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Let’s take a tour of
Travelport Online Booking
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                       Today we will walk through how
                        you book a trip on Travelport

                          First you log in to Travelport’s online
                           booking tool with your User Id and
                             - Travelport uses state-of-the-art
                               security. Sensitive information is
                               encrypted, whether the
                               information is stored, transmitted,
                               or displayed.

                          Single Sign On or unique user names
                           and passwords may be configured for
                           each traveler.

                          Click the “go” button to log in.
Configure the Communications
  Portal for your company.

   Graphic banner header reflects your
    company’s brand.

   Present your travelers with timely
    company announcements and travel
    information. Add editable links to
    documents or external websites

   Add a Quick Start module to search
    for roundtrip airfare if you choose

   Personalized traveler links

   Access to pending itineraries and trip
    templates for easy travel planning

   Let’s take a look at the Profile
    Management. (Click “Profile
    Manager” link)
     Traveler Profiles
   Traveler’s profiles are flexible
    whether managed by the
    traveler or through daily feeds
    via integrated back-office or
    HR systems.

   This is also where a traveler
    can assign a Travel
    Coordinator to book on their

   Click “Quick Start Page” in
    the Fast Access menu to
    begin building an itinerary.
Search any way you like.
    One-way and multi-segment
     searches return flight
     packages by price and time,
     while Search by Schedule
     (a.k.a. build-a-trip) returns
     times first, and then fare
    Convenient hotel and car tabs
     are provided for quick
     hotel/car only bookings.
    Configure lists and default
     setting for your company’s
     search page.
    Search for non-stop flights, by
     Preferred Airline, or even
     specify your Connection City.

    Click the “go” button to
     submit our search criteria.
                                Help travelers to make
                                   good decisions
                                   Display flight results based
                                    on your travel policies – by
                                    price, supplier, discount, etc.
                                   Use any of 19 policy
Prior to selecting a                graphics to indicate In or
flight Travelers can:               Out of Policy items and
                                    supplier preferences.
    Revise their search              - Or add your own custom
     criteria at any time.              graphic markings
    Search Web fares
     (must be activated)

    View “Flight Details”         Travelport’s dynamic
     data such as the               booking system allows the
     plane type and on-             traveler to book or purchase
     time arrival statistics.       a flight immediately, or
                                    simply add the flight to their
    Preview available              itinerary to be saved and
     seats on a seat map            purchased later.
     prior to selecting a          Since we wish to add a hotel
     flight.                        room and rental car to our
                                    itinerary, select “add to
                                    plan” for flight option #2.
The selected flight and its
details have been added to
      our Trip Planner.

From the Trip Planner
travelers can:
   Review, print or email
    details of their entire
    itinerary as they book
    individual components.
   Reserve, revise, or
    delete any portion of their
    itinerary at any time prior
    to purchase.
   Add components to this
    itinerary (e.g. hotel, car)
   Save an itinerary and
    choose to purchase at a
    later time.
   Choose to book the

    Select “Add a Room”.
                              You specify the
                               order in which the
                               search options are
                               displayed to the
                              Travelers can
                               search for hotel
                               near a city or
                               airport location,
Company locations and
                               address, or
your preferred hotel
                               company location.
properties are pre-
loaded for the traveler.      Travelport uses
                               geocoding to
                               ensure accurate
                               location mapping
                               every time.
                              Select “search”
                               to submit our
                               chosen criteria.
                      Your hotel shopping
                      experience includes:
                         Results mapped by
                          proximity to the traveler’s
                          desired location through
Easily revise hotel       Travelport’s integrated
search criteria at        MapQuest service.
any time.                MapQuest’s convenient
                          mapping allows a traveler
                          to rapidly narrow down
                          hotel choices by proximity
                          to their desired location.
                         Once a preferred location
                          is selected, a traveler can
                          review details of the hotel
                          property before selecting
                          a particular room.

                         Select “show available
                          rooms!” for the Hilton to
                          see room availability.
   Rooms are displayed
    according to settings
    and discounts
    specified by the
    company policy.

   Once again
    Travelport’s dynamic
    booking system allows
    the traveler to reserve
    a room immediately, or
    simply add it to their
    itinerary to be saved
    and reserved later.

   Since we still wish to
    add a rental car to our
    itinerary, let’s select
    Room Option #2 and
    click, “add to plan”.
    The selected room has
    been added to our Trip
      Planner itinerary.

   Now select “Add a Car”.
Renting a car is easy with

   “Add a Car” pre-populates with
    the traveler’s destination city
    along with flight arrival and
    departure dates and times.

   The “Preferred rental company”
    list is pre-configured to show
    your company’s preferred car

   AutoBook™ allows travelers
    reserve a car with one click
    based upon settings within the
    company policy.

