by                  phr v
899   7   pages 84-85   Grammar plus   fundamentally            adv
900   7   pages 84-85   Grammar plus   unmatchable              adj
901   7   pages 84-85   Grammar plus   dissolve                 v
902   7   page 85       Vocabulary     plead                    v
903   7   page 85       Vocabulary     coincide                 v
904   7   page 85       Vocabulary     refrain                  v
905   7   page 85       Vocabulary     confide                  v
906   7   page 85       Vocabulary     veterinary               adj
907   7   pages 86-87   Vocabulary     stationery               n
908   7   pages 86-87   Vocabulary     stationary               adj
909   7   pages 86-87   Vocabulary     principal                n
910   7   pages 86-87   Vocabulary     channel                  n
911   7   pages 86-87   Vocabulary     canal                    n
912   7   pages 86-87   Vocabulary     imply                    v
913   7   page 87       Listening      flutter                  v
914   7   page 87       Listening      drift                    v
915   7   page 87       Listening      weave                    v
916   7   page 87       Listening      quantum mechanics        n sing
917   7   page 87       Listening      lullaby                  n
918   7   page 87       Listening        fontanelle          n
919   7   page 87       Listening        pulse               v
920   7   page 87       Listening        set in              phr v
921   7   page 87       Listening        Yiddish             n
922   7   page 87       Listening        boisterous          adj
923   7   page 87       Listening        cognizant           adj
924   7   pages 88-89   Writing          exposition          n
925   7   pages 88-89   Writing          concept             n
926   7   pages 88-89   Writing          regeneration        n
927   7   pages 88-89   Writing          rectilinear         adj
928   7   pages 88-89   Writing          breathtaking        adj
929   7   pages 88-89   Writing          tear oneself away   phr v
930   7   pages 88-89   Writing          expansion           n
931   7   pages 88-89   Writing          obscure             v
932   7   pages 88-89   Writing          elementary          adj
933   7   pages 88-89   Writing          brainstorm          v
934   7   pages 88-89   Writing          eye-catching        adj
935   7   pages 88-89   Writing          persuasive          adj
936   7   page 90       English in Use   stick with sb/sth   v phr
937   7   page 90       English in Use   spouse              n
938   7   page 90       English in Use   riddle              n
939   7   page 90       English in Use   poignantly          adv
940   7   page 90       English in Use   admiration          n
941   7   page 90       English in Use   stable              adj
942   7   page 90       English in Use   unconditional       adj
943   7   page 90       English in Use   drive               n
944   7   page 90       English in Use   yearning            n
945   7   page 90       English in Use   slip                v
946   7   page 90       English in Use   set out             phr v
947   7   page 90       English in Use   juvenile            n
948   7   page 90       English in Use   liberal             adj
949   7   page 90       English in Use   oath                n
950   7   page 90       English in Use   vow                 n
951   7   page 90       English in Use   pledge              n
952   7   page 90       English in Use   burden              n
953   7   page 90       English in Use   proceed             v
954   7   page 90       English in Use   emerge              v
955   7   page 90       English in Use   site                n
956   7   page 90       English in Use   determined          adj
957   7   page 90       English in Use   firm                adj
958   7   page 90       English in Use   persistent          adj
959   7   page 90       English in Use   stubborn            adj
960   7   page 91       Review           reckon              v
961   7   page 91       Review           eventually          adv
962   7   page 91       Review           apprehensive        adj
963   7   page 91       Review           hiss                v
 964   7   page 91       Review     grunt              v
 965   7   page 91       Review     mute               adj
 966   7   page 91       Review     swan               n
 967   7   page 91       Review     belie              v
 968   7   page 91       Review     foe                n
 969   7   page 91       Review     deliver a blow     v phr
 970   7   page 91       Review     aggressively       adv
 971   7   page 91       Review     plover             n
 972   7   page 91       Review     feign              v
 973   7   page 91       Review     career             v
 974   7   page 91       Review     lure               v
 975   7   page 91       Review     predator           n
 976   7   page 91       Review     stoat              n
 977   7   page 91       Review     rail               n
 978   7   page 91       Review     woodcock           n
 979   7   page 91       Review     hatch              v
 980   7   page 91       Review     vulnerable         adj
 981   7   page 91       Review     stork              n
 982   7   page 91       Review     hornbill           n
 983   7   page 91       Review     tenderness         n
 984   7   page 91       Review     reptile            n
 985   7   page 91       Review     fend for oneself   v phr
 986   7   page 91       Review     mouthbrooder       n
 987   7   page 91       Review     fungi              n pl
 988   7   page 91       Review     earwig             n
 989   7   page 91       Review     wasp               n
 990   7   page 91       Review     termite            n
 991   7   page 91       Review     larvae             n pl
 992   7   page 91       Review     stretch            n
 993   7   page 91       Review     outwit             v
 994   7   page 91       Review     defence            n
 995   7   page 91       Review     intruder           n
 996   8   page 92       Speaking   superstition       n
 997   8   page 92       Speaking   coincidence        n
 998   8   page 92       Speaking   freak              adj
 999   8   pages 92-93   Reading    pin up             phr v
1000   8   pages 92-93   Reading    bizarre            adj
1001   8   pages 92-93   Reading    perplex            v
1002   8   pages 92-93   Reading    weird              adj
1003   8   pages 92-93   Reading    spooky             adj
1004   8   pages 92-93   Reading    collapsed          adj
1005   8   pages 92-93   Reading    surgery            n
1006   8   pages 92-93   Reading    carry out          phr v
1007   8   pages 92-93   Reading    acclaim            n
1008   8   pages 92-93   Reading    confluence         n
1009   8   pages 92-93   Reading    income bracket     n phr
1010   8   pages 92-93   Reading          entourage             n
1011   8   pages 92-93   Reading          swell                 v
1012   8   pages 92-93   Reading          boost                 v
1013   8   pages 92-93   Reading          mix up                phr v
1014   8   pages 92-93   Reading          breakthrough          n
1015   8   pages 92-93   Reading          property              n
1016   8   pages 92-93   Reading          electron              n
1017   8   pages 92-93   Reading          double helix          n
1018   8   pages 92-93   Reading          curiosity             n
1019   8   pages 92-93   Reading          rational              adj
1020   8   page 94       Grammar plus     memorise              v
1021   8   page 94       Grammar plus     detest                v
1022   8   page 94       Grammar plus     urge                  v
1023   8   page 94       Grammar plus     neglect               v
1024   8   page 94       Grammar plus     reconsider            v
1025   8   page 95       Vocabulary       maximise              v
1026   8   page 95       Vocabulary       solar panel           n
1027   8   page 95       Vocabulary       glaring               adj
1028   8   page 95       Vocabulary       overtime              n
1029   8   page 95       Vocabulary       meagre                adj
1030   8   page 95       Vocabulary       wage                  n
1031   8   page 95       Vocabulary       reliability           n
1032   8   page 95       Vocabulary       scholar               n
1033   8   page 95       Vocabulary       solar system          n
1034   8   page 96       Listening        fire brigade          n
1035   8   page 96       Listening        tea chest             n
1036   8   page 96       Listening        recount               v
1037   8   page 96       Listening        incident              n
1038   8   pages 96-97   Grammar check    Cancerian             n
1039   8   pages 96-97   Grammar check    hang around with sb   phr v
1040   8   pages 96-97   Grammar check    till                  n
1041   8   page 97       Vocabulary       obedient              adj
1042   8   page 97       Vocabulary       pseudo-               prefix
1043   8   page 97       Vocabulary       antisocial            adj
1044   8   page 97       Vocabulary       post-mortem           n
1045   8   page 97       Vocabulary       overgrown             adj
1046   8   page 97       Vocabulary       monolingual           adj
1047   8   page 97       Vocabulary       former                adj
1048   8   page 97       Vocabulary       graduate              n
1049   8   page 97       Vocabulary       clockwise             adv
1050   8   page 98       Speaking         metal detector        n
1051   8   page 98       Speaking         pay off               phr v
1052   8   page 99       English in Use   get into sth          phr v
1053   8   page 99       English in Use   get hold of           v phr
1054   8   page 99       English in Use   in terms of           prep phr
1055   8   page 99       English in Use   take on               phr v
1056   8   pages 100-101   Writing      engaging                 adj
1057   8   pages 100-101   Writing      addict                   n
1058   8   pages 100-101   Writing      avidly                   adv
1059   8   pages 100-101   Writing      exasperation             n
1060   8   pages 100-101   Writing      puddle                   n
1061   8   pages 100-101   Writing      hallucinate              v
1062   8   pages 100-101   Writing      dawn on                  phr v
1063   8   page 102        Exam focus   stakes                   n pl
1064   8   page 102        Exam focus   foreign exchange         n
1065   8   page 102        Exam focus   irregularity             n
1066   8   page 102        Exam focus   settle                   v
1067   8   page 102        Exam focus   handsome profit          n phr
1068   8   page 102        Exam focus   switch                   v
1069   8   page 102        Exam focus   investment               n
1070   8   page 102        Exam focus   retailer                 n
1071   8   page 102        Exam focus   hard-hearted             adj
1072   8   page 102        Exam focus   hard-headed              adj
1073   8   page 102        Exam focus   hard-pressed             adj
1074   8   page 102        Exam focus   hard-hitting             adj
1075   8   page 102        Exam focus   divulge                  v
1076   8   page 102        Exam focus   be off                   phr v
1077   8   page 102        Exam focus   be up to (sth)           phr v
1078   8   page 102        Exam focus   be on to (sth)           phr v
1079   8   page 102        Exam focus   get away with (sth)      phr v
1080   8   page 102        Exam focus   get on with (sth)        phr v
1081   8   page 102        Exam focus   get through with (sth)   phr v
1082   8   page 102        Exam focus   get by                   phr v
1083   8   page 102        Exam focus   monies                   n pl
1084   8   page 102        Exam focus   contemplate              v
1085   8   page 102        Exam focus   tumble                   v
1086   8   page 102        Exam focus   trip                     v
1087   8   page 102        Exam focus   topple                   v
1088   8   page 102        Exam focus   twofold                  adj
1089   8   page 102        Exam focus   speculate                v
1090   8   page 103        Review       talk sb into (sth)       phr v
1091   8   page 103        Review       rubble                   n
1092   8   page 103        Review       circulation              n
1093   8   page 103        Review       loyal                    adj
1094   8   page 103        Review       conceal                  v
1095   8   page 103        Review       legal                    adj
1096   8   page 103        Review       retired                  adj
1097   8   page 103        Review       sustained                adj
1098   8   page 103        Review       assassinate              v
1099   9   pages 104-106   Reading      where there's a will…    phr
1100   9   pages 104-106   Reading      resolution               n
1101   9   pages 104-106   Reading      reliable                 adj
1102   9   pages 104-106   Reading        indicator              n
1103   9   pages 104-106   Reading        adverse                adj
1104   9   pages 104-106   Reading        gain                   v
1105   9   pages 104-106   Reading        lack                   v
1106   9   pages 104-106   Reading        triumphant             adj
1107   9   pages 104-106   Reading        regardless             adv
1108   9   pages 104-106   Reading        socialisation          n
1109   9   pages 104-106   Reading        enforce                v
1110   9   pages 104-106   Reading        mentality              n
1111   9   pages 104-106   Reading        see sth through        phr v
1112   9   pages 104-106   Reading        freelance              adj
1113   9   pages 104-106   Reading        outcome                n
1114   9   pages 104-106   Reading        determination          n
1115   9   pages 104-106   Reading        motive                 n
1116   9   pages 104-106   Reading        push (sb) into (sth)   phr v
1117   9   pages 104-106   Reading        volume                 n
1118   9   pages 104-106   Reading        hint                   n
1119   9   pages 104-106   Reading        cram                   v
1120   9   pages 104-106   Reading        energising             adj
1121   9   pages 104-106   Reading        essential oil          n
1122   9   pages 104-106   Reading        stem from              phr v
1123   9   pages 104-106   Reading        back (sth/sb) up       phr v
1124   9   pages 104-106   Reading        scale                  v
1125   9   pages 104-106   Reading        career ladder          n phr
1126   9   pages 104-106   Reading        objective              n
1127   9   pages 104-106   Reading        come into play         v phr
1128   9   pages 104-106   Reading        steadily               adv
1129   9   pages 104-106   Reading        illuminating           adj
1130   9   pages 104-106   Reading        mastery                n
1131   9   pages 104-106   Reading        utterly                adv
1132   9   pages 104-106   Reading        abdicate               v
1133   9   pages 104-106   Reading        abdomen                n
1134   9   page 107        Vocabulary     make a difference      n phr
1135   9   page 107        Vocabulary     get into trouble       n phr
1136   9   page 107        Vocabulary     keep a resolution      n phr
1137   9   page 107        Vocabulary     get even (with sb)     v phr
1138   9   page 107        Vocabulary     keep on at (sb)        v phr
1139   9   page 107        Vocabulary     keep one's word        v phr
1140   9   page 107        Vocabulary     make an impression     v phr
1141   9   page 107        Vocabulary     resolve one's doubts   n phr
1142   9   page 107        Vocabulary     humiliate              v
1143   9   page 107        Vocabulary     virtual                adj
1144   9   page 107        Vocabulary     media                  n pl
1145   9   pages 108-109   Grammar plus   toga                   n
1146   9   pages 108-109   Grammar plus   annoy                  v
1147   9   pages 108-109   Grammar plus   go bust                v phr
1148   9   pages 108-109   Grammar plus     character reference     n phr
1149   9   pages 108-109   Grammar plus     exaggerate              v
1150   9   page 109        Speaking         come across (as)        phr v
1151   9   page 109        Speaking         considerably            adv
1152   9   page 110        Vocabulary       wetsuit                 n
1153   9   page 110        Vocabulary       oar                     n
1154   9   page 110        Vocabulary       snorkel                 n
1155   9   page 110        Vocabulary       flippers                n pl
1156   9   page 110        Vocabulary       tripod                  n
1157   9   page 110        Vocabulary       lens                    n
1158   9   page 110        Vocabulary       easel                   n
1159   9   page 110        Vocabulary       rehearsal               n
1160   9   page 110        Vocabulary       sight read              v
1161   9   page 110        Vocabulary       script                  n
1162   9   page 110        Vocabulary       bridle                  n
1163   9   page 110        Vocabulary       crash helmet            n
1164   9   page 110        Vocabulary       reins                   n
1165   9   page 110        Vocabulary       saddle                  n
1166   9   page 110        Vocabulary       blurb                   n
1167   9   page 110        Vocabulary       paperback               n
1168   9   page 110        English in Use   inheritance             n
1169   9   page 110        English in Use   pull the plug (on)      idm
1170   9   page 110        English in Use   entrepreneur            n
1171   9   page 110        English in Use   disinherit              v
1172   9   page 110        English in Use   burden                  v
1173   9   page 110        English in Use   rift                    n
1174   9   page 110        English in Use   like-minded             adj
1175   9   page 110        English in Use   fall short (of)         v phr
1176   9   page 110        English in Use   legacy                  n
1177   9   page 110        English in Use   trend                   n
1178   9   page 110        English in Use   intervention            n
1179   9   page 110        English in Use   amply                   adv
1180   9   page 111        Grammar check    tale                    n
1181   9   page 111        Grammar check    live to tell the tale   idm
1182   9   page 111        Grammar check    hike                    n
1183   9   page 111        Grammar check    gallon                  n
1184   9   page 111        Grammar check    profile                 n
1185   9   page 111        Grammar check    conduct                 v
1186   9   page 111        Grammar check    pull through            phr v
1187   9   pages 112-113   Writing          sufficiently            adv
1188   9   pages 112-113   Writing          significance            n
1189   9   pages 112-113   Writing          take steps              v phr
1190   9   pages 112-113   Writing          recommendation          n
1191   9   pages 112-113   Writing          annual                  adj
1192   9   pages 112-113   Writing          budget                  n
1193   9   pages 112-113   Writing          take (sb) on            phr v
1194   9    pages 112-113   Writing      dedication      n
1195   9    pages 112-113   Writing      participate     v
1196   9    pages 112-113   Writing      committed       adj
1197   9    page 115        Review       expel           v
1198   9    page 115        Review       renowned        adj
1199   9    page 115        Review       bossy           adj
1200   9    page 115        Review       cruel           adj
1201   9    page 115        Review       groom           n
1202   9    page 115        Review       pole            n
1203   9    page 115        Review       row             v
1204   9    page 115        Review       towering        adj
1205   9    page 115        Review       affable         adj
1206   9    page 115        Review       formidable      adj
1207   9    page 115        Review       arguably        adv
1208   9    page 115        Review       influential     adj
1209   9    page 115        Review       Sherpa guide    n phr
1210   9    page 115        Review       porter          n
1211   9    page 115        Review       supplier        n
1212   9    page 115        Review       elder           n
1213   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   trials          n pl
1214   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   jumbled         adj
1215   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   special agent   n
1216   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   concrete        n
1217   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   basement        n
1218   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   rampage         v
1219   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   the Pentagon    n phr
1220   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   network         n
1221   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   download        v
1222   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   infiltrator     n
1223   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   foreign agent   n
1224   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   monitor         v
1225   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   trace           v
1226   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   lair            n
1227   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   spot            v
1228   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   premier         adj
1229   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   breach          v
1230   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   assumed name    n phr
1231   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   Nasa            abbrev
1232   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   plant           v
1233   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   sniffer files   n phr
1234   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   dispatch        v
1235   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   wrapper         n
1236   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   track           v
1237   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   access code     n
1238   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   high-ranking    adj
1239   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   crash           v
1240   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   sift through            phr v
1241   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   simulation              n
1242   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   artificial intelligence n phr
1243   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   frantically             adv
1244   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   terminal                n
1245   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   insist                  v
1246   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   put sb out of action    v phr
1247   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   cyber-                  prefix
1248   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   maze                    n
1249   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   hacker                  n
1250   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   circuitous              adj
1251   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   bring (sth) to bear     v phr
1252   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   hang out                phr v
1253   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus                           v phr
                                         engage (sb) in conversation
1254   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   naïve                   adj
1255   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   informant               n
1256   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   jubilant                adj
1257   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   Scotland Yard           n phr
1258   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   cul-de-sac              n
1259   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   cold war                n phr
1260   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   hideaway                n
1261   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   stake out               phr v
1262   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   cautious                adj
1263   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   online                  adj
1264   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   catch sb in the act     idm
1265   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   beforehand              adv
1266   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   disturbing              adj
1267   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   get a buzz              idm
1268   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   painting by numbers n phr
1269   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   cruise                  v
1270   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus                           n
                                         Internet service provider phr
1271   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   futile                  adj
1272   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   launch                  v
1273   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   pose                    v
1274   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   sweep                   v
1275   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   creep                   v
1276   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   loft                    n
1277   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   hunched                 adj
1278   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   tap away                phr v
1279   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   keyboard                n
1280   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   warfare                 n
1281   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   breed                   n
1282   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   subsequent              adj
1283   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   stepping stone          n
1284   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   byte                    n
1285   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus   for ease of             prep phr
1286   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus       debris               n
1287   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus       throb                v
1288   10   pages 116-117   Exam focus       pack into            phr v
1289   10   pages 118-119   Grammar plus     preparatory          adj
1290   10   pages 118-119   Grammar plus     contract             n
1291   10   pages 118-119   Grammar plus     thought-provoking    adj
1292   10   page 121        English in Use   consume              v
1293   10   page 121        English in Use   wreck                v
1294   10   page 121        English in Use   abuse                n
1295   10   page 121        English in Use   withdrawal symptom   n
1296   10   page 121        English in Use   panic attack         n
1297   10   page 121        English in Use   spell sth out        phr v
1298   10   page 121        English in Use   kick the habit       idm
1299   10   page 121        English in Use   neglect              n
1300   10   page 121        Listening        cyber dating         n
1301   10   page 121        Listening        disbelief            n
1302   10   page 121        Listening        irritation           n
1303   10   page 121        Listening        defensiveness        n
1304   10   page 121        Listening        dismissiveness       n
1305   10   page 122        Grammar check    presumably           adv
1306   10   page 122        Grammar check    efficiently          adv
1307   10   page 122        Grammar check    isolate              v
1308   10   page 122        Grammar check    go for sth           phr v
1309   10   pages 122-123   Speaking         hesitate             v
1310   10   pages 122-123   Speaking         deviate              v
1311   10   pages 122-123   Speaking         repetition           n
1312   10   pages 122-123   Speaking         chair                n
1313   10   page 123        English in Use   acquire              v
1314   10   page 123        English in Use   restore              v
1315   10   page 123        English in Use   eerily               adv
1316   10   page 123        English in Use   mimic                v
1317   10   page 123        English in Use   rebellious           adj
1318   10   page 123        English in Use   humanoid             adj, n
1319   10   page 123        English in Use   derive               v
1320   10   page 123        English in Use   prospect             n
1321   10   page 123        English in Use   nightshift           n
1322   10   page 123        English in Use   renew                v
1323   10   page 123        English in Use   device               n
1324   10   pages 124-125   Exam focus       maintain             v
1325   10   pages 124-125   Exam focus       crash                v
1326   10   pages 124-125   Exam focus       rep                  abbrev
1327   10   pages 124-125   Exam focus       multi-media          adj, n
1328   10   page 126        Vocabulary       illustration         n
1329   10   page 126        Vocabulary       cosmonaut            n
1330   10   page 126        Vocabulary       origami              n
1331   10   page 126        Vocabulary       kindergarten         n
1332   10   page 126        Vocabulary   mosquito           n
1333   10   page 126        Vocabulary   duvet              n
1334   10   page 126        Vocabulary   mattress           n
1335   10   page 126        Vocabulary   mammoth            n
1336   11   page 130        Speaking     promote            v
1337   11   page 130        Speaking     bagpipes           n pl
1338   11   page 131        Listening    disembark          v
1339   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   construction       n
1340   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   glimpse            v
1341   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   whiz               v
1342   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   snow-capped        adj
1343   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   state-of-the-art   adj
1344   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   trek               v
1345   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   epic               adj
1346   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   stopover           n
1347   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   remote             adj
1348   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   take in            phr v
1349   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   figure             v
1350   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   prominent          adj
1351   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   sumptuous          adj
1352   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   en route           adv
1353   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   spacious           adj
1354   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   revolve            v
1355   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   plateau            n
1356   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   glacier            n
1357   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   peak               n
1358   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   moorland           n
1359   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   fjord              n
1360   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   picturesque        adj
1361   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   roam               v
1362   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   skeletal           adj
1363   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   scenic             adj
1364   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   reservation        n
1365   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   daunting           adj
1366   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   feasible           adj
1367   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   tailor-made        adj
1368   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   put together       phr v
1369   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   ruin               n
1370   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   bustling           adj
1371   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   massive            adj
1372   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   idol               n
1373   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   accessible         adj
1374   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   hand-tilled        adj
1375   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   host               v
1376   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   province           n
1377   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus   escort             v
1378   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus      fit (sb/sth) out   phr v
1379   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus      rate               v
1380   11   pages 132-133   Exam focus      elusive            adj
1381   11   page 134        Grammar plus    the interior       n
1382   11   page 134        Grammar plus    come to a halt     v phr
1383   11   page 134        Grammar plus    immense            adj
1384   11   page 134        Grammar plus    propose            v
1385   11   page 134        Listening       pros and cons      n phr
1386   11   page 134        Listening       stoppage           n
1387   11   page 135        Vocabulary      mill around        phr v
1388   11   page 135        Vocabulary      vivid              adj
1389   11   pages 136-137   Writing         brochure           n
1390   11   pages 136-137   Writing         undergraduate      n
1391   11   pages 136-137   Writing         broad              adj
1392   11   pages 136-137   Writing         chaplaincy         n
1393   11   pages 136-137   Writing         whirlwind          n
1394   11   pages 136-137   Writing         festivities        n pl
1395   11   pages 136-137   Writing         be in store        v phr
1396   11   pages 136-137   Writing         zoom               v
1397   11   pages 136-137   Writing         whoosh             v
1398   11   pages 136-137   Writing         peril              n
1399   11   pages 136-137   Writing         spiralling         adj
1400   11   pages 136-137   Writing         glow               v
1401   11   pages 136-137   Writing         shimmering         adj
1402   11   pages 136-137   Writing         glimmering         adj
1403   11   page 137        Grammar check   debate             n
1404   11   page 137        Grammar check   correspondingly    adv
1405   11   page 137        Grammar check   inevitable         adj
1406   11   pages 138-139   Reading         entire             adj
1407   11   pages 138-139   Reading         mean               adj
1408   11   pages 138-139   Reading         self-centred       adj
1409   11   pages 138-139   Reading         self-righteous     adj
1410   11   pages 138-139   Reading         sponsor            n
1411   11   pages 138-139   Reading         mellow out         phr v
1412   11   pages 138-139   Reading         figure out         phr v
1413   11   pages 138-139   Reading         tip                n
1414   11   pages 138-139   Reading         go through sth     phr v
1415   11   pages 138-139   Reading         wear               v
1416   11   pages 138-139   Reading         frazzle            n
1417   11   pages 138-139   Reading         blister            n
1418   11   pages 138-139   Reading         pus                n
1419   11   pages 138-139   Reading         diarrhoea          n
1420   11   pages 138-139   Reading         bout               n
1421   11   pages 138-139   Reading         malaria            n
1422   11   pages 138-139   Reading         typhoid            n
1423   11   pages 138-139   Reading         irate              adj
1424   11   pages 138-139   Reading      minefield            n
1425   11   pages 138-139   Reading      obstacle             n
1426   11   pages 138-139   Reading      thorny               adj
1427   11   pages 138-139   Reading      corporate            adj
1428   11   pages 138-139   Reading      run afoul of         v phr
1429   11   pages 138-139   Reading      go into a shell      idm
1430   11   pages 138-139   Reading      assignment           n
1431   11   pages 138-139   Reading      determination        n
1432   11   pages 138-139   Reading      endurance            n
1433   11   pages 138-139   Reading      motto                n
1434   11   pages 138-139   Reading      last-ditch effort    n phr
1435   11   pages 138-139   Reading      build on             phr v
1436   11   pages 138-139   Reading      camaraderie          n
1437   11   pages 138-139   Reading      unashamedly          adv
1438   11   pages 138-139   Reading      settle down          phr v
1439   11   page 139        Vocabulary   firm                 n
1440   11   page 139        Vocabulary   by all accounts      prep phr
1441   11   page 139        Vocabulary   fill in              phr v
1442   11   page 140        Exam focus   benefit              n
1443   11   page 140        Exam focus   sustainable          adj
1444   11   page 140        Exam focus   minimal              adj
1445   11   page 140        Exam focus   waste disposal       n phr
1446   11   page 140        Exam focus   utilise              v
1447   11   page 140        Exam focus   stimulate            v
1448   11   page 140        Exam focus   assessment           n
1449   11   page 140        Exam focus   undertake            v
1450   11   page 140        Exam focus   all in all
1451   11   page 141        Review       whitewater rafting   n phr
1452   11   page 141        Review       rubber               adj
1453   11   page 141        Review       paddle               n
1454   11   page 141        Review       stowaway             n
1455   11   page 141        Review       exposure             n
1456   11   page 141        Review       render unconscious   v phr
1457   11   page 141        Review       hibernation          n
1458   12   pages 142-143   Reading      mind over matter     idm
1459   12   pages 142-143   Reading      distinction          n
1460   12   pages 142-143   Reading      perplexity           n
1461   12   pages 142-143   Reading      genially             adv
1462   12   pages 142-143   Reading      pat                  v
1463   12   pages 142-143   Reading      water-hydrant        n
1464   12   pages 142-143   Reading      take (sth) to be     v phr
1465   12   pages 142-143   Reading      consult              v
1466   12   pages 142-143   Reading      ophthalmologist      n
1467   12   pages 142-143   Reading      neurologist          n
1468   12   pages 142-143   Reading      referral             n
1469   12   pages 142-143   Reading      orient               v
1470   12   pages 142-143   Reading      formulate               v
1471   12   pages 142-143   Reading      at length               prep phr
1472   12   pages 142-143   Reading      still                   v
1473   12   pages 142-143   Reading      disquiet                n
1474   12   pages 142-143   Reading      soothing                adj
1475   12   pages 142-143   Reading      co-ordination           n
1476   12   pages 142-143   Reading      tone                    n
1477   12   pages 142-143   Reading      a trifle                n
1478   12   pages 142-143   Reading      abnormal                adj
1479   12   pages 142-143   Reading      sotto voce              adv
1480   12   pages 142-143   Reading      baffled                 adj
1481   12   pages 142-143   Reading      misplaced               adj
1482   12   pages 142-143   Reading      gaze                    n
1483   12   pages 142-143   Reading      settle                  v
1484   12   pages 142-143   Reading      resume                  v
1485   12   pages 142-143   Reading      acuity                  n
1486   12   pages 142-143   Reading      aghast                  adj
1487   12   pages 142-143   Reading      fixation                n
1488   12   pages 142-143   Reading      expanse                 n
1489   12   pages 142-143   Reading      dune                    n
1490   12   pages 142-143   Reading      terrace                 n
1491   12   pages 142-143   Reading      confabulate             v
1492   12   pages 142-143   Reading      comply                  v
1493   12   pages 142-143   Reading      courteously             adv
1494   12   pages 142-143   Reading      sole                    n
1495   12   pages 142-143   Reading      quirky                  adj
1496   12   pages 142-143   Reading      diabetes                n
1497   12   pages 142-143   Reading      placidly                adv
1498   12   pages 142-143   Reading      dementia                n
1499   12   pages 142-143   Reading      cultivation             n
1500   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take (sth) in           phr v
1501   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take to (sb)            phr v
1502   12   page 144        Vocabulary                           idm
                                         take sb the way you find them
1503   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take advantage of       v phr
1504   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take (sb) for granted v phr
1505   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take sb's breath away idm
1506   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take (sth) upon oneself phr v
1507   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take it out of (sb)     v phr
1508   12   page 144        Vocabulary   take (sth) up with (sb) phr v
1509   12   page 144        Vocabulary   flustered               adj
1510   12   page 144        Vocabulary   benevolent              adj
1511   12   page 144        Vocabulary   assumption              n
1512   12   page 144        Vocabulary   click with (sb)         phr v
1513   12   page 144        Vocabulary   triplet                 n
1514   12   page 144        Vocabulary   worked up               adj
1515   12   pages 145-146   Listening    amnesia                 n
1516   12   pages 145-146   Listening       not give a damn    v phr
1517   12   pages 145-146   Listening       intention          n
1518   12   pages 145-146   Listening       bird of prey       n phr
1519   12   pages 145-146   Listening       balaclava          n
1520   12   pages 145-146   Listening       rapid              adj
1521   12   pages 145-146   Listening       defendant          n
1522   12   pages 145-146   Listening       departure lounge   n phr
1523   12   page 146        Exam focus      abstract           adj
1524   12   page 146        Exam focus      climate            n
1525   12   page 148        Grammar check   conquer            v
1526   12   page 148        Grammar check   dawn               v
1527   12   page 148        Grammar check   reflection         n
1528   12   page 148        Grammar check   hysterical         adj
1529   12   page 148        Grammar check   shuttle            n
1530   12   page 148        Grammar check   runway             n
1531   12   page 148        Grammar check   trance             n
1532   12   page 148        Grammar check   subside            v
1533   12   page 149        Listening       parapsychology     n
1534   12   page 149        Listening       commencement       n
1535   12   page 149        Listening       telepathically     adv
1536   12   page 149        Listening       sealed             adj
1537   12   page 149        Listening       transmit           v
1538   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      flicker            n
1539   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      hum                n
1540   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      screech            n
1541   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      sparkle            n
1542   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      roar               n
1543   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      beam               n
1544   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      thud               n
1545   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      twinkle            n
1546   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      piercing           adj
1547   12   pages 149-150   Vocabulary      uncoil             v
1548   12   pages 150-151   Writing         core               adj
1549   12   pages 150-151   Writing         haze               n
1550   12   pages 150-151   Writing         the paranormal     n
1551   12   pages 150-151   Writing         ESP                abbrev
1552   12   pages 150-151   Writing         devise             v
1553   12   pages 150-151   Writing         rigorous           adj
1554   12   pages 150-151   Writing         beam               v
1555   12   pages 150-151   Writing         fluke              n
1556   12   pages 150-151   Writing         orthodox           adj
1557   12   pages 150-151   Writing         fraud              n
1558   12   pages 150-151   Writing         plausible          adj
1559   12   pages 150-151   Writing         sum up             phr v
1560   12   pages 150-151   Writing         intriguing         adj
1561   12   pages 150-151   Writing         concrete           adj
1562   12   pages 150-151   Writing         combat                   v
1563   12   page 152        Speaking        autocue                  n
1564   12   page 152        Speaking        persist                  v
1565   12   page 152        Speaking        spark off                phr v
1566   12   page 152        Speaking        tell (sb) off            phr v
1567   12   page 152        Speaking        hypnotism                n
1568   12   page 152        Speaking        be out for the count     idm
1569   12   page 152        Speaking        insomnia                 n
1570   12   page 152        Speaking        executive                n
1571   12   page 152        Speaking        inject                   v
1572   12   page 153        Review          imminent                 adj
1573   12   page 153        Review          curious                  adj
1574   12   page 153        Review          in the mind's eye        prep phr
1575   12   page 153        Review          clarity                  n
1576   12   page 153        Review          trigger                  n
1577   12   page 153        Review          wreak havoc              v phr
1578   12   page 153        Review          suffocate                v
1579   12   page 153        Review          conviction               n
1580   12   page 153        Review          ray                      n
1581   12   page 153        Review          phenomenon               n
1582   12   page 153        Review          downright                adj
1583   12   page 153        Review          deposit                  v
1584   12   page 153        Review          reminisce                v
1585   12   page 153        Review          endure                   v
1586   12   page 153        Review          behold                   v
1587   12   page 153        Review          vacant                   adj
1588   12   page 153        Review          dislocate                v
1589   12   page 153        Review          stroke                   n
1590   13   page 154        Listening       conjure up               phr v
1591   13   page 154        Listening       bamboo                   n
1592   13   page 154        Listening       promptly                 adv
1593   13   page 154        Listening       debt                     n
1594   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   market                   v
1595   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   consistent               adj
1596   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   emblem                   n
1597   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   shorthand                n
1598   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   heraldry                 n
1599   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   shield                   n
1600   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   regalia                  n pl
1601   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   armour                   n
1602   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   pass on                  phr v
1603   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   descendant               n
1604   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   pottery                  n
1605   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   native                   adj
1606   13   pages 154-155   Grammar check   board                    n
1607   13   page 155        Speaking        put one's finger on (sth)idm
1608   13   pages 156-157   Reading   wind up              phr v
1609   13   pages 156-157   Reading   merchant             n
1610   13   pages 156-157   Reading   belly                n
1611   13   pages 156-157   Reading   explosive            adj
1612   13   pages 156-157   Reading   rumble               v
1613   13   pages 156-157   Reading   luxuriant            adj
1614   13   pages 156-157   Reading   genius               n
1615   13   pages 156-157   Reading   destined             adj
1616   13   pages 156-157   Reading   escapology           n
1617   13   pages 156-157   Reading   blindfold            v
1618   13   pages 156-157   Reading   coffin               n
1619   13   pages 156-157   Reading   telly                n
1620   13   pages 156-157   Reading   stop sb dead         idm
1621   13   pages 156-157   Reading   filthy               adj
1622   13   pages 156-157   Reading   burial               n
1623   13   pages 156-157   Reading   horrendously         adv
1624   13   pages 156-157   Reading   colonialist          n
1625   13   pages 156-157   Reading   monocle              n
1626   13   pages 156-157   Reading   swat                 n
1627   13   pages 156-157   Reading   drag                 v
1628   13   pages 156-157   Reading   Bakelite             n
1629   13   pages 156-157   Reading   spring               n
1630   13   pages 156-157   Reading   dynamo               n
1631   13   pages 156-157   Reading   prototype            n
1632   13   pages 156-157   Reading   cannibalise          v
1633   13   pages 156-157   Reading   scrapyard            n
1634   13   pages 156-157   Reading   turn (sb/sth) down   phr v
1635   13   pages 156-157   Reading   bastion              n
1636   13   pages 156-157   Reading   catalyst             n
1637   13   pages 156-157   Reading   fellow               n
1638   13   pages 156-157   Reading   disabled             adj
1639   13   pages 156-157   Reading   line up              phr v
1640   13   pages 156-157   Reading   OBE                  abbrev
1641   13   pages 156-157   Reading   fete                 v
1642   13   pages 156-157   Reading   lap-top              n
1643   13   pages 156-157   Reading   grab                 v
1644   13   pages 156-157   Reading   literacy             n
1645   13   pages 156-157   Reading   numeracy             n
1646   13   pages 156-157   Reading   in the wilderness    prep phr
1647   13   pages 156-157   Reading   in shape             prep phr
1648   13   pages 156-157   Reading   distressed           adj
1649   13   pages 156-157   Reading   gratitude            n
1650   13   pages 156-157   Reading   neutral              adj
1651   13   pages 156-157   Reading   cynical              adj
1652   13   pages 156-157   Reading   famine               n
1653   13   pages 156-157   Reading   applause             n
1654   13   pages 158-159   Grammar plus     PA                 abbrev
1655   13   pages 158-159   Grammar plus     lie-in             n
1656   13   pages 158-159   Grammar plus     youth hostel       n
1657   13   pages 158-159   Grammar plus     valuable           adj
1658   13   page 160        Exam focus       tacit              adj
1659   13   page 160        Exam focus       on the ball        prep phr
1660   13   page 160        Exam focus       applicant          n
1661   13   page 160        Exam focus       thoroughly         adv
1662   13   page 160        Exam focus       downside           n
1663   13   page 160        Exam focus       ramble on          phr v
1664   13   page 160        Exam focus       recruitment        n
1665   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       turnover           n
1666   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       get the sack       idm
1667   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       maternity leave    n phr
1668   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       be laid off        v phr
1669   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       go bankrupt        adj
1670   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       flexitime          n
1671   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       shareholder        n
1672   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       recession          n
1673   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       pension            n
1674   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       anticipate         v
1675   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       personnel          n
1676   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       manufacture        v
1677   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       subsidiary         n
1678   13   pages 160-161   Vocabulary       viable             adj
1679   13   page 161        Speaking         premises           n pl
1680   13   page 161        Speaking         substantial        adj
1681   13   page 162        English in Use   deadline           n
1682   13   page 162        English in Use   dominate           v
1683   13   page 162        English in Use   perk               n
1684   13   page 162        English in Use   on the plus side   idm
1685   13   page 162        English in Use   flirt              v
1686   13   page 162        English in Use   proclaim           v
1687   13   page 162        English in Use   outlook            n
1688   13   page 162        English in Use   calibre            n
1689   13   page 162        English in Use   pliable            adj
1690   13   page 162        English in Use   amenable           adj
1691   13   page 162        English in Use   sanctuary          n
1692   13   page 162        English in Use   deficiency         n
1693   13   page 162        English in Use   indisposed         adj
1694   13   page 162        English in Use   pester             v
1695   13   page 162        English in Use   inflame            v
1696   13   page 162        English in Use   ruffle             v
1697   13   page 162        English in Use   behind the times   prep phr
1698   13   page 162        English in Use   expire             v
1699   13   page 162        English in Use   invalid            adj
1700   13   page 162        English in Use   capacity                n
1701   13   page 162        English in Use   compensation            n
1702   13   page 162        English in Use   reimbursement           n
1703   13   page 162        English in Use   atonement               n
1704   13   page 162        English in Use   idiosyncratic           adj
1705   13   pages 162-163   Writing          enclosed                adj
1706   13   pages 162-163   Writing          CV                      abbrev
1707   13   pages 162-163   Writing          allowance               n
1708   13   page 164        Vocabulary       catch up with           phr v
1709   13   page 164        Vocabulary       keep up with            phr v
1710   13   page 164        Vocabulary       freshen up              phr v
1711   13   page 164        Vocabulary       liven up                phr v
1712   13   page 164        Vocabulary       narrow (sth) down       phr v
1713   13   page 164        Vocabulary       culprit                 n
1714   13   page 164        Vocabulary       cut down on             phr v
1715   13   page 164        Vocabulary       settle down             phr v
1716   13   page 164        Vocabulary       sidle up to             phr v
1717   13   page 164        Vocabulary       melt down               phr v
1718   13   page 164        Vocabulary       blaze up                phr v
1719   13   page 164        Vocabulary       creep up on             phr v
1720   13   page 164        Vocabulary       touch up                phr v
1721   13   page 164        Vocabulary       mount up                phr v
1722   13   page 164        Vocabulary       water down              phr v
1723   13   page 164        Vocabulary       fix up                  phr v
1724   13   page 165        Review           plaster                 v
1725   13   page 165        Review           furious                 adj
1726   13   page 165        Review           dilute                  v
1727   13   page 165        Review           commercial              adj
1728   13   page 165        Review           liberate                v
1729   13   page 165        Review           humdrum                 adj
1730   13   page 165        Review           out of work             prep phr
1731   13   page 165        Review                                   idm
                                             throw (sb/sth) on the scrapheap
1732   13   page 165        Review           springboard             n
1733   13   page 165        Review           drain                   n
1734   13   page 165        Review           teleworker              n
1735   14   page 166        Listening        pity                    v
1736   14   page 166        Listening        alley                   n
1737   14   page 166        Listening        wail                    v
1738   14   page 166        Listening        chant                   v
1739   14   page 166        Listening        malevolent              adj
1740   14   page 166        Listening        brindled                adj
1741   14   page 166        Listening        bard                    n
1742   14   page 166        Listening        crouch                  v
1743   14   page 166        Listening        caper                   v
1744   14   page 166        Listening        ere                     prep
1745   14   page 166        Listening        primeval                adj
1746   14   page 166        Listening    clan               n
1747   14   page 166        Listening    blotched           adj
1748   14   page 166        Listening    leer               v
1749   14   page 166        Listening    scorn              n
1750   14   page 166        Listening    rug                n
1751   14   page 166        Listening    brute              n
1752   14   page 166        Listening    purr               v
1753   14   page 167        Exam focus   disapproval        n
1754   14   page 167        Exam focus   sneer              n
1755   14   page 167        Exam focus   commonplace        adj
1756   14   page 167        Exam focus   volcano            n
1757   14   page 167        Exam focus   dazzling           adj
1758   14   page 167        Exam focus   in full swing      prep phr
1759   14   page 167        Exam focus   molten             adj
1760   14   page 167        Exam focus   notorious          adj
1761   14   page 167        Exam focus   eruption           n
1762   14   page 167        Exam focus   guarantee          v
1763   14   page 167        Exam focus   magma              n
1764   14   page 167        Exam focus   ferocious          adj
1765   14   page 167        Exam focus   sensation          n
1766   14   page 167        Exam focus   rival              n
1767   14   page 167        Exam focus   compose            v
1768   14   pages 168-169   Reading      extinction         n
1769   14   pages 168-169   Reading      fierce             adj
1770   14   pages 168-169   Reading      intimate           adj
1771   14   pages 168-169   Reading      assault            n
1772   14   pages 168-169   Reading      charisma           n
1773   14   pages 168-169   Reading      divine             adj
1774   14   pages 168-169   Reading      deity              n
1775   14   pages 168-169   Reading      virtue             n
1776   14   pages 168-169   Reading      set aside          phr v
1777   14   pages 168-169   Reading      litter             n
1778   14   pages 168-169   Reading      cub                n
1779   14   pages 168-169   Reading      flood              n
1780   14   pages 168-169   Reading      savage             v
1781   14   pages 168-169   Reading      poacher            n
1782   14   pages 168-169   Reading      emblematic         adj
1783   14   pages 168-169   Reading      subspecies         n
1784   14   pages 168-169   Reading      deforestation      n
1785   14   pages 168-169   Reading      encroach on/upon   phr v
1786   14   pages 168-169   Reading      territory          n
1787   14   pages 168-169   Reading      sinister           adj
1788   14   pages 168-169   Reading      legitimate         adj
1789   14   pages 168-169   Reading      escalation         n
1790   14   pages 168-169   Reading      buffer zone        n phr
1791   14   pages 168-169   Reading      erode              v
1792   14   pages 168-169   Reading          graze             v
1793   14   pages 168-169   Reading          livestock         n pl
1794   14   pages 168-169   Reading          pest              n
1795   14   pages 168-169   Reading          vice versa        adv
1796   14   pages 168-169   Reading          trigger           v
1797   14   pages 168-169   Reading          infrared          adj
1798   14   pages 168-169   Reading          intrusive         adj
1799   14   pages 168-169   Reading          worship           v
1800   14   pages 168-169   Reading          globally          adv
1801   14   pages 168-169   Reading          compensation      n
1802   14   pages 168-169   Reading          inadequate        adj
1803   14   pages 168-169   Reading          plight            n
1804   14   page 170        Grammar plus     exemplify         v
1805   14   page 170        Grammar plus     sequence          n
1806   14   page 170        Grammar plus     subjunctive       n
1807   14   page 170        Grammar plus     intonation        n
1808   14   page 170        Grammar plus     concede           v
1809   14   page 170        Grammar plus     boast             v
1810   14   page 170        Grammar plus     retort            v
1811   14   page 171        Vocabulary       aspect            n
1812   14   page 171        Vocabulary       penalty           n
1813   14   page 171        Vocabulary       forthcoming       adj
1814   14   page 171        Vocabulary       grim              adj
1815   14   page 171        Vocabulary       echo              v
1816   14   page 171        Vocabulary       opinion poll      n
1817   14   page 171        Vocabulary       cut off           adj phr
1818   14   page 171        Vocabulary       controversy       n
1819   14   page 171        Vocabulary       allegation        n
1820   14   page 171        Vocabulary       corruption        n
1821   14   page 171        Vocabulary       full-scale        adj
1822   14   page 171        Vocabulary       pledge            v
1823   14   page 172        Listening        aerosol           n
1824   14   page 172        Listening        deformation       n
1825   14   page 172        Listening        evacuation        n
1826   14   page 172        Listening        alarmist          adj
1827   14   pages 172-173   Vocabulary       indifferent       adj
1828   14   pages 172-173   Vocabulary       finance           v
1829   14   pages 172-173   Vocabulary       eligible          adj
1830   14   pages 172-173   Vocabulary       immune            adj
1831   14   pages 172-173   Vocabulary       irrespective of   adv
1832   14   pages 172-173   Vocabulary       chickenpox        n
1833   14   page 173        English in Use   vaccination       n
1834   14   page 173        English in Use   fussy             adj
1835   14   page 173        English in Use   mineral           n
1836   14   page 173        English in Use   brand             n
1837   14   page 173        English in Use   salmonella        n
1838   14   pages 174-175   Writing         clarification        n
1839   14   pages 174-175   Writing         discursive           adj
1840   14   pages 174-175   Writing         habitat              n
1841   14   page 176        Grammar check   black hole           n
1842   14   page 176        Grammar check   seldom               adv
1843   14   page 177        Review          trade union          n
1844   14   page 177        Review          asteroid             n
1845   14   page 177        Review          belt                 n
1846   14   page 177        Review          Mars                 n
1847   14   page 177        Review          Jupiter              n
1848   14   page 177        Review          lump                 n
1849   14   page 177        Review          fragment             n
1850   14   page 177        Review          diameter             n
1851   14   page 177        Review          orbit                n
1852   14   page 177        Review          kinetic              adj
1853   14   page 177        Review          sparsely             adv
1854   14   page 177        Review          meteor               n
1855   14   page 177        Review          missile              n
1856   14   page 177        Review          nudge                n
1857   14   page 177        Review          warhead              n
1858   14   page 177        Review          detonate             v
1859   14   page 177        Review          divert               v
1860   14   page 177        Review          mass                 n
1861   14   page 177        Review          shunt                v
1862   15   pages 178-179   Reading         bog                  n
1863   15   pages 178-179   Reading         flap                 n
1864   15   pages 178-179   Reading         peat                 n
1865   15   pages 178-179   Reading         attach               v
1866   15   pages 178-179   Reading         unearth              v
1867   15   pages 178-179   Reading         stray                adj
1868   15   pages 178-179   Reading         alias                prep
1869   15   pages 178-179   Reading         grip                 v
1870   15   pages 178-179   Reading         multi-disciplinary   adj
1871   15   pages 178-179   Reading         hi-tech              adj
1872   15   pages 178-179   Reading         remnant              n
1873   15   pages 178-179   Reading         griddle              n
1874   15   pages 178-179   Reading         trim                 v
1875   15   pages 178-179   Reading         armband              n
1876   15   pages 178-179   Reading         mode                 n
1877   15   pages 178-179   Reading         gingerly             adv
1878   15   pages 178-179   Reading         preserve             v
1879   15   pages 178-179   Reading         acidity              n
1880   15   pages 178-179   Reading         ubiquitous           adj
1881   15   pages 178-179   Reading         moss                 n
1882   15   pages 178-179   Reading         immobilise           v
1883   15   pages 178-179   Reading         tan                  v
1884   15   pages 178-179   Reading          deserter                  n
1885   15   pages 178-179   Reading          coward                    n
1886   15   pages 178-179   Reading          swamp                     n
1887   15   pages 178-179   Reading          sacrifice                 n
1888   15   pages 178-179   Reading          repository                n
1889   15   pages 178-179   Reading          rein in                   phr v
1890   15   pages 178-179   Reading          exploitation              n
1891   15   pages 178-179   Reading          forensic                  adj
1892   15   pages 178-179   Reading          splinter                  n
1893   15   pages 178-179   Reading          bronze-age                adj
1894   15   pages 178-179   Reading          undergarment              n
1895   15   pages 178-179   Reading          coarsely                  adv
1896   15   pages 178-179   Reading          embroidered               adj
1897   15   pages 178-179   Reading          hem                       n
1898   15   pages 178-179   Reading          thread                    v
1899   15   pages 178-179   Reading          deceased                  n
1900   15   pages 178-179   Reading          stumble on                phr v
1901   15   pages 178-179   Reading          strand                    n
1902   15   pages 178-179   Reading          rage                      v
1903   15   pages 178-179   Reading          quarry                    v
1904   15   pages 178-179   Reading          chapati (also chapatti) n
1905   15   pages 178-179   Reading          wheat                     n
1906   15   pages 178-179   Reading          barley                    n
1907   15   page 180        Grammar plus     stir up                   phr v
1908   15   page 180        Grammar plus     vague                     adj
1909   15   page 180        Grammar plus     Inland Revenue            n
1910   15   page 182        English in Use   immigrant                 n
1911   15   page 182        English in Use   throng                    n
1912   15   page 182        English in Use   outfit                    v
1913   15   page 182        English in Use   immerse oneself in        v phr
1914   15   page 182        English in Use   stature                   n
1915   15   page 182        English in Use   hit upon                  phr v
1916   15   page 182        English in Use   ingenious                 adj
1917   15   page 182        English in Use   copper                    n
1918   15   page 182        English in Use   rivet                     n
1919   15   page 182        English in Use   patent                    v
1920   15   page 182        English in Use   fasten                    v
1921   15   page 182        English in Use   apparel                   n
1922   15   page 182        English in Use   garb                      n
1923   15   page 183        Vocabulary       make small talk           idm
1924   15   page 183        Vocabulary                                 idm
                                             give (sb) a real talking to
1925   15   page 183        Vocabulary       get to the point          idm
1926   15   page 183        Vocabulary       talk shop                 idm
1927   15   page 183        Vocabulary       make head or tail of (sth)idm
1928   15   page 183        Vocabulary                                 idm
                                             get the wrong end of the stick
1929   15   page 183        Vocabulary       get a word in edgewaysidm
1930   15   page 183        Vocabulary   talk at cross-purposes   idm
1931   15   page 183        Vocabulary   talk down to sb          phr v
1932   15   page 184        Exam focus   distracted               adj
1933   15   page 184        Exam focus   in retrospect            prep phr
1934   15   page 185        Speaking     immersion                n
1935   15   page 185        Speaking     visualisation            n
1936   15   page 185        Speaking     nutrition                n
1937   15   page 185        Speaking     starchy                  adj
1938   15   page 185        Speaking     carbohydrate             n
1939   15   page 185        Speaking     wholemeal                adj
1940   15   page 185        Speaking     fibre                    n
1941   15   page 185        Speaking     posture                  n
1942   15   page 185        Speaking     re-align                 v
1943   15   pages 186-187   Writing      savour                   v
1944   15   pages 186-187   Writing      scuba diving             n
1945   15   pages 186-187   Writing      out of this world        idm
1946   15   pages 186-187   Writing      resourceful              adj
1947   15   pages 186-187   Writing      cohesive                 adj
1948   15   pages 186-187   Writing      flawless                 adj
1949   15   pages 186-187   Writing      impede                   v
1950   15   pages 186-187   Writing      abruptly                 adv

