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					                                    “The Ciitty Wiitth a Heartt”
                                    “The C y W h a Hear ”

                                                                         Larry Franzella, Mayor
                                                                         Jim Ruane, Vice Mayor
                                                                         Ken Ibarra, Councilmember
                                                                         Irene O’Connell, Councilmember
                                                                         Chris Pallas, Councilmember

                                        October 11, 2005
The San Bruno City Council met in a special joint study session with the San Mateo County Community
College District Board on October 11, 2005 at Skyline College Gallery Theater 3300 College Drive San
Bruno. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m.
Roll Call: Presiding was Mayor Franzella with Councilmembers Ruane, O’Connell, Pallas, and Ibarra in
attendance. Absent none. Recording by City Clerk Simon.
Study Session included a tour of the campus and an explanation of improvements currently underway.
Skyline College President Vicki Morrow presented a slide show and discussed Skyline College initiatives.
Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m. to the regular City Council meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the San
Bruno Senior Center.
Reception with refreshments for the 2005 Beautification Awards recipients started at 6:30 p.m.
Mayor Franzella thanked the San Bruno Garden Club for providing the beautiful floral arrangement.
1. ROLL CALL: Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Presiding was Mayor Franzella with
Councilmembers Ruane, Ibarra, O’Connell and Pallas in attendance. Recording by City Clerk Simon. City
Manager Jackson led the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.
Mayor Franzella introduced San Mateo County Supervisor Richard Gordon who made remarks
regarding item 9.b. Because of other commitments, he could not stay to speak on this item later on during
the meeting. He is the Chairman of the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART) and
encouraged the City of San Bruno to consider joining so more affordable housing for San Mateo County.
Mayor Franzella turned the Chair over to Councilmember and Co-Chair of the Beautification Task
Force, Irene O’Connell who presented certificates to winners of the 2005 Beautification Awards.
Councilmember O’Connell said this is our 9th Annual Program and wished to continue encouraging
residents to improve their property and businesses. She introduced the members of the Task Force.
Skyline College was given an award for the Founders Learning Gove of Trees Project.
Commercial winners were Patio Filipino, San Bruno Dental Center, and Don Pico’s Restaurant.
Single Family Residential winners were 336 Texas Avenue, 520 Cherry Avenue, and 290 Elm Avenue.
Xeriscaping winners were 2920 Fleetwood Drive, 200 Amador Avenue, and 2085 Spyglass Way.
Most Improved Property winners were 1357 Park Avenue, 860 Kains Avenue, and 201 Ross Way.
Mayor Franzella congratulated all the winners and thanked Councilmember O’Connell and the
Beautification Task Force members for all their hard work.
City Council Regular Meeting – Minutes
October 11, 2005
Page 2 of 7
   The League of Women Voters is hosting a Candidates’ Forum on Wednesday, October 12, 2005,
   from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Senior Center. All candidates seeking public office for the City of
   San Bruno during the November 8, 2005 General Municipal Election have been invited to participate.
   The event will be televised on San Bruno Cable Channel 11 and the public is encouraged to attend.
2. REVIEW OF AGENDA: No changes were made.
3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The regular City Council meeting minutes of September 27, 2005,
   were approved as submitted.
4. CONSENT CALENDAR: All items listed are considered routine or implement an earlier Council
   action and may be enacted by one motion; there will be no separate discussion unless requested by
   Councilmember, citizen or staff.
   a. Approve: Payroll of September 23, 2005.
   b. Approve: Accounts Payable of August 22, 29, and September 5, 2005, (Council packets only,
      copy is available for review at the City Clerk’s office).
   c. Approve: Approve out of state travel for Cable Director and System Engineer to ParaSun
      Technologies, Inc. headquarters and network operations center (NOC) in Vancouver, BC, Canada
      between October 25 and 27, 2005.
   d. Adopt: Waive second reading and adopt an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of San
      Bruno repealing Section 1.24.020 (Claims Procedure) of Chapter 1.24 (Statute of Limitations) and
      adding new section 1.24.020 (Claims Presentation Procedures) to Chapter 1.24 (Statute of
      Limitations) to Title 1 (General Provisions) of the San Bruno Municipal Code.
Dave Dornlas of Crestmoor Drive requested item 4. c. be pulled for public discussion.
M/S Ruane/Ibarra to approve the remainder of the consent calendar and passed by unanimous vote.
Item 4. c. Mr. Dornlas said with the opening of the Shops At Tanforan, we are hoping to pump more
money into our economy. Why are we contracting with a foreign company? $192,000 is being sent to
Canada and the City Council is out-sourcing a job. With all the Information Technology on the Peninsula
we should be outsourcing to a US company, if not doing the work in house. We should re-advertise for a
US company.
Scott Buschman of Claremont Drive said this is setting a bad precedent by out-sourcing this job. Are we
paying more by not doing this work in house? The Council should have a policy that jobs are not sent
overseas and we must do business in San Mateo County and the State of California.
CATV Director Gyaltsen replied that ParaSun of Canada has been doing our Internet Services for one
year. Staff will be meeting with ParaSun to discuss the agreement, which expires November 23, 2005.
The City has not renewed this agreement for 3 years and is meeting to discuss only a one-year extension.
ParaSun provides 24 hour a day and 7 days a week service when in the past; our customers only had
service during normal business hours. ParaSun and a company out of Georgia were the only two providers
willing to supply service to San Bruno and the Georgia Company backed out of its proposal. The network
has been working well and staff has a good working relationship with ParaSun. Staff has continued to
look for a US based company.

