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									MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report: March 16, 2009
Weekly update and project notes

No general update this week.

System Integration Test (SIT#1)

     The teams continue to create/execute test cases along with defining/creating the students to use as data.
       We will likely not reach our goal of executing 10 test cases per campus with a minimum of 5 student data
       points per test case by the end of SIT on March 20. Therefore, we will continue testing for 2 additional
       weeks during SIT#2 preparation.
     CU Boulder:
           o 10 test cases defined
           o Students created for all 10 test cases
           o Testing Results:
                      Test case #1 complete (all passed)
                      Test cases #2-4 complete for SR, SF requires Item Types in SIT
     CU Boulder Continuing Ed:
           o 10 test cases defined
           o Students created for test cases 1, 2, and 4
           o Testing Results:
           o Test case #1 complete for SR, partially complete for SF (all passed)
           o Test case #3 is not started yet
           o Test cases #2 and #4 complete for SR (all passed), SF requires Item Types in SIT
     CU Denver:
           o Test cases defined for tests 2-9
           o Students created for test cases 1 and 2
           o Testing Results:
           o Test case #1 complete (all passed)
     CU Colorado Springs:
           o 10 test cases defined
           o Students created for all 10 test cases
           o Testing Results:
           o Test case #1 complete (all passed)
     JIRA Issues:
                  o 3 “bug” issues written; 1 closed
                  o 19 “conversion” issues written; 9 closed

Last week’s activities
         System Integration Testing SIT#1 started on March 3 with all campuses represented.
      Validation of Bio/Demo converted data:
                   o 112 students across the campuses were validated the first day of SIT.
                   o 16 JIRA issues were logged (6 were closed/resolved immediately, with the rest still under
      The AD team is now executing their unit tests in the SIT instance and the outputs of their testing are being
        used by downstream modules for SIT.
      The goal was met for each institution team to execute at least 1 test case with 1 student by the end of the
        first week of SIT!

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                      Page 1 of 20
Planned activities
       We are identifying the focus for SIT#2 (testing to start the week of April 6), based on scheduled
        availability for additional converted data and extensions.
     Week of 3/30: Rebuild SIT instance, validate new SIT environment, and start test plan creation.

Open items and issues
    The delay of having all converted data in place at start of SIT#1 (e.g., SF Item Types, FA Item Types, CU
        Promise, and Instructor/Advisor Bio/Demo) has affected the team’s ability to get through testing on
        schedule. The most impacting outage is FA Item Types. The converted data is now loaded in SIT and FA
        Item Type tables are expected to be in place for all campuses by Monday, March 16.


     The new CRM environments have been reviewed by the team. Some issues were found and they are
       being addressed by the consultants and GSC. As soon as the issues are resolved, the environments will be
       available for the people from the campuses who attended the training last summer.
     Training discussions are held weekly. Tentative training dates in April have been determined for the
       offices going live this summer.
     Team was given a demo of the Solutions Module in CRM. This is a component of Support in Oracle CRM.
       It has three different options that could be used (FAQ, Scripted Solutions, and text based Solutions). This
       will replace the Knowledge Base currently being used in Hobsons and will provide some new functionality
       to those without Hobsons
     A possible solution for handling events has been proposed. Research is continuing but it looks to be a
       good option.
     Resources:
             o Samir Awdi, our consultant for CRM from Ciber, has been spending much of his time working on
                 the multi-row solution. He is cleaning up the solution and continuing to work on prototyping it.
                 He is targeting the end of March for completion of the solution.
                      o Samir will be working every other week off site due to tax requirements. He will be
                           available on e-mail and phone as needed. Most of his time will be focusing on the multi-
                           row solution.
             o Ammar Malik, a consultant who was donated to CU at 30% time, is going to be working on
                 implementing the remaining pieces of the CRM system slated for the July 09 GoLive while Samir
                 works on the multi-row solution
                      o Dialog Report - FDD completed, securing resources in GSD
                      o Telemarketing – demo done for team. Researching some bugs in new bundles that have
                           caused issues with telemarketing. Oracle has delivered a fix that they are sending to us.
                      o Multi-channel – work will begin in April
                      o Knowledge Base/FAQ engine – demo done for team. Search Solutions and FAQ work
                           and have been documented. Scripted Solutions are still being configured.
                      o Events – started looking at options. Will require some significant work
             o Pat Furze has joined the project. Pat is an Oracle consultant that has been provided by Oracle to
                 manage the development items for CRM and Admissions. He is maintaining a project plan that
                 tracks all the items and their expected delivery dates so we know they are meeting their delivery
                 dates to allow us to meet our GoLive date.
     Development
             o Oracle is moving along with their development items (Opt Out and Security items). Code should
                 be delivered 4/4/09
     Workflows
             o None

