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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                       Contact: Jamille Bradfield
       June 25, 2008                                                                  214-653-3612 office
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         Jury Finds Self-Ordained Minister Damonne Lowery Guilty of
                             First Degree Murder
                                Defendant sentenced to life in prison

WHAT:                   In the case of the State vs. Damonne Lowery (F-08 006 86), tried in
                        Criminal District Court 2, the Honorable Judge Don Adams presiding, a
                        jury found the defendant Damonne Lowery, guilty of first degree murder.
                        Mr. Lowery was sentenced to life in the Texas Department of Corrections
                        (TDC). The prosecutors on the case from the Dallas County District
                        Attorney’s Office were Shelley Fox and Rachael Jones.

WHEN:                   The jury’s verdict was handed down on Tuesday, June 24, 2008.
                        The trial began on Monday, June 16, 2008.

WHERE:                  Frank Crowley Courts Building
                        133 N. Industrial Blvd.
                        Dallas, Texas 75207

BACKGROUND:             Defendant Damonne Lowery, who is a self-ordained minister, met the
                        victim, Doneshia Hill, at work on Monday, March 26, 2007. On Friday,
                        March 30, 2007, the victim gave the defendant a ride home after work.
                        After Ms. Hill drove Mr. Lowery home, she delayed her drive home to
                        Terrell, Texas, because of bad weather. The victim's naked body was
                        found early the next morning dumped in an apartment complex parking lot
                        in Arlington. She had been shot four times in the head at point blank

                        The defendant was convicted based on evidence presented to the jury that
                        showed a large amount of the victim's blood that was found on the carpet
                        and on a bullet in the wall of the defendant's apartment. Cell phone
                        records also placed the defendant within one mile of where the victim's
                        body was found at that particular time. The defendant also had several
                        instances of violence in the past that were presented during the
                        punishment phase of the trial.


Frank Crowley Courts Building  133 N. Industrial Blvd., L.B. 19  Dallas, Texas 75207-4399  214/653-3600

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