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									                Instructions for the 2007 Cargill Community Scholarship Program

FFA students are encouraged to complete the National FFA Collegiate Scholarship Application instead of
this form, and have a Cargill employee sign the appropriate box on that application to be eligible for other
scholarships administered by National FFA, in addition to the Cargill Community Scholarship.
The Cargill Community Scholarship Program encourages and supports academic excellence and community
involvement. High-school seniors who live in a community where Cargill has a business presence and who
will attend a two- or four-year higher-education institution the fall after their high-school graduation may
submit an application. Cargill has sponsored 350 nationwide scholarships of $1,000 as part of the company's
larger commitment to education.
Children of Cargill employees are not eligible for this scholarship. Visit www.cargill.com to learn more.

   All type-in and drop-down entries must be completed unless otherwise noted.
    Have a Cargill employee or Cargill joint-venture employee complete this information.
    Dealers'/Distributors' signatures do not meet this requirement.
    This scholarship is reserved for students from communities near where Cargill employees live and work.
     Signatures are required from your high-school principal or guidance counselor, you, and a parent or
     guardian of yours. If signatures are missing from your application, it will be disqualified.
    A. Briefly explain how your work experience relates to and influences your future goals.
    B. List and describe your work experience (farm, paid, volunteer).
   A. School-related Activities – Name and briefly describe the school-related activities in which
                                   you were/are involved. Include years involved and awards and
                                   positions, etc., by year.
   B. Community Activities – Name and briefly describe the community actvities in which you
                                were/are involved. Note any special recognition or responsibilities
                                and the years involved.
    In the allotted space, explain why the scholarship committee should choose you as a scholarship recipient.
     Ask a teacher or guidance counselor you know to respond to this section.
     This section is to be completed by a guidance counselor, academic advisor or high-school principal.
    All type-in and drop-down entries must be completed.
   This information is used for submitting press releases about scholarship recipients.
        Career Cluster Areas for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Industries
Select your major from the list below. You may also list your specialization (if any) on the scholarship application form.

A. Agricultural and Forest Productions Specialist
Agricultural and forest production units reach far beyond the traditional farm managers and ranch/owner/operators.
Producers now take advantage of the integrated inputs of science, educators, business representatives and natural
resource managers to create a diverse workforce.
A101 – Agronomy & Crop Science             A107 – Farm & Ranch Management                A113 – Nursery & Landscape
A102 – Animal Nutrition                    A108 – Fishing & Fisheries Science                    Management
A103 – Animal Science                      A109 – Forest Management                      A114 – Plant Science
A104 – Aquaculture                         A110 – Horticulture                           A115 – Poultry Science
A105 – Dairy Science                       A111 – Landscape Architecture                 A116 – Turf Management
A106 – Equine Science                      A112 – Livestock Management                   A117 – General Agriculture

B. Communication and Education Specialists
Computerized information management has necessitated growth in agricultural communication and education
specializations. Combined with a strong emphasis on business communications, writers, broadcasters, science
editors, environmental public relations, technical consulting and industrial educators provide an important
component in the business structure.
B201 – Agricultural Communications         B203 – Agricultural Journalism                B205 – Agricultural Public
B202 – Agricultural Education              B204 – Agricultural Extension                        Relations

C. Managers and Financial Specialists
Professionals who support an agricultural foundation with expertise in management, finance, accounting
and/or statistics. Agribusiness financial managers, planners, government program managers, accountants
and human resource managers represent occupations in this cluster.
C301 – Ag. Business Management             C303 – International Agriculture     C305 – Food Service Management
C302 – Agricultural Economics              C304 – Agricultural Finance

D. Marketing, Merchandising and Sales Representatives
Utilizing a broad array of scientific and business management tools, graduates placed in this cluster
use a wide range of agricultural and natural resource backgrounds and have an interest and understanding
of marketing and merchandising. Sales and marketing representatives of plant protection products,
seeds, fertilizers, forest products and lawn, garden and nursery products are few examples of careers
in this cluster. Grain merchandisers, market analysts and purchasing agents would be careers in this cluster.
D401 – Agricultural Sales & Marketing