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                         Page 2 of 20
Open items and issues
    Timing of development. Many of the development items will be available for CU between March and July.
        This is very tight timing with the schedule July 2009 GoLive.
             o There is concern around development of content, training, and testing in time for GoLive.
    Team member’s time – splitting between Admissions and CRM.
    Need technical resource to begin knowledge transition. Movement on this front is continuing. More to
    We have extended the Oracle/Ciber consultant originally scheduled to leave in December to continue
        with us through the end of February. We are at a critical stage of the project and need more support at
        this time. Delays due to the issues around multi-row profiles put us behind schedule with the project.
        While the OCS contributed consultant is enabling us to catch up, we are still behind at this time. This puts
        more pressure on the shared resources in the CRM and Admissions team. This may require use of
        contingency funds.


        High Level Business Process Documentation (BPD’s) – 47% complete for base processes
        Base Configuration – 85% complete, 95% reviewed. Estimated date for completion: 5-1-09
        ADM Development –
              o 27 TOTAL Admission CEMLI’s identified
                      o 11 Interface Cases
                               o 1 In progress. Estimated date ready for testing: 5-5-09
                               o 10 Not started. Start 4-15-09, testing 6-15-09
                      o 13 Extension Cases
                               o 9 have been sent to GSD. Estimated date ready for testing: Varies depending
                                   on the extension. Some are being tested now, others will be tested in May
                               o 1 Functional Design Documents close to completion. Estimated date for
                                   completion: 5-15-09
                               o E-AD-19 Admissions Front End using FLEX in progress. Estimated date ready for
                                   testing: 5-15-09
                               o 1 On Hold
                                        o E-CR-01 Application Fee Payment -- Contract has been signed. We
                                             have a tech call this week to discuss requirements
                      o Workflows
                               o 1 Workflow case identified
                                        o W-AD-03 Workflow – Assign Apps for Evaluation. Estimated date
                                             ready for testing: June 2009
    Business Process Documentation –
         o 65 BPDs total
                   Additional 25 were added as prototyping was completed
                   26 complete
                   39 In progress. Estimated date for completion: 5-1-09

     Application security for Admissions has been initially reviewed. Most roles are determined but some
       additional work needs to be done to wrap it up. Estimated date for completion: 5-15-09
     Prototype of the Open ID solution is to be prototyped this week.
     Training plan for Admission has been outlined. Dates are being determined and will be announced in
       April 2009. Some of the training sessions will vary based on the campus and their processing start dates.
     Team completed a number of unit tests of the BPD’s last week during SIT. Testing will continue this week.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                       Page 3 of 20
         Analysis of the Stage and Load process that Oracle is delivering for the Admission Application has been
          completed. The CEMLI’s have been written and they will be submitted soon. These cases are covered as
          part of the hours to “make CU whole”.
         Resources:
         Additional Resources:
              o We have an additional consultant who has been working with us for the last five weeks, Jen
                    Broome. She is has significantly helped us move forward and help us catch up to other teams.
                    She has left but we are scheduled to get an another consultant soon for another five weeks. Jen
                    accomplished many things while on site including the following:
                         She helped to finish the E-AD-12 Auto Evaluation case.
                         She conducted a security session for the team to identify roles and permission lists and
                             helped define our roles and permission lists
              o She conducted a training session on 3 C’s for members outside the team that are going to be
                    responsible for running letters in one of the core Admission offices

Open items and issues
    Concern about the instant provisioning decision. Need to have instant provisioning to allow prospects
        into the portal and to save an admission application. This is critical for recruitment efforts and to
        replicate what UCCS and Boulder have today with Hobsons
    Concern around the timing of Nelnet contract since contract was just signed.
    Concern about the prospect portal being up in time for the golive. This is further complicated by the
        provisioning discussion. In addition, there is the question of content creation on each of the campuses.
    Timing of development. Some of the items are going to be finished really close to the scheduled Go-Live
        in July 2009. This limits the amount of time for training and testing.