/"r@Ul 'öp/
/"step raIt 'öp/
/D@ "dZO:z @v 'deT/
/'pÁnSÁn, 'pentS@nt/
/'dZO: "drÁpIÎ/
/@t D@ 'hA:t @v "sömTIÎ/
/"tens 'öp/
/köm 'öp wID, wIT/
/@U'mIt, @-/
/"laIn 'öp/
/@ "spO:tIÎ 'tSA:ns/
/"kA:b@n daI'ÁksaId/
/"haInd 'legz/
/"gI@r 'öp f@, fO:/
/"trIk O: 'tri:tIÎ/
/Án bI'hA:f @v, Áv/
/'eksaIl, 'egzaIl/
/"pA:s 'daUn/
/In 'lImb@U/
/sI'd{n tSe@/
/teIk 'pA:t/
/'ISu:, 'Isju:/
/"pUt 'Áf/
/get "k{rid @'weI/
/"k{ri 'weIt/
/"k{ri sömTIÎ 'Áf/
/"k{ri sömb@di 'Tru:/
/"k{ri tu: 'fA:/
/"k{ri 'aUt/
/"pUt Int@ 'pr{ktIs/
/köm 'Int@, 'IntU/
/k@n'temp@r@ri, -p@ri/
/"straIk @ 'di:l/
/"klIntS @ 'di:l/
/"gIv sömb@di Di 'edZ/
/"lev@l 'hedId/
/"ki:p wönz 'ku:l/
/'m{n@ (haUs)/
/"aUt @v D@ 'kwestS@n/
/"@Uk 'p{n@ld/
/"lÁÎ 'tÆ:m/
/"ki:p @n 'aI aUt f@ "sömTIÎ/
/'g@Uld "dIg@/
/"teIk sömTIÎ In wönz 'straId/
/"sIÎk 'In/
/"g@U @'mIs/
/'dZet set/
/tU wönz "hA:ts k@n'tent/
/"nÁt h{v @ 'klu:/
/@t 'söm steIdZ/
/"splIt 'öp/
/'bUl@t pru:f/
/"{bs@nt 'maIndId/
/"m{s pr@'dju:st/
/"lÁÎ 'st{ndIÎ/
/"bIlt 'öp/
/"hA:d 'öp/
/"rön 'daUn/
/"wel 'Áf/
/"wön 'Áf/
/"bÆ:nt 'aUt/
/"wO:n 'aUt/
/"meIk endz 'mi:t/
/'b{Îk "b{l@ns/
/t@ D@ 'tju:n @v, Áv/
/g@U t@ "greIt 'leÎTs/
/'hed"kwO:t@z, "hed'kwO:t@z/
/"sO:t sömTIÎ 'aUt/
/"teIk 'Áf/
/tju'IS@n fi:/
/"krÁs wönz 'maInd/
/In 'kredIt/
/"leI 'aUt/
/"drÁp sömb@di @ 'laIn/
/"@Uv@ D@ 'mu:n/
/"get Án wönz 'nÆ:vz/
/"öp In Di 'e@/
/"get wönz '{kt t@"geD@/
/"köv@ wönz Ik'spensIz/
/@t D@ 'haIt @v "sömTIÎ/
/"feIs 'v{lju:/
/get 'Án wID "sömb@di/
/In D@ 'red/
/"fIks 'öp/
/"teIk sömTIÎ IntU @'kaUnt/
/'mi:greIn, 'maI-/
/"blÁt 'aUt/
/@'baId baI/
/'nIk@ti:n "p{tS/
/bi @'köst@md t@, tU/
/laIk @ "red "r{g tU @ 'bUl/
/laIk @ "be@ wID @ "sO: 'hed/
/"sli:p laIk @ 'lÁg/
/laIk @ "fIS aUt @v 'wO:t@/
/laIk @ "bUl In @ 'tSaIn@ SÁp/
/@z "strÁÎ @z @n 'Áks/
/@z "laIt @z @ 'feD@/
/@z "kwIk @z @ 'fl{S/
/@z "waIt @z @ 'Si:t/
/@z "ku:l @z @ 'kju:kömb@/
/"fIt 'In/
/"wIsp@ swi:t 'nöTIÎz/
/"{bs@ns meIks D@ "hA:t gr@U 'fÁnd@/
/"taIm @n taIm @'gen, @'geIn/
/@"lÁÎ D@ 'laInz @v/
/"bÆ:dz @v @ 'feD@ "flÁk t@'geD@/
/"pUl 'aUt/
/@ "greIn @v 'tru:T/
/'drO: Án/
/"fO:l 'b{k Án "sömTIÎ/
/'SO:t köt/
/"pÆ:lz @v 'wIzd@m/
/"trÁt 'aUt/
/aUt @v "saIt aUt @v 'maInd/
/wIDaUt "fI@r @v kÁntr@'dIkS@n/
/köm 'daUn Án/
/f@mIli"{r@ti bri:dz k@n'tempt/
/"b{k 'öp/
/"fe@ 'wel/
/"breIk 'öp/
/'g@U f@ "sömb@di/
/"Áp@zIts @'tr{kt/
/"rön @ 'maIl/
/pleI "hA:d t@ 'get/
/"hIt @n 'mIs/
/"Áp@r@tIv 'wÆ:d/
/"bju:ti Iz In Di "aI @v D@ bi'h@Uld@/
/"pleI @ 'pA:t In/
/"st{nd 'aUt/
/"bju:ti Iz @Unli "skIn 'di:p/
/"pUt sömb@di Án @ 'ped@st@l/
/"öp @n 'daUn/
/Án 'sek@nd "TO:ts/
/"brIÎ t@ 'laIf/
/"Áf 'steIdZ/
/"h@Uld 'öp/
/pö'blIs@ti "stönt/
/bi bI'si:dZd/
/"slIp @v D@ 'töÎ/
/"hA:t @v 'g@Uld/
/"l{ps @v kÁns@n'treIS@n/
/"tÆ:m @v In'dI@m@nt/
/D@ "praIs @v 'feIlj@/
/"eI es eI 'pi:/
/"pi: ti: '@U/
/"en 'bi:/
/"aI 'i:/