E. Scientists, Engineers and Related Specialists
This group includes professional problem-solvers dealing with environmental challengers and is focused
on assuring a safe, nutritious and economical food supply. Careers are found in many types of industries,
but primarily support research-oriented agendas. Bioprocess engineers, food process engineers, plant
geneticists, forest scientists, animal reproductive physiologists and horticulture scientists find positions
throughout universities, government laboratories and privately-operated research programs.
E501 – Agricultural Engineering            E510 – Computer Systems in Agriculture        E519 – Plant Breeding & Genetics
E502 – Agricultural Mechanization          E511 – Conservation                           E520 – Plant Pathology
E503 – Agricultural Power & Equipment      E512 – Entomology                             E521 – Pre-Vet/Vet Sciences
E504 – Agriscience Technician              E513 – Environmental Engineering              E522 – Pulp & Paper Technology
E505 – Animal Breeding & Genetics          E514 – Environmental Science                  E523 – Range Science
E506 – Animal Pathology                    E515 – Food Packaging                         E524 – Soil Conservation
E507 – Biochemistry                        E516 – Food Science & Technology              E525 – Soil Science
E508 – Biological Sciences                 E517 – Marine Biology                         E526 – Water Conservation
E509 – Biotechnology                       E518 – Natural Resources Management           E527 – Wildlife Management

F. Social Service Professionals
Public interest in environment, outdoor recreation activities, and safe and nutritious foods are principal factors,
which will generate most social service positions. These careers require educated individuals involved in the
inspection process to utilize sophisticated instruments and inspection procedures. Nutritionists, dieticians,
regional and community planners and land-use specialists have highly valued professional positions in the
social service area.
F601 – Parks & Recreation Studies                   F603 – Public Service & Administration in Agriculture
F602 – Rural Sociology                              F604 – Dietetics

G. Non-Ag Related Professionals
Any career not directly related to the Food Fiber and Natural Resource Industry.
G701 – Aviation                                     G703 – Hospitality
G702 – Welding                                      G704 – Other non-agriculture related
                   Cargill Community Scholarship Program                                                                                       Sch. #

                              2007 Application                                                                                                 Amt.
                                          SPONSORED BY CARGILL
                                    THROUGH THE NATIONAL FFA FOUNDATION                                                                        Fdn

  I.     APPLICANT INFORMATION                                                                                                                             (For office use only)

       Social Security Number                      First Name                                            Last Name                                       Applicant's Phone Number

  Home - Street Address &/or PO Box                                                         Home City                                       Home State              Home Zip Code

                        Pettis                                                                                                  YES
  County of Residence                                                          Gender [optional]                             U.S. Citizen                High School Senior

  Ethnicity:                                                                   [optional]

                                                                                                                        Applicant's E-mail Address [optional]

                      Green Ridge High School                                                                   401 W. Pettis St. / P.O. Box 70
                                High School Name                                                                   High School - Street Address &/or PO Box

                   Green Ridge                                      MO                                  65332                                  (660) 527-3315
                     High School City                           School State                       High School Zip Code                           High School Phone Number

  II. CARGILL SIGNATURE REQUIRED FOR ELIGIBILITY                                                                       A Cargill employee must complete this section.

  Cargill Business Unit                                                                      City/State

  Name                                                                                                         Title

  I am an employee of Cargill or a Cargill joint venture. _____ Yes _____ No                                 Phone

  Signature of Cargill employee (not distributor/dealer)

                       To identify a Cargill facility in your area, please contact your high-school counselor or
                                      e-mail a request to cargill@ffa.org or call 1-888-476-9332.

  III. ADDITIONAL REQUIRED SIGNATURES                                                                                  All signatures are required.

        I hereby certify that the information the school provided in Sections VII and VIII is correct and that, to the
  best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application by the student is also true. I understand that if
  misinformation is discovered, this student may be disqualified from scholarship consideration.

  High-school principal or guidance counselor: Please print your title, sign your name, and date the line above.

        I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information on this application is true and correct. I understand
  that all information contained on this application is subject to verification and that false information may lead to
  disqualification. If named a scholarship recipient, I agree to the use of my name, my likeness and information
  contained in my application package for advertising and promotional purposes for the Cargill Community Scholarship
  Program without further compensation or notification.

  Applicant Signature:                                                                                                              Date:

  Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                                                                        Date:
                                 (Parent/Guardian signature is required only if the applicant is under age 21 or is claimed as a dependent.)

CARGILL 1                                                                                                                             APPLICATION MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN
2007 Application for                                                                                                   Do not attach additional pages.
                                                  (Name)                           (Social Security Number)

 IV.   WORK EXPERIENCE -- 30 points possible
A. Briefly explain how the skills you have developed and your work experience relate to your future goals.

B. List and describe your work experience (farm, paid, volunteer, 4-H).
   For "scope," include information such as hours worked, gross earnings, activities completed, project numbers, etc.
    Year(s)                             Employment/Project                                                          Scope

 V.    LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES -- 40 points possible
 A. List school-related activities (type, offices held, committee assignments, awards, competitions, and years involved, etc.)
    You may list up to 8 activities; up to two lines may be used to describe a single activity (re-number the list).

 B. List community activities (note years, leadership roles, achievements, awards, etc.).
    You may list up to 8 activities; up to two lines may be used to describe a single activity (re-number the list).

CARGILL 2                                                                                                       APPLICATION MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN
2007 Application for                                                                                           Do not attach any additional pages.
                                              (Name)                             (Social Security Number)

 In the space below, explain why the scholarship committee should select you for a scholarship.
 Use Mouse and put cursor at the end of this line! Delete this text to the left by using the backspace key and then begin typ ing!

 VII. TEACHER/GUIDANCE COUNSELOR STATEMENT                                                                   May be typed or handwritten.
 In the space below, please provide a brief evaluation of the applicant's academic program, extracurricular involvement and potential
 for success in the chosen career field.
Use Mouse and put cursor at the end of this line! Delete this text to the left by using the backspace key and then begin typing!

CARGILL 3                                                                                                      APPLICATION MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN
2007 Application for                                                                                                       Do not attach additional pages.
                                              ( Name )                            ( Social Security Number )

VIII. ACADEMIC INFORMATION -- (30 Points Possible)                                                                 To be completed by school official.

 RANK:      This applicant's class rank is                 in a senior class of                       students.

 GPA:       Cumulative GPA of               on a 4.0 scale.                   SAT Score                        ACT Score
                                   Missing GPA                                                        Missing SAT or ACT Score


 1. I will be a full-time college student in the fall of 2007.

 2. My intended school is a

 3. I plan to attend this school for

 4. My major field of study will be: (SEE CHART) Non-Agricultural Related, use G704.

                                                                                                                  Intended Career Field
 5. The school I plan to attend in the fall
    after high-school graduation is
                                                                                          Official Name of Post-Secondary Institution

 Local Newspaper Name             Windsor Review

 Newspaper Address

 Newspaper City       Windsor                                         State       Missouri                     Zip Code          65360


 1. Father/Stepfather/Guardian
                                                             First Name                                                   Last Name

 2. Mother/Stepmother/Guardian
                                                             First Name                                                   Last Name

 3. One of my parents/guardians is a Cargill or Cargill joint-venture representative or employee.

 To avoid disqualification, make sure that you have completed the following:
                     Did you get all the signatures required in Section III?

                     Did a Cargill employee (not distributor/dealer) complete Section II and sign your application?

                     Did you type your application?

                     Is all the information provided correct and true to the best of your knowledge?

                     Is your application postmarked by February 15, 2007?

                                   Application must be mailed to the following address:

                                                         National FFA Organization
                                                         Attn: Scholarship Office
                                                         PO Box 68960
                                                         Indianapolis, IN 46268-0960

                To identify a Cargill facility in your area, please check with your high-school counselor or
                                 e-mail a request to cargill@ffa.org or call 1-888-476-9332.
CARGILL 4                                                                                                            APPLICATION MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN

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