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					Sales & Marketing
  Creativity & Innovation for Your Book
Global Reach
SAGE is committed to the global dissemination of information and our marketing
department develops plans and strategies to reach the widest readership possible,
extending the exposure of each and every publication. SAGE’s affiliate companies in
California and India, in conjunction with distributors worldwide, ensure the sales of
SAGE books through concentrated international marketing campaigns. This enhanced
worldwide visibility endures as a premium for SAGE authors and editors.

Our Sales Team
SAGE has an international sales force that visits          scheme which means that once your title has been
bookshops, wholesalers and library suppliers               published, it will be available to customers within 24
throughout the world. We have offices in London, New       hours. With enhanced opportunities offered by the
Delhi, Los Angeles and Singapore that handle sales         ever-expanding online supply chain we are also regularly
and marketing activity in the UK and Europe, South         establishing relationships with new online retailers such
Asia, North, Central and South America and South-          as Books Express and PCS Books.
East Asia respectively. In addition to this, we have
agents and representatives in South Africa, Central        Our sales representatives pursue a programme of
and North Africa, the Middle East, Korea, Japan            campus-visits in the UK, Europe and East Asia,
and the Philippines, and distributors in Australia and     where they speak directly to academics preparing
New Zealand.                                               courses. They develop close links with lecturers,
                                                           finding out about their teaching interests and
We have excellent relations with the head offices of       academic needs, following up regularly and feeding
the key bookselling chains such as Waterstone’s,           information back to our office. This is essential for
Blackwell’s and John Smith’s in the UK and Selexyz         securing adoptions and ensuring a wide readership for
(formerly BGN) in the Netherlands. We also work closely    our textbooks.
with the major online retailers including Amazon and The
Book Depository. Most SAGE titles are included in the
“Look Inside” feature on Amazon which allows potential
customers to read sections of your book before deciding
to buy. SAGE is also part of the Amazon Advantage
Pre-Publication                                             The Books
Marketing                                                   Marketing Team
Six months ahead of publication, advance information        Our Books Marketing Team has a wealth of experience
for your book will be sent to bibliographic agencies,       marketing academic textbooks and professional
such as Neilsen BookData, and specialist library            and reference titles. For textbooks our marketing
suppliers around the world. All of our book data is fed     concentrates primarily on securing reading list
via ONIX - the international standard for representing      adoptions. Major works and encyclopedias fall within
and communicating book industry product information         our reference programme and the marketing for these
in electronic form - ensuring that all of the information   is focused on acquiring library purchases through
for your title is accurate and updated regularly. Once      wholesalers and library suppliers; SAGE Handbooks
advance information has been disseminated to the major      are promoted to academics and practitioners as well
agencies they will send our information to bookshop and     as libraries. Our professional titles are marketed directly
library systems across the UK and Europe so that our        to practitioners through professional organizations,
sales team are able to secure advance stock orders with     local authorities, schools, special interest/network
bookshops, libraries and wholesalers. This advanced         groups, conferences, author lectures and seminars and
information feed is the most efficient way to reach         retail presence.
booksellers and libraries in over 100 countries around
the world and to provide marketing information about        There is no one way of marketing a book; each book
your book to book industry businesses.                      receives the marketing it requires depending on its
                                                            target audience.
Direct                                                          Inspection
Marketing                                                       Copies
Our industr y-leading                                           SAGE’s textbook inspection copy service allows lecturers
customer database is                                            to review texts before deciding whether to adopt them
extremely comprehensive                                         for their courses. Lecturers can request an inspection
and maintained by our                                           copy online at
Marketing Ser vices                                             and provide us with electronic feedback about the book.
Depar tment. Records                                            Feedback submitted online through the “My Account”
are updated regularly,                                          function feeds our new online peer review system. SAGE
and customer profiles                                           is the first academic publisher to share independent
are gathered from a variety of sources.                         customer reviews and feedback online, and we feel that
To accompany our database we have invested in and               encouraging two-way communication with customers
implemented intelligent marketing technology which              and colleagues in the academic world is integral to
enables us to communicate with customers based on               producing quality content.
their relationship with us, their interests and contact
preferences – delivering the right message, about the           We also offer electronic inspection copies of our
right product at the right time. This is essential in today’s   textbooks to lecturers who need to make adoption
market where customers expect to receive information            decisions ahead of a book’s print publication date.
tailored to their interests and needs. By doing this
we have developed a large dedicated customer-
base who are keen to hear from us and purchase
our products.

Communication through direct marketing is a key
component in the marketing strategy for all of our books.
This includes catalogues, brochures, flyers and emails.
Every book published will appear in at least two annual
subject catalogues and possibly more depending on
sales performance. These are mailed to our database of
global contacts, and are available at SAGE conference
stands throughout the year. Your book will also be
announced in our seasonal New Books Catalogue which
is used by the sales team and sent to library suppliers,
wholesalers and bookshops throughout the world.