/"m{rItl 'vaUz/
/"pi:k 'taIm/
/köm 'In f@, fO:/
/kraI'ÁnIks/ /"kraI@'dZenIks/
/tu: "wÁt Ik'stent/
/'baUnti "hönt@/
/'ti:m wID, wIT/
/'stri:t "Æ:tSIn/
/"let sömb@di 'lu:s/
/D@ "ded @v 'naIt/
/"breIk nju: 'graUnd/
/'gIni pIg/
/"set wönz 'saIts Án "sömTIÎ/
/'saId I"fekt/
/dZ@"netIk endZ@'nI@rIÎ/
/'pr@Un t@, tU/
/"fA: 'fetSt/
/@ "haUsh@Uld 'neIm/
/Tr@U D@ "beIbi aUt wID D@ 'bA:T "wO:t@/
/treI, treIt/
/"rIÎk@l wönz 'n@Uz/
/"pÆ:s wönz 'lIps/
/"klentS wönz 'fIst/
/"twIst wönz '{Îk@l/
/'böndZi dZömp/
/"peI 'trIbju:t t@, tU/
/'peIn "b{ri@/
/In p@'sju:t @v, Áv/
/'O:ls@U r{n/
/'SÁt pUt/
/In D@ "frönt 'r{Îk/
/Án D@ 'feIs @v It/
/"mA:k sömb@di 'aUt/
/"sÆ:vIk@l 'dIsk, s@"vaIk@l/
/"wIÎ wönz 'weI/
/"döb@l 'öp/
/wID'st{nd, wIT-/
/"pUS wönself t@ D@ 'lImIt/
/In D@ 'feIs @v, Áv/
/('skIn) grA:ft/
/k@m'pO:t wön"self/
/"feIs 'öp t@, tU/
/"kÁlIflaU@r 'I@/
/D@ "m{n In D@ 'stri:t/
/@ "m{n @v Iz 'wÆ:d/
/bi j@r "@Un 'm{n/
/@z "wön 'm{n/
/"evri m{n f@r Im'self/
/@ "m{n @v D@ 'pi:p@l/
/'weIsk@Ut, 'wesk@t/
/lIv 'öp t@, tU/
/"m{tS 'öp t@, tU/
/meIk 'öp f@, fO:/
/In "dju: 'kO:s/
/In 'dZep@di/
/'O:l raUnd/
/"kIk 'Áf/
/"self I'feIsIÎ/
/'pekIÎ "O:d@/
/wID'drO:@l, wIT-/
/("haI) @'tSi:v@/
/'k{ri kÁt/
/"teIk D@ "Áp@zIt 'laIn/
/I"st{blISt 'O:d@/
/In 'SO:t/
/'li:n t@"wO:dz/
/"kr{S b{Î 'wÁl@p/
/'h{nd st{nd/
/"breIk @'weI/
/"drÁp 'baI/
/"kwÁnt@m mI'k{nIks/
/"set 'In/
/"te@ wönself @'weI/
/'aI "k{tSIÎ/
/'stIk wID, wIT/
/"set 'aUt/
/dI"lIv@r @ 'bl@U/
/"fend f@ wön'self/
/'föndZaI, 'föÎgaI/
/"pIn 'öp/
/"k{ri 'aUt/
/'IÎköm "br{kIt, 'In-/
/"mIks 'öp/
/"döb@l 'hi:lIks/
/"s@Ul@ 'p{nl/
/'s@Ul@ "sIst@m/
/'faI@ brI"geId/
/'ti: tSest/
/"h{Î @'raUnd wID "sömb@di/
/"p@Ust 'mO:t@m/
/'metl dI"tekt@/
/"peI 'Áf/
/get 'Int@ "sömTIÎ/
/get 'h@Uld @v, Áv/
/In 'tÆ:mz @v, Áv/
/"teIk 'Án/
/'dO:n Án/
/"fÁr@n Iks'tSeIndZ/
/"h{ns@m 'prÁfIt/
/"hA:d 'hA:tId/
/"hA:d 'hedId/
/"hA:d 'prest/
/"hA:d 'hItIÎ/
/bi 'Áf/
/bi 'öp t@, tU/
/bi 'Án t@, tU/
/get @'weI wID, wIT/
/get 'Án wID, wIT/
/get 'Tru: wID, wIT/
/get 'baI/
/"tO:k sömb@di 'Int@/
/"we@ De@z @ 'wIl/
/"si: sömTIÎ 'Tru:/
/"pUS 'Int@, 'IntU/
/I"senS@l 'OIl/
/'stem fr@m, frÁm/
/"b{k 'öp/
/k@'rI@ "l{d@/
/"köm Int@ 'pleI/
/"meIk @ 'dIf@r@ns/
/"get Int@ 'tröb@l/
/"ki:p @ rez@'lu:S@n/
/get 'i:v@n/
/"ki:p 'Án @t, {t/
/"ki:p wönz 'wÆ:d/
/"meIk @n Im'preS@n/
/rI"zÁlv wönz 'daUts/
/"g@U 'böst/
/'k{rIkt@ "ref@r@ns/
/"köm @'krÁs/
/'wetsu:t, -sju:t/
/'saIt ri:d/
/'kr{S "helm@t/
/"pUl D@ 'plög/
/"laIk 'maIndId/
/"fO:l 'SO:t/
/"lIv t@ "tel D@ 'teIl/
/"pUl 'Tru:/
/"teIk 'steps/
/"teIk 'Án/
/'fO:mId@b@l, f@'mId-/
/"SÆ:p@ 'gaId/
/"speS@l 'eIdZ@nt/
/D@ 'pent@g@n/
/"fÁr@n 'eIdZ@nt/
/@"sju:md 'neIm/
/'snIf@ "faIlz/
/'{kses "k@Ud/
/"haI 'r{ÎkIÎ/
/"sIft 'Tru:/
/"A:tIfIS@l In'telIdZ@ns/
/"pUt sömb@di aUt @v '{kS@n/
/"brIÎ t@ 'be@/
/"h{Î 'aUt/
/In"geIdZ In kÁnv@'seIS@n/
/"skÁtl@nd 'jA:d/
/'köl dI s{k/
/"k@Uld 'wO:/
/"steIk 'aUt/
/"k{tS sömb@di In Di '{kt/
/get @ 'böz/
/"peIntIÎ baI 'nömb@z/
/"Int@net 'sÆ:vIs pr@"vaId@/
/"t{p @'weI/
/'stepIÎ st@Un/
/f@r 'i:z @v, Áv/
/'debri:, 'deI-/
/"p{k 'Int@, 'IntU/
/'TO:t pr@"v@UkIÎ/
/wID'drO:@l "sImpt@m/
/'p{nIk @"t{k/
/"spel sömTIÎ 'aUt/
/"kIk D@ 'h{bIt/
/'saIb@ "deItIÎ/
/'g@U f@ "sömTIÎ/
/"mölti 'mi:di@/
/'sn@U k{pt/
/"steIt @v Di 'A:t/
/"teIk 'In/
/"Án 'ru:t/
/'fi:O:d, fjO:d/
/"teIl@ 'meId/
/"pUt t@'geD@/
/"h{nd 'tIld/
/"fIt 'aUt/
/Di In'tI@ri@/
/"köm tU @ 'hO:lt/
/"pr@Uz @n 'kÁnz/
/"mIl @'raUnd/
/'br@US@, -SU@/
/bi In 'stO:/
/"self 'sent@d/
/"self 'raItS@s/
/"mel@U 'aUt/
/"fIg@r 'aUt/
/g@U 'Tru: "sömTIÎ/
/"rön @'faUl @v, Áv/
/g@U "IntU @ 'Sel/
/"lA:st dItS 'ef@t/
/'bIld Án/
/"setl 'daUn/
/baI "O:l @'kaUnts/
/"fIl 'In/
/"weIst dI'sp@Uz@l/
/"O:l In 'O:l/
/"waItwO:t@ 'rA:ftIÎ/
/"rend@r ön'kÁnS@s/
/"maInd @Uv@ 'm{t@/
/'wO:t@ "haIdr@nt/
/'teIk t@ bi/
/@t 'leÎT/
/@ 'traIf@l/
/"sÁt@U 'v@UtSi/
/"teIk 'In/
/'teIk t@, tU/
/"teIk sömb@di D@ "weI jU 'faInd D@m/
/"teIk @d'vA:ntIdZ @v, Áv/
/"teIk f@ 'grA:ntId/
/"teIk sömb@diz 'breT @"weI/
/"teIk @pÁn wön'self/
/"teIk It 'aUt @v, Áv/
/"teIk 'öp wID, wIT/
/'klIk wID, wIT/
/"wÆ:kt 'öp/
/"nÁt gIv @ 'd{m/
/"bÆ:d @v 'preI/
/dI'pA:tS@ "laUndZ/
/D@ "p{r@'nO:m@l/
/"i: es 'pi:/
/"söm 'öp/
/"spA:k 'Áf/
/"tel 'Áf/
/bi "aUt f@ D@ 'kaUnt/
/In D@ "maIndz 'aI/
/"ri:k 'h{v@k/
/"köndZ@r 'öp/
/"pA:s 'Án/
/"pUt wönz 'fIÎg@r Án/
/"waInd 'öp/
/lög'zjU@ri@nt, l@g'ZU@ri@nt/
/"stÁp sömb@di 'ded/
/"tÆ:n 'daUn/
/"laIn 'öp/
/"@U bi: 'i:/
/'l{p tÁp/
/In D@ 'wIld@n@s/
/In 'SeIp/
/"pi: 'eI/
/"laI 'In/
/'ju:T "hÁstl/
/'v{lju@b@l, -j@b@l/
/"Án D@ 'bO:l/
/"r{mb@l 'Án/
/get D@ 's{k/
/m@'tÆ:n@ti li:v/
/bi "leId 'Áf/
/g@U 'b{Îkröpt/
/Án D@ 'plös saId/
/bI"haInd D@ 'taImz/
/"si: 'vi:/
/"k{tS 'öp wID, wIT/
/"ki:p 'öp wID, wIT/
/"freS@n 'öp/
/"laIv@n 'öp/
/"n{r@U 'daUn/
/"köt 'daUn Án/
/"setl 'daUn/
/"saIdl 'öp t@, tU/
/"melt 'daUn/
/"bleIz 'öp/
/"kri:p 'öp Án/
/"tötS 'öp/
/"maUnt 'öp/
/"wO:t@ 'daUn/
/"fIks 'öp/
/"aUt @v 'wÆ:k/
/"Tr@U Án D@ 'skr{p"hi:p/
/In "fUl 'swIÎ/
/n@U'tO:ri@s, n@-/
/'deI@ti, 'di:-/
/"set @'saId/
/In'kr@UtS Án, @"pÁn/
/'böf@ z@Un/
/"vaIs 'vÆ:s@/
/@'pInj@n p@Ul/
/"köt 'Áf/
/'kÁntr@vÆ:si, k@n'trÁv@si/
/"fUl 'skeIl/
/'faIn{ns, fI'n{ns/
/"Ir@'spektIv @v, Áv/
/"bl{k 'h@Ul/
/"treId 'ju:nj@n/
/daI'vÆ:t, dI-/
/"mölti dIs@'plIn@ri/
/"haI 'tek/
/"reIn 'In/
/f@'rensIk, -zIk/
/'brÁnz eIdZ/
/'stömb@l Án/
/"stÆ:r 'öp/
/"Inl@nd 'rev@nju:/
/I'mÆ:s wön"self In/
/'hIt @pÁn/
/"meIk 'smO:l tO:k/
/gIv @ "rI@l 'tO:kIÎ t@/
/"get t@ D@ 'pOInt/
/"tO:k 'SÁp/
/meIk "hed O: 'teIl @v/
/get D@ "rÁÎ end @v D@ 'stIk/
/get @ "wÆ:d In 'edZweIz/
/"tO:k @t "krÁs 'pÆ:p@sIz/
/"tO:k 'daUn t@ "sömb@di/
/In 'retr@spekt/
/I'mÆ:S@n, -Z@n/
/"ri: @'laIn/
/'sku:b@ "daIvIÎ/
/"aUt @v DIs 'wÆ:ld/
Example Sentence

