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									Managerial & Professional Job Audit Form
(For current M&P employees only)
Position Description Questionnaire - Managerial and Professional Staff

Staff Member: Name: _________________________________ Date: _________

Staff Member Instructions

     1.   A job audit is the mechanism to review the duties and responsibilities of an individual
          position to ensure that it continues to be properly classified. A job audit is appropriate
          when the duties and responsibilities of a position have changed significantly and
          substantially either through expanded or reduced responsibilities or through

     2. If a job audit is appropriate as a result of changes in the duties and responsibilities of
        your position, please fill out this questionnaire so that the Department of Human
        Resources can obtain information about your position and conduct a job audit. Be as
        complete and specific as possible. Answer the questions so that someone unfamiliar with
        your position would obtain a clear understanding of the position. Explain any
        abbreviations or acronyms.

     3. Review the completed questionnaire to make sure that accurate and complete
        information has been provided.

     4. Give your completed questionnaire to your supervisor for review and comment.

Supervisor Instructions

     1.   Review the completed questionnaire with your staff member to ensure that you are in
          agreement with its content. It is important that the information in the questionnaire
          describes the duties of the position and not the performance of the incumbent.

     2. If information requires modification, please indicate this in the appropriate section of the
        questionnaire, initial the change, and review it with your staff member. If major changes
        or modifications are required, please discuss these changes with your staff member and
        have your staff member complete a new questionnaire. You may also attach a separate
        sheet for comments, if necessary. Both you and the staff member should sign the
        questionnaire on the last page.

     3. Forward the completed questionnaire to the appropriate office:

           Central/Medical          Compensation/Classification
           School                   Rm 320-A, 155 Whitney Avenue
           Library                  Personnel Office, SML

Staff Member Information

Staff Member Name ____________________ Phone No.__________

Supervisor Name _____________________ Phone No.____________

Supervisor Position Title _________________ Department__________

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Managerial & Professional Job Audit Form
(For current M&P employees only)
Explain how and why your position has changed.

Primary Purpose: Summarize the purpose of your position in two or three sentences.

Organizational Structure: Draw an organizational chart which includes:

          The level of management above your position
          Your position, and
          the positions reporting to you. Indicate the title and the number of employees in each
           position which reports to you.

           Example of organization chart:

Number of employees:

                                           M&P                   C&T                    S&M
          Directly supervised:
         Indirectly supervised:

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Managerial & Professional Job Audit Form
(For current M&P employees only)
Duties and Responsibilities

List the primary duties you perform in their order of importance. The most "important" duty is
not necessarily the duty which requires the most "time." Estimate the percentage of time you
spend on each duty in order to show which duties constitute the majority of your position's time.

    Duties                                                                          Percent


Knowledge and Skills

Describe any specialized knowledge or skills (e.g. accounting theory, research theory and
techniques, computer applications programming, professional counseling, negotiating, etc.)
which are required on a regular basis to perform your duties and responsibilities. This
knowledge should pertain to your position and not to your specific educational background.
Include any professional certification designations that are required to perform the duties of your

Decision Making / Problem Solving

Describe your role in making or influencing decisions. Give examples of the kinds of decisions
made independently, as well as those in which recommendations for action are made to others.
Explain you involvement in the decision-making process and the resources available to assist you
(e.g., written policies and procedures, general guidelines, etc.)

Provide examples of typical problems you must resolve and describe the judgment, analysis and
creativity that is required.

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Managerial & Professional Job Audit Form
(For current M&P employees only)

Impact on Organization

A. Describe the impact of your position on policy formulation or administration, student or
community relations, research results, or operational or departmental activities.

B. Indicate the size and number of grants, budgets, payrolls, equipment, etc which are directly
affected by your position, if appropriate.

C.Describe the consequence of error or the risks involved from decisions made or actions taken
by your position.

Internal Contacts

Please list the positions within the University with which you have regular contact. Do not
include your immediate supervisor or staff whom you may supervise. Note the
position title, the frequency, and the purpose of the contact.

          Position Title                  Frequency                          Purpose

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Managerial & Professional Job Audit Form
(For current M&P employees only)

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Managerial & Professional Job Audit Form
(For current M&P employees only)
External Contacts

Please indicate those individuals or organizations, external to the University, with whom your job
has regular contact. Note the contact, the frequency, and the purpose of the contact. Use
position title or type of organization, not specific names.

          Position Title                    Frequency                           Purpose

Additional Information

Please describe any other aspects of your position that are significant to the evaluation of your
position and have not been covered by the previous questions.

                                       STAFF MEMBER'S SIGNATURE                                DATE

                                                                              Supervisor's Signature

Please use the following space to comment on the staff member information contained in this
questionnaire, if appropriate.
If more space is needed, please attach a separate sheet for comments.

                                           SUPERVISOR’S SIGNATURE                              DATE

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