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Azuza Non Profit Fund Raising


Azuza Non Profit Fund Raising document sample

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   Gregory C. Scott                                                          Prior to joining the Weingart Center, Sonny was CFO of
                                                                             Children’s Dental Group, which has five offices in South-
   President & Chief Executive Officer
                                                                             ern California, and Vice President of Finance and Admini-
   Gregory C. Scott, President and Chief Executive                           stration at Child Care Resource Center (CCRC). During his
   Officer of the Weingart Center Association, leads a                       eight-year tenure at CCRC, he successfully managed the
   dynamic team at a rapidly growing organization, measur-                   finances of the agency whose budget increased from $14
   ing success in terms of individual life transformations and               million to $90 million. He also successfully organized the
   impact on the community.         A passionate visionary,                  agency’s quality assurance function to serve as liaison
   Mr. Scott focuses on producing solutions to the challeng-                 with parents and child care providers and monitor con-
   ing social issues affecting low-income communities such                   tract compliance. Sonny also served as Division Control-
   as homelessness, education, workforce development,                        ler for Sunkist Growers, Inc. and Senior Auditor for the
   healthcare, mental health, permanent housing, and youth                   Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He also worked in the
   development.                                                              Philippines as Audit Supervisor for a public accounting
   Mr. Scott’s 15 years of nonprofit and private sector execu-               firm which is an affiliate of Deloitte & Touche.
   tive leadership and management experience illustrates                     Sonny received Business Administration degrees from
   that he is a true agent for social change. He joined the                  California State University, Long Beach (Masters), and the
   Weingart Center in February 2006 as the Vice President of                 Philippine School of Business Administration (Bachelors)
   Programs and Services, and then became the Senior                         where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. A Certified Public
   Vice President and Chief Operating Officer before moving                  Accountant in the Philippines and a Certified Internal
   into his current role. Prior to his tenure at the Weingart                Auditor, Sonny also received his Certificate in Early Child-
   Center, Mr. Scott served as the Executive Director of the                 hood Education from UCLA. Sonny is very active in his
   Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation of Orange                         community. He is a Planning Commissioner for the City of
   County; Regional Vice President for Sylvan Learning Sys-                  Bellflower and a Board Member of the Los Cerritos YMCA.
   tems; Executive Director of the Neighborhood Youth
   Association (NYA); and National Director for YouthBuild                   Deborah Villar
   USA, the national headquarters and intermediary for the
   YouthBuild program.                                                       Vice President, Development and
                                                                             External Affairs
   In addition to his work at the Weingart Center, he cur-                   Deborah Villar is Vice President of Development and
   rently serves as the Vice Chair on the Bresee Foundation                  External Affairs at the Weingart Center Association. Prior
   Board of Directors, and is a Board Member of the Los                      to joining the Weingart Center Association, Deborah was
   Angeles Center of Community Economic Development.                         the Chief Development Officer for JWCH Institute in Los
   He is a former board member for the Orange County                         Angeles. She was responsible for the day to day opera-
   YMCA Community Services Branch, and Founder of                            tions of the Development efforts as well as the Marketing
   Scholar Athletes, Inc. Prior to coming to the Los Angeles                 efforts for the organization. Deborah led the movement to
   area Mr. Scott was appointed by the Governor of Massa-                    broaden the funding base for the organization and over
   chusetts to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board for the                   the course of her tenure the organization diversified both
   Massachusetts Service Alliance Commission to allocate                     public and private grant funding. Deborah leveraged her
   funds to public service organizations and initiatives;                    knowledge of the community and funding initiatives that
   Board Member for the National and Community Service                       resulted in building the infrastructure of the organization
   Coalition; and the National Youth Employment Coalition.                   while adding new programs and capabilities for JWCH.
                                                                             Prior to JWCH, Deborah spent 6 years collectively with
   He holds a Bachelors degree from William Paterson                         Clinica Romero as Director of Development and External
   University, and received his Masters of Science degree in                 Affairs and prior to that she was the Director of the North-
   Community Economic Development from Southern New                          east Clinic. Before her tenure as a staff person with
   Hampshire University.                                                     Clinica Romero, she served as the Chair of the Board of
                                                                             Directors for Clinica Romero for 7 years.
   Sonny Santa Ines
                                                                             Deborah began her career serving the homeless commu-
   Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer                      nity through her efforts at Community Health Foundation
   Sonny Santa Ines specializes in finance, accounting,                      in East Los Angeles where she held positions of increas-
   budgeting, contract compliance, management information                    ing responsibility in Community Relations, Marketing and
   systems and purchasing. Sonny joined the Weingart Cen-                    Business Development, and as Chief of Operations par-
   ter Association in October of 2007 and serves as the                      ticipated in the JACHO accreditation for the organization.
   Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/ Chief Administrative Officer