The street performance was a magnificent spectacle.
He wants to live an alternative lifestyle.
Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the amazing bearded lady!
Step right up and see the greatest show on earth!
We were all thrilled by the world’s greatest magician.
After the race, hoofprints covered the field.
There are many wild beasts in this forest.
We saw a pack of wolves as we were driving through the mountains.
She was awestruck by the magnificence of the jewels.
Jonathan was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries after the accident.
The acrobat flew through the air on the trapeze without a safety net.
We were impressed by the way the juggler managed to keep six balls in the air at the same time.
The lion tamer managed to put his head inside the animal’s mouth.
The children were wrestling with each other in the playground.

He gasped as the performer caught the flaming sword.
We watched in amazement as he walked across the tightrope, 50 feet up in the air.
He strode confidently across the stage and began to sing.
They were moved by the haunting melody the orchestra played.
a compelling personality.
We couldn’t believe the number of positions the contortionist could get into.
Mike has a penchant for strange and dangerous weapons.
He twirled the stick around in his hand.
She had a whole batch of costumes to make for the show.
The tigers had to leap through flaming hoops.
They couldn't believe the jaw-dropping performance the acrobats gave.
We have a number of trainee engineers with varying degrees of computer expertise.
We watched the aerialist fly through the air like a bird.
Cut the meat into small cubes.
The performers collided in midair.
The whizzing fireworks shot through the night sky.
She did three backward flips before landing on her feet.
At the heart of the issue is the question of whether genetic engineering will affect our natural evolution.
Andy has a great desire to see the world.
We think the refined technique works much better than the old one.
There was a high, wailing sound that sounded just like a woman crying.
She wore an elaborate dress consisting of thousands of beads and buttons.
The traditional instruments of the country meshed with the modern influences of western rock.
We listened without interrupting as the traveller told us his spellbinding tale.
Peter still has a certain boyish charm.
the troupe of acrobats performed very well.
His stories of travelling through the jungle captured my imagination.
There was all the usual pomp that one would expect to find at a royal wedding.
There was a lone figure standing outside the theatre.
The eagle swooped and seized the unfortunate mouse.
There was slight facial resemblance between the two men.
Beads of sweat stood out on his brow as he tried to perform the difficult task.
She told him to relax, and not to tense up so much.
The proposal had intellect but it wasn’t very well presented.
The choreography of the dances was spectacular!
The founder of this school was a man who believed education should be available to everyone.
Nobody wanted to give him a job because he was a high-school dropout.
There are a lot of itinerant labourers looking for work at this time of year.
A man dressed as a clown crossed the ring on stilts and stood towering above us.
He set about honing his skills as an athlete.
Crowds of fans began to congregate to see the lead singer leave the building.
Nobody could come up with a better solution, so we continued with the plan.
What’s the procedure for getting a new passport?
It took twelve hours to tackle the problem and find a solution.
The witnesses’ statements contradicted each other so the police knew one of them was lying.
He was only partially to blame for the fact that the company lost all its money.
What she said at the meeting was completely irrelevant to the real issue.
When he said that she should go on a diet, she inferred that he thought she was overweight.
Circus man agers have been asked to consider treating animals more humanely.
The basketball player could spin the ball on one of his fingers.
The blindfolded prisoner was led out into the courtyard.
She manipulated her body through the small space.
Warnings about the dangers of taking drugs are not having enough impact on this age group.
The proximity to the school was a distinct advantage.
He tried to capture the essence of the French Riviera in his new painting.
Is there much scope for initiative in this line of work?
She made full use of her natural creativity to produce the play.
Initially he thought it was a good idea, but later he changed his mind.
She decided to run away and join a colony of ecologists.
The company apologised unreservedly for its mistake.
I always tried to remain neutral when they started arguing.
I deduced that she had been somewhere hot, because she had a dark tan.
I tried to justify the reason for my lateness.
I only read a short extract from the novel, but I thought it seemed very good.
They reversed the order in which the characters appeared on stage, so the minor characters came on first.
Please don’t omit any of the details I gave you, even if you think they are not important.
She wiped her mouth delicately on the serviette and then left the table.
She has the natural agility of a gazelle when she dances.
This type of wood is in great demand due to its unusual flexibility.
She embroidered the jacket with speed and dexterity.
Last year he donated í500 to the Save the Children Fund.
Princess Diana raised public awareness about the plight of landmine victims.
The injustice of the situation filled him with a sense of outrage.
Her anxiety is becoming more and more apparent.
They have a different approach to the lessons.
Sally's lined up some excellent games for the party tonight.
The film had a startling effect on the children.
This region is well-known for its wonderful apples.
She wore a white linen jacket at the party.
We saw many herds of cattle when we went to the country.
Many people protest about the conditions in large-scale poultry farms.
Sam has a sporting chance of getting in the basketball team this year.
Michael is a passionate supporter of many animal rights groups.
There has been a lot of controversy about the shroud archaeologists have recently discovered.
They tried to purge this town of all the ethnic minorities during the war.
We put the magazines in piles on the floor.
I was intrigued by his idea to write a spy novel.
Many people remain sceptical about the safety of nuclear power.
I can’t eat that; it tastes vile.
Some people have very misguided notions about the role of women in society.
In Britain, education is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16.
The festival was the most exciting extravaganza I have ever witnessed.
The museum has a vast array of traditional costumes and head-dresses.
Have you ever visited the African continent?
Huge pillars support the cathedral roof.
The wedding reception is going to be held in a marquee in their garden.
We can get some drinks in the interval.
Take your boots off outside if they’re muddy.
I couldn’t believe how appallingly she sang.
I told them I wanted a refund of my travel costs.
Most people are familiar with Aesop’s fables.
This blanket was made by hand by a weaver in India.
She let me have a go on her loom, but I found it very difficult to weave the threads.
We watched the funeral procession from the hill.
They’ve incorporated many new features into the design of the car.
Shut the window - there’s a draught in here!
My overall impression of his work is that he needs to make more of an effort.
Her emotions alternated between anger and pity.
The factory workers opted for job security over pay increases.
I had an itch in the middle of my back where I couldn’t scratch it.
I’ll have to spray my dog - I think he’s got fleas.
She tried to resuscitate him after they pulled him out of the water, but she couldn’t.
the proposal was only conceptual but they were willing to consider it.
They painstakingly went through every single piece of paper in his office.
They had just bought some furry little kittens.
The increased amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are leading to global warming.
The car exhaust emitted clouds of black smoke.
She offered them chocolate as a motivator so they would help her clean the house.
I don’t like the way he is always trying to manipulate people to do what he wants.
She threaded an ultrathin piece of string through the needle.
All dogs must be kept on a leash in this park.
She looped the rope around the horse’s head and then led it into the field.
He gave the rope a sharp tug and everyone fell over.
It was sheer frustration that made me cry because there was nothing I could do to help.
The photo shows a fly’s head, magnified 40 times.
They told him he would have to wear goggles if he wanted to try the machinery.
Zorro always wore a black cape and a black hat.
A man leapt out of the shadows brandishing a sharp knife.
They used a whip to make the horse run faster.
The orchestra were conducted by John Williams.
We went to the History of Transport museum and saw the first ever steam locomotives.
She put the harness and saddle carefully on the horse.
The pile of bricks wobbled and fell.
They made the elephant stand up on its hind legs and everyone clapped.
She geared herself up for her entrance onto the stage.
Everyone held their breaths while the acrobat prepared for his highdive from the top of the tent.
There was a drumroll and then the magician disappeared.
There is, alas, no easy way to get what you want.
Susan felt refreshed after a quick plunge into the sea.
She wasn’t wearing a thimble, so she pricked her finger.
After emigrating to America, they tried to integrate into the new society.
They overcame the enemy after a long and exhausting battle.
He felt so pleased with himself he couldn't stop grinning.
Joe had a wicked grin on his face as he put the spider in his sister's bed.
She seemed to know intuitively how I felt without my having to tell her.
He behaved irresponsibly when he left the children on their own in the pool.
The professor was pleased her audience was listening so attentively to her lecture.
The boys complained bitterly about all the work they had to do.
Her expression changed almost imperceptibly when I told her the news.
Cathy behaved abominably at her brother’s engagement party.
She knew all the facts of the case intimately.
Marguerite spoke very elegantly when I was introduced to her.
He decided to tell a story to illustrate the point.
The underground was full of commuters going home for the weekend.
Mike swept his eye across the ocean but couldn’t see any sign of land.
The girl had long flowing black hair.
I decided to skip the introduction and went straight to chapter one.
Police have eliminated three possible suspects in the case so far.
They say the house is haunted by disembodied spirits.
We managed to get more work done this week than in the whole of the preceding month.
Please extinguish all cigarettes before you enter the room.
The incident could have undesirable consequences for the company if the press find out about it.
What’s that strange ghoulish sound?

