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									                                                                                 720-338-6392 -cell
                                        Charles Adams
                                       2400 South Ogden
                                       Denver, Co 80210

                   Sales / Sales Management, Marketing, Advertising, Recruiting…


Call Center Supervisor          Customer Solutions Group, Denver, CO
        Promoted to Sales Supervisor after four months of leading office in sales and
           technical support for the “Homestead” campaign – a company offering a “Build-it-
           Yourself “ Website and E-commerce solution for small businesses.
        Managed the “Hirewatch” campaign- an instant, online, national background
           screening service offered to businesses at a monthly rate. Raised sales margins by
           approximately 22%.
        Call monitoring, analyzing marketing reports, supervision, disciplinary reports,
           coaching, training, script creation and modifications, sales verifications, time zone
           and lead segment management. Troubleshooting Windows NT & Server 2003,
           VPN’s and Microsoft Access Applications. Currently managing the Homestead
           Technology Campaign
Call Center Supervisor          Mainstream Marketing, Boulder, CO
        Promoted to a supervisory position after repeatedly leading office in monthly lead
           generation in business to business and consumer sales.
        Numerous awards for excellence, production, and employee of the month.
        Supervised, trained, coached and recruited over 60 agents.
        Utilized Noble monitoring systems, UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT.
        Collaborated with management instituting policies, wage administration,
           performance appraisals, and compiling and analyzing production data.
Lead Collection Agent           First Credit Corporation, Boulder, CO
        Promoted to lead Agent after leading office in collections for several months.
        Supervised, coached and delegated duties to 20 collection agents.
        Reconciled accounts, negotiated payments, processed credit information.
Office Manager          Longmont Machining, Longmont, CO
        Accounts payable/receivable, inventory control, database management, payroll,
           shipping and receiving, sales, word processing, and phones.
        Collaborated directly with the owner maintaining business relationships, fiscal
           responsibility and payment schedules.

Excellent references available
                                         (1993- 2007)
           Community College of Denver / Adams State College, CO / Front Range Community
            College, CO / Bent County Technical School, CO / Colorado Mountain College, CO
            and Tinsley Vocational School, CO.
           Completed a Computer Networking Program (Front Range Com.College).
            Completed an electronics program (Bent County Vocational). Emphasis in Business,
            Communication, Psychology, Spanish, and Computer applications

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