Weingart Center Association  566 S. San Pedro St.  Los Angeles, CA 90013  Phone: 213.627.9000  Fax: 213.627.4031   Sept 2010
Deborah sits on the Advisory Board of L.A.’s Best After                                     Janelle's educational background was derived from the
School Enrichment Program and has been an active                                            California State University of Long Beach.
“past” Board Member of Bienvenidos Family Services.
Deborah has a BA in Liberal Arts from California State                                      Maurice Ochoa
University, Los Angeles. Deborah was born and raised in
                                                                                            Vice President, Facilities Services
Los Angeles and she is a proud Angeleno.
                                                                                            Maurice Ochoa serves as the Vice President of Facilities
Jana Plasters                                                                               Services at the Weingart Center Association. In this role,
Vice President, Programs and Services                                                       Maurice will oversee the maintenance, housekeeping,
                                                                                            and security of the organization, which has over 175,000
Jana Plasters has been a consummate advocate for the
                                                                                            sq. ft. of space in six buildings. Maurice is adept at
mentally ill throughout her 25 years of working for leading
                                                                                            streamlining procedures to improve safety levels,
community mental health service agencies, including 17
                                                                                            increase productivity and control costs. Maurice will also
years of experience in clinical and senior administrative
                                                                                            be responsible for the food services department that pre-
posts. Jana joined the Weingart Center Association in the
                                                                                            pares 225,000 meals annually.
spring of 2007 as the Vice President of Programs and
Services where she is responsible for clinical leadership, pro-                             Maurice has progressive management experience in un-
gram assessment and development, regulatory compliance and                                  ion and non-union environments, including eight years as
contracting, hiring, and staff training and coaching. Jana is a                             Maintenance Manager at Unified Grocers, Plant Engineer
licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.                                                     at Pentab Industries and Chief Engineer at Sportman’s
Jana has directed numerous residential and outpatient treat-
                                                                                            Maurice holds a Bachelors in Business Administration
ment programs for both adults and children. Before working
                                                                                            from LaVerne University as well as an AS in Electrical
at the Weingart Center Association, Jana served as Chief
                                                                                            Construction and Maintenance from Los Angeles Trade
Program Officer and Clinical Director for Portals, a mental
                                                                                            Technical College.
health rehabilitation agency specializing in child abuse is-
sues, alcohol and drug treatment, and child welfare. Prior to
Portals, Jana was Director of the Outpatient Clinical Depart-                               Troy Vaughn
ment at The Help Group where she oversaw the operations                                     Vice President, Community Development and
of 13 clinical programs serving parents and “special needs”                                 Public Policy
children. Jana began her career at the Children's Institute
International where she worked for 18 years, first as a clini-                              Troy Vaughn serves as Vice President of Community
cian then director of several mental health programs serving                                Development and Public Policy for the Weingart Center
adults and children.                                                                        Association. He is an experienced senior administrator
                                                                                            and has developed and facilitated programs for homeless
She received a Bachelors in Psychology from the Univer-                                     men and women for over 15 years.
sity of Colorado plus a Masters in Marriage and Family                                      Troy possesses dual graduate degrees in Business
Treatment from Azuza Pacific University.                                                    Administration and Theology (Concentration in Urban
                                                                                            Development). He is certified as a Chemical Dependency
Janelle Anwar                                                                               Counselor, Fund-Raising Marketing Specialist, Grant-
Vice President, Human Capital Development                                                   Writing Specialist, Notary Public (Signing Agent), as well
                                                                                            as holds graduate certification in Christian Ministry and
Janelle Anwar is an affluent Human Resource professional                                    Organizational / Non-profit Management.
specializing in compliance and risk management. Janelle
joined the Weingart Center Association as the Vice Presi-                                   Troy is currently pursuing his Juris Doctorate from Con-
dent of Human Capital Development and will oversee a                                        cord Law School. He has served on the Ambassador
full service department for a staff of 150+ employees in                                    Counsel Advisory Board for the Union Rescue Mission,
five facilities.                                                                            as well as the Advisory Board for The King’s Alumni As-
                                                                                            sociation. Troy is a member of the National Association
She segued into the Human Resource arena via the                                            of Evangelicals, National Contract Management Associa-
Workers' Compensation sector and soon became very                                           tion, National Notary Association, Inglewood Area Minis-
acquainted with labor laws. With a passion driven                                           ter’s Association and the American Counseling Associa-
by success, Janelle quickly found a true purpose in help-                                   tion, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for
ing organizations reach maximum potentials by effectively                                   Lighthouse of Costa Mesa’s Recovery Ministries.
managing people assets. Over the last nine years, she
has contracted Human Resource services for various
companies ranging from healthcare, major media and
manufacturing companies. Her most recent success was
serving as the Human Resource Manager for Inglewood
Park Cemetery where she was awarded "Rookie of the
Year" in 2008.

Weingart Center Association is a registered 501 (c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.                September 2010

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