Campus Community

     Security Authorizations – 100% complete with initial definition
          o Completed Functional Security Strategy Document
          o 35 roles identified
          o 78 permission lists identified
     Base Business Process Documents
          o 21 out of 21 complete
          o Test scripts based on the base BPDs have been generated
     Development
          o 37 Modifications total
                    27 out of 37 complete (73%)
                             14 out of 16 Conversion
                             11 out of 16 Modifications
                                5 Interfaces
                    Modification CEMLI’s on Hold
                             E-CC-12 Audit Trail on Checklist Items (snoozed)
                             E-CC-29n Committees Customization (snoozed)
                             E-CC-30n Event Registration (snoozed)
                             E-SS-41 Self Service Email Enhancements (snoozed)
                             E-CC-29 Random EMPLID generator – DN did not approve
                    Interface CEMLI’s on Hold
                             I-CC-05 Imaging Integration
                             I-CC Housing Photo IDs
                             I-CC Housing Addresses

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                       Page 4 of 20
                          Workflow CEMLI’s on Hold
                                W-CC-01 Integration with Imaging
                                W-FA-19 Name Change

Last week’s activities
      Duplicate IDs
            o The team has completed this cleanup process for list #1 (1727 duplicates)
            o accounts in SIS were resolved (by merging accounts when student info was accurate on both
                 accounts; otherwise the account was listed as wrong SID number)
            o List #2 (7613 duplicates) is 68% resolved, including SIS cleanup – targeting EOM April for
                 completion due to HEUG and SIT
      data validation
      unit testing
      SIT
Planned activities
      CC meeting 3/19
      SIT
      Continue working on cleaning up Dup ID list #2
      Data validation
      Meet with Carol on MDM (data steward roles)
      Unit testing
      Open items and issues
      Denver campus did not approve E-CC-29 Generating Alpha-Numeric Random EMPLIDs. Open issue and
        needs resolution.

Financial Aid

       Unit Testing
           o 93/104 Job Aids completed for delivered processes
           o 9/24 Job Aids completed for modified processes
           o UTs complete: CUBLD 85, CUDEN 38, CUSPG 62
       Configuration
           o 95% complete
       Base Business Process Documents
           o 75% complete
           o Additional details will be put in as testing proceeds and business process decisions are made,
                (particularly with cross module issues)
           o BPDs for FA extensions are pending until the extensions are completed
       Development
           o Status from Newmerix/PIL:

          Assigned        Title                                        Status
          C-FA-01         CU Promise                                   In Development
          C-FA-02         Multi-Year Scholarship                       In Development
          C-FA-03         Convert Workstudy Previous Year's earnings   Development not started
          C-FA-04         Career Documents                             Developer Unit Testing complete

