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									    Advanced        AVID        Career &       Concurrent       Credit       Internationa
    Placement                   Technical      Enrollment/     Recovery     Baccalaurea
                                Education       ASCENT

Parents                      Counseling Program Overvi
Professional School          District School Counseling Mission Statement:
Counselors                   Our mission as professional school counselors is to provide
11                           program designed to promote the formation of productive an
4 components of
                             develop academic, career, and personal/social competencie
Comprehensive Counseling
and Guidance Program (pdf)   District School Counseling Philosophy Statement:
DPS Counseling Standards     Denver Public Schools adheres to the philosophy that the sc
ASCA Executive Summary       part of the overall educational process. The comprehensive
English(pdf)                 educational, career, and personal objectives are attainable w
ASCA Executive Summary       This implementation acknowledges that school counseling is
Spanish (pdf)                a program coordinated with other educators incorporating a
ASCA Ethical Standards for   developmental; therefore, school counseling must be develo
School Counselors
Confidentiality              Denver Public Schools' counseling program, when fully impl
The Denver Plan
Counseling Home                    A school counseling program that reaches the needs
                                   A programmatic approach to school counseling servic
                                   Accountability for school counseling programs.
Explore School Options             Counselors who devote full time to the programs’ imp
College and Career Prep           Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.
Programs                         Identification and achievement of student competenc
Post Secondary Readiness          program.
Home                          

                           District School Counseling Belief Statement:
                           To implement the school counseling program in Denver Pub

                           We believe:

                                 All students have dignity and worth.
                                 All students have the right to be served by the school
                                 The school counseling program shall be evaluated on
                                 The school counseling program should be consistent
                                 School counseling program activities shall be planned
                                 All students’ ethnic, cultural, and racial differences an
                                  implementation of the school counseling program.
                                 The school counseling program will utilize community
                                 The school counseling program shall be managed by
                                 All students should have access to a school counselo
                                 The student and parent(s) are responsible for monito
                                  assistance of a professional school counselor.
                                 An ongoing program of counselor competency trainin
                                  counseling program.
                                 Professional mandates and guidelines proposed by th
                                  continue to set standards for the school counseling p
                                 All counselors abide by the professional ethics of guid
                                  School Counselor Association (ASCA).

                           Top      Standards         Confidentiality

                           DPS Counseling Standards
                           A school counseling program based on national standards n
                           community to integrate academic, career, and personal and
                           mission of each school. Measurable success resulting from
                           number of students completing school with the academic pre
                           and social growth essential to choose from a wide range of s
                           The national standards assure equitable access to school co
                           the way school counseling programs are designed and deliv
Academic Development
Standard A: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge,
school and across the life span.
Standard B: Students will complete school with the academ
variety of substantial post-secondary options, including colle
Standard C: Students will understand the relationship of ac
in the community.

Career Development
Standard A: Students will acquire the skills to investigate th
to make informed career decisions.
Standard B: Students will employ strategies to achieve futu
Standard C: Students will understand the relationship betwe
the world of work.

Personal and Social Development
Standard A: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge,
respect self and others.
Standard B: Students will make decisions, set goals, and ta
Standard C: Students will understand safety and survival sk

Top      Standards         Confidentiality

DPS professional school counselors adhere to confidentialit

      JRA/JRC—Student Records/Release of Information o
      JRA/JRC-R—Procedures for Student Records/Relea
      JK-R—Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures
      JK-R—Procedimientos para la conducta y disciplina d
      JLCC—Communicable/Infectious Diseases
      JLCC—Enfermedades contagiosas/infecciosas
      JLCCA—Students with HIV/AIDS
      JLCCA-R—Students with HIV/AIDS

School counselors abide by state statutes and DPS procedu
Top   Standards   Confidentiality

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