This custom originated in China in the 4th century BC.
My mum makes delicious currant buns.
On behalf of everyone here, may I wish you a very happy retirement.
Funding for the hospital has come mostly from private donors.
There is going to be a big parade to commemorate the town’s bicentenary.
There has been a declaration of war against the hostile government.
The country was in a state of unrest and riots were taking place in many towns and cities.
He talked until the early hours, and consequently he overslept.
Armed troops were sent in to stop the riots.
There was an armed rebellion against the military regime.
Troops advanced on the rebel stronghold.
He’s on the advertising committee for the company’s new product range.
Smoking is banned in the office.
She believes in justice and righteousness for all beings on the planet.
The children were asked to stand in a row.
I’m going to France for a fortnight in April.
He was forced to live in exile for fifteen years after the revolution.
We could see millions of twinkling stars from the top of the mountain.
Numerous attempts have been made to steal the painting.
Everyone felt the auspiciousness of the moment, when the new King was crowned.
We lived in a time where there was continual peace and prosperity for everyone.
The white-washing of houses in an annual event in these islands.
Most athletes have reached their peak by the time they’re 20.
They were protesting about the conditions of the prisoners.
Corrupt politicians have been misusing their influence in the government.
Thousands of children live in absolute poverty.
This dress varies from that one because it has no straps.
The conspirators planned to overthrow the government.
The plotters met in secret in an abandoned warehouse.
Political opponents of the regime were tortured by their captors.
He was executed for treason during the war.
Police found barrels of gunpowder on the ship.
We lit a huge bonfire at the back of the garden.
They carried a straw effigy of the president through the streets during the protest march.
Some astronomers contend that the universe may be younger than previously believed.
The sale of alcohol has been completely outlawed in some countries.
The organisation oppose the use of animals in the research.
The king issued a decree that all political prisoners were to be released.
They were held in confinement for three weeks by guerrilla forces.
It was alleged that the policemen had accepted bribes.
He plunged into the murky waters of the river.
Michelle’s appeal is that she is generous and friendly to everyone.
She skimmed the sports page to find out who had won the tennis final.
I would like to speak with whomever is in authority please.
They objected to the use of military power in controlling the protest.
They were able to intercept the smugglers as they landed on the coast.
They have many unusual customs in this country.
Michael commiserated with me when I failed my entrance exams.
They honoured us by throwing flowers all over us when we arrived on their island.
Paul had a strange premonition that Mary was going to have an accident.
Seeing the ruins of the town inflamed all his old anger.
They doused the fire very thoroughly before packing away their camping equipment.
We didn’t have any water, so we smothered the fire with mud and earth.
They terminated his contract as soon as they found out who he really was.
The Johnsons initiated court proceedings to recover their debts.
The scientist first conceived the idea years before they actually developed it.
She usually manages to soothe the baby by carrying him around on her shoulder.
You startled me by walking in like that. Why didn’t you knock first?
Her high temperature alarmed the doctors so they acted immediately.
There was an armed insurrection against the party in power.
The captain accused the crew of mutiny when they said they wanted to head back for land.
The new assembly voted to keep all the present employees of the city council.
The church refused to sanction the king’s request for a divorce, so he made his own laws.
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the factory.
Their knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next in stories and rhymes.
We had small rations of sugar and eggs during the war that had to feed a family for weeks.
They have a white dove as their emblem.
How did Mary react when you told her you were thinking of moving to the USA?
She made no contribution whatsoever in the preparations for the party.
Ice cream comes in plastic containers.
A rock is an inanimate object.
This area is rich in important minerals.
He's going to have a minor operation on his leg.
All the money raised by the concert will go to charity.
This year the new sports stadium will be opened by the mayor.
This area is famous for its almonds, which they use in many local dishes.
The decrease in birth rates is connected to lower fertility in many western couples.
They made me a drink made of their harvested grain.
They didn't have any sugar so they used an artificial substitute.
There was a scattering of snow over the fields when I went out this morning.
My business was very fruitful and soon I was able to open another shop.
She told me she didn't like raisins, so I didn't put any in the cake.
There are many fig trees in Greece, and their fruit is delicious.
It's traditional to eat dates at Christmas time.
She gave me a strange stone pendant, which she told me was a talisman to ward off evil spirits.
They are not supposed to remove the veil and only their husbands are allowed to see their faces.
He was told to be wary of anyone he didn't know.
I'm in limbo now until I know whether I've got the job.
The King was carried into the town on a sedan chair, surrounded by his cavalry.
The windows in that old house have been sealed for years.

When I first went to university I felt very shy and insecure, but I made friends very quickly.
Haven’t you even got a decent pair of trousers to wear to the party?
The sheer size of the university campus will seem overwhelming and confusing at first.
She misinterpreted my offer of help and told me not to interfere.
Who do you think is going to win this year’s general election?
Margaret is looking for a new flatmate if you need somewhere to live.
She was invited to take part in a TV debate.
Sorry I didn’t realise it was such a sensitive subject.
Don’t mention his nose as it’s rather a sensitive issue with him.
Richard was deeply offended that people thought he’d made up the story.
He made a strange gesture with his hand which I think meant ‘come with me’.
His inclusion on the committee has caused a lot of controversy.
The job sounded interesting but the idea of moving house again put me off.
Going out in this weather without an umbrella was a completely illogical thing to do.
My teacher told me I had too many mistakes in my punctuation.
The Mayor’s ceremonial duties include raising the national flag.
She was regarded as an eccentric by most of the townsfolk.
They say he was a noble warrior who died for his king and country.
I had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The box says apply the cream evenly all over the skin.
She still mourns her son's death.
Italy has a thriving tourist industry.
Vast areas of rainforest are being felled every year to make way for cattle farms.
The campaign for equal rights has had a totally unexpected response from the management.
The radio was tuned to a classical station.
They still have very antiquated laws in that country.
The salesman’s obsequious manner was beginning to irritate me.
The conductor checked my ticket and then told me I was on the wrong bus.
The car-park attendant offered to park my car for me.
The steward asked me if I would like some more wine with my food.
He is an arrogant man with an inflexible will.
They had a silly quarrel about who should drive the car.
He spoke very modestly about his role in the Everest expedition.
The company agrees to supply the purchaser with a receipt upon payment.
She’s very mature for her age.
She was an elderly lady with white hair the last time I remember seeing her.
Their teaching methods are incredibly outdated in that school.
They have got some vintage cars in that museum.
I am writing to inquire about your advertisement in The Times.
If I were you I’d query whether these figures are reliable.
I don’t like the way they are probing into my personal affairs.
The police officer motioned for me to pull over at the side of the road.
She shifted her gaze from me to Bobby with a look of suspicion.
I found her remarks deeply offensive.
He had such harrowing experiences during the war, that he had nightmares for years.
The plane started to descend and we knew we would soon be going to land.
‘You’ve drunk too much,’ she said bluntly.
I don’t think they expected me to state my views so frankly.
I'm sure I'd feel more fulfilled if I had a job that involved working caring for people.
The birds have built their nest outside our bedroom window.
The farmhouse is just across that field on the other side of the hedge.
Some people believe that money is the root of all evil.
I had approximately twenty minutes to get to the airport.
Do you have a specific colour in mind?
The gist of his letter was that he had met someone else.
Pete's attitude towards women really scares me.
There is always a great sense of peace in a graveyard.
The murderer finally revealed where he had hidden the body.
You've always been obsessed with making money.
I saw an owl that had just caught a mouse last night.
Sorry I shouted - I get a little carried away at times!
Her views carry a lot of weight with the committee.
It was quite a risky venture but we decided to go for it.
It's a demanding task, but I'm sure she'll be able to carry it off.
Her confidence carried her through while she negotiated the deal on her own.
The motion to ban the sale of guns was carried by 76 votes.
I'd like to propose a motion to move the weekly meetings to Thursdays.
Don't you think you're carrying the joke a bit too far? It's not funny any more.
The sounds of laughter carried as far as the lake.
We carried out her instructions to the letter.
James was keen to put some of the things he had learned into practice.
The government has said it will introduce a new bill to ban fox-hunting.
There was a great deal of opposition to the new law.
When his father died he came into a fortune.
There was a tremendously loud noise when the car exploded.
After he was made redundant, their relationship was fraught with difficulties.
Reynolds was much admired by his contemporaries at the Royal Academy.
We struck a deal and agreed not to reveal where we had got our information from.
This television is mobile, so you can take it with you.
He will make a lot of money if he finally manages to clinch that deal.
My tutor is going to review my essay with me.
He's serving an apprenticeship as a printer.
They had a very conventional upbringing in a small Welsh village.
Going to an English school has given John the edge over the other students.
Simon is a very level-headed young boy, so I don't worry about him at all.
When that dog started growling at him, he just kept his cool and walked away.
She's just inherited a large estate in Yorkshire.
The manor house has recently been opened to the public.
She showed me a priceless diamond necklace that her grand mother had given her.
She inherited the house and the business when her father died.
They are thinking of having a bachelor party on the night before his wedding.
He leaned back in his chair and surveyed his work critically for a moment.
He walked proudly around his new domain.
She went to another rave last night and didn't come back until dawn.
You can't go to the wedding in that old shirt - it's quite out of the question.
The study has beautiful oak-panelled walls.
Derek wanted to buy that bronze for his collection.
She has been seeing her current boyfriend for two weeks now.
Julia is going to get a hefty fine if they catch her drinking and driving again.
Her long-term ambition is to become an astronaut.
They own 200 acres of farmland.
Could you keep an eye out for my red pen? I seem to have mislaid it.
Many people thought she was only a gold digger who would never have married him if it hadn't been for his money.
The little girl felt completely overawed by the great man's booming voice.
Don't get upset, I was only teasing.

She lost the election by a mere 20 votes.
The last lottery winner had a windfall of í2 million.
Bill picked the winning number on the first draw.
She seems to be taking the divorce in her stride and getting on with her everyday jobs.
The pop star received an ecstatic welcome from the thousands who lined the streets.
The horrible feeling of loss began to sink in a few hours after the fire.
A cup of tea wouldn't go amiss.
He's just scooped £1 million in the National Lottery!
When she gets her money she says she's going to go jet-setting all over the world.
After I leave, Jack can sing in the shower to his heart's content.
It was just another dreary day at the office.
According to some, avarice is the worst of all sins.
She hated the tedious, repetitive household tasks.
We haven't got a clue where they could have disappeared to.
He says he will get married at some stage but he doesn't know when.
Adjusting to the tropical heat was more difficult than they had expected.
The government refuses to negotiate with terrorists.
There has been an ongoing investigation into the general increase in crime rates.
Steve's parents split up when he was four.
I'm trying to save funds to go on a round the world tour next year.
His itinerary would take him from Paris to Berlin.
salt pot, tennis shoes, etc.
Bitter' collocates with 'regret'.
Bill Gates is now the multi-millionaire tycoon of the computer world.
Policemen always wear bullet-proof vests when they go into control riots.
Since she got pregnant, she's been very absent-minded.
There was a select gathering of 20 or 30 people to discuss the new proposals.
Representatives from over 100 countries attended the International Peace Conference in Geneva.
Ask Susanna which wine to buy because she is a wine connoisseur.
They bought mass-produced furniture for the new hotel.
We have a long-standing arrangement of house-swapping every summer for two weeks.
Arthur acted impulsively and bought the shirt before making sure it fitted him.
You are not supposed to drive so fast through built-up areas.
We were too hard up to afford new clothes.
You look a bit run-down; maybe you need a rest.
Helen was promoted to senior manager.
Julia is quite well-off so why don't you let her buy you a new dress?
I made a one-off payment on the car.
I need a holiday after all that work; I feel really burnt out.
I'm worn out after all that shopping!
The rain ruined our holiday.
You blundering idiot! What did you do that for?
Ever since Rupert lost his job, we've found it difficult to make ends meet.
I checked my bank balance and couldn't believe that I had spent so much money.
The bank charges a fixed rate for each transaction.
We're already in debt to the tune of £5000.
Joe looked at her with a mischievous grin on his face which proved he'd been doingsomething naughty.
She is a member of a fund for the restoration of historic buildings.
I'm a great believer in wildlife conservation.
George is prepared to go to great lengths to get his daughter back.
Our headquarters are in Liverpool.
My emotions were in a complete tangle during the divorce.
There's been a mistake. I'll try to sort things out and call you back.
Clare just took off and left for Spain without saying goodbye.
Despite a life devoted to helping the poor, she never won any recognition before her death.
They informed me verbally that I had won the competition.
We hope the delay has not caused any inconvenience to our customers.
I'm tempted to buy that dress even though it's expensive.
All the necessary steps had been taken to ensure their safety.
She received an expensive watch as a reward for her services.
We took out a loan to pay off the car.
All tuition fees are due by the end of the month please.
It never crossed my mind to check whether the diamonds were real.
We were staggered to find that we were not entitled to any money.
There are no bank charges if you stay in credit.
The New York State Assembly met for the first time today after their summer break.
She wore a very solemn expression when I told her my news.
The use of certain chemicals has now been declared illegal.
Do you have a valid passport?
The local currency is francs.
Allowing the refugees to enter the country was a temporary aberration in their government's foreign policy.
Virtually all the children come to school by bus.
Fruit was always scarce in winter, and cost a lot.
Plastic window frames are more durable than wood.
The cat dug his claws into my leg.
The model was an exact replica of the Parthenon.

Gina finally succumbed to temptation and had some ice cream.
He never gave up his relentless struggle for power.
The garden is laid out in a formal pattern.
Will you drop me a line when you get to Brazil?
Sarah was over the moon when she learned she had got the job.
I wish he would stop playing that song - it's really beginning to get on my nerves.
We managed to resolve the problem by letting them both choose a video to watch.
I don't know who will get the promotion - it's all up in the air at the moment.
She could be an excellent photographer, if only she got her act together a bit more.
I've had a pretty hectic day at the office.
I didn't see your car, so I assumed you'd gone out.
They said they would cover my expenses if I went to Jamaica to write the report.
Inflation is now running at over 16%.
When I turned round again, the boy had vanished.
The collapse of the stock market in 1987 was a complete shock to many people.
At the height of the tourist season shops stay open all day.
Inspire' literally meant 'to breathe into'.
There were several thousand of the fake notes in circulation.
She hoarded all her money and jewels in a box under her bed.
The coin had a very small face value, but in reality it was worth much more than that.
There was a bundle of clothes in the corner of the room.
That was a completely worthless exercise.
There were heaps of dead leaves lying in the street after the storm.
We took all the leaves up to the end of the garden in the wheelbarrow.
It had the highest denomination I had ever seen on a coin.
She decided to let her solicitor deal with the contract.
Some teachers unfortunately can't keep discipline in the classroom and the children misbehave.
Looking after small children is one of the most demanding jobs anyone could have.
She felt lonely and depressed about the situation.
How does Julian get on with Robert at school?
Can you help me assemble this new wardrobe?
These car payments are going to put me into the red again.
Did you see that pamphlet they produced on dealing with drug-abuse?
You can fix up a time to see Mike tomorrow if you like.
I have to find the money to pay off this overdraft.
I won't be at the meeting as I have a prior engagement.
Without the proper resources the department cannot do the job adequately.
These figures do not take changes in the rate of inflation into account.
You know you really should see a doctor about those constant migraines.
To be or not to be,' is a quote from Hamlet.
How do you get wine stains out of a tablecloth?
She had blotted out all her memories of the accident.

Tom fell to the ground clutching his stomach.
Sally darted forward and pulled him away from the fire.

They lived in abject poverty for many years.
What I miss most is a good conversational intercourse with my friends.

We watched a shepherd tending his goats on the hillside.
             A strawberry patch.
             Whether to move abroad or not was a crucial decision in our lives.
             My great grandparents had a two-year courtship before they could get married.
             Going for a picnic sounds like a marvellously good idea.
             She sang the solo, accompanied by John Williams on the piano.
             Their union lasted for over fifty years.
             The project is not compatible with the company's long-term aims.
             The news stirred memories of their own per secution.
             Too many cooks spoil the broth,' is a well-known proverb in my country.
             Mutual respect is necessary for the partnership to work.
             He gave his consent for his daughter to marry.
             I'm sorry but you have to abide by the referee's decision.
             There was serious political conflict between the two parties.
             Their marriage unfortunately ended in divorce.
             She was warned that if her liaison did not end immediately he would divorce her.
             Did you know that in England the giving of dowries is illegal?
             She decided to try a nicotine patch when nothing else would work.
             I'm not accustomed to getting up so early.
             As white as snow' is a simile.
             Just mentioning his ex-wife's name was like a red rag to a bull.
             If he doesn't have a cup of coffee as soon as he wakes up, he is like a bear with a sore head.
             I was so tired last night that I slept like a log.
             I felt like a fish out of water in my new school.
             He's broken three plates already today. He's like a bull in a china shop.
             He was as strong as an ox and managed to carry both of them up the mountain.
             How much do you weigh? You're as light as a feather!
             As quick as a flash he darted across the field and disappeared into the trees.
             Have you just seen a ghost or something? You look as white as a sheet.
             He walked on the stage, as cool as a cucumber, and told them the concert had been cancelled.
             Larry doesn't seem to fit in with the other children.
             The baby slept soundly all night.
             Jenny wrote the music but I wrote the lyrics.
             Remember that old cliché, that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link?
             Look at that couple whispering sweet nothings to each other.
eIks D@ "hA:t gr@U 'fÁnd@/
             I've told her time and time again not to bring that dog in here.
             We'll probably end up doing something along the lines of what you're suggesting.
 @ 'feD@ "flÁk t@'geD@/
             Few of these laws are applicable to UK citizens while they are abroad.
             He pulled out a photograph of his wife that I had never seen before.
             He gave me a very succinct explanation of what he had been doing.
             They were involved in a conspiracy against the government.
             There isn’t a grain of truth in her accusations.
             Conclusions from the report have been reinforced by more recent studies.
             It was a challenge but luckily we had the expertise to draw on.
             The evidence was used to negate the accusation.
They tend to fall back on the same tired old arguments.
There aren't really any short-cuts to learning a foreign language.
Have you any more pearls of wisdom you’d like to share with us?
Steve trotted out the same old excuses.
Let's hide his broken toy so he doesn't get upset – out of sight, out of mind.
Without fear of contradiction, I told Mary that Robert was having an affair.
My parents really came down on me for being out so late.
He turned and faced her squarely.
They say that familiarity breeds contempt, but the more I work with him, the more I respect him.
The videotape evidence backed up the manager's story.
One possible interpretation is that they want you to resign.
Although Chicago has fared better than some cities, unemployment remains a problem.
Samantha and Peter cannot sort things out so they are thinking of breaking up.
Jim's got a real itch for adventure.
Annie tends to go for older men.
You like cats and I like dogs, but they do say that opposites attract.
They have complementary abilities: one can dance and the other can sing.
Choosing the right equipment is vital for the expedition.
Contrary to popular belief the desert can be a beautiful place.
She's so shy that if a man ever spoke to her I think she'd run a mile!
Fresh fruit was unobtainable in the winter.
When I first met him I played hard to get, which made him want me even more.
This expedition is so hit and miss that I think it's going to be a complete disaster.
Unfortunately my plan backfired because someone told Bruce about the surprise party.
Oscar Wilde will always be remembered for his witty plays.
That promotion was a real boost for her ego.
They are supposed to be doing their homework. 'Supposed', unfortunately, is the operative word.
You may think that she's unattractive but remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I think she's lovely.
The Council failed to reach a consensus on the pace of inner-city development.
The idea that the English are cold is just a racial stereotype.
My grandfather played an important part in our education.
People's political beliefs are often shaped by what they read in the newspapers.
Among mystery writers, P D James stands out as a superior storyteller.
The patient needed repeated reassurances that she was going to be all right.
I know that she's gorgeous, but have you spoken to her? Remember that beauty is only skin deep.
On top of a very tall pedestal, was an ancient Grecian bust.
You shouldn't put him on a pedestal – he doesn't deserve it.
There is some speculation that the president was aware of the situation.
Mr Brown is an acquaintance of mine who works for the telephone company.
She had a very good relationship with her seven other siblings.
Things are quite up and down at the moment, but I'm sure they'll settle down soon.
On second thoughts, I will have a cup of tea after all.
Did you hear that radio broadcast this morning about the escaped prisoner?
Patricia encouraged me to apply for the job.
His most significant political achievement was the abolition of the death penalty.
The music really brought the play to life.
There was a loud crash off stage and the audience wondered what was going on.
Sherlock Holmes had amazing powers of deduction.
How many students have registered for English classes?
It is inadvisable to climb in these mountains on your own.
It would take too long to search all the data manually.
Teaching him to read was a slow process.
The building work has been held up by bad weather.
I didn't have to get up till 11 – it was sheer bliss.
Inviting two thousand people to her home was just a publicity stunt.
The ship was launched in front of three thousand spectators.
After the concert, we were besieged by letters from fans asking us to show it again on Television.
Clara was eager to tell her side of the story.
The ship was heading for Cuba.
A bus took us across tarmac to our aeroplane.
The project was a joint scientific enterprise between the two research teams.
Most houses in India have a little shrine dedicated to Buddha.
This imposing town hall was erected in 1892.
The theatre was priest performed the ritual on the young boy.
May God bless you and keep you safe from harm.
We all cheered as the newlyweds got into their car and drove away.
Be careful when you walk across the fields, or you might fall into a bog.
Did I say I was going to pay for the meal? It must have been a slip of the tongue.
You will really like my brother, osh – he has a heart of gold.
During a brief lapse of concentration, I forgot what I had been saying.
Sugar plum' is a term of endearment I use for my daughter.
The price of failure is not being able to enter the International competition.
Can I have your reply asap?