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                  Page 5 of 20
          C-FA-12         Perkins MPN                                   Dev Unit Testing complete - Migration
          C-FA-14         Convert Institution Loan Aggregates           In Development
          C-FA-16         Health Profession MPN                         In Development
          C-SF-05a        SF Item Type Conversion                       Ready for SIT
          E-FA-14         ISIR Load - Checklist Creation                In Development
          E-FA-31         Transfer Monitoring                           Unit Testing Successful
          E-FA-42         Workstudy: Student Employment                 On Hold – requires clarification (final edits by
                                                                        functional team)
          E-FA-43         R2T4 Calculation of Institutional Charges     In Development
          E-FA-44         Summer Awarding                               Dev Unit Testing complete - Migration
          E-FA-45         CU Loans (was Health Profession Loan          Dev Unit Testing complete - Migration
                          Processing)                                   Dependencies
          E-FA-46         Pell Weeks of Instruction                     Ready for SIT
          E-FA-47         Loan Period Update                            Dev Unit Testing complete - Migration
          E-FA-49         SAP Modifications                             On Hold – requires clarification (dependent on
                                                                        Cumulative Stats)
          E-FA-50         Dynamic Dating Adjustments for FA             Ready for Development
          E-SS-57         FA Self-Service Gaps                          Dev Unit Testing complete - Migration
          I-FA-01         Workstudy: Student Employment                 Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-02         Imaging Interface                             Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-03         Web Scholarship Application                   Dev Unit Testing complete - Migration
          I-FA-05         Job Search Interface                          Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-06         COD Pell and Direct Loans                     Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-07         CRC Loan Processing                           Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-08         FISAP                                         Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-09         ISIR                                          Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-10         NSLDS                                         Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          I-FA-11         SURDS                                         Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          R-FA-03         Reporting SURDS                               Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          W-FA-01         Student Status Changes                        Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)
          W-FA-05         Verification Data Entry                       Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

         Extensions
              o Review of the E-FA-42 Workstudy functional specification will be completed this week and it will
                  be forward to Development.
         Interfaces
              o Meetings with the interface developers regarding interface requirements for I-FA-06 to 11 have
                  not been scheduled yet.
              o Review of the I-FA-05 Job Search Interface functional specification will be completed this week
                  and it will be forward to Development.
         Workflows
              o Review of the W-FA-01 Student Status Changes functional specification will be completed this
                  week and it will be forward to Development.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                     Page 6 of 20
Last week’s activities & planned activities
      Met with SC to discuss the continuing need to unit test, specifically for CUDEN’s packaging plans and
        authorization/disbursement rules. Progress needs to be made in this area prior to significant SIT. Will
        review status early this week to ensure work is being completed.
      Met with Susan Youtz to finish edits on Workstudy functional specification. It was forwarded to an SME
        last week for comments. We will complete final edits this week and forward to development.
      Exchanged many clarifications with GSD on E-FA-43 R2T4 Calculation of Institutional Charges over the last
        two weeks. The team will have a clarification call with them on Monday to expedite the process.
      The FA range of SF Item Types was successfully loaded into SIT last week enabling FA to begin loading the
        FA Item Type table and Fiscal Item Type and Disbursement Rules view Newmerix. FA worked on loading
        these throughout the weekend and into this week and is attempting to complete by Tuesday for SIT.
      Term names have been built out far enough by SR to accommodate FA’s CU Promise conversion into SIT
        and some data has been converted.

Open items and issues
       AD/FA: finalize decisions on how HS and college transfer data will be stored for ACG/SMART eligibility
       DARS/SR/FA: Further discussion with AD/SR regarding transfer data still needed
       SF/FA: Need to meet sometime during SIT to review IT groups/institutional charges (w.r.t. R2T4)

Student Records

       Please see the “Last Week’s Activities” section of this report

         Configuration
               o Academic Structure – 98% complete with historical and current configurations. All completed
                   configs have been moved to TEST instance.
         Base Business Process Documents
               o 67 out of 76 BPDs are 95% or greater completed
         Development
               o 78 of 90 CEMLIs are completed
         Interfaces
               o 0 out of 8 interfaces are completed

Last week’s activities
       General
             o Team participated in SIT.
             o Planning and prep for SIT continued for feature weeks. This was a major focus of the week.
             o Meetings continued with Mary and Sharon from the conversion team.
             o Some team members met with the campus Registrar’s. We covered items such as AVOW for
                  transcripts; Transcript Charges; Term Withdrawals and Former student access to services. Sally
                  has worked with the Registrar’s to arrange to have a scheduled monthly standing meeting on the
                  calendar; we will use these future times as needed.
             o An information-gathering meeting occurred with the Law School. We have given them a
                  questionnaire to complete, and will have a follow up meeting with selected staff members from
                  the Dean’s and Registrar’s Office in two weeks.
             o Team continued validations of catalog data in SIT. The team has filed cases with Kathye and
                  Steve who will work the Mary and Sharon directly on some items. Other items are filed as JIRA
             o Team members continue to clean up dup records in SIS. We welcome the training a new temp
                  worker to take this over.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                     Page 7 of 20
               o    All campuses want proceed with the use of AVOW with CS for some transcript possessing. BLD
                    currently contacts with AVOW for some of it’s transcripts. A final determination needs to be
                    made as to exactly which services CU will purchase from AVOW (charges will be handled
                    differently since we will be using NelNet for financial transactions.

