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									Perry/Spencer                       Resource Guide                                  12/17//07

Info link United Way 211                                Indiana Family Helpline 800-433- 0746
Local Database 800-639-9271

               Child Care Services                             Daycare/Pre-schools
child care resource and referral including       St. Bernard’s Learning Center         649-4417
inclusive care for special needs 866-200-5909    Pre-school for local listings    Tots a Lot Pre-school                 547-8367
of licensed daycares/pre-schools                 Glory Bees Pre-school                  547-6340
 Child care funding                 888-360-4473 Children’s Corner                      359-4669
Kid’s Academy Castle                  547-3220   Bright Beginnings                     547-2389
( including special needs)                            (including special needs)
                                                 Y Wee Care Pre-school                 937-9936
                              Clothing/Household Items/Furniture
Agape Thrift Store                    547-5244 N. Spencer Community Action            937-2796
Christian Resource Center             649-4946 Perry Co. Council of Agencies            547-7780
Martin’s Cloak                        357-5405 Salvation Army                          547-7068
Seventh Day Adventists                547-5038
                                    Credit/Debt Counseling
Consumer Credit Counseling       800-451-6293 Perry County Council of Agencies         547-8115
Christian Resource Center           649-4946     N. Spencer Community Action          937-2796
            Counseling/Mental Health                         Drug/Alcohol Treatment
Southern Hills Counseling             547-7905 Alcohol/Drug Abuse Hotline         800-234-0420
Hotline                           800-883-4020 AA                                 800-286-5584
Tri Cap Family Health                  897-0364 Crisis Drug Referral              812-464-7710
Stephanie Savage                       362-7067 Stepping Stone                         473-3144
Spencer County Mental Health Assoc 357-2754 Agape Recovery Ministries                  547-5244
Catholic Charities Counseling         547-0903
Parent Stress Line                800-962-2798
Mental Health Association         800-555-6424
       Developmental Screening/Services                     Evaluations (psychological)
First Steps                          547-6040    Riley Child Development         317-274-8167
Bright Beginnings                    547-2389 Weisskopff Child Evaluation        502-852-5331
Exceptional Children’s Co-op        482-6661
                   Education                             Employme nt Training/Assistance
Head Start                           547-3435    Lincoln Hills Development            547-3435
Special Education Co-op               482-6661 Work One                                 547-2299
Adult Education (GED)                 547-2385 SIRS                                    547-7009
Community Learning Center             547-6883
Lifetime Edu Academy                 649-2591
State Special Education Program 877-851-4106 Vocational Rehab                           482-4648
                                         Food Assistance
Christian Resource Center            649-4946 Perry Co. Council                       547-7780
Community Christian Church           547-7486 N. Spencer Community                    937-2796
Martins Cloak Pantry                 357-5405 Salvation Army                          547-0903
Seventh Day Adventist                547-6333 Tell City Southern Baptist (hot meals) 547-2897
Living Bread Food Pantry             547-2887
     Health Care (low cost, sliding scale)                 Prescription Assistance
Perry Co Health Dept.                 547-2746 Rx Help (on- going prescriptions) 888-956-5802
Spencer Co. Health Dept.              649-4441 Prescription Resource              877-793-0765
ECHO Community Health                 421-7489 N. Spencer Community Action           937-2796
Spencer Co. Well Child                649-4441 Perry Co. Clergy                      547-2270
                                               Prescription Advocate             800-711-3621
             Housing (subsidized)                      Housing (transitional/shelters)
Lincoln Hills Development Tell City 547-3435 Albion Fellows Bacon Center             422-5622
                           Rockport 649-5034
SIRS                               547-7009 Christian Resource Center                 649-4946
Rockport Housing Authority         649-4533    Evansville Men’s Shelter               421-3800
Tell City Housing Authority        547-8581 House of Bread and Peace (women) 425-6754
             Housing (homeowner)               Life Choice (maternity shelter)      423-5133
Habitat for Humanity                547-4805      Housing(Modifications for special needs)
Weatherization                      547-3435 Attain                               317-534-0236
Down Payment Assistance             547-3435
                                       Legal Services
Legal Services of Indiana      800-852-3477
              Maternity Services                               Baby Supplies
Christian Resource Center           649-4946 WIC (Rockport)                           649-9024
Matrix Lifeline                     836-2587 WIC (Tell City )                         547-8615
Tri Cap                             482-2233 Safe Kids (car seats)             547-3435 ext 247