The film is only open to adults, i.e. people over 18.

He wrote a concise introduction to his thesis.
She intended to honour her marital vows and love him forever.
One million people watch the show at peak-times.
The police came in for a lot of criticism about the way they had handled the riots.
The widespread use of chemicals in agriculture is a matter of serious international concern.
The new comedy series shot up to the top of the ratings in the first week.
The panel has voted on Miss Sweden as the overall winner.
Have you thought of seeing a counsellor?
He just laughed and dismissed my suggestion as unrealistic.
I am committed to making this company a success.
He defied his father's wishes and married Agnes.
The thought of the letter never having reached him was too terrible to contemplate.
Cryonics, once considered on the outer edge of medicine is moving rapidly closer to reality.
I've put all my furniture in storage until I move into my new house.
His skill at cracking codes proved invaluable during the war.
I found a strand of hair in my soup.
She was nominated for the Nobel Prize.
One wonders to what extent we can blame the government for unemployment.
The novel is written from the perspective of a child.
The children waited in suspense to hear the end of the story.
Did you see that film about the android who wanted to become a human?
This old book is so dogeared because I've read it hundreds of times.
He retired from the police force and became a bounty hunter instead.
He found her charm and beauty mesmerising.
I saw Diana take a quick peek through her neighbour's window.
Trafalgar Square was teeming with tourists.
Charles Dickens wrote several novels about the life of street urchins.
This machine was pioneered in the early 18th century.
It is the story of a teenager who rebels against his father.
Men have a shorter lifespan than women.
When they saw the police car, his attackers turned and fled.
His ambition was to find the secret of eternal life and achieve immortality.
Her beauty had not dimmed over the years.
They diluted his courage by telling him all about the risks.
The first chapter poses the question: What constitutes a democracy?
He hoped that this job would serve as a firm foundation or his chosen career.
The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely stunning.
The mother's behaviour was profoundly affecting the developing child.
Listening to Helena describe the events of the night before was excruciatingly dull.
It was such a tedious lecture that I almost fell asleep.
Whatever you do, don't let my mother loose in my room! She'll change everything.
Their meetings were held in secret in the dead of night.
Researchers claim they are breaking new ground and are getting closer to discovering the causes of the disease.
Millions of guinea pigs are used in cosmetic experiments every year.
By the time I was fourteen I had set my sights on an acting career.
They were determined to fight for their independence, as they had been the underdogs for much too long.
Complete disarmament was the ultimate goal of the conference.
She's taking the medication because she has a hormonal imbalance.
When I accused him of eating my chocolates, he fumbled for an excuse.
The narrator told of how the world began.
The doctor gave me a natural remedy which she said had no harmful side effects.
Scientists have claimed that it is now possible to clone one human being from another.
You can see these plant cells if you look through a microscope.
The hospital is appealing for organ donors.
The surgeon examined the lung tissue for any signs of damage.
Genetic engineering is one of the fastest growing scientific developments of our time.
After fertilisation the embryo develops into a new individual.
The physicist sat in his laboratory and stared at the results of the experiment.
The ethics of his actions were suspect, but they were not against the law.
Smoking can cause lung cancer.
He has no principles; he'll do anything, as long as it's profitable.
She has had her hair artificially lengthened.
Some plants are prone to a particular disease.
She was so mousy that it was hard to believe she was a murderess.
If I'd wanted something cerebral, I'd have gone to the lecture on Dostoyevsky!
The failure of their marriage has received a lot of exposure in the press recently.
He uttered a few words of apology and then left.
His explanation sounds pretty far-fetched to me.
I found his didactic attitude extremely annoying.
Coca Cola is a household name around the world.
The benefits of online shopping are potentially very great.
He split the log in two with an axe.
I can't tell the difference between those two pictures – they look identical.
The government is introducing an important piece of human rights legislation.
Condemnation of the latest violence came from all political parties.
Most men remain fertile into old age.
The town was destroyed outright.
I don't think you should dismiss all your security staff – you'll be throwing the baby out with the bath water.
He soon regretted his hasty decision.
The new law restricts the sale of hand guns.
Don't let him diminish your achievements.
He has a predisposition towards seasickness.
You always follow your own inclinations instead of considering other people's feelings.
He had to go to the doctor because he had a kidney infection.
I haven't had time to absorb everything he said.
Rabbits produce offspring several times a year.
The new computer is superior to its rivals.
You need to decide how much time to allocate to each exam question.
Come here, boy,' boomed the head-teacher.
A tall figure loomed up out of the mist ahead of us.
Meg found the noise outside was distracting and she couldn't concentrate.
I don't really care,' he replied airily.
This could have serious implications for the company's future.
Anne's generosity is one of her most pleasing traits.
The examination revealed that there were some foetal abnormalities.
The article gives us a real insight into the causes of the disaster.
Rain drummed on the windows.
He shrugged and said he didn't care where we went for dinner.
He wrinkled his nose when I asked him if he liked my new perfume.
He had a tattoo across the knuckles of his right hand that said 'Love'.
When I told my mother that I was going abroad to study, she pursed her lips and stared at me.
He clenched his fist and waved it defiantly at the speaker.
He couldn't play in the basketball match because he had twisted his ankle the day before.
He looked at me awkwardly when I told him I thought he was nice.
The accident left him permanently paralysed.
He has had silicon implants to make his muscles look bigger.
At the moment of conception, the egg and sperm fuse together as one cell.
Place the cursor over the icon and click the mouse once.
Some victims lost their limbs in the explosion.
I know some good exercises that will help to straighten your spine.
The children hid in the hollow tree.
He made a cone out of some paper and put it on his head for a witch's hat.
They attached electrodes to his head so that they could monitor his dreams while he slept.
Interest in this sport has declined over recent years.
Climbing Mt. Everest seems like an unattainable goal to many people.
There's going to be a jazz session at that new bar on the night it opens.
Only a small privileged elite were invited to the Lord Mayor's birthday celebrations.
Since winning the World Cup, the football players have been elevated to superstars.
Michael had a go at bungee jumping when he went to Spain.
The meeting has been scheduled for this afternoon.
It is now quite common to see the endorsement of everyday products by superstars.
Our company now offers a wider choice of goods for the consumer.
I’d like to pay tribute to the organisers of the event for all their hard work.
Today's the first time I've ventured out of doors since my illness.
Arnold went through the pain barrier when he broke both his legs in the accident.
I'm always amazed at the things people do in pursuit of love.
The island of Iona has an intangible quality of holiness.
He was an also-ran in the last athletics event.
I marvelled at my mother's ability to remain calm in a crisis.
Invest now – the odds are that the share prices will rise after the budget.
His primary discipline at the university is Latin American History.
He was awarded the silver medal in the shot put at the last Olympics.
The country has seen a sudden increase in the number of immigrants taking refuge from the oppression of the dictatorship.
Emily Dickinson is a poet who stands in the front rank of all poets.
On the face of it, Norman seems the ideal man for the job.
The hockey team has had five successive victories.
His efficient manner marked him out as a professional.
Her performance in the arena transcended all others.
The death of her partner at such a time, was a major setback which she had to overcome.
Meningitis is a serious illness, fatal in some cases.
This decision may have very grave consequences.
The mini-skirt made a comeback in the late 1980s.
He's been suffering from chronic arthritis for years now.
Williams suffered from a serious cervical disc injury.
Undaunted by the enormity of the task, they began rebuilding the village.
Our noses are made mainly of cartilage.
Contrary to popular belief, men and women actually have the same number of ribs.
Have you had your typhoid and cholera shots?
If the French team wins, it will qualify for a place in the finals.
Our special first prize will soon be winging its way towards you.
The footballer doubled up, grabbing his leg in agony.
It was a small, albeit very important, mistake.
At high altitudes it is difficult to get enough oxygen.
They administered morphine to him to relieve the pain.
It is a type of desert bush that can withstand extremes of temperature.
Sebastian Coe, who was an outstanding miler in the 80's, had broken the mile world record several times.
The bus was overloaded with tourists and their luggage.
The fire was so intense that it seemed to be inextinguishable.
All waste matter is disposed of down this pipe.
We mounted some stone steps to a gallery.
Here are your travel documents, all duly dated and signed.
There was a big, black witch's cauldron in the corner of the cave.
He has decided to contest a seat on the council next term.
Have you met Bruce, the Aussie? He’s going back to Australia next month.
George really pushed himself to the limit last week, trying to be ready for the big game.
She is capable of showing amazing bravery in the face of danger.
We all had to help each other in times of adversity.
She spends all her money on new domestic appliances.
I've always wanted to have an old fashioned wood-burning stove.
Her severe burns were treated with skin grafts.
After a short break of twenty minutes, they resumed the task with determination.
Mathew's comment brought a look of complete incredulity to Sandra's face.
He always comported himself very well at public gatherings.
You might as well face up to the fact that they'll never offer you another job.
The boy gave me a look of hatred and defiance as he slammed the door.
I first encountered him at summer school.
The heat was so intense that we could do nothing but lie by the pool.
He plays midfield for our local football team.
Boxers frequently suffer from cauliflower ears.
The referee was not prepared to alter his decision.
We are not allowed to make decisions based on the race, gender or religion of our employees.
This kind of music wouldn't appeal to the man on the street.
You can absolutely rely on Richard – he is a man of his word.
You can't tell Sam what to do – he is his own man.
The audience rose as one man to applaud the singers.
The information desk is manned twenty-four hours a day.
In journalism, if you want to get the best story, it's every man for himself.
He claims to be a man of the people so that he wins the next election.
Parents get the vicarious pleasure of seeing their children succeed.
He expressed his sorrow at my father's death.
I was engulfed by a feeling of terrible panic as the plane started to descend.
You must regard the safety regulations.
I have decided to start having fencing lessons next year.
The officer challenged him to a duel with pistols.
He selected a foil from the rack and pulled down his mask.
Dogs can distinguish a greater range of sounds than humans can.
He aimed a blow to the trunk of my body, which I artfully dodged.
The epée as a fencing sword is the descendent of the duel sword.
The sabre is the modern version of the cavalry sword.
The General decided not to send in the cavalry until the last minute.
The burglar thrust at me with his knife but I managed to dodge out of his way.
He decided to buy a new waistcoat to go with his suit.
Andy climbed the tree, agile as a monkey.
There is an equivalence in value between these two items.
The book certainly lived up to his expectations.
He made a comprehensive list of all the items in he room.
The concert did not match up to the hype.
That one weekend made up for all the disappointments I'd had.
The committee will consider your application in due course.
You need stamina to be a long-distance runner.
After demonstrating his leadership qualities, he was given the captaincy of the team.
These sessions are designed to foster better working relationships.
Many students have a very poor attendance record.
The team's performance has been highly inconsistent this season.
If he can't control his temper, he should give up teaching.
The terrorist acts could put the whole peace process in jeopardy.
He decided to insert an extra paragraph explaining why he had wanted to write the book.
Jim is a good all-round athlete.
Looking through the binoculars I could just make out the ship on the horizon.
The match kicks off at 3 o'clock.
Due to the threat of closure, 2,000 workers now face redundancy.
Your suggestion merits serious consideration.
Over a span of ten years, the company has grown to twice its original size.
Can you remember what you were doing on the first day of the millennium?
Baron De Couberten was the founder of the modern Olympic Games.
Helen's trip home has revived memories of her child hood.
Close economic ties between the two countries have been established.
Their shared experiences in war helped to bind the two communities together.
The study is concerned with the dynamics of capitalist economies.
His lip started to tremble and then he started to cry.
Although he knew he was talented, he had a natural, self-effacing modesty.
For a while, she ran a restaurant in Bradford.
She felt as if she were right at the bottom of the pecking order when she worked for that firm.
We must continue to strive for greater efficiency.
I had a sudden compulsion to hit her.
The rise in crime is mainly due to social and economic factors.
There are too many variables in the experiment to predict the result accurately.
Our budget dictates what we can or cannot do.
Some early doctors, notably Hippocrates, thought that diet and hygiene were important.
As your senior, I believe I should give you some advice on the matter.
Friendly letters tend to adopt a very simple writing style.
They had heaped all the rubbish onto the back of the truck.
The President threatened the withdrawal of government aid.
There has been a slight reduction in the price of oil.
My daughter has always been a high achiever, which is why I'm sure she'll make a very good judge.
By the time my boyfriend arrived on the scene, I had already made up my mind to emigrate.
Put the baby in the carry-cot and then bring her into the living room.
Lydia has a strong artistic bias.
She's got a warm, outgoing personality.
Gregory takes the opposite line on the issue of nuclear energy.
My feelings of inferiority did not help me to mix with the other members of the group.
I hope this success will inspire you to greater efforts.
The economies of South East Asia are already outdoing Western competitors.
The gay rights movement emerged to challenge the established order.
In short, they're in very bad condition.
I'm leaning towards the idea that capital punishment is morally wrong.
It's the first time an article has provoked me to write in to the newspaper.
Suddenly I found myself, crash-bang wallop, right in the middle of a strange group of creatures.
When I was a little girl, I used to love doing hand-stands on the grass.
The dethronement of the company spokesman caused quite a scandal.
You'd think it was human by the way she pampers that cat of hers.
She tried to undermine his authority at every opportunity.
The degree of interaction between teacher and student is very important.
Alicia remained calm, showing a maturity way beyond her 16 years.
There was a claustrophobic atmosphere in the room, and he knew he had to get out quickly.
The government's claim that the country is now coming out of recession is being treated with deep scepticism.
His daughters became increasingly resentful of his authority.
Ellen was a shy, reserved girl who hardly ever spoke in the lesson.
She made a clumsy attempt to catch the ball but ended up falling over.
The miners broke away from the National Union to form their own.

Drop by whenever you're in the area.
They are good friends even though their views on many things are fundamentally different.
Her skill at sensing people's true character, was unmatchable.
Due to their differences, they mutually agreed to dissolve the contract.
The hostages' families pleaded for their safe return.
The Queen's visit has been planned to coincide with the school's 200th anniversary.
Kindly refrain from smoking in the chapel.
She confided her worries only to her mother.
He has decided to study veterinary science and become a vet.
The hotel has it's own stationery.
Someone drove into our car while it was stationary.
The principal wishes to see you in her office.
The English Channel lies between England and France.
Canals played an important part in Britain during the Industrial Revolution.
She implied she'd contributed the money without actually saying so.
The butterflies fluttered from flower to flower.
The conversation drifted from one topic to another.
There was a large number of cyclists weaving in and out of the traffic.
He is Professor of quantum mechanics at Yale University.
Before she had finished the lullaby, the baby was asleep.
The midwife told me that it was perfectly normal for the baby's fontanelle to be so soft.
He could feel the blood pulsing through his veins as he finished his performance.
Winter seems to be setting in early this year.
They were speaking Yiddish so I couldn't understand a word.
I have to teach a class of boisterous five-year-olds this term.
I was cognisant of the difficulties that lay ahead, but I knew I had to persevere.
There will be an exposition of our products at the International Fair next month.
It's difficult to grasp the concept of infinite space.
The regeneration of the forest.
After the earthquake, Volos was rebuilt in a rectilinear grid pattern.
You will be amazed at the breathtaking natural beauty of the are.
Could you please tear yourself away from the TV and help me for a minute?
The expansion of the industry will lead to an increase in jobs.
He tried to obscure the facts by denying all knowledge of the event.
He made a very elementary mistake.
We tried to brainstorm the problem and come up with a few alternative solutions.
She was wearing an eye-catching new outfit at the party.
They used some very persuasive arguments to get her to sign the deal.
If you don't want to get lost, you'd better stick with me.
When a man or woman get married, they often find it hard to adjust to their spouse's different habits.
Solve this riddle: what is black and white and red all over? Answer: An embarrassed zebra.
The survivors were poignantly reminded of the cruelties they had suffered during the war.
Danielle gazed at the beautiful opera singer in admiration.
Be careful, that ladder isn't stable.
The terrorists are demanding the unconditional release of all political prisoners.
The drive for food forced him to continue through the mountains.
He is a very talented actor with a yearning for recognition, so I'm sure he will succeed.
Suddenly, Frank slipped and fell over the edge.
They set out to become the number one team in the league.
More and more juveniles are becoming involved in petty crime.
Western society has become a lot more liberal since the War.
The knights swore an oath of loyalty to their king.
He made a vow to avenge his brother's death.
The government has made a pledge to make no deals with terrorists.
We're in no position to take on another heavy financial burden.
The work is proceeding according to plan.
A strange religious sect emerged in these parts in the 1830s.
Jonathon is visiting the construction site.
I am determined to find out who is responsible for this.
You need to be firm with her, or she'll try to take control.
Paul is amazingly persistent in trying to get Gina to go out with him.
I knew you'd be too stubborn to listen!
William reckons he should be promoted, but he doesn't know when.
She eventually passed her driving test.
I couldn't help feeling a little apprehensive about the treatment.
The snake slowly approached, making a loud hissing noise.
The pig grunted happily when I let it into the pen.
Helena glared at me in mute anger.

Her pleasant manner belied her true character.
He threw down his sword and shouted: 'I come as friend, not foe!'
He delivered a wild, desperate blow to Derek's jaw.
The drunk men were aggressively trying to provoke a fight.

Feigning a headache, I went upstairs to my room.
The truck careered down the hill and into a tree.
He suspected that they were trying to lure him into a trap.
Rabbits have many natural wild predators.
The stoat slipped into the rabbit hole, after its prey.

All the chicks have hatched.
The fort was vulnerable to attack from the north.
When I was a child they used to tell us that storks brought babies to their parents.

Sam's voice was full of tenderness.
What I liked best at the zoo was the reptile house, where we saw all those dangerous snakes.
The kids had to fend for themselves while their parents were away.

The fungi on the tombstone indicated that it was at least five centuries old.