Planned activities
     Continued prepping for SIT
       Follow up with the Law School.
     Meeting scheduled with the Law School for to begin their system needs assessment.

Student Financials

     Completed Unit Testing
     Completed Functional Security Document
     Configuration Complete through Fall 2009
     Base Business Process Documents Completed

Last week’s activities
      Item Types
             o Reviewed converted SF item types and came up with a plan on how to update defaulted
                  information. Outcome: Newmerix will be used to update defaulted values for both SF and FA
                  item types. This will have to be run each time we do a new conversion.
             o Discussed how many more times we want to convert item types and when the final conversion
                  will be. Decision: The SF team decided we would convert at least 2 more times and the final
                  conversion would be 3 to 4 months before go live in July 2010. The FA team believes at this time
                  they will only do one more conversion and then do dual entry in SIS and CS for newly created
             o Worked with the FA team on a plan to get their tables loaded for the converted item types.
      Team participated in SIT.
      Unit Testing of CEMLI’s continues.

Planned activities
     NelNet – the technical planning call for campus commerce is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 .

     GL – the accountants will join the SF team on Thursday, March 19 to review application of payments and

        accounting lines generated through CS. This is the first of many sessions we will have with the
        accountants to make sure we are feeding the GL correctly.

Application Development/Conversions
Important items in italics

     Core conversion team met with GSD for a technical walkthrough of a completed conversion program. This
       is an important part of the knowledge transfer process from GSD to CU that will allow us to take
       ownership of the completed conversion programs.
     Nancy M has completed the mapping spreadsheets for COF, which have been reviewed by Jan, Carolyn
       and me. There are still a couple unanswered questions, but she will start on the extract programs this
     Transfer credit conversion sent to GSD for development.
     Auto-Eval functional spec completed and sent to GSD for development.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                      Page 8 of 20
         Determined that data changes in SIS can be identified using a central process that requires no
          modification to SIS. This greatly simplifies the development required to enable conversion programs to
          run in incremental mode.
         Development
               o 156 CEMLIs assigned to GSD (including open/on hold/conversions)
               o 22 out of 156 (14%) not yet in development
               o 134 out of 156 (86%) in development
               o 70 of 157 (46%) in testing stage
               o 17 CEMLIs on clarification hold
                        C-SR-13 Instructor/Advisor SR conversion (dependent on C-CC-20B)
                        E-AD-09 Modify SS Confirmation pages
                        E-AD-16 Admissions Summary Page
                        E-CC-34 Email notification of changes
                        E-FA-42 Workstudy: Student Employment (ongoing)
                        E-FA-49 SAP modifications (dependent on E-SR-05)
                        E-SF-30 Print Refund Checks Locally
                        E-SF-57 Issue Refunds through ACH
                        E-SF-64 Late Fees (requires COBOL changes)
                        E-SR-112              Law School Transcript (dependent on E-SR-05)
                        E-SR-124              Deans List Determination
                        E-SR-128              Career Based Transcript(dependent on E-SR-05)
                        E-SR-15 Transcript Format (will be fixed in bundle 12)
                        E-SR-16 CU Common Transcript (dependent on E-SR-05)
                        E-SR-34b              Transcript Production and Printing (GSD needs tech advice)
                        E-SS-01 Self-Service Transcript Requesting (dependent on nelnet, bundle 12)
                        E-SS-28 SS Faculty Center Online Grade Change Process (dependent on workflow)
               o 22 FDDs due (due date in parens)
                        E-AD-17 Extending Application Stage ‘n Load process (???)
                        E-AD-18 Additional Fields to support Admissions app (???)
                        E-SF-65 Department Receipts Description (???) – needs estimate
                        E-SS-66 Specific Item Types for different Types of Payment (2/6) (dependent on Nelnet)
                        E-CC-29 Random EMPLID generator (2/6/09) – NEED DECISION
                        E-SS-112 Nelnet Links on appropriate page (2/9) Dependent on Nelnet
                        E-SR-46b              SS Quick Admit/Enroll (2/12)
                        E-SR-130              Grad Application, Processing Roster &Clearing (3/13)
                        E-CR-01 Application Fee Payment (2/16/09) – dependent on Nelnet
                        C-FA-16 Health Profession MPN (3/6)
                        C-SF-03 Student Account Comments conversion (3/13)
                        C-AD-04 Spring/Summer Admissions apps (4/3)
                        C-SR-18 Pre-80 Initial Stats to CS (4/3)
                        C-FA-03 Workstudy Previous Years Earnings (3/6)
                        C-SR-03b              Awarded Degree Conversion (3/16/09)
                        E-SS-25b SS SC Changes Made to Faculty Center/SS Pages (dependent on E-SR-05)
                        C-SR-03b              Awarded Degree Conversion (4/21)
                        C-SR-12 Report Flags/Attributes conversion (5/5)
               o 0 extensions on hold
               o 4 open extensions (2 in development)
                        E-AD-17 Extending Application Stage ‘n Load process
                        E-AD-18 Additional Fields to support Admissions app
                        E-SR-130              Grad Application, Processing Roster & Clearing
                        E-SS-112 Nelnet Links on appropriate page
               o Change requests (original estimate/additional hours)
               o Migrations this past week

