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									Research Reveals Influence of Auto Shows on Vehicle Purchase Decisions

Rochester, MI, February 9, 2010 - Foresight Research, a Rochester, Michigan based market
research firm specializing in automotive research, has spent more than five years compiling data
for its proprietary “2010: Automotive Marketing Return On Investment” report. A detailed study
on the effectiveness of auto shows was part of the research project and came up with some
surprising results for the research team:

      20% of new car buyers surveyed had attended an auto show within 12 months of their
       purchase event
      In metropolitan areas where auto shows have a bigger presence, that number increased.
       In the Midwest, potential buyer attendance numbers rose significantly: Chicago 27%,
       Minneapolis 28%, Detroit 35% and Cleveland 36%.
      Of buyers who attended an auto show, 39% stated that they were completely or partially
       influenced by the show
      If customers participated in a ride and drive, the influence number skyrocketed to 54%

The study included 8,467 people who purchased or leased a new vehicle between October 2008
and October 2009.

“We know that consumers enjoy the glitz and glamour of auto shows,” said Steve Bruyn,
President of Foresight Research. “However, this research clearly demonstrates that auto shows
have a substantial impact beyond just enjoyment. They dramatically influence the actual
purchase decision. Clearly consumers utilize auto shows as one large automotive showroom,”
Bruyn said. “To prove that point, consider the fact that a whopping 70% of auto show attendees
who said they were influenced to purchase a new vehicle by the show recalled spending 30
minutes or more at the display of the brand they ultimately purchased. We can think of no
other marketing communication that gets that kind of attention from new car and truck buyers.”

A ringing endorsement for the value to both consumers and manufacturers of auto shows.

Foresight Research is based in metro Detroit, Mi and can be reached on the web at for more information.

Media contact:
Patrick Liebler: (248) 229-4418

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