I was fascinated by the way the wasps had built their nest.
Most of the structure had been destroyed by termites.
The larvae will eat the whole plant before they are ready to move into the next stage of the cycle.
The boat rocked as it entered the stretch of rough water.
The Greeks outwitted the Trojans by presenting them with the Trojan horse.
Hundreds gave their lives in defence of freedom.
The police think the intruder got in through an unlocked window.
In your country, do you have the superstition that walking under a ladder is unlucky?
It was quite a coincidence that I bumped into Roger in Naxos.
A freak storm destroyed most of the houses.
Can you pin this picture up on the notice board?
Meeting my real parents after so many years was a bizarre experience.
I was somewhat perplexed by the task that lay ahead of me.
Mike's got a really weird sense of humour.
The old lady lived in a spooky old ouse with creaking stairs.
They rushed her to hospital as she was suffering from a collapsed lung.
He had to have major heart surgery, which fortunately, saved his life.
They are carrying out urgent repairs to the electronic equipment.
Karina's artwork has won her international acclaim.
They were astounded at the confluence of all the proposals.
Peter pays very high taxes because his job puts him in the highest income bracket.
Madonna and her entourage boarded her private plane at Heathrow.
We asked them to come to the meeting just to swell the numbers.
The advertising campaign is sure to boost sales.
I always mix him up with his brother; they look so much alike.
Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.
The water from some Greek springs has natural healing properties.
The invention of the electron microscope was an important moment in the history of physics.
The discovery of the double helix in DNA was the beginning of a whole series of discoveries in the field of genetics.
Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them.
It can't have just disappeared! There must be a perfectly rational explanation.
She had to memorise over one hundred different chemical formulas for the exams.
I detest having to work on sunny days.
Thomas urged her to reconsider her decision.
The agent had neglected to warn us about delays.
I have received your letter of resignation but I want you to reconsider your decision.
The company's main aim for next year is to maximise profit.
The solar panels provide hot water all day long in the summer months.
I couldn't see who was in the car due to the glaring light of the headlamps.
They're working overtime to get the job finished.
We lived on a meagre diet of bread, olives and cheese for several months.
The job's not very exciting, but he earns a good wage.
Reliability is not one of her strong points.
The book was written by scholars at Harvard University.
Our galaxy alone contains innumerable other solar systems.
He loves fire engines, so he wants to join the fire brigade.
Our cellar is full of tea chests, filled with books.
They recounted their experiences of the wilderness in front of a small audience.
After the children had been sent to their rooms, nobody mentioned the incident again.
Cancerians are supposed to be very loyal to other family members.
He hangs around with Simon and Paul after school every day.
She opened the till and took out a fifty pound note.
Sally is an obedient and dutiful child.
Don't listen to them; they're just pseudo-intellectuals who pretend to be clever.
When he first came here, the child was aggressive and antisocial.
The post-mortem revealed that Mrs Elliot had been poisoned.
The garden will be overgrown with weeds by the time we get back.
She told me I should use a monolingual dictionary.
Did you know that Mr Williams is a former principal of the school?
Karen is a history graduate of Athens University.
Turn the wheel clockwise.
With the aid of a metal detector, we managed to find several Roman coins.
They took a big risk investing in that theatre, but it paid off.
Lots of my friends are really getting into this new kind of music.
I must get hold of Veronica to see if she can mind the children for me on Saturday night.
Gerald tended to see everything in terms of his work.
She has decided to take on the post of head-teacher.
Miriam has a very engaging smile.
If you don't go out and do something else, you're going to become a television addict.
She listens to the radio programme avidly every day.
He threw the game down in exasperation when he couldn't get it to work.
The children splashed through the puddles on their way home from school.
I saw a figure standing in the shadows and thought I was hallucinating.
It suddenly dawned on me that Josh had been right all along.
They were willing to risk everything and played for very high stakes.
The foreign exchange markets reacted quickly to the cut in French interest rates.
There appear to be a number of irregularities in your statement.
We expect you to settle your account in full each month.
He sold his shares in the company and made a handsome profit for himself.
He used to play tennis, but now he's switched to golf.
They persuaded her to make an investment in the company now while share prices were low.
You can return the item to your nearest retailer if it is faulty.
He was such a hard-hearted person that nobody loved him.
You have to be a hard-headed negotiator if you want to succeed in this business.
She is feeling a bit hard-pressed, what with the wedding and moving house.
The magazine included a hard-hitting report about the new academy.
Adrian refused to divulge what he had done with the money.
It's late, we must be off now.
The children are very quiet, I wonder what they're up to.
The police will catch the robbers soon – they've been on to them for a week.
I don't know how they manage to get away with paying such low wages.
Get on with your work!
When you get through with that book, can I borrow it?
Her salary gives her barely enough to get by.
All monies must be paid in full prior to the termination of the contract.
All philosophers contemplate the meaning of life.
Stock market prices have tumbled over the past week.
I didn't push him, he tripped over a stone and fell.
A stack of plates swayed, and began to topple over.
There is likely to be a twofold increase in the price of petrol next month.
Geoffrey began to speculate that the two events might be linked.
She didn’t want to come to the party, but I talked her into it.
Rescue workers have been trying to dig through the rubble to get to the people trapped beneath.
The magazine's circulation fell when the price was increased.
Dennis will always be loyal to the team, even if it loses the match.
She tried to conceal the way she felt about him, but it was clear to everyone that she was in love.
He had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream.
Both my parents are retired now.
Paul managed to put in a sustained effort and finished the job quicker than expected.
They uncovered a plot to assassinate the President.

Christine made a resolution to work hard at school this year.
We can't count on her; she's not very reliable.
All the main economic indicators suggest that trade is improving.
We had to abandon the climb because of adverse weather conditions.
She gained high grades in English and Maths.
Alex's real problem is that he lacks confidence.
The triumphant football team flew back home today.
The company believes in equal treatment for all, regardless of race, religion, or sex.
The socialisation of young offenders is a main priority.
Governments make laws and the police enforce them.
Some say that young people today have a get-rich-quick mentality.
Martin felt nervous about his audition, but he was deter mined to see it through.
She's a freelance journalist.
We are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the competition.
Her determination to do well made her keep on studying.
The police believe the motive for this murder was jealousy.
My parents pushed me into going to college.
The volume of traffic on the roads has increased dramatically in recent years.
She gave me some helpful hints on looking after house plants.
Veronica crammed her clothes into the bag.
This music has a very energising beat.
Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils.
Most of the difficulties stemmed from poor workmanship.
The videotape evidence backed up the teenager's story.
Rescuers had to scale a 300m cliff to reach the injured climber.
I started as a clerical worker on the bottom rung of the career ladder.
The main objective of this policy is to reduce unemployment.
Several factors came into play to make this possible.
She has steadily been working towards her goal.
I didn't find his reply very illuminating.
She combines technical mastery of her instrument with great originality.
You look utterly miserable.
He abdicated all responsibility for the company and went on to live a private life.

Their help has made a big difference to the team's success.
If you touch dad's things, you'll get into trouble.
He didn't manage to keep his resolution and started smoking again the next day.
She decided to get even with him by cutting all his best ties in half.
He kept on at her about the amount of money she was spending.
How do I know you'll keep your word?
It was their first meeting, and Richard was determined to make an impression.
I haven't resolved my doubts about which university to go to.
Her boss humiliated her in front of all her colleagues.
She lives in virtual isolation.
The media have launched a bitter attack on the Health Minister.

He annoyed me by talking about his girlfriend the whole time.
Dad lost his job when the firm went bust.
Sally was exaggerating when she said she'd seen the film fifteen times.
He came across as being rather arrogant.
It's considerably colder today.

I think I'll need a wide-angled lens for this photograph.

We have a rehearsal at 4 o'clock and the main show begins at 7 p.m.
She was able to sight-read the music so we auditioned her straight away.
He read the script and decided to audition for the lead role.

It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a crash-helmet.

I read the blurb on the back of the book and decided to buy it.
Her first novel sold over a hundred thousand copies in paperback.
She gambled away her inheritance within a year.
We were doing fine until the bank pulled the plug on us.
If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must thoroughly research your intended market before you begin.
She was disinherited when she married Peter against her parents' wishes.
She was always burdening me with her problems.
The government has been weakened by internal rifts.
Liberals and other like-minded politicians used to meet here secretly.
Unfortunately, the course fell far short of our expectations.
Modern Greek culture is largely a legacy of the ancient Greeks.
The magazine failed to follow the most recent trends.
Police intervention in the demonstration has caused considerable concern.
He has amply contributed more than enough time and attention to the project.
He told us tales of his life during the war.
Yes, it's true; I've stayed at my mother-in-law's and still lived to tell the tale.
We decided to take a hike in the woods.

We need a profile of the area before we decide what kind of restaurant to open.
The company conducted a survey to find out local reaction to the leisure centre.
His injuries are severe but he's expected to pull through.
Are you sufficiently equipped for this kind of expedition?
We shouldn't underestimate the significance of this major discovery.
We must take steps to make sure such an accident can never happen again.
The committee made a number of recommendations for improving safety standards.
My annual income is less than it was last year.
They've given us a large advertising budget.
We're taking on 50 new staff this year.
Her dedication to the cause has to be admired.
Everyone in the class is expected to participate in these discussions.
She is a committed member of the environmental organisation.
You can get expelled for smoking.
The area is renowned for its fine wines.
My sister was always the bossy one when we were kids.
The older kids played cruel jokes on her little brother.
The groom arrived at the church early and was impatiently waiting for the bride.
A telephone pole.
She rowed across the lake.
We could see great towering cliffs ahead of us.
Jamie is such an affable guy.
She makes a formidable headteacher.
Pele was arguably the greatest football player of all time.
He was one of the most influential thinkers of his time.
If it hadn't been for their Sherpa guides, nobody would have managed to scale Mt Everest.
I hailed a porter to carry my bags to the taxi.
The suppliers are threatening not to deliver unless we pay what we owe them.
He called a meeting of the village elders.
Oh the trials of motherhood!
In his excitement Bob's words became jumbled.

The wall was built of solid concrete.
She lives in a basement flat in Norwich.
After the match, football fans were rampaging through the streets.

The bank's network of computers is down at the moment.
If you visit the website, you can download the program for free.
The infiltrator managed to steal important documents.

The Security Police had monitored all of his phone calls.
She had given up all hope of tracing her missing daughter.
The police tracked the murderer to his lair.
Luckily, the enemy planes were spotted early.
He owns one of the premier restaurants in the country.
The storm had breached the sea wall in two places.
He registered at the hotel under an assumed name.

Someone must have planted the drugs on her.

An undercover investigation team was dispatched to the scene of the riots.
Please don't drop your sweet wrappers on the floor.
The dogs tracked the wolf to its lair.
I couldn't get in without the correct access code.
All high-ranking officers were called to participate in the meeting.
She crashes parties all the time even though she always gets thrown out.
              Police are sifting through the evidence in the hope of finding more clues.
              She had extensive flight simulation training before she qualified as a pilot.

              They ran around frantically trying to clean up the mess before their parents got home.
              He sat at his computer terminal and looked at the screen.
              Mike insisted that he was right.
              The army were called in to put the terrorists out of action.
              Cyberspace, cybernetics.
              We wondered through the maze of tiny streets in the old part of the city.
              A hacker broke into our system and stole some important information.
              He took us on a circuitous route through the town.
              Unfair pressure has been brought to bear upon the strikers to make them return.
              She hangs out at the Internet café with all the other computer addicts.
              A very strange looking man engaged me in conversation at the party.
              I had naïvely imagined that I would get a job as soon as I left university.
              The police were told about the plans to raid the bank by an informant.
              They were jubilant at winning first prize in the competition.

              We live in a cul-de-sac in north London.

              He has a little hideaway in the mountains.
              The police have been staking out the club for weeks.
              I've always been very cautious about giving my address to strangers.
              They have an online service where you can obtain information.
              They caught him in the act – shoplifting from Harrods.
              When you give a speech, it's natural to feel nervous beforehand.
              There has been a disturbing increase in the crime rate recently.
              You know Simon gets a real buzz from driving fast.

             Police were cruising the streets, on the lookout for trou blemakers.
Æ:vIs pr@"vaId@/
             He made a futile attempt to save his papers from the fire.
             The press launched a vicious attack on the President.
             Willis was caught posing as a journalist.
             Mrs Jenkins swept into the meeting and demanded to know what was going on.
             He crept back up the stairs, hoping nobody would hear him.
             We're thinking of converting our loft into a bedroom.
             She was hunched nervously over her drink.
             She sat there, tapping away at her typewriter, as the story just unfolded itself.
             A computer keyboard.
             Who can face the terrible prospect of large-scale nuclear warfare?
             This model is the first of a new breed of satellites to be launched this decade.
             These skills were then passed on to subsequent generations.
             Think of this job as a stepping stone to something better.

              For ease of use, try applying the cream to a dry surface.
The road was littered with debris after the hurricane.
We could hear the music from the night-club throbbing across the lake.
They packed so much into their suitcases, that I'm amazed they could even carry them.
They are initiating preparatory talks to clear the way for a peace settlement.
His contract of employment specifies that he must get at least one month's training.
I found the article very thought-provoking.
As a country, we consume a lot more than we produce.
I just hope the weather doesn't wreck our plans!
Alcohol abuse is a primary concern.
The worst withdrawal symptoms were the nauseating headaches.
Philip sometimes gets panic attacks and can't breathe properly.
Will the manager spell out exactly how he intends to deal with the crisis?
Some smokers find it surprisingly easy to kick the habit.
Tenants are complaining about the landlord's neglect of the property.
She has been cyber dating a guy in Australia for the last few months.
Martine shook her head in disbelief, shocked by the damage.
Her brother's eating habits were a constant source of irritation.
Her defensiveness was immediately apparent, as she avoided answering any questions about the incident.
The Minister was criticised for his dismissiveness of the protesters.
If you're eating now, presumably you won't want to go to a restaurant.
They managed to deal with the crisis very efficiently.
When I first moved to my new school, I felt completely isolated.
I persuaded Samantha to go for the red dress instead of the blue.
Harriet hesitated a moment before replying.
The plane had to deviate from its normal flight path.
I find his constant repetition of the same old jokes extremely irritating.
Address your questions to the chair, please.
The museum has managed to acquire an important work by El Greco.
The government promises to restore the economy to full strength.
The corridor was eerily lit in a foggy yellow light.
Will computers ever be able to mimic the way humans think?
I will not put up with your rebellious behaviour anymore!'
A story about humanoid robots taking over the Earth.
This word is derived from Latin.
The prospect of marriage terrified Alice.
I usually work the nightshift, from 10 at night till 6 in the morning.
The window frames will have to be renewed.
This is a useful device for detecting electrical activity.
We have made every effort to ensure that we maintain our high standards.
The system crashed at nine this morning, so we haven't been able to do anything.

They are going to present a multi-media performance as part of their degree show.
Children like books with lots of illustrations.

Shall I make you an origami frog?
I decided not to send my son to kindergarten.
We couldn't sleep because of the mosquitoes.
In winter, I just snuggle up in bed, under my duvet.
The bed had an old, lumpy mattress, which made it difficult to get to sleep.
Nobody is really sure why the mammoths became extinct.
We want to promote the area and make it attractive to tourists.
They even had a bagpipe player at their wedding!
Will passengers kindly disembark from the rear of the ship.
When we got to the hotel, it was still under construction.
I glimpsed a fox in the woods, but then it was gone.
Martin whizzed by us on his bicycle.

State-of-the-art equipment.
We wanted to go trekking in the Himalayas.
They organised a banquet of epic proportions.
We had a two-day stopover in Hong Kong before flying on to Peking.
The cottage was in a remote part of the country.
This price takes in the cost of all the accommodation and food.
Tales of the Green Man figure prominently in old British literature.
He is a prominent Russian scientist.
They provided a sumptuous banquet in our honour.
En route to the island, we passed a school of dolphins.
A spacious, comfortably furnished living room.
The Earth revolves around the Sun.
We finally reached an even plateau, the only resting place before the journey to the mountain peak.
Mammoth bones were found at the base of the glacier.
K2 is the world's highest peak.
She lives in a cottage on the moorland.
We were amazed by the spectacular beauty of the fjords when we went to Norway.
We drove through several picturesque villages.
We saw herds of wild deer roaming freely over the hills.

Let's take the scenic route home.
I made a reservation for a double room.
Crossing the river was a daunting task, but we knew we had to do it.
Your plan is not economically feasible.
The job's tailor-made for John.
It took all morning to put the proposal together.
An interesting old ruin.
We tried to find a table in the bustling nightclub.
The bell is massive, weighing over 40 tons.

The cove is only accessible by boat.

Greece is to host the 2004 Olympics.
Sichuan is China's most populous province.
The Queen was escorted round the factory by two of the managers.
The cabins had been fitted out with pine furniture.
She is generally rated as one of the best modern poets.
Jones was an elusive man who was never in his office.
The interior is mainly desert.
The whole peace process seems to have come to a halt.
An immense amount of money and time has been put into finding a cure.
Sean proposed to me only six months after we met.
The pros and cons of owning your own home.
There were a number of stoppages during the match due to injury.
Crowds of students were milling around in the street.
She gave us a vivid account of their journey across the desert.
We looked at the glossy holiday brochure.

She has a very broad range of interests.

I had such a whirlwind of emotions, that I just didn't know what to do.
The festivities started with a procession through the town.
No matter what plans you make, you never know what is in store for you.
Belinda zoomed past on her bike.
The arrow whooshed past my ear.
Let's say a prayer for those in peril on the sea.
We walked up some spiralling steps to the top of the tower.
We saw a lamp glowing in the garden.
We all wondered at the shimmering surface of the lake in the moonlight.
A glimmering light at the end of the hall.
There has been fierce debate on the issue of abortion.
Her report was not very good, and she had a correspondingly low opinion of herself.
It seems inevitable that Brazil will win the world cup.
We spent the entire afternoon gossiping.
Stealing her doll was a mean thing to do.
He is so self-centred that he only talks about himself.
That's the most unfair, self-righteous statement I've ever heard!
A well- known car manufacturer is the sponsor of the car race.
Why don't you mellow out a little and stop worrying!
Can you figure out how to do it?
The tip of her nose was red.
Austria was so expensive - we went through all our money in one week.
The baby has stopped crying; I think she's worn herself out.
The old cottage was burnt to a frazzle.
New shoes always give me blisters.
Pus was oozing out of the wound.

She's suffering from a bout of flu at the moment.
We had to have vaccinations against malaria before we left for India.
There has been a sudden outbreak of typhoid in the region.
The company received several complaints from irate customers.
Fear of change is the greatest obstacle to progress.
The thorny issue of how to pay back the mortgage will have to be raised sooner or later.
A corporate policy.
As a child, he ran afoul of the school authorities and was always in trouble.
She really went into a shell when she started college.
Joanna's going to Italy on a special assignment for her newspaper.
Her determination to do well made her keep on studying.
The marathon was a real test of our endurance.
Our motto has always been 'Courage and faith'!
The negotiators made a last-ditch effort to reach an agreement.
Now we must build on our success in Italy.
Every member of the school club supported the expelled student in a display of true camaraderie.
She unashamedly told us what she had done to her sister's toys.
After all those years of globe- trotting, she decided to settle down, get married, and have kids.
She works for an electronics firm.
It's a very exciting film by all accounts.
I had to fill in a short questionnaire.
The developments have brought lasting benefits to the town.
The country is aiming for sustainable economic growth.
The storm caused only minimal damage.

A heating system that utilises solar energy.
The government has introduced new plans to stimulate the economy.
What's your assessment of the situation in Northern Ireland?
He undertook to pay the money back in six months.
All in all, it's been a pretty bad year for the Prime Minister.

Doctors have to wear rubber gloves.

They found three stowaways in the cargo hold.
In the summer time, you must protect yourself from prolonged exposure to the sun.
He was rendered unconscious by the lack of oxygen.
Tortoises usually go into hibernation in early December.
If you really want to pass your exams, it's just a case of mind over matter.
No one today doubts that he was a scholar of great distinction.
My perplexity increased when we couldn't find the money.
He smiled genially at the little girl.
He patted the dog affectionately.

He saw a strange light in the sky, which he took to be an aeroplane.
If symptoms persist, consult a doctor without delay.

The defendants asked for a referral of the case to the High Court.
She oriented herself towards the sun.
He paused, trying to formulate an answer that would satisfy them.
So, do you think he's guilty?' she asked at length.
He tried to still his beating heart and face the enemy.
There is growing disquiet about the way the police are handling the investigations.
The baby fell asleep, listening to the soothing sound of his mother's voice.
Too much alcohol affects your co-ordination.
Swimming improves your muscle tone.
You seem a trifle nervous.
My parents thought it was abnormal for a boy to be interested in ballet.
I know who stole the money,' she said, sotto voce.
I was completely baffled by his questions.
She had a misplaced sense of loyalty to her selfish mistress.
Her gaze fell on the money, lying on the table.
The officer's cold eyes settled on Beatrice.
After the break, John resumed his story.
She has highly developed mental acuity.
I was aghast at the violence I was witnessing.
He had a complete fixation with his hairstyle.
Vast expanses of sand stretched out in front of us.
Golden sand dunes stretched to the horizon.

The patient confabulated the events of his day by describing a trip to an imaginary city.
Failure to comply with the regulations will result in disqualification.
Children are not always taught how to behave courteously.
The soles of his feet were caked in mud.
The music was a quirky mixture of jazz and classical violins.

Charles stood at the entrance, placidly smoking his pipe.
During the last years of her life, she was suffering from a rare kind of dementia.
The cultivation of artistic refinement.
I told Grandpa we were going away, but I don't think he took it in.
I took to Paul as soon as I met him.
What I like about Scarlett is that she just takes people the way she finds them.
Don't lend them the car – they're taking advantage of you!
I'm sick and tired of my husband taking me for granted!
The view from the top takes your breath away.
You mustn't take it upon yourself to look after all these people.
Having the flu really takes it out of you!
I have decided to take the problem up with Sally's teacher.
Emma got really flustered during the interview.
A benevolent uncle paid for her to have music lessons.
A lot of people make the assumption that poverty only exists in the Third World.
Peter and I clicked straight away.
She couldn't believe it when the doctor told her she was going to have triplets.
Don't get so worked up about it! It was only a suggestion.
They found her, wondering about the city, suffering from amnesia.
I don't give a damn about what people think.
They went into town with the intention of visiting the library.
Owls and falcons are birds of prey.
The robbers put on their balaclavas and entered the bank.
The patient made a rapid recovery.
We find the defendant not guilty.
We had to sit in the departure lounge for four whole hours!
They asked me some totally abstract questions in the inter view.
The climate here is warm and sunny at this time of year.
Jackie felt ashamed that she hadn't been able to conquer her fear of heights.
The morning dawned fresh and clear after the storm.
His speech was an accurate reflection of the public mood.
Hysterical fans tried to stop Madonna's car at the airport.
He took the Washington-New York shuttle.
The plane moved slowly onto the runway and prepared for take-off.
What's the matter with you? You've been in a trance all day!
Simon waited until the laughter subsided before he continued with his story.

The stadium was filled with spectators for the commencement of the games.
How did he know that? He must have telepathically understood what I was thinking.
All the supplies were kept in a sealed sterile pack.
The final match will be transmitted live via satellite.
The flicker of the firelight was the only light in the darkness.
The summer air was ringing with the hum of bees.
We heard a sudden loud screech coming from the bushes.
The surface of the lake was covered in bright sparkles of light in the morning sunshine.
A roar of approval came from the crowd.
We could see the beams of searchlights scanning the sky.
His head hit the wall with a dull thud.
We gazed at the twinkle of millions upon millions of stars.
Richard grinned and let out a piercing whistle.
The snake slowly uncoiled and moved away from us.
We must discuss the core issue.
The room was filled with a haze of cigarette smoke.

She devised a method for quicker communications between offices.
The management insists on carrying out rigorous safety checks.
It was the first ever broadcast beamed across the Atlantic.
It was a complete fluke, meeting my sister at the airport.
He had been trained in the orthodox methods.
He is being investigated for fraud.
His explanation sounds fairly plausible to me.
The last chapter sums up the arguments.
The professor made an intriguing discovery.
Could you give me a concrete example of the proposal?
The government has introduced new strategies to combat inflation.
If it hadn't been for the autocue, I wouldn't have known what to say.
Despite official denials, the rumours persisted.
Going to an exhibition sparked off my interest in photography.
My dad told me off for swearing.
He managed to give up smoking through hypnotism.
There's no point in asking George – he's out for the count.
She suffers from terrible insomnia and usually gets about three hours sleep every night.
She is a publishing executive overseas.
The drug is injected directly into the base of the spine.
A declaration of war now seemed imminent.
A curious noise was coming from the cellar.
She could see in her mind's eye the whitewashed cottage of her childhood.
She expressed her ideas with clarity.
Even a minor incident could be the trigger for renewed fighting.
A major power failure wreaked havoc in New York last night.
She almost suffocated in the fire.
She was a woman of strong political convictions.
Rays of sunlight filtered through the pine trees.
They study violent natural phenomena such as hurricanes.
That's a downright lie!
When the drill is over please deposit all weapons in the special case.
We talked about our village, reminiscing about the old days.
There are limits to what the human body can endure.
Behold the star that shines in the north!
She stared at me with a vacant expression on her face.
I dislocated my shoulder playing football.
He was paralysed by a severe stroke.
The word 'magic' conjured up a whole new set of images in his mind.

They promised to deliver our new wardrobe promptly.
The company has debts of 100 million drachmas.
The success of any beauty product depends on the way it is marketed.
She is one of the most consistent players on the tennis circuit.
The national emblem of England is a rose.
The reporter took notes in shorthand.

His sword and shield.
The royal regalia.
A knight in shining armour.
They pass their knowledge on from one generation to the next in stories and rhymes.
He thinks he's a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte.
We found a fine collection of medieval pottery at the site.
The native people were very friendly and hospitable to the European settlers.
There is still only one woman on the board of directors.
I knew there was something strange about him but I couldn't put my finger on it.
It was one of those old gramophones that you have to wind up.
He's a wine merchant.
My belly feels really full after all that food.
An explosive noise suddenly came from the over the hill.
We could hear thunder rumbling in the distance.
Luxuriant vegetation surrounded the house.
He is a musical genius.
She was destined to become a star.
Houdini was an expert at escapology.
They blindfolded the pris oner before leading him out of the cell.
Slowly, they lowered the coffin into the ground.
Is there anything good on telly tonight?
The sight of all those people suffering stopped me dead.
Simon never cleans his house – it's absolutely filthy!
It was the site of a Roman burial.
The cost was horrendously high.
British colonialists were unwel come in India.
The general looked at the document through his monocle.
There are so many mosquitoes here! Where's my swat?
Joseph managed to drag the table into the kitchen.

You can feel the springs in this old mattress.
My bicycle lights don't need batteries – they are powered by a dynamo.
They wanted to see a complete working prototype of the new model.
I cannibalised an old television set for the parts I needed.
The car was eventually taken to the scrap-yard.
Paula has turned down offers from several different law firms.
These local street-bands are the last bastions of traditional music.
The police beatings served as a catalyst for the escalation of violence.
Paul's an easy-going sort of fellow.
This entrance is for disabled people.
The men were being lined up for an inspection.
He was awarded an OBE for his work helping orphan children.
The Olympic winners' team was feted all over the country.
The room was full of executives with their laptops.
Kim grabbed hold of my arm to stop herself falling.
The college is offering new adult literacy classes.
We need someone who's good at numeracy.
Everyone was amazed by his return to office after several years in the wilderness.
I've got to get into shape before summer.
Hannah was deeply distressed by the news about her father.
I didn't get a single word of gratitude for all my trouble.
I always tried to remain neutral when they started arguing.
Since her divorce she's become very cynical about men.
Reports are coming in of another massive famine in eastern Africa.
Let's have a round of applause for our speakers today.
If you need any more information, my PA will be happy to help you.
It was Sunday morning so I decided to have a lie-in.
We travelled through France, staying in youth hostels as we went.
It was a very valuable painting.
There was a tacit agreement between the three big companies that no one would cut their prices.
We need an assistant who's really on the ball.
There were over 250 applicants for the job.
If you don't clean your room thoroughly, you can't go out.
The downside of the plan is that we may lose a lot of time.
He rambled on for ages about his trip to Paris.
Mrs Smith is in charge of recruitment for temporary summer staff.
Our annual turnover is around í5.6 million.
He got the sack for stealing.
I was given 3 months maternity leave after my baby was born.
Harry was laid off for six months during the recession.
The recession has made many small companies go bankrupt.
They have decided to introduce flexitime for some workers.
Shareholders have been told to expect an even lower result for 2002.
We all suffered badly during the recession.
They both have their pensions to live on now that they've retired.
Organisers are anticipating a large crowd at the carnival.
All personnel must wear their identity badges.
He works for a company that manu factures cosmetics.
Jo-co's' is a subsidiary of 'Johnson's'.
We don't think nuclear energy is a viable solution to the energy problem.
We hope to be moving to new premises shortly.
We have the support of a substantial number of parents.
The deadline for this project is May 27th.
Education issues dominated the election campaign.
I have a company car – it's one of the perks of the job.
On the plus side, you will be earning more money than before.
Tony flirted with an attractive young woman at the party.
His son was immediately proclaimed king.
He's got a very positive outlook on life.
The scientists working in our labs are of the highest calibre.
The clay should be moistened regularly to keep it soft and pliable.
She was very amenable to my suggestions.
Refugees fleeing from the advancing army found sanctuary in Geneva.
The disease is caused by a vitamin deficiency.
Mrs Wilkins regrets that she is temporarily indisposed.
The kids have been pestering me to buy them new trainers.
Seeing her again inflamed his old passion.
Her father's sharp comments had ruffled her pride.
His sense of fashion is so behind the times.
My passport expires next week.
Without the right date stamped on it, your ticket will be invalid.
One of the few compensations of being unemployed was seeing more of the family.
They have promised reimbursement of all my costs.
After he'd forgotten her birthday, he took her to the opera by way of atonement.
Her idiosyncratic behaviour included talking to her plants.
Please find enclosed a cheque for £25.
Please send a CV and brief letter to the address below.
His father gave him a monthly allowance while he was studying abroad.
At the moment our technology is more advanced, but other countries are catching up with us.
Slow down, Dave can't keep up with us.
He hurried into the bathroom to freshen up before the meeting.
The party really livened up when the band arrived.
We have narrowed down the number of candidates suitable for the job to only three.
Police finally managed to catch the culprit.
My doctor's told me to cut down on carbohydrates.
Everybody settle down so we can hear the story.
A woman in dark glasses sidled up to us and asked if we wanted to buy a watch.
People were melting down coins to make earrings and ornaments.
We put some fresh wood on the fire to make it blaze up.
Don't make a noise – let's creep up on them and scare them.
She quickly touched up her lipstick.
Our debts are beginning to mount up again.
They watered down the speech before reading it on national television.
We fixed up the guest bedroom before my parents came to stay.

He was furious with himself for not standing up to the bully.
Dilute the fruit juice before you give it to the baby.
Our top priorities must be profit and commercial growth.
He was liberated from his feelings of shame.
He complains about living a humdrum existence.
He has been out of work for months now.
Twenty years of loyal service and they're throwing him on the scrapheap!
Students can use these ideas as a springboard for writing their own compositions.
Not having any body to rent my room is a serious drain on my financial resources.
She thought that becoming a teleworker would give her more flexibility.
I pity Sophie having to live with that awful woman.
The alley behind my house is always full of cats at night.
The wind wailed in the chimney.
A priest chanting the liturgy.
The painting was full of malevolent demons.

The bard told a tale of long ago.
The cat crouched; its eyes following the mouse as it scurried away.
Lambs were capering in the fields.
Ere the sun had set, the princess had fallen asleep.
Primeval clouds of gas formed themselves into stars.
The whole clan will be here over Christmas.
She had reddish, blotched skin.
Stop leering at those girls!
They had nothing but scorn for their working-class parents.
She bought some beautiful hand-woven rugs while she was in Egypt.
The brute beast.
A big grey tomcat sat in his lap purring contentedly.
We intend to express our disapproval of the marriage.
I didn't like the sneer on his face when he spoke to me.
Car thefts are commonplace in this part of town.
Pompeii was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 79 AD.
A dazzling display of football skills.
The party was in full swing when the police burst in.
Molten lava spewed forth from the volcano.
He is notorious for his bad temper.
The volcano eruption happened at 6 am this morning.
Even if you complete your training I can't guarantee you a job.

Ferocious dogs shouldn't be allowed on the street.
News of their engagement created a great sensation.
She is the world champion and has very few rivals at the moment.
The individual people that composed the audience.
Conservationists are trying to save the whale from extinction.
The building was patrolled by armed guards accompanied by fierce dogs.
Valerie always tells me about the most intimate details of their relationship.
There have been significant increase in violent assaults over the past decade.
Few rock stars have had the charisma of Elvis Presley.
She claimed to have had a number of divine visions.
The twelve deities of ancient Greek mythology.
He was a man of the highest virtue.
Try to set aside at least an hour each day for learning new vocabulary.
My dog just gave birth to another litter of puppies.
A fox and her cubs were crossing the field.
Floods in Bangladesh caused over 1000 deaths.
He was savaged by a mad dog.
They managed to catch the poacher who had been killing the deer.
The increase in violent crime is emblematic of the times we live in.

Deforestation in parts of South America is one of the biggest environmental concerns.
More and more houses are encroaching upon farmland.
Scratching trees is one of the ways that cats mark their territory.
We saw a sinister figure lurking in the shadows.
Do you have legitimate authority to use these premises?
The escalation of violence in the city is one of our main concerns.

She feels that her personal authority has been eroded.
These are the fields where they used to graze their sheep.
His livestock includes a very rare breed of pig.
Mice have been considered pests ever since agriculture first developed.
Anything the men wanted the women didn't, and vice versa.
The song triggered many happy memories.
Infrared light was used to track the animals at night.
They found the television cameras too intrusive.
She used to come to this church to worship every day.
We have been campaigning globally for several decades.
The workers were given 30 days' pay as compensation.
The parking facilities are inadequate for such a busy shopping centre.
He was moved by the plight of homeless children.
The island's wildlife exemplifies bio- diversity.
She couldn't clearly remember the sequence of events on the night in question.

Some people say the hardest thing in a foreign language to learn properly is intonation.
I concede that he's a good runner, but I stillthink I can beat him.
She boasted that she could speak six languages fluently.
It's all your fault!' he retorted.
Alcoholism affects all aspects of family life.
The penalty for murder was death.
Everyone is getting excited about the forthcoming festival.
Things look pretty grim for farmers right now.
The article simply echoed the government's position on the matter.
The latest opinion polls show the Social Democrats leading by 10%.
Mothers with very young children often feel cut off from the rest of the community.
Genetic engineering has been the subject of a lot of recent controversy.
There have been several allegations that the election had been fixed.
The Chief Executive is being investigated for alleged corruption.
A full-scale inquiry into the train crash has been instigated.
They have pledged to fight for equal rights.

Deformation of the landscape is a consequence of progression.
The evacuation of the villagers took six hours.
The magazine featured an alarmist report on population growth.
Customs officials were indifferent to their plight.
These concerts are financed by the Arts Council.
Are you eligible for social security benefits?
I'm not immune to measles, so stay away from me!
The course is open to anyone irrespective of age.
I had chickenpox when I was ten.
Both my children have had their measles vaccinations.
Leonard was always fussy about his food.
Have you taken your mineral supplements today?
What brand of detergent do you use?
Pregnant women should avoid eating ice cream and certain kinds of soft cheese, for fear of salmonella.
I would like some clarification about your intentions.
A discursive style of writing.
The polar bear's habitat is the icy wastes of the Arctic.
Astronomers have long been convinced of the existence of black holes.
She seldom reads newspapers.
The miners' trade union is threatening to call a strike.

We live in the green belt just outside London.

There were lumps in the sauce.
Detectives have found a fragment of bone.
Draw a circle six centimetres in diameter.
The Moon's orbit around the Earth.
They used a system of kinetic heating.
She lives in a sparsely populated area.

A nuclear missile.
David gave me a nudge to wake me up.

Ten seconds until we detonate the explosives.
Traffic has been diverted due to an accident.
The mass of a star.
He shunted me out of the way so he could be first in the queue.
Parts of Britain still have many ancient bogs.
He lifted the tent flap slowly to see what was making the noise.
A peat bog.
He attached the photograph to his application form.
They managed to unearth a complete ancient temple.
A stray spark must have started the blaze.
Norma Jean, alias Marilyn Monroe.
The whole country was gripped by economic problems.

High-tech industries.
The remnants of a meal stood on the table.
They put the tortillas on the griddle and cooked them slowly.
Your hair needs trimming.
All the men wore black armbands at the funeral.
They have a relaxed mode of life that suits them well.
He gingerly lifted the tiger cub from its cage.
The wreck was preserved by the muddy seabed.

We were tormented in the outback by the ubiquitous Australian fly.
The graves were covered in moss, which had been growing there for two hundred years.
The car's security device will immobilise the ignition system.
The sun tanned my skin in a matter of days, from pale white to golden brown.
During the war, deserters faced execution.
He called me a coward because I would not fight.
Look out for crocodiles in this swamp.
Animal sacrifice was part of many ancient rituals.
The library was a huge repository of knowledge.
The government is reining in public expenditure.
The government has issued guidelines on the controlled exploitation of ocean resources.
A specialist in forensic science was called as a witness.
I've got a splinter in my finger.
They discovered a bronze- age settlement.
During Elizabethan times, women used to wear a variety of petticoats and other undergarments.
The pullover was knitted coarsely.
The dress was covered in embroidered flowers.
In the sixties it was fashionable to turn up the hem on skirts, and thus the mini-skirt was born.
The beads had been threaded onto a long piece of string.
The deceased left a large sum of money to his children.
Jenkins was killed because he stumbled onto something he shouldn 't have seen.
Plato draws all the strands of the argument together at the end.
Outside a great storm was raging.
It was built with stones quarried from the Cheshire downs.

We grind the wheat to make the flour.
You can taste the barley in this beer.
The new leader was accused of stirring up trouble.
Maria was very vague about her plans for the future.
The company's records are being examined by the Inland Revenue.
There has been an increase in the number of immigrants to Britain.
She got lost in the throng of milling spectators.
He was outfitted with overalls for the job.
We found that Jane had totally immersed herself in the African way of life.
Louis Armstrong was a musician of world stature.
I think you may have hit upon the only error in the whole program.
He thought up an ingenious way of making money.

We have decided to patent our idea before anyone else does.
I'm going now,' she said, fastening her coat.
The Queen's ceremonial apparel.
He was clothed in his usual priestly garb.
We just made small talk about the weather.
If she keeps on behaving like that I'll have to give her a real talking to.
I wish you would hurry up and get to the point!
I'm fed up with you two talking shop all the time.
I can't make head or tail of this letter - does it mean anything to you?
Is this what you wanted me to do or did I just get the wrong end of the stick?
Once Terry starts talking it's difficult to get a word in edgeways.
I think you and Jane must have been talking at cross-purposes.
You have to realise that kids aren't stupid; they know when they're being talked down to.
Meg was distracted from her work by the noise outside.
In retrospect, it was the wrong time to set up a new company.
His complete immersion into politics was something his wife found hard to deal with.
They produced a visualisation of what the ancient temple must have been like.
Nutrition and exercise are essential to fitness and health.

Her nutritionist advised her to follow a diet high in carbohydrates.
Wholemeal bread is much healthier and better for your skin.
Fruit and vegetables are high in fibre content.
Poor posture can lead to muscular problems in later life.
You'll have to re-align your textcolumns if you change the type face.
She sipped her wine, savouring every drop.
I had scuba diving lessons before I went to Paros.
Tom's new car is just out of this world.
She was a resourceful woman who could cope in almost any circumstances.
His essay was a well- organised, cohesive piece of discursive writing.
Peter gave a flawless performance as the hero.
Storms at sea impeded our progress.
He abruptly changed all our plans, without giving us any warning.
for his money.
f the disease.
sion of the dictatorship.
eld of genetics.

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