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									                       VUSC November 30, 2009

  1.   Online Registration
  2.   Spring Team Formation
  3.   Strategic Plan
  4.   Fundraising

Meeting called to order: 7:35PM

John Lavery: Resigning as President at end of the year. Board positions
are open; especially need younger members to fill voids.

Paula Horton: Online Registration: Verona Recreation held a meeting
to introduce Verona Rec. uses this company to
organize and maintain online registration. Advantages include credit
card use, organization of databases, ability to send e-mail blasts to
specific groups, or entire club. Drawback is annual fee charged by
company. Further information is needed.

Justin Marriott: Spring Team Formation: There were two negative
behavior instances, team managers handled these well. We need to
continue being proactive in this area. It is assumed all teams are done
with games at this date. If this is not the case, team managers should
notify the board. Teams with first or second place finishes should notify
the board and attempt to get coverage (with photos) in local papers.
Team managers should also notify the board of their players’ interest in
an indoor winter season. Teams can be put together across age groups
if entire teams are not interested. Results of spring team formation
have been sent out; some teams are intact and some have merged.
Registration fees, especially for fall only players, need to be collected.
Team managers need to look at flighting of spring teams ideally by the
end of December. We will continue to have three trainers for the spring
season however, Darrin will not be returning; Greg and Mike have been
offered positions.

John Lavery: Practices for the spring season will start the first or
second week of March, turf is available March 1st. The season officially
starts the first week of April, but early play is allowed. A total of
fourteen games club-wide can be rescheduled without penalty.
Preseason conflicts are due to the league in February.

Larry Raff: Strategic Plan: A Survey will be issued to team managers
and to parents. A work session will be held in January, after surveys
have been collected and analyzed, in order to assess what needs to be
changed considering survey results.

Mary Farrel: Fundraising: Teacher’s Convention Camp raised $2,000.00
and attracted about 40 players. December 6, 2009 is the 10 year
anniversary fund raiser. Only 17 people have registered so far, teams
should be reminded of this event. A decision will be made by
Wednesday as to whether to reschedule. Ideally we are looking for 30-
40 people. Comedy Night is February 27, 2010. Comedians are being
screened. Baskets with a value of at least $75.00 will be collected from
every team. College T-shirts and sweatshirts are also needed for the
raffle. Ticket prices will be kept at $55.00 per person this year.

Jose DeCastro: Summer Select: Caldwell/West Caldwell seem very
interested in partnering with us. We need to work on this quickly for
those kids who are looking for summer development. Send players’
names to Jose. We will most likely cluster age groups. The ideal
deadline is mid-December. Jose will put together pricing and time
commitment information and send out to team managers. Sue Frizzi
suggested reaching out to Little Falls as they don’t have their own travel
team. Jose will need help from volunteers. Also, it needs to be decided
if this is a “summer select” team (multiple towns, top players) or a
“summer experience” team (all interested are invited to play).

Other Business:

1.Tornadoes and Devils have not received player evaluations from Red
Bull’s Trainer (Greg). Jose Decastro has note out to Mike and will also
send one to Adrian.

2. Steve Spardel asked for clarification of club’s financial status. He
questioned if club’s financial status is published as people in the
community would like to know where the club stands. He asked what
the plan is to communicate this status and what the outlook is for next
year. John Lavery addressed these questions: In the past the club has
subsidized players. We have “undercharged and overdelivered” and
with costs up dramatically, the club can’t continue to subsidize players.
More fundraising opportunities are also being looked into. The strategic
plan is a four-year plan and the fees for the fall 2010 season are
unknown at this time. This is our first year doing multiple fundraisers.
We have purchased trainers for the full year and are providing
consistency across the club which was the goal. The club is working on
the shortfall. Steve Spardel recommended making shortfall public as
this may help with fundraising. Larry Raff stressed that the shortfall will
not be pushed into next year’s registration fees. We can cut back on
Red Bull hours or renegotiate contract. Pricing for fall will be
transparent at try-outs in May.
3. John Lavery announced that a co-ed adult soccer league is being
formed with the Recreation Department. Details will follow. Several
concerns were raised concerning the impact of an adult league on field
space/time. It was noted that the adult league would play during “off-

4. Wayne Looney questioned the process of finding a candidate to fill
the President’s term. Larry Raff will check by-laws on succession and
get this information circulated.

5. A plaque was presented to John Lavery to acknowledge and thank
him for his many years of service in the VUSC.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM

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