City Council Regular Meeting – Minutes
October 11, 2005
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Mayor Franzella clarified that the City has not renewed this agreement for 3 years and is only looking
for a one-year agreement. He also has a concern about not using a US company but to keep good
customer service you cannot just cancel a provider, which would cause a disruption to service. How do
you find these companies?
Director Gyaltsen replied that during the last contract approval, there were many problems that needed to
be solved quickly. In the future, staff will be sending out request for proposals and researching other
Councilmember Ibarra asked if there were any companies in San Mateo County or Santa Clara County
that could provide this same service?
Director Gyaltsen replied, not at this time. If we brought the service back in house it would cost much more.
Councilmember O’Connell said the cost before ParaSun was for one person and only 40 hours per week.
If the service is not available in the US, we must go where it is.
Mayor Franzella said what type of lead-time do you need to sent request for proposals hopefully in
California if we extend the contact until November 2006? We should make sure we are in business with
the best possible business partner and if there is a US company we should consider them.
Director Gyaltsen said not many companies can provide this service and if we lose this contract we
would most likely be paying a higher fee for service.
City Manager Jackson replied that between now and March of 2006, staff will do the research and
prepare a report for the City Council and move forward with a request for proposal.
M/S Ibarra/O’Connell to approve out of state travel passed by unanimous vote.
5. PUBLIC HEARINGS: (Notices have been published, posted, and mailed.)
           a. Hold public hearing and adopt resolution to amend Personnel Rules & Regulations to re-
              title and amend the job description and specifications for Police Communication and
              Records Supervisor.
Mayor Franzella opens the Public Hearing; however, no one wished to address the Council.
M/S Ibarra/Pallas to close the Public Hearing passed by unanimous vote.
Vice Mayor Ruane introduced the resolution for adoption with a roll call vote of all ayes.
           b. Hold public hearing and waive first reading of San Bruno Ordinance 1707 repealing
              designated sections of San Bruno Municipal Code Chapter 6.36 relating to Animal Control
              and adopting new section 6.36.010 which incorporates by reference San Mateo County’s
              Animal Control Ordinance. Ordinance includes provisions related to Dangerous Animal
Chief of Police Violett gave the staff report and explained that our ordinance will mirror San Mateo
County’s. This ordinance will help the City deal with dangerous and vicious animals and he
recommended approval.

