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American General Life Companies June 26 2009 Bulletin 09 130 UPDATE


Aig Annuity Insurance document sample

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									                      American General Life Companies                            June 26, 2009                                     Bulletin 09-130

        AIG Annuity Now Western National Life Insurance Company
                        Endorsements issued to existing policy holders

AIG Annuity Insurance Company has changed its name to Western National Life Insurance Company, the name
it carried for nearly 50 years. Other than the name change, it’s business as usual for producers serving clients
who have inforce policies and contracts with the issuer.

The name change does not alter contract terms or policies in any way. Endorsements are being issued to policy
holders with instructions to attach the endorsement to their policy. (See sample attached.)

Additional information may be obtained at

                                                            American General Life Companies,, is the marketing name for the insurance
                                                            companies and affiliates comprising the domestic life operations of American International Group, Inc., including
                                                            American General Life Insurance Company and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York.
                                                            FOR PRODUCER USE ONLY – NOT FOR DISSEMINATION TO THE PUBLIC
June 1, 2009

Dear Policyholder:

We are pleased to announce that AIG Annuity Insurance Company is now Western National Life Insurance Company.
Our new name may sound familiar, because we are going back to our roots when we were known as Western National
Life Insurance Company for 50 years.
For our valued policyholders, this means business as usual. Our name change does not alter your contract terms or
policy in any way. We continue to be the right choice for you and the nation’s #1 provider of fixed annuities through
banks for 13 consecutive years. (Source: KehrerLIMRA Bank Annuity Sales Report, 4th Quarter 2008)
Since our founding 65 years ago, we have helped millions of Americans achieve their savings and retirement income
goals. Looking forward, we are committed to delivering on this promise of excellence to you for decades to come.
Western National is back. Since opening our doors for business, it has been our privilege to serve you. While our
name is changing, we remain committed to you and that will never change.
Please detach the endorsement below and attach to your policy. For additional information, please go to or after June 1, 2009, go to


Bruce Abrams
President & CEO

                                         Western National Life Insurance Company
                                                             205 East 10th Avenue
                                                            Amarillo, Texas 79101
                                                           Telephone: 800.424.4990

                                         NAME CHANGE ENDORSEMENT
       This endorsement is part of your policy and should be attached thereto. This policy is amended to
       reflect that AIG Annuity Insurance Company, the insurance company that issued your policy, has
       changed its name to:
                                              Western National Life Insurance Company.

       This amendment does not change or alter any of the terms or provisions of your policy. Western
       National Life Insurance Company will honor all liabilities in the policy.

                                      WESTERN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY


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