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									                   Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) Course Highlights
ChFC01 Fundamentals of Financial Planning                   ChFC06 Planning for Business Owners and
       and Investments                                                 Professionals
•   Risk Tolerance                                          • Planning for Different Business Structure
•   Process of Financial Planning and its Key Components    • Buy-sell Agreements
•   Types of Investment Assets and Investment Analysis      • Business Succession Planning
•   Time Value of Money                                     • Keyman Planning
                                                            • Business Valuation and Memorandum and Articles of

ChFC02 Risk Management, Insurance and                       ChFC07 Wealth Management and Financial
           Retirement Planning                                         Planning
• Risk Management and Classes of Insurances                 • The Mathematics of Wealth Management
• A Systematic Approach to Insurance Policy Selection       • Economic Analysis
• Sources of Funds to meet Retirement Needs                 • Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation
• A Systematic Approach to Retirement Planning              • Wealth Protection
• Effective Communication in Financial Counselling

ChFC03 Tax, Estate Planning and Legal Aspects               ChFC08 Financial Planning Applications
          of Financial Planning                             • Fundamental Principles and Strategies used in
• Taxation of Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership and            Financial Planning
    Individuals                                             • Fact-finding Process Planning to Meet Individuals,
•   Income Tax Planning                                       Family and Business Objectives and Case Analysis
•   Estate Planning and its Tools                           • Planning for the Different Life Stages
•   Incapacity Planning
•   Use of Life Insurance in Estate Planning               Fees For Self-Study (Inclusive of 7% GST)
                                                           Fees Per Module           First Attempt            Each Subsequent
ChFC04 Investment Planning                                                        (Inclusive of Study Text   Attempt (No Study Text
                                                                                     &/or Study Guide)       &/or Study Guide Given)
• Risk and Return
• Types of Investments                                     Member Company
                                                           /Financial Adviser          S$385.20                   S$107.00
• Stock and Bond Analysis, Unit Trusts and Derivatives     /Bank
• Theory and Practice of Portfolio Management
                                                           Company                     S$462.25                   S$128.40
ChFC05 Plan Construction, Practice Standards               A non-refundable registration fee of S$21.40 (inclusive of 7% GST) is
           and Ethics                                      payable for each application submitted.
• Elements of a Comprehensive Financial Plan
• Developing an Insurance/Investment Plan
• Developing a Retirement Plan
• Developing an Income Tax and Estate Plan
• Ethics and Practices of a Successful Financial

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