                                    Medicaid/Food Stamps
Perry Co. Office                     547-7055 Spencer Co. Office                        649-9111
              Medical Equipment                                 Medical Funding
KATS Network                    800-327-5287 Hoosier Healthwise                  800-889-9949                       public insurance for children birth to age 19
ATTAIN                          800-528-8246 Children’s Special Health Care 800-475-1355                        for children with severe chronic conditions
AM Ramps                        800-649-5215   Health Care Grant 800-328-5979 ex 24459
       ramps for home                          for children only partially covered by insurance
Evangelical Church of Christ        547-7059   Donated Dental Services           317-631-6022
hospital equipment for home use                for elderly or disabled persons
                                               Catholic Charities                      547-0903
                                               Perry Co Shriners                        547-4868
                                               March of Dimes                           473-3300
                                               Shriners of Evansville                 423-4285
                             Parenting Programs (Family Support)
Healthy Families                     897-0364 Even Start                             843-5122
Southern Hills Counseling           547-7905   Co. Extension (nutrition)               547-7059
           Parent Day Out Programs                                Play Groups

                                    Social Security/Disability
Social Security Office     800-772-1213
                 Special Needs                          Special Needs (hearing and vision)
About Special Kids                800-964-4746 IN Deaf/Blind Services            800-622-3035
Information and peer support                                              TDD 812-237-3022
People with Disabilities (info)   800-575-7763 IN School for the Blind           317-253-1481
Protection/Advocacy Service         800-622-4845 IN School for the Deaf                  317-924-4374
St. Mary’s Genetic Services                485-7772 Parent Infant Network                 800-724-9550
  Info, referral, support for genetic conditions        resource for deaf or hard hearing infants
SIRS                                       547-7009 Sycamore Interpreting Services             421-0847
Bright Beginnings                    800-206-6610 Evansville Assoc for the Blind                422-118
Anderson Woods Autism Summer Camp 957-0260 support groups, mobility services, vocation
Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.                  479-6550 Lion’s Club (eyeglasses, hearing aides)
 Equipment, support groups, summer camp       (district 25)
Special Olympics                           357-6611
Companion Care Services               547-0230
Southern Indiana Respite Care          945-6868
                                             Support Groups
Autism Society                            482-9495 Divorce Recovery                         858-8668
S.M.I.L.E. Down Syndrome support group,                Divorce Support Group
social and recreational activities       925-6839      Parents R 4-ever                     649-4410
AIDS Resource Support Group              421-0059      Grief Support Group                  547-0903
South Central Services                  375-1806       Aprenda Mas                888-248-9479
                                                       Free translation Pre-K thru post secondary edu.
Lincoln Go                                547-3348
                                        Utilities/Rent Assistance
N. Spencer Community Action                937-2796 Life Line Link up           (see local telephone co.)
CACD (wood for heat)                       357-6611 Salvation Army                             547-0903
Christian Resource Center                  649-4946 Energy Assistance                           547-3435
Heating Assistance                         357-6580 Perry Co. Clergy                            547-2270
                                                       N. Spencer Community Action              937-2796
                                            Victims of Violence
Division of Family and Children                        Crisis Connection                        547-8878
Child Protective Services                 547-7055 Comfort House (child victims of sexual assault)
Domestic Violence Hotline            800-332-7385 633-2500 hotline 800-245-4580
Child Abuse Hotline                  800-422-4453 Adult protective Services                     435-5190
                                             Youth Activities
Big Brothers Big Sisters                547-5541       Camp Reveal                             421-3800
                                 Miscellaneous/Numbers of Inte rest
Child Support Hotline               800-840-8757 United Way                                257-2577
Crisis Connection Hotline           800-245-4580 IN* Source                               800-332-4433
AIDS Hotline                        800-848 AIDS Poison Control                           800-222-1222
Missing Exploited Children           800-843-5678 Run aways/suicides                       800-742-7475

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