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                    Page 9 of 20
Planned activities
     FA INAS Critical fix to be migrated to DEV, TEST, and SIT this week.
     Review and finalize SIT#2 instance build plan with tech team
     Core tech team will walk through at least one additional conversion program this week with GSD as part
        of knowledge transfer effort.

Open items and issues
    E-SR-29 Random EMPLID generator. Need decision on func requirements, Denver approval. Will not be
        ready for SIT.
    Six CEMLIs dependent on E-SR-05 for development
    16 CEMLIs dependent on E-SR-05 for migration. Investigating exact nature of dependency to see if it is

Important Stuff
    Conversion data test plans and validation needs to keep moving forward
    Unit testing of CEMLIs in the TEST instance

Data Warehouse and Reporting

     Extraction, Transformation, and Load [ETL] Operations
           o CS to Operational Warehouse Staging
                     All jobs running on nightly basis
           o OWS to Dimensions
                     All OWS to dimension jobs are running on a nightly basis.
           o Fact Table Population
                     Fact jobs for Recruiting and Admissions [RA] have been run
                     PS_F_EXT_ACAD_SUMM and PS_F_TESTSCORE have data
           o Warehouse “Stars” with Initial Data
                     None other than the two mentioned above
           o Warehouse “Stars” moved to CIWDEV after basic validation
                     PS_F_EXT_ACAD_SUMM and PS_F_TESTSCORE have been migrated to CIWDEV
     Data Validation
           o A mechanism for automated cell by cell comparison of data in CS source and OWS target tables
               has been tested using MS Access. Each row tested requires a select statement to run against the
               target, so the validation isn’t very fast. More experiments will be done.
           o Validation of dimension tables is ongoing.
     Cognos Operations
           o Cognos packages have been deployed on jimmy, the production report development server.
               Data for two RA stars is available. DWR team members have not yet been granted access.
     PSQuery/XMLP Operations
           o PSQuery workshops were held in Boulder and Denver. So far, there have been 26 participants. A
               CU Workshop UPK training component has been added to the published UPK content.
     CEMLIs
           o Initial review of “smoke tested” CEMLIs has begun looking for those that modify CS structures or
               create new structures that will require changes in CSW and in ETL operations. No such changes
               have been identified so far.
     Metadata

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                 Page 10 of 20
               o    A POC metadata application has been created in Flex to store metadata for several systems
                    including CSW. