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									                                  Johan L. Eliasson

333 Greentree Drive, #E-9                     Department of Political Science
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301                    East Stroudsburg University
(315) 395-3931/422-3275                       200 Prospect Street
Email:               East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

    PhD, Political Science, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs,
    Syracuse University. Concentrations in International Relations and Comparative
    Politics. Dissertation: “European Union Security and Defense Policy and Non-
    Allied Member States” May 13, 2005
    MA, Political Science, Syracuse University, 1999
    BA, Political Science, Global Concentration, California State University
    Dominguez Hills, 1997 Summa Cum Laude and Department Honors.
    Associate of Arts Degree, El Camino College, Torrance, California, 1995.

      Other Education
      Summer School: Europe and the World. Limerick (Ireland), 2000
      Summer Study: Labor parties. London and Gothenburg (Sweden), 1999
      Swedish Literary History and Swedish Social Policies. Adult School,
      Gothenburg, Sweden,1992.
      Four management courses on interpersonal communication skills, marketing,
      budgeting and personnel management. Stockholm, Sweden, 1991/1992.

    2005-Assistant Professor East Stroudsburg University
    2003-2005 Maxwell School European Union Center, Instructor/ Graduate
    2002-2003 Research Assistantship with professor Richard Sherman, Syracuse
    University Research Topic: Transatlantic Trade Disputes Resolution Mechanisms.
    2002-2004 Numerous professional development seminars and conferences
    2001-2002 Graduate Teaching Associate, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
    (Advanced undergraduate course on statistics).
    1998-2001 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Political Science department.
           (Fall 2000) PSC124, Introduction to International Relations.
           (Fall 1998-Spring 2000) PSC693, Graduate course on research and
           statistical analysis.
    1998-2000 Academic Tutor, Center for Academic Achievement, Syracuse
    1985-1993 McDonald´s Sweden Inc.
           (1992-1993) Store Manager. Responsible for store operations and profits,
           including budgeting, hiring, scheduling, local marketing and inventory.
           (1990-1992) Assistant Store Manager.

    “NATO”, “Great Britain-Homeland Security” and “International Institute for
    Strategic Studies” Three entries in Homeland Security Encyclopedia ME Sharpe
    forthcoming , 2007

    “European Security and Defense Policy” in Jeffrey Weber and Johan Eliasson
    (eds) Handbook on Military Administration Taylor Francis pub. August 2007

    “Privatizing Commercial Diplomacy: Institutional Innovation at the Domestic-
    International Frontier” European Journal of Political Economy, with Dr. Richard
    Sherman, Leiden University, March 2007

    “Traditions, Identity and Security: the Legacy of Neutrality in Finnish and
    Swedish Security Policies in Light of European Integration.” European
    Integration online Papers (peer reviewed) (2004) vol. 8, no 6

    “Trade Disputes and Non-State Actors : New Institutional Developments and the
    Privatization of Commercial diplomacy “ World Economy. Vol. 29, no. 4, 2006

    “Sweden Ten Years On” book chapter in The European Union and Member States
    (eds)Eleanor Zeff and Ellen Pirro, Lynne Reinner Press. June 2006.

    “Traditions, Identity and Security: European Defense and Neutral States” Maxwell
    Review. vol. 11, Spring 2004.

    Op-ed Pieces
    “EU’s Growing Defense Requires Debate and Swedish Solidarity” (Växande
    försvar kräver både discussion och Svensk Solidaritet” SydSvenska Dagbladet,
    April 9, 2004.
    “A militarily stronger EU is conducive to world peace” (op-ed)Stokholms Fria
    Tidning, September 16, 2002.
    “EU more open than any member state” (op-ed) Stokholms Fria Tidning, October
    “Foreign aid and development programs do not diminish the need for improved
    military capabilities in the EU” (op-ed) Stokholms Fria Tidning, November 2002
    “The European Security and Defense Policy Process and Non-Allied Members
    Finland and Sweden” Working paper Maxwell EU Center, vol.1, August 2002.
    “Radical Reprioritizations Needed”(op-ed, original in Swedish) Svenska
    Dagbladet August 4, 1999.
    “No Model for Swedish Welfare; But we Can Learn From Some Parts of the US
    Economic System” (op-ed, original in Swedish) Arbetet, August 15, 1999 and Nya
    Wermlands Tidning, August 16, 1999.


    “Reforming America’s “Unique” Electoral College? The Finnish Comparison”
    Co-authored with Dr. Rogan Kersh. ISA/Northeast Political Science Association,
    Boston, MA, November 11-13, 2004.

    “Privatizing Commercial Diplomacy: Institutional Innovation at the Domestic-
    International Frontier” “ Economic Policy Research colloquium on “Strategic
    Choice, Policy Substitutability, and Trade” The University of Western Ontario
    London, Ontario, Canada October 3-4, 2003

    “Identity, Traditions and Security: Neutral States and European Security and
    Defense Integration” International Studies Association-Midwest, St. Louis,
    Missouri November 7-8, 2003

    “The Legacy of Neutrality as a guide to Non-Allied Members Security Policies in
    Light of the European Security and Defense Policy Process” 8th International
    European Union Studies Association, Nashville, March 27-30, 2003.

    “The ESDP Process and Security Policies in Finland and Sweden” Northeast
    ISA/Northeast Political Science Association Providence, RI, November 7-9, 2002.

    “The European Security and Defense Policy Process and Non-Allied Members”
    International Studies Association Conference, New Orleans. March 24-27, 2002.

    “European Security and Defense Integration: the Affect on Non-Allied Members
    Finland and Sweden.” ISA/Northeast Political Science Association, Philadelphia.
    November 8-10, 2001.

    “Neutral by Choice, Aligned by Default? Sweden, Ireland and EU Defense
    Integration” North Eastern American Political Science Association, Albany.
    November 11, 2000.

    “Ireland and Sweden in a Changing EU: a Comparison” American Conference for
    Irish Studies, New York. October 27, 2000.

    “A Changing European Union: Sweden, the ESDI and NATO membership” ESCA
    Conference, Quebec City. August 1, 2000.
       “Neutral Countries in a Changing European Union: Sweden, Finland, the
       European Security and Defense Initiative and NATO membership” 54th New York
       State Political Science Association Conference. April 14-15, 2000.

       “From the European Perspective: The Benefits of Stronger European Military
       Capabilities within the Transatlantic Alliance” European Studies Conference
       University of Nebraska, Omaha. October 14-16, 1999.


       2007 Two FDR Student Learning Enhancement grants ($1,000+ $500)
       2006 Two FDR Student Learning Enhancement grants ($892+$1,000)
       2003/04 Ketcham Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000)
       2003 Roscoe Martin and Graduate School Research Grant, Syracuse University
       2002/03 Political Science Department’s Graduate Research Assistantship,
       Syracuse University
       2002 Graduate School Research Grant, Syracuse University.
       2002 Maxwell School EU Center Dissertation Research Fellowship.
       2001 Goeijkan Research Grant, Global Affairs Institute, Syracuse University.
       2001 Roscoe Martin Research Grant, Syracuse University.
       1998-2002 Teaching Assistantship, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public
       Affairs Graduate.
       2000 Teaching Associate Political Science Department, Syracuse University.
       1998-2000 Tuition scholarship, Syracuse University Graduate School.
       1997 Outstanding Student Award California State University Dominguez Hills.
       1996 Michael O´ Hara Scholarship, California State University Dominguez Hills.
       1995 Academic Achievement Award, El Camino College.
       1995 Student Athlete of the Year Award, El Camino College.

        Graduate: International Relations Theory, Research Methods, International
Security, International Law and Organization
Undergraduate: US Foreign Policy, Introduction to Politics, European Government,
European External Relations, American Government, Basic Issues of Politics,
International Relations.
        Microsoft word. STATA, SAS, SPSS and Excel Statistical programs.

    Fluent in Swedish, English and Norwegian. Understand basic German and Danish
    American Political Science Association
    American Conference for Irish Studies
    Academy of Political Science, Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society chap. 241.
    European Union Studies Association
    Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism, Syracuse University, Alumni
    International Studies Association
    Research Associate Maxwell European Union Center, Syracuse University

    Winner of the 1997 and 1998 Palos Verdes Marathon and the
    1998 and 1999 ARC Half Marathon, 2nd place 1995 Sacramento City Marathon,
    20th place 1997 Los Angeles International Marathon.

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