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									                        Board of Directors Meeting
                             March 3, 2009

     Public Safety Leadership Development Consortium
                       Advisory Board

                 2009 Conference Theme
        “Emerging Issues in Leadership Development”
                    Present (P) not Present (NP)
Dr. Jim Alexander (P)      Texas Woman’s University/Bill Blackwood Law
                           Enforcement Management Institute of Texas

David Aspland (N/P)        Lecturer, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Steve Casey (N/P)          Director, Law Enforcement Executive Institute,
                           Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Dr. Steven Edwards (N/P) Senior Policy Advisor Law Enforcement, US
                         Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice

Tom Fox (P)                Director, Horry County, South Carolina, Detention

Len Hall (P)               Pacific Region Training Centre, Royal Canadian
                           Mounted Police (RCMP)

Dr. Bud Levin (P)          Blue Ridge College/Society of Police Futurists

Ruth Montgomery (P)        PYXIS Consulting Group Inc.

Dr. Joseph Shafer (N/P)    Southern Illinois University/Society of Police
                           Futurists International

Satterfield, Terry M. (n/p) tsatterfield@dpscs.state.md.us

Dr. Gene Stephens (P)    University of South Carolina (retired)/Society of
                         Police Futurists International

Spears Westbrook (P)     Advisory Board Chair

Dr. Rita Wirrer (n/P)    Rhineland-Palatinate Police, International Police
                         Unit, Germany

Steve Winegar (P)         Oregon POST

Todd Wuestewald (NP)     Chief, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Police

Jane Hall

Meeting chaired by Gene/ Spears
To order at 1300 hrs. EST

I………..Introduction                                        Spears Westbrook

II……….PFI Memorandum of Agreement                           Gene Stephens

Agrees with the MOU and believes it is fair.

Need to have a treasurer for our org. to support PFI treasurer.
Steve: concerned with the ability of IPSLC collecting “voluntary dues”,
Government agencies may not support.

Need treasurer if we go forward with MOU. Great MOU and is mutually
advantages to both orgs.

Motion by Steve:
We accept MOU from PFI and move forward and have Len as Liaison and
treasurer. **Letter to be drafted by Len to PFI President.

Seconded by Gene S.

Unanimously passed

II……..Summit Agenda                                         Gene Stephens

Julie Grimaldi or John Jackson will be the speaker for PFI. Julie may not be
able to attend.

Jim A. motion, seconded by Steve W.: Move to adopt agenda for
conference as it stands.

Unanimously passed

IV……..Todd Wuestewald, resignation                        Spears Westbrook

Todd tended his resignation to Spears. His resignation covers his position
on the board of Director and as lead of the international team to Spears.

V………International Team                                   Spears Westbrook

Spears: This team is not functioning at presence, except for pocket
activities. The exchanges are not necessarily centered on leadership. Rita
W. and Peggy Schaffer want to go to e-exchange or electronic exchange
and want to get various academies together to start this. Dominic at FLETC
has offered their “assistance” to move this forward. (Spears is unclear
what exactly this means)

Interested persons to date:
Peggy S.
Rita W.
Joel C.

VI…….Video/Web conferencing up-date                       Spears Westbrook

Spears: We need to look at the purchase or acquiring of Yugma,
Blackboard etc. FDLE may not be able to keep covering the cost of our
calls. (They have said nothing on this)

Jim A.: Need to meet to discuss the use of this technology at the
conference in Nov. LEMIT may be able to assist if there is a tie in with the
use of web casting and meetings. Jim will speak to Carolyn Martinez at
Huntsville regarding this issue. (May use Blackboard not Elluminate for on
line training for our program)

Jim A.: We may be able to use this for international study teams and
academies to get together.

VII…...Discussion as to reporting by                      Spears Westbrook
       Study Teams

Spears: Every quarter invite study team leaders to come on the call to
update the board. It would be one per meeting twice a year.

VIII….New Consortium Members                              Spears Westbrook

Dominick Braccio...........FLETC...........Chief of Behavioral Science Div
John Jackson...........Sgt. Houston, Tx. PD
Katherine Perez.........Chief, Bowie, Maryland PD
Peggy Schaefer...........Director, North Carolina Justice Academy
Lianne Tuomey.......Dep. Chief, University of Vermont Police
Dr. Chris Ortiz.......Sgt,Glen Cove, NY PD/assist professor CJ, NY Institute
of Technology
Bruce Felton.................Lt., Solon, Ohio PD
Tim Turner, Ed.D......FBI (retired)

IX……Open Discussion

Jim: Board wants to go on record to recognize Steve Casey’s great work on
the web site and the efficient running of the web page. **Letter is to be sent
to Steve by the board. Seconded by Spears and unanimously passed.

Women’s Team:

Jane H.: Thanks, we are running out a profile. We are using Myer Briggs in
the survey in a new way. We want to look at middle managers, executive
levels and see if certain types of people gravities to the top and why. The
women’s team needs the Board to make an approach to Myers Briggs to
gain their support and assistance. They appear interested, but the board
needs to assist in this survey partnership with Myers Briggs.

Meet and Greet on line at Huntsville for PFI and our organization

Adjourned: 16:39 EST by Spears

**Action Item


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