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• Cover Letters – The Easy Way
• What Employers Want to See
• Inviting Yourself to the Interview
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What is Your Biggest Cover Letter Problem?

Didn't know a cover letter was important       7%

Customizing cover letters for different jobs
takes too long

Don't know what to say                         29%

I don't get interview invites                  33%
Are Cover Letters Important?
    Customizing Cover Letters

• Stop “shotgunning” your resume around
• Treat your job search like a job
  – Targeted search
  – Revise resume/cover letter combo to show
    specific value
  – Personalize
• Practice will increase your speed – It gets
           What Do I Say?
• Whatever the employer wants to hear.
• Where do I find that information?
• Focus on needs; not requirements
How to Do This

             (Actual Job
              Getting the Invite
• Use the hiring manager’s first name
   – Hoovers
   – Website
   – Call – Tell the receptionist… “I’m trying to mail
• Put the job title in the reference line
• Lead with a hook:
   – “Is your company looking for someone who can [insert
     need here]? If so, we should talk.”
• Make it intriguing for the employer to want to invite
   – “You’ll want to know more about [an accomplishment].
     Let’s get together and discuss.”
    Can You Do This Yourself?
• Of Course!... If you…
  – Know what each employer wants
  – Can identify your key accomplishments,
    achievements and successes
  – Will articulate those strengths accurately

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