City Council Regular Meeting – Minutes
October 11, 2005
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Councilmember Pallas said we must protect our people and other animals. Animals are only dangerous
because humans bred them to be that way.
Councilmember Ibarra said he is concerned about the statement that reads, “unless there is evidence, an
animal cannot be considered dangerous”. You may have vicious dogs such as Pit Bulls that could do a
fatal attack and we should not wait until it happens to protect our citizens.
Chief Violett said a certain breed such as Pit Bulls tend to behave in a particular way but there is no
regulations banning a specific breed of dog. Police can deal with an aggressive dog and there does not
need to be an actual attack.
Councilmember Ibarra asked how many dangerous dogs have been registered with the Police
Chief Violett replied that there are 6 dangerous dog permits in San Bruno. There were 11 dog bite
incidents during the last year.
Mayor Franzella opened the Public Hearing; however; no one wished to comment.
M/S Ruane/Ibarra to close the Public Hearing, and passed by unanimous vote.
M/S Ibarra/Ruane to waive the first reading and passed by unanimous vote.
Councilmember Ibarra introduced the ordinance for adoption with a roll call vote of all ayes.
Mayor Franzella requested an update on the dredging of the Cupid Row Canal.
Public Works Director Munns gave an update and said he was pleased to report that there is activity
going on at the current time. The County of San Mateo has contracted with the San Francisco
Conservation Corp to remove vegetation in the Cupid Row Canal. They cleared about 500 feet of the
channel today. The permit covers from Belle Air School area North to San Bruno Avenue. The permit
was issued up until October 31, 2005. The Army Corp of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife are
working on a permit to dredge and it should be issued by October 24, 2005.
Robert Riechel of 7th Avenue said the residents of 7th Avenue in the Belle Air District are glad to see the
results from the Mayor and Public Works Directors efforts. We hope to see the Cupid Row Canal finally
returned to its original design and water carrying capacity. When this happens the residents of the Belle
Air District will be able to sleep much better during the rainy season.
Councilmember O’Connell thanked Mr. Riechel and Mrs. Duvall for their persistence in getting this done.
   a. Finance Director O’Leary recommended the City Council adopt resolution authorizing the City
      Manager to execute agreements with Tyler Technologies-Eden Division and Progressive Solutions,
      Inc. for Financial Information Management Software.
Director O’Leary gave the staff report. The City desires to replace the financial software and management
programs, which are 30 years old, and well out of date. The Council authorized an agreement with Eden

City Council Regular Meeting – Minutes
October 11, 2005
Page 5 of 7
Division last year but the department is short staffed and the conversion was postponed. It will take
approximately 14 months to implement.
Vice Mayor Ruane introduced the resolution for adoption with a roll call vote of all ayes.
   b. Public Works Director Munns recommended the City Council adopt resolution authorizing the City
      Manager to execute a contract with C.F. Archibald Paving, Inc. for the Pothole Repair Project in
      the amount of $474,000.
Director Munns gave the staff report. The intent is to get started within 2 weeks from an award of the
contract. Work should be completed in 40 working days and no work will be done during Thanksgiving,
Christmas, or New Years holidays. The City’s Web site will have the schedule available to the residents.
Councilmember Ibarra thanked the staff for the temporary patching of areas on San Bruno Avenue and
introduced the resolution for adoption with a roll call vote of all ayes.
Mayor Franzella said he has received a number of calls concerning the work being done on San Bruno
Avenue by PG&E for the 230 KV line being installed underground and asked when resurfacing would
take place?
Director Munns said the contactor continues to move around and is doing the work that can be done
during the daytime and will soon start the nighttime work as required by the agreement. Work will
continue through the remainder of the year to complete the project. San Bruno Avenue will be overlaid
next summer and will include repaving the entire area West of Cherry Avenue.
Councilmember Pallas said he had received an email from Randy Orr of the 2500 block Carmel Drive
stating that vehicles are speeding up and down his street and would like the Police Department to do
something about this and at least put up a speed monitor.
Mayor Franzella asked that the communication be given to Chief Violett for follow-up.
  a. Received oral report updating the City Council on Emergency Preparedness Programs.
Fire Chief Voreyer provided an update on the City’s Emergency Disaster Preparedness Goals. He gave a
list of potential threats to the community including terrorism. He reviewed the San Bruno Emergency
Plan. The Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS) Organization Chart was also reviewed.
FEMA requires National Interagency Management System training for all employees and this will be
complete by the end of 2006. Chief Voreyer reviewed the duties of the Community Preparedness
Committee. He reviewed the lessons learned from hurricanes Katrina & Rita and how we can improve
what we are doing now. The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) will be complete by March 2006. He
advised the public that they need to be self sufficient for at least 72 hours.
City Manager Jackson said preparedness is a continuous responsibility and priority of this City. The
City will update its training and emergency plans and provide refresher training for the City Council.

City Council Regular Meeting – Minutes
October 11, 2005
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Councilmember Pallas said we should have signs put up to mark the buildings, which have been
designated as a shelter. Every employee in the City should have first aid training and we must start doing
more disaster drills, which are much overdue.
Councilmember Ibarra said during the major storms and slides of 1998 the City came through very
well. Everyone from the City Manger to the citizens should know what the plan is and be prepared.
  b. Adopt resolution approving the City’s participation in the San Mateo County Housing
     Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART) and execution of the Joint Exercise of Power
Finance Director O’Leary gave the staff report. The intent of the organization is to take steps to provide
housing for very low income County residents by using funds from the private, public funding, and
grants. The County of San Mateo and eleven cities are members so far and he is recommending the City
of San Bruno participate.
Councilmember Pallas asked if this would cost the City money?
Director O’Leary replied the cost is .28 cents per resident or $11,000 per year.
Councilmember Ibarra said one of our own pending projects KDF senior housing, has applied for
assistance from this organization, and he asked why isn’t the funding coming from the Redevelopment
Agency instead of the General Fund?
Director O’Leary replied that while some Cities use redevelopment funding, he believes in order to use
redevelopment funds, there must be a direct link and we have no approved San Bruno project.
Doris Maez of Fleetwood Drive said many of the young people couldn’t afford homes in San Bruno. City
workers, teachers, and health care providers are frozen out from living and working in San Bruno. The
organization called HEAT is a small step but important and supports the City joining at this time.
Councilmember O’Connell asked what is considered below low income in San Mateo County? The
HEART representative replied that a household of four, below low income, is $64,000 for the County.
Households could qualify for low income at $90,000 per year.
Mayor Franzella said he supports the program and working with the County and other Cities will make
the funding of very low income housing possible with the least amount of cost.
Vice Mayor Ruane said since we are the “City With A Heart”, he would like to introduce the resolution
for adoption with a roll call vote of all ayes.

Councilmember O’Connell requested staff report back at the budget hearings in 2006 exactly what
activity occurred with this Trust and how effective they are.
11. PUBLIC COMMENT ON ITEMS NOT ON AGENDA: No one wished to address the Council.
    Project Pride Committee (Pallas/Franzella) announced plans for the Annual Halloween Parade.

City Council Regular Meeting – Minutes
October 11, 2005
Page 7 of 7
Councilmember Pallas reported that the Halloween Parade would be held at Tanforan Shopping Center
on October 31, 2005. More details will follow including flyers being sent to all San Bruno Schools.
Starting time will be 3:30 p.m. and prizes will be handed out for best costumes.

Mayor Franzella acknowledged that Councilmember Pallas received an award last Thursday for his 35
years of public service from the Greek Society of Lawyers of Northern California.
Mayor Franzella commented on the grand opening of the Shops At Tanforan. The event was very
successful and San Bruno residents will be very pleased and he encouraged all San Bruno residents to go
shopping at the mall and enjoy this great facility.
Closed Session regarding:
   a. Semi-annual performance evaluation of City Attorney. (Gov’t Code Section 54957.1(a)(6)).
   b. Received report and provide direction to the City Manager regarding Local 350, Mid-
      Management Employees bargaining group. (Gov’t Code Section 54957 personnel matters).
At 9:00 p.m., Mayor Franzella announced that the Council would be going into closed session and there
would be no reportable action.
With no further business to transact, the City Council adjourned to October 25, 2005, at 1555 Crystal
Springs Road (Senior Center) starting at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of interviewing applicants to fill
vacancies on Committees, Boards, and Commissions; thereafter, Council will adjourn to the regular City
Council meeting to be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2005, 7:00 p.m., at the Senior Center 1555 Crystal
Springs Road.
Respectfully submitted for approval
at the regular City Council meeting
to be held on, October 25, 2005.

                                                                   Ed Simon, City Clerk

                                                                   Larry Franzella, Mayor


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