                                                                  Build Your Online Profile
                                                                  If you are an academic, tell us about
                                                                  the courses you teach and your areas
                                                                  of interest, and we’ll remember them
                                                                  for the next time you visit our website.
                                                                  Requesting more inspection copies
                                                                  will be quicker and easier. Visit
                                                                  for more information.
                                                                                Browse our Catalogues online
SAGE books can be found on all our websites:
UK and Europe:

                                                               Alongside our traditional print catalogues, SAGE
                                                               provides electronic pdfs of all catalogues, which are
                                                               available to download from our website at
Your book will appear on our website six months prior
                                                               Our subject catalogues are also available to browse
to publication. The information available on our website
                                                               and search online - no downloading required! These are
about your book will be updated regularly and feature the
                                                               quick and easy to use and link directly to our website,
cover design, description, full table of contents,
                                                               so once the user finds the book that they are interested
endorsements, reviews and bibliographic information.
                                                               in they can simply click straight through to the product
                                                               page for more information or to order an inspection
We also upload sample chapters from each
forthcoming book to give potential customers a
flavour of the content; this is a great way to influence
their decision to purchase or request an inspection
copy. SAGE can also include any links to your
book product page that you feel would be useful,
for example, your own departmental or personal

Our website offers an email alert service, free postage
and packaging for UK customers, online catalogues and
online resources for authors, editors, lecturers, librarians
and booksellers.
SAGE and
Social Media
The online marketing environment is opening up new
communication channels and one of the most exciting
is social media. SAGE is fully engaged with enterprises   ebooks
to help authors’ voices be heard in a cluttered social
media marketplace. Innovation is at the centre of this    SAGE currently has over 1,000 ebook titles from across
strategy and involves selecting the most appropriate      the range of our publishing programme available via
means of conversing with individuals and groups who       ebook aggregators and we are adding new titles all the
would benefit from our content.                           time. We have partnered with Google as part of their
                                                          Books Search programme which allows users to browse
Social media examples include blogging, microblogging     through 20% of the content available for each title.
(Twitter), social networking (Facebook, Scitable)
social bookmarking (delicious, digg), content sharing     SAGE has partnered with Myilibrary, EBL, ebrary,
sites/developments (slideshare, YouTube, podcasts,        NetLibrary and for sales to libraries and
scribd) plus RSS feeds and wikis. This list is by no      are working with and Amazon Kindle with
means exhaustive. You can see an example of               regards to consumer sales. This means that the amount
SAGE’s involvement in social media by looking at          of content available to students and libraries around the, a specialist user community              world will grow tremendously over the coming months. It
developed to bring together all those interested          is an exciting project and one which is critical to meeting
in research methods by providing a central hub            the needs of the marketplace.
for information exchange. Another example is an information 
exchange service aimed at professionals in Education.
Review Copies                                              Public Relations
SAGE sends regular news-feeds to relevant industry,        Your Marketing Manager will work with you to identify
professional and academic publications informing them of   the most effective approach for promoting your book,
new and forthcoming books, supplying review copies on      which may include a PR campaign to target selected
request. We see a much higher conversion rate of reviews   media. If your book is to have a media campaign,
published when sent as a response to solicited review      SAGE’s PR Manager will liaise with you directly to draft
copy requests and we will send you a copy of any review    information for journalists. This will often be arranged
we receive for your book. We also use endorsements         to coincide with the launch of your publication, or to
from any reviews we receive on our website and on future   coordinate with other marketing activities, such as a
promotional materials.                                     key conference or event. We have access to a wide
                                                           database of over 10,000 national and international
If you have any ideas about appropriate publications       media contacts across general, academic and trade
that would be interested in reviewing your book please     publications, and will distribute information to the
let us know. We want to utilise any contacts you may       most relevant outlets for your publication. You can see
have to help generate valuable reviews.                    previous media campaigns on the SAGE website at

and Events
SAGE attends key conferences and events worldwide             Author Discount
throughout the year. If you have any speaking
engagements at conferences or events please get               As a SAGE author you are entitled
in touch with your Marketing Manager so they can              to a 25% discount off all our books
arrange for you to have promotional flyers and a copy
of your book available. Please note that books will           across all subject areas and imprints,
only be available to send to conferences once they            and a further 35% discount off your
are published.                                                own book! To place your orders just
                                                              email with
                                                              the author, title, ISBN and quantity
                                                              and we will forward your request on
                                                              to our Customer Services Team.
   We can produce flyers for your
   book which you can use for your
   own distribution at conferences and
   events. If you would like an e-flyer
   or printed copies please email your
   Marketing Manager or authors@ Please note that
   we require two weeks’ notice for
   flyer requests.
The Rights                                                   Ideas for Promoting
Department                                                   Your Book
The Rights Department at SAGE is dedicated to the
                                                             We encourage all of our authors to maximize the
dissemination of your work around the world. As
                                                             exposure of their book through a few simple self-
authors you will receive a percentage of all revenue
                                                             promotion techniques. Here are some ideas for
collected and copies of the translated editions. We
                                                             promoting your book:
greatly value your input and are very keen to utilize your
knowledge and contacts to help generate translation
                                                             •	 	 ention	your	book	in	your	emails	by	adding	it	to	
deals, so please feed back any information you have on
                                                                your email signature. You can link this back to the
translation opportunities to your Marketing Manager or
                                                                SAGE website or to Amazon.
                                                             •	 	 sk	colleagues	and	contacts	to	review	your	book	
                                                                on	Amazon.	The	more	reviews	your	book	has,	
                                                                the more likely it is to get highlighted on Amazon
                                                                search categories.
Your Ideas                                                      M
                                                             •	 	 ake	sure	your	institution’s	bookshop	and	library	
                                                                have	copies	of	your	book	in	stock.
This is just a brief outline of the kind of things we
do within the Sales and Marketing Department. We             You	can	view	our	full	list	of	ideas	for	promoting	your	
encourage you to make suggestions and like to work           book at
as a team to provide the maximum exposure and
highest sales possible for your book. We send all of
our authors a copy of our Marketing Questionnaire
to fill in so that we can use your knowledge and
expertise of the market when pulling together the
marketing plan for your book. You can view this at
                                                             Visit                                    for an online timeline of marketing

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