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					 key position information
 Job Title                                                Position Reports To
 Playgroup Facilitator                                    Program Manager Early Childhood Care and Development
 Incumbent                                                Location
 Vacant                                                   Yuendumu Community, Northern Territory
 Division                                                 Job Description                             FTE
 Policy & Programs                                            New               Updated               Click here to enter text.
                                                          Double Click on box and select ‘checked’
 Team                                                     Effective Date                              Date Updated
 Australia Program                                        15/01/2009                                  13/01/2010

 primary purpose of Job
Why does the job exist? This statement should encapsulate the overall significance of the job from WVA’s point of view.

 This position exists to support the development and implementation of the Warlpiri Early Childhood Care
 and Development project focusing on early childhood development, health and education.

 Direct Reports                               Financial Authority – Budget                      Financial Authority
 Nil                                          Nil                                               Nil

 key result area             key performance indicator                                                                 weighting
 (KRA)                       (KPI)                                                                                       (%)
 World Vision core           Acts consistently in accordance with WVA values, challenge practices                     Not Applicable
 values                      inconsistent with these values and uses values as a basis managing
                             relationships and decision making.
 Community                   Works in collaboration with the Director of Kurdu-Kurdu Kurlangu                         30%
 playgroup activities        Yuendumu child care centre and other key early childhood
 for parents and             stakeholders to identify parents of young children not currently
 children under four
                             attending any early childhood program and engage them in early
 years of age
 operate in the              learning activities in the community on a regular basis.
 Playgroup activities        Plans, implements and evaluates a program of early learning and care                     25%
 are of a high quality       activities in partnership with the children’s families, based on an
 and enhance the             assessment of the children’s needs and interests
 care and
 development of
 children attending
 Early Childhood             Works in collaboration with the WVA ECCD program manager and the                         10%
 workers at                  director of Kurdu-Kurdu Kurlangu Yuendumu child care centre to
 Yuendumu are                identify, mentor and support local Indigenous early childhood workers
 offered leadership          achieve their child care qualifications
 and access to

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 key result area              key performance indicator                                                                           weighting
 (KRA)                        (KPI)                                                                                                 (%)
  Parents attending           Develops good working relationships with allied health services and                                20%
 the playgroup are            other relevant service providers and where necessary make
 supported in                 appropriate referrals for families and their children
 caring for their
 Monitoring and               Assists the WVA ECCD program manager in the provision of timely                                    10%
 reporting                    reports relating to the operation of the playgroup, mentoring activities
                              and parent support.
 To assume                                                                                                                       5%
 personal                     Develops a professional development plan together with the ECCD
 responsibility for           program manager
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 functional                  key performance Indicators                                                      weighting
 Functional KRA’s are standard in all JD’s and provide for KPI’s which are consistent across all jobs within WVA.
 OH&S                         - Undertake business activities in safe manner so as to avoid or               Click here to
                                reduce the risk of injury or illness to self and others; and                 enter text.
                              - Ensure you comply with WVA OH&S policies and procedures.
 People                       -       Ensure you actively participate in LINK and fulfil all its             Click here to
                                requirements in line with prescribed timelines; and                          enter text.

                              - Ensure you participate in the WVA Induction process and your
                                probationary review is completed within prescribed timelines.
 Risk & Governance            -      Ensure you operate in line with WVA policies and                        Click here to
                                procedures, Code of Conduct and ethics; and                                  enter text.
                              -      Actively participate in risk awareness training.

 key relationships
 Internal                    ECCD Manager and project team, Regional Program Coordinator

 External                    Kurdu-Kurdu Kurlangu Yuendumu child care centre Warlpiri Education and training
                             Trust, Warlpiri-patu-kurlangu Jaru Inc. r text.

 Committee/Groups            Yuendumu Early Childhood Care and Development Reference Group

 organisation context
 Attach a current organisation structure which includes: manager, manager’s manager, peers, direct reports and this role
 accessible via the Hub).

 Sign Off
 Manager Name                                                     Employee Name
 Teresa Hutchins                                                  Click here to enter text.
 Manager Signature                                                Employee Signature

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                                     To be completed for recruitment purposes only

 Demonstrated commitment to World Vision values and philosophy, and capacity to engage with the broader community in
 living these values:
 We are Christian               Willingness to be open about their faith / discuss their spiritual life and respect
                                others’ beliefs. e.g. participate in corporate spiritual life in an enthusiastic manner
                                and show respect for others’ opinions and religious beliefs
 We are committed to            Demonstrate community involvement and interest in issues of justice
 the poor
 We value people                Be able to demonstrate good interpersonal skills and accept diversity in the
 We are stewards                Understands issues regarding conserving resources, i.e. financial, physical and can
                                improve efficiencies in work practices
 We are partners                Is able to influence decision making in their area of concern
 We are responsive              Responsive to customer expectations in a timely and appropriate manner. Can make
                                decisions under pressure

 Qualifications /                Essential
 Memberships                     Appropriate post secondary or tertiary qualifications in relevant discipline (child
                                 care, child health, community development)
                                 Click here to enter text.
 Knowledge                       Good understanding of the needs of young children in relation to their health,
                                 development and wellbeing

                                 Good understanding of issues affecting Indigenous communities in Australia
                                 Good understanding of family support services in remote Indigenous communities
 Experience                      Essential
                                 Experience in playgroup facilitation
                                 Demonstrated professional experience working in remote Indigenous communities,
                                 preferably in an early childhood context.

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 capability profile
 Please select 6-8 capabilities essential to the successful performance of the incumbent in the position. Please note – you
 will find details of these capabilities, together with behavioural anchors and sample descriptors on the Hub – WVA
 Capability Framework.
 Dimensions 1: Self Awareness
     Continuous Personal Learning                 Personal Impact                        Understanding Others
     Self Confidence                              Integrity                              Resilience

 Dimension 2: Accountability
     Strategic Leadership                         Strategic Influence                    Implementing Strategy
     Self Management                              Analytical Thinking                    Decision Making
     Planning & Organising                        Prioritising                           Stewardship
     Organisational Awareness                     Industry Awareness                     External Environment Factors
     Compliance Awareness                         Technical Expertise                    Business Communication
     Meeting Management

 Dimension 3: Performance Leadership
     Spiritual Leadership                         Managing & Leading Others              Developing Others
     Driving Culture                              Leading Teams                          Interpersonal Communication
     Conflict Resolution                          Negotiation                            Influencing
     Managerial Courage                           Talent & Succession Management

 Dimension 4: Innovation & Change
     Innovation & Creativity                      Continuous Improvement                 Change Leadership
     Challenging & Questioning                    Risk Taking                            Organisational Learning

 Dimension 5: Collaboration
     Teamwork                                     Stakeholder Management                 Managing Diversity
     Systems Thinking                             Information Sharing                    Political Savvy

 Click here to enter text.

 sign off
 Manager Name                                                     Recruitment Advisor
 Teresa Hutchins                                                  Click here to enter text.
 Manager Signature                                                Employee Signature

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