   Select “go” to submit our
    search criteria.
   As on flight and hotel room
    search results pages, you can
    indicate Vendor Preferences
    and Policy Compliance using
    default graphics or your own
    custom graphics.

   Traveler will see daily rates,
    in/out terminal location, and
    mileage allowances. Other
    details are just a click away.

   Select “add to plan” to add this
    rental car to our itinerary plan.
   Our car has been added to the
    dynamic Trip Planner itinerary.
   You can add detailed itinerary
    information to almost any
    Calendar by clicking the “Add to
    Calendar” button.
   Now we are going to make some
    notes to ourselves on our
    itinerary. Click “Add a Personal
    Note” from the Fast Access menu.
Take the information
 you need with you.
   Travelers can elect to
    add a personal note to
    any segment/section of
    their itinerary.

   These notes are
    provided for a traveler’s
    convenience and are not
    sent to their travel
    service provider.

   Click “ok” to add this
    note to our itinerary.
   The traveler’s personal
    note has been added to
    the itinerary.

   Select “Buy It!” to
    purchase this itinerary.
   Travelers have the
    option of purchasing
    their entire
    unreserved itinerary
    or selecting individual

   Select “next” to
    advance to the Buy It
  The “Buy It!” page has everything a
traveler needs to make their purchase.

   Travelers can see all itinerary details by
    clicking the “Show Itinerary Data” button.

   Select View the rules and restrictions.
    Travelers are then required to agree to
    these terms before completing a

   Corporate ghost cards, individual
    corporate or personal credit cards, can be
    pre-populated via the traveler’s profile,
    company policy, or added by the traveler
    as they book their trip.

   Click arrow to scroll down and view the
    rest of the “Buy It!” page.
The lower portion of the “Buy It!”
  page contains the traveler’s
      personal preferences.
   The delivery address area is pre-
    populated from the traveler’s profile
    and is also editable at this time.

   Travelers may elect to include trip-
    specific data (e.g. billing codes) or
    send a note to their agent to request
    assistance. (option activated by the

   Designate preferences for air (seat
    selection and meal requests), hotel
    and car.

   Select “Request Seat Assignment”
    to choose a seat location.
   Travelers may request
    their seat assignments
    in real-time for each leg
    of their flight (provided that
    this service is available through a
    particular airline).

   Click the “Select Seat”
    button to view a seat
    map for the “Newark to
    San Francisco” flight.
   Available seats are clearly
    marked and a helpful
    legend is provided to
    assist the traveler in
    selecting their desired

   If the traveler has
    Preferred Flyer
    membership accounts set-
    up within his personal
    profile, he may qualify for
    preferred seating.

   Click the window seat
    11A to reserve it on the
    real-time seating chart.
   Seat 11A has changed
    colors, indicating it the
    traveler has selected to
    reserve it.

   Click the “ok” button
    to accept and submit
    these settings.
   Now we will quickly
    finish selecting seats
    for our return flight.

                                The seating selection
                                 for this flight has
                                 been updated to
                                 reflect the changes
                                 made by the traveler.

                                Click the “ok”
                                 button to return to
                                 the “Buy It!” page.
Let’s book this trip!
    Select “Buy it!”
Receive confirmation instantly!
    You receive confirmation numbers –
     for air, car, and hotel – and a
     summary of your purchase instantly
     by returning to your Trip Planner

    Print a copy of your itinerary by
     clicking, “Print Current Itinerary”.
   A “printer friendly”
    version of the
    traveler’s itinerary is
    displayed in a pop-
    up window.

   When printing has
    finished select the
    blue “Close” button
    to return to the
    previous page.
   If a traveler needs to
    forward their travel plans to
    a supervisor, co-worker,
    spouse, or friend, it’s easy.

   Select “Email Itinerary!”
When emailing an
    A simple email form
     appears allowing the
     traveler to send a
     personal email
     message along with
     their itinerary to
     multiple recipients
      - NOTE: Separate multiple
        email addresses with a
        comma or semi-colon.

    A message will
     appear to notify the
     traveler that their
     email(s) have been
     successfully sent.

    Select “send” and
     we will return to the
     Home Page Portal.
 Now that we have
  successfully booked
  travel, our trip will appear
  under the “My Trips” tool.
 There are two options
  available within this tool.
  “View or Edit Itinerary”
  and “Real Time Flight
 “Real Time Flight Info” is
  available courtesy of
  Galileo’s™ “View Trip™”
 Select the “Real Time
  Flight Info” option to view
  this service.
   Travelport’s integration with
    Galileo View Trip provides
    a convenient way to access
    additional tools such as
    “FlightTracker™” and
    destination weather

   Click the button below to

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  From start to finish,
 Travelport brings you
savings – both time and
 money – with a better
    Online Booking
   For more information about
Travelport Online Booking contact
    your Travelport Account
Representative or visit us online at

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