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					                                                                          February 26, 2007

                    COUNCIL MEETING

                           Naples, Florida, February 26, 2007

LET IT BE REMEMBERED, that the Collier County Tourist Development Council in

and for the County of Collier, having conducted business herein, met on this date at 9:00

a.m. in REGULAR SESSION in Building “F” of the Government Complex, Naples,

Florida, with the following members present:

                                            Chairman:    Commissioner Jim Coletta
                                                         Susan Becker
                                                         Murray H. Hendel
                                                         Clark Hill
                                                         Rick Medwedeff (excused)
                                                         Robert Miller (absent)
                                                         Ed (Ski) Olesky
                                                         John Sorey III
                                                         E. Glenn Tucker

ALSO PRESENT: Jack Wert, Tourism Director
              Gary McAlpin, Coastal Project Manager
              Heidi Ashton, Assistant County Attorney
              Kelly Green, Administrative Assistant

                                                                                       February 26, 2007

I.     Call to Order
       The meeting was called to order by Chairman Commissioner Jim Coletta at 9:05 a.m.

II.    Pledge of Allegiance
       Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

III.   Roll Call
       A quorum was established.

IV.    Changes and Approval of Agenda
       - Under “New Business - Category “B” Grant Application,” Jack Wert will provide additional
         information from the International Tennis Group.

       The following comments were made:
       - Susan Becker would leave at 10:30 AM;
       - The report of Gary McAlpin concerning the Keewaydin study regarding future transportation
          will be presented at a later date, after it has been reviewed by Parks and Recreation

       Commissioner Coletta asked if the agenda was approved as amended. Seconded by Mr. Hill.
       Carried unanimously 6-0.

V.     Approval of TDC Minutes - Regular Meeting of January 16, 2007
          Ms. Becker moved to approve the minutes for January 16, 2007.
          Seconded by Mr. Hill. Carried unanimously 6-0.

VI.    New Business

       1. Category “B” Grant Application - International Tennis Group

          Mr. Wert stated the current year application for the April event is “out of cycle,” but the ATP
          Challenger tennis event is going to be held on a yearly basis at the Naples Bath and Tennis
          Club. He further stated the purpose of the tournament is to provide the younger, less
          experienced tennis player with exposure to playing in professional events. The ITG is
          requesting $25,000 for promotion of the event in out-of-area locations.

          Ms. Becker voiced her concern about the lateness of the application, especially since no
          County assistance was needed for the November, 2006 event.

          Mr. Wert reported the TDC had been contacted by ITG last fall regarding the November
          event. At that time, he suggested that ITG hold the event without assistance in order to
          establish a track record in Collier County. He introduced Peggy Sealfon, Marketing Director
          for ITG, to answer any questions.

          Ms. Sealfon was questioned regarding the $320 entry fee. She stated the entry fee applied
          only to the players, and not the general public. The players provide their own airfare. There

                                                                                           February 26, 2007

          are raffles offered in Ecuador to residents. The winner will receive air fare and hotel as the

          Mr. Wert stated that if the County assists with funds for this year’s promotion, ITG will be
          able to reach more markets and generate more interest/attendance. He mentioned the contract
          will require tracking of room nights and participation by attendees in other local activities (i.e.,
          shopping, restaurants). He also stated that Easter will be early this year and hotel rooms will
          be available. He stated that TDC funds will not be used for the raffle prize, but to promote the
          raffle and for other advertising which also promotes Naples. He further stated that tennis and
          its enthusiasts fit into the demographic profile for Naples.

          Mr. Hendel moved to approve the grant application. It was seconded, but a question
          was raised by Mr. Olesky.

          Mr. Olesky asked if the grant money would be used solely for advertising, and not for airline
          tickets for the players, and Peggy Sealfon reiterated the funds would be used for advertising,
          printing fliers, on-court signage, general packaging of information.

          The Chairman ascertained the Motion had been made, and seconded. Motion was
          carried, 5-1. Ms. Becker remained opposed.

VII.   Old Business

       1. Marco South Beach Renourishment/Caxambas Pass Dredging Update
          Mr. McAlpin reviewed project goals: to deepen Caxambas Pass, and use the sand removed
          from the dredging on the beach. Both goals have been accomplished and the contract has been
          completed. The channel itself is in the process of being remarked in cooperation with the City
          of Marco and the Marco Waterways Committee.

       2. Clam Pass Beach Park Renourishment/Clam Pass Dredging Update
          Mr. McAlpin stated the goals of this project were to dredge the Clam Pass Beach Park for
          tidal flushing for the mangroves and to take the material and add it to the County Park. The
          project is approximately 40% complete to date. It is anticipated the project will be completed
          by April 1, 2007.

       3. Wiggins Pass Dredging Update
          Mr. McAlpin stated that the first part of this project was to dredge exterior of the pass and to
          place the recovered material on Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park Beach to renourish the beach.
          The second part was to dredge the interior channel for safety and navigation. The recovered
          material was placed on the beach at Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park. This project has
          been completed. The channel will be remarked in cooperation with local residents and the
          Estuary Conservancy.

       4. Artificial Reef Information Update
          Mr. McAlpin reminded the Committee that the Department of Environmental Protection
          required the building of a one-acre artificial reef with very specific requirements. The DEP
          has approved the materials to be used. Approximately 1500 boulders will be placed within the

                                                                                        February 26, 2007

           reef area. The first load of boulders is being moved into position. The project should be
           completed before the beginning of hurricane season.

           Mr. McAlpin answered questions concerning the hand-placement of the boulders on the reef
           by divers and the identification of each boulder by GPS coordinates, as specified by the
           Department of Environmental Protection.

        5. Children’s Museum Status Report
           Mr. Wert stated the Committee had recommended a grant to the Children’s Museum to fund a
           traveling exhibit and preview center. No work related to the grant has been completed at this
           point. The traveling exhibit is scheduled to be on the road from April 1, 2007 through
           September 1, 2007. The Grant may carry over into next year since very little of these funds
           will be spent this year.

VIII.   Staff Report Presentations
        Section I:
           (a) Paradise Advertising – Cedar Hames
                 Clint Arlington, Paradise Advertising and Marketing
                     Reviewed several print advertising projects including co-op advertising, ads
                        targeting meetings, and “other”
                     “Niche” pages have been developed which target golf, and are also being
                        developed for wedding packages, spa packages, and boating.
                     “Cold Snap” campaign was reviewed; target markets include Boston, New York
                        City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland and St. Louis

           (b)   Television ads – Dave DiMaggio, Paradise Advertising and Marketing
                     Market has changed; also targeting Spanish-speaking market
                     Slogan: “Florida’s Last Paradise” remains, but is refreshed
                     Now defined through visitor’s eyes and experience
                     New single-subject ads have tested well according to recent focus group reports

        Section II:
           (a) Director’s Report – Jack Wert
                     Tourist tax collected – very similar to 2006 figures – above projections
                     Klages Research - Statistics positive for 2007

           (b)   Smith Travel Report
                    Occupancy is up for destination and for the upscale group of properties
                    Average Daily rate and RevPAR were up also
                    Performance for the first month of season is very good

           (c)   Search Engine Report
                     Recommendations to assist search engines “key words” to locate our site more

           (d)   Website Results Report

                                                                                      February 26, 2007

                     Significant increase in visitors to our website – people who searched and spent
                      time viewing, and detailed most active days for inquiries


      Proposal to the TDC
      Mr. Wert proposed examining a specific objective during future meetings to obtain input from
      each Council member as a brain-storming session to determine not only possible changes for the
      remainder of this year, but to give staff a perspective of how to proceed for the coming year.

      He suggested that next month the Council could review the first objective, “Defining Unique and
      Desirable Brand.” He would ask the agency to present an overview of how the brand is
      performing. He stated it would be helpful to hear the point of view of the Council members, and
      he would like to add it as an agenda item for each month.

IX.   Detailed Staff Reports

         (e)   Sales Manager Report – Debi Debenedetto, presented by Niccole Haschak, Sales and
               Marketing Assistant
                In January, 20 requests for proposals were sent to hotel partners
                7,247 room nights were booked by one company - the lead was generated through
                  direct contact by Ms. Debenedetto with a meeting planner whom she met while
                  attending a conference
                General inquiries have increased; and an increase in trade show planners
                “Sea shell fortune” is the new promotional item – “We will be meeting soon in
                Special Booking: Destination Marketing Association, International Group, has
                  chosen Naples for its annual CEO Forum in May, 2008 (60 domestic and
                  international CEOs will attend)

         (f)   P.R. Manager Report – JoNell Modys
                In February, The New York Times ran a story on the HSMAI gold medal won by the
                Worked with the travel editor for Woman’s World Magazine (circulation: 1.6M +)
                  on a two-page color publicity feature that utilized the branding name, “Discover the
                  Paradise Coast,” and mentioned Naples, the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Marco
                  Island, and several local events including the Naples Wine Festival
                Met with Editor of Big Apple Parent Magazine – the resulting story featured the
                  nature of the Naples area as a lure for family vacations, and appeared in four issues
                  including the West Chester Parent

         (g)   Film Coordinator Report – Maggie McCarty
                Sports Stuff utilized the North Collier Regional Water Park as a background for a
                  recent photo shoot
                SteinMart, Silouettes, Centex Homes also had photo shoots in the Naples area

                                                                                        February 26, 2007

                    A production team for a potential TV pilot, “Hurricane Chad,” is very interested in
                     filming in the Naples area and has been impressed by the variety of locations
                    Working with Film Florida, monthly ads are placed in industry publications to
                     advise filmmakers and studios that money and incentives are available to film
                     in the Naples area
                    Has begun cataloging images through “Reel Scout,” and has received requests
                     directly from that effort with good feedback
                    Will host the first annual fish fry in downtown Austin, TX for the benefit of Texas

           (h)   Sports Marketing Report – Ralph Pryor
                  1st quarter of fiscal year – partnered with Lee County for the Senior Softball USA
                    Winter Nationals – 300 visitors; economic impact was estimated at approximately
                  For this quarter, 14 events are scheduled; over 10,000 visitors are anticipated with
                    spending impact for the area estimated at approximately $800,000 and potential tax
                    revenues generated of approximately $10,000
                  Athletic events represent approximately 25 % use of the facility

           (i)   Phase V – Fulfillment & Call Summary – Ginny DeMas
                  Statistics for 2007 calendar year: total inquiries 6,199 (less than January, 2006)
                  Leading states: Florida, New York, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee
                  Countries: USA, Canada, England, India, and Germany
                  5,113 Special mailings; 45 press kits; 13 hotel accommodations
                  Website: 367,112 hits (increased 88,241 from January, 2006)
                  Unique visits: 94,903 (January, 2006 – 40,137)

X.      Announcements – NONE

XI      Audience Input & Discussion – NONE

XII.    Council Discussion – NONE

XIII.   Next Meeting Date/Location – March 26, 2007 – Collier County Government Center,
        Administration Bldg. F, 3rd Floor, 3301 Tamiami Trail, Naples, Florida 34112

There being no further business for the good of the County, the meeting was adjourned by the
order of the Chair at 11:30 AM.


                              Chairman Jim Coletta

                                                                           February 26, 2007

These Minutes were approved by the Chairman on ____________________________, 2007, as
presented _______, or as amended ________.


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