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					   Regional Municipality of Halton

Request for Proposals for Design-Build Projects for
    Halton Community Housing Corporation
                   # P-421-10

  Proponent Information Meeting: March 4, 2010
            Overview of the Session
• Background
   – Purpose of this RFP call
   – Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program 2009 Extension
   – Responsibilities of the Service Provider and Halton Community
     Housing Corporation (HCHC)
• Evaluation Criteria
   – Mandatory Requirements
   – Evaluation Factors
• RFP Timeline
• RFP Questions and Answers

                Oral Explanation
• Proponents are to refer to the Request for Proposals
  document for details and requirements of the bid
• The purpose of the Information Meeting is to provide
  an overview of some key points
• No oral explanation or interpretation shall modify any
  of the requirements or provisions of the Request for
  Proposals document
• Any changes to the bid document will be issued by
  an Addendum

Purpose of Request for Proposals Call

• To seek contractor lead design-builders to
 develop affordable housing units on Regionally
 owned land
• Units will be owned and operated by Halton
 Community Housing Corporation (HCHC)

           AHP Extension (2009)

• Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program
 (AHP) has been extended
  – $540 million for the creation of affordable rental
    housing units across Ontario
• Region has applied for Year 2 funding under the
 AHP 2009 Extension for new units to be owned
 and operated by HCHC

  Responsibilities of the Service Provider

• Service Provider is responsible for the overall
 development of the Project, including designing and
 constructing the Project to meet site plan and HCHC
• Responsibilities are outlined beginning on page 13
 of the RFP document

   Responsibilities of Region and HCHC

• Region is responsible for entering into agreements
 with the Province and other funders and retaining
 consultants for its benefit, as required
• HCHC will enter into a construction agreement with
 the Service Provider
• Responsibilities are outlined beginning on page 15
 of the RFP document

                                                RFP Timeline
                          Description                                                Date / Time

Release of RFP                                              Thursday, February 25, 2010

Non-Mandatory Site Meeting                                  Thursday March 4, 2010 3-4pm

Deadline for Written Questions from Proponents              Wednesday March 10, 2010

Deadline for Proposal Submission                            Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Anticipated Conditional Letters of Commitment of funding
                                                            March 2010
from the Province

Interviews, if required                                     Week of March 22, 2010

Anticipated Council Approval of Projects Submitted to the
                                                            Wednesday April 21, 2010

Application for building Permit no later than               June 1, 2010

Expected date of Execution of Design-Build Form of
                                                            Within 60 days of Council approval
Deadline for Execution of Agreements Between
                                                            July 1, 2010
Proponent(s) and Region
Construction Start Date to meet Ministry requirements for
                                                            July 1, 2010

Occupancy                                                   Contractor to confirm in submission

Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation Process

                        Evaluation Criteria
                  Mandatory Requirements
1.   Bid Bond – 5% of the value of the submission
2.   Letter from the surety company indicating the required value of insurance coverage
3.   WSIB current certificate – CAD 7
4.   The development schedule provides for construction of the building to commence no
     later than July 1, 2010
5.   Proponents must complete and submit the Agreement to Bond or Agreement by a
     Canadian Chartered Bank to provide an Irrevocable Letter of Credit with the Proposal,
     signed and sealed by the proposed surety company or chartered bank
6.   Related experience, within the last 5 years, with project(s) similar in size, type,
     complexity and occupancy to the requirements of this RFP
7.   See also the Proposal Checklist p.3-5 of the Proposal Application Form
              If any of the mandatory requirements are not met,
                        the Proposal will be disqualified

                   Evaluation Criteria
                    Evaluation Factors
Evaluation of Technical Proposal
1.   Proponent’s project Team experience - 15 points
2.   Ability to provide services – 15 points
3.   Consultants Experience – 15 points
4.   Contractor Experience – 15 points
5.   Presentation – RFP – 5 points
6.   Project schedule – 5 points
1.   Project Cost - 30 points
Total Score = 100 points

Development Plan Outline
1.        Project Delivery Objectives
2.        Neighbourhood Design Compatibility
3.        Design and Functional Program
      •      Design Guidelines
      •      Accessibility Guidelines
      •      Preliminary Site Plan Agreement Package
4.        Design Concept
5.        Unit types and sizes
6.        Administration, Maintenance and Amenity Space
7.        Energy efficiency
8.        Accessibility
9.        Building Materials
10.       Longevity and Durability
11.       Challenges

Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation Process

               Useful Resources

• Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program 2009
 Extension Guidelines
  – http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/AssetFactory.aspx?did=6871
  • Halton’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy
  – http://www.halton.ca/SCS/Housing/housingStrategy/
  • LEED Canada
  – http://www.cagbc.org/leed/what/index.php

             Useful Resources

– A word version of the Application Form is available upon

      RFP Questions and Answers
Any further questions after today are to be submitted
in writing no later than 4:00 pm Wednesday, March
10, 2010 and clearly identify that they are for Request
for Proposals # P-421-10 to the attention of:
                 Garry Tate, Purchasing Analyst
                 Email: garry.tate@halton.ca
                 Fax: (905) 825-3463

          Proposal Submission
Proposals are due no later than 2:00 pm (Oakville
Time) Thursday, March 18, 2010 and shall be
addressed to the:
           Office of the Manager of Purchasing
           Regional Municipality of Halton
           1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario
           L6M 3L1

RFP Questions and Answers



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