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					                                2009 GRCC Team Charter
Team Name:                 Innovation Workspace Core Team
Team Leader:               Liz McCormick – Champion: Eric Heller, Metric’s Reporting

Team sponsor(s) specify the mission of the team, its resources, the expectations for what the team is to accompli sh,
the timelines, decision-making authority, and how the team relates to the broader College strategy and goals.

The team itself thinks through and creates a draft charter, including team goals, stakeholder requirements, and
strategies for goal accomplishment.

Together, they review and finalize the team charter, adding the process that will be used to review team progress on
a regular basis.

    1.   Purpose of the Team (What is this team expected to accomplish?)
           - Provide a centralized R&D function for GRCC by generating or reviewing ideas
              targeted at new programs and services.
           - Support existing College Action Project teams in the use of innovation tools to
              assist with their progress.
           - Provide a structured evaluation process and criteria to help select the bes t ideas
              for investment of college resources.
           - Provides GRCC with a vehicle to actualize our core value of Innovation in all that
              we do.
           - Learn the Innovation process and tools and be able to facilitate others through this
              learning process. Foster an environment that helps move the culture to a more
              innovative state.

    2.    Decision-making Context and Scope (What level of decision making authority does
         this team hold?)
             - For the innovation workspace, this is the team that makes recommendations to the
                 Portfolio Manager on which ideas should be piloted, and that opens the access to
                 any required financial funding for pilot projects within the scope of the
                 Workspace budget. They do not get to approve Strategic Action Projects.

    3. Team Goals, Action Projects, and Timelines (How will this team proceed to
       accomplish their purpose? I.e. what will they do?)
          - Schedule Innovation Workspace workshops to educate GRCC employees and
             groups on the process and tools we use to generate new ideas, and select the most
             promising ones for pilot implementations. While workshops are lead by a
             contracted facilitator, team members assist in facilitation during these events, and
             are the onsite resources to answer questions and provide ongoing assistance after
             the events.
          - Hold monthly Core Team Meetings that include: idea generation, scoring ideas,
             and reviewing/approving pilot projects.
          - Help other teams launch projects by providing group facilitation/consulting on
             Innovation techniques.
4.   Stakeholders and their Key Require ments (For whom is this team doing their work?
     What do they want?)
        - GRCC administrators and employees who have an idea that they want vetted
           through a scoring matrix on the fit and likelihood for success in moving that idea
           through implementation to launch.

5.    Resources Needed (both people and budget)

        -   The current process requires a portfolio manager for process oversight and
            reporting, a Core Team of 6-8 people representing various employee groups on
            campus, as well as Project Team members, both champions and content experts
            who can drive an idea through a pilot implementation. All of those roles are non-
            compensated, but a budget is required to cover project development expenses
            such as curriculum development, marketing, consulting and contingency staffing,
            and general operations (meetings, training, etc.) Submitted under CAP

6.    Troubleshooting Path (How will unresolved issues or roadblocks be handled?)

        -   Once identified, the team will review and make a recommendation to either the
            portfolio manager: Liz McCormick, or Executive Sponsor: Patti Trepkowski.
            Each project team formed also has a Project Manager as well as an Executive
            Sponsor that could serve to resolve those issues.
        -   If the problem/roadblock cannot be resolved at that level, then the issue will be
            taken to either Dean’s Council or CLC for final determination.

7. Requirements for Integration with othe r Departments or Teams (How does this
   Team interface with others doing concurrent work?)
      - For R&D work - new ideas (initiatives), they are the group that would initiate a
         new project team being formed, and would serve as an ongoing review team of
         that Pilot project team. For Strategic Action Projects the Core team is a resource
         to help facilitate the use of process and tools of innovation. They do not approve
         or make recommendation on their work and may not even be requested as

8.   Review Progress (How and when will the work of this team be reviewed?)
       - Periodic progress reports are provided to the Executive Sponsor on Core team
          activities, as well as Project Teams. Annually the work of the Core team is
          reviewed by Dean’s Council and CLC. Objectives are set at the beginning of the
          year and tracked on the Innovation Portal.

9. Team Leader, Curre nt Membe rs, and Members hip Specifications (Are team
   members appointed? Volunteers? Is team membership permanent? Term-limited?
      - This work was incubated as a College Action Project in the School of Workforce
         Development. The Dean appointed the Portfolio Manager, and they jointly
         determined who would be invited to join the first Core Team. Membership is
         voluntary and the group composite is meant to represent the various employee
         groups on campus: Administration, Faculty, Meet & Confer, CEBA and ESP.
         Since this project is still in early stage development, there has not been a
           determination made as to its permanence at GRCC, but it is envisioned that the
           existing Core Team members will remain in place as long as they remain
           interested and available to serve.
       -   The Current Portfolio Manager is Liz McCormick, Executive Sponsor is Patti
           Trepkowski, and Core Team members are: Ann Sandberg, Peggy Hallacy (on
           leave), Moss Ingram, and Becky Yoder. Eric Heller is a contracted Core Team
           Champion via Metrics Reporting ending 6/09. If someone is interested in joining
           the Core Team, inclusion must be supported by their Dept. leader, as well as they
           must have completed the Innovation Experience training

10. List the major team accomplishments over the past year. (What are your outcomes?)
        - Establishment of 3 teams moving new ideas for programs into pilot stage.
        - Meeting the needs of select employer partners to provide training in this area.
        - Designing new partnership with InnovationWorks! (part of Right Place
            Inc.,/MMTC West) to bring curriculum training to region.
        - Expansion of faculty involved in curriculum work to now include Business and
            Job Training.
        - Involving 8 sections of GRCC business students in beta testing of our public
            curriculum learning environment called INTER.

11. List the major team goals for the upcoming year. (What do you plan to accomplish as
    a team in 2009?)
        - Provide ongoing training and development of GRCC faculty and staff to support
            further refinement and internalizing of what innovation means at GRCC.
        - Set up a mentoring program with current team members mentoring one other
            person to increase our internal skill capacity to facilitate understanding and use of
            the tools.
        - Documenting the customization of this innovation framework for GRCC, and
            creating a new product that can be promoted and sold to other educational
        - Alignment of our process work with the national Curriculum project.
        - Alignment of this work with external community partners like Innovation Works
            (via the Right Place Inc.)

12. Please describe any curre nt challenges the team is facing.
       - We believe that the success/sustainability of this work will be directed by the
           involvement of Dr. Ender and his new vision for change at GRCC.
       - Creating the proper alignment with other College processes in a way that is
           clearly articulated and understood by internal faculty and staff.
       - This work still requires a financial investment. GRCC has to make that
           investment, or secure those funds from outside investors. The process for
           securing GRCC general fund resources is competitive and non-guaranteed, and
           the external sales cycle takes considerable development time and effort.
       - Finding meeting time for existing team members (voluntary basis)
       - Shortage of Project Team leaders who have capacity and capability to drive this
           work and understand how it interfaces with other college processes/resources

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