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					        Perpetual Power Installs a 416kW Solar Electric System on
                    Budweiser Cold-Storage Facility

   Markstein Sales Company goes solar with 2,240 Mitsubishi Electric PV modules

CYPRESS, Calif., May 22, 2009 - Perpetual Power has announced the completion of a
416kW DC solar installation on a Budweiser cold beer storage building in Contra Costa
County, Calif. The Markstein Sales Company, a family owned business operating since
1919, and a distributor of Budweiser and other beverages, decided to install solar power
on its facility to reduce its energy costs while contributing to the protection of the

The solar system was designed and installed by San Francisco-based Perpetual Power,
LLC, and is the first system to use their new proprietary “Oasis” roof mounting system.
The system was designed with minimal connections and a low weight per square foot to
reduce stress on the building’s rooftop. The new mounting system also passed a rigorous
wind tunnel test to meet the requirements in this area and ensure stability and safety.

Paul Townsend, founder of Perpetual Power, LLC, commented on the new installation:
“We continue to focus our solar installations on large commercial buildings in California,
including this new building for Markstein Sales Company. We also focus on large
agribusiness installations where solar power makes a real difference in lowering energy
bills for these companies.”

The solar installation includes 2,240 185Wp Mitsubishi Electric polycrystalline
photovoltaic modules, made with 100% lead-free solder. Mitsubishi Electric modules
were chosen due to their reputation for outstanding quality and high power output.
Antioch is in the eastern part of the Bay Area and typically experiences hot summer
temperatures which drives up the energy requirements of a cold storage facility.

“A cold storage facility is an excellent example of a building that can gain immediate
benefits from solar power,” said Gina Heng, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s
photovoltaic division. “Due to the high temperatures and amount of refrigeration
required for this facility, solar panels can help the company shave off its most expensive
tier it pays to the utility, resulting in immediate savings.”

The system will cover approximately 60 per cent of the 110k square foot building’s
energy needs and is estimated by to produce 600,000kWh resulting in a
annual savings of approximately $100,000. Based on this estimation, the amount of
carbon saved by installing the system is equivalent to driving over 22 million miles over
the 25 year life of the system, or keeping 8,000 tons of CO2 from entering the

About Perpetual Power
Bay Area-based Perpetual Power (P2) is organized to build, install and support solar
electric generators that deliver best-in-class production. The company’s objectives
include enhancing the triple-bottom line of their customers. P2 uses the LEED process to
design, manage and deliver projects working with customers who share their interest in
their approach to solar generator deployment. For more information

About Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA’s Photovoltaic Division
Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and providers of solar
power technology. The company’s eco-friendly photovoltaic systems are used
throughout the world to bring clean, reliable energy to residences, businesses, power
generation plants, schools, factories and more. For more information visit or call 714.220.2500.

About Markstein Sales Company
Markstein Sales Company is a family owned business located in Antioch, California.
The company has been in business since 1919 and is a distributor of Budweiser and other
beverages. For more information please contact 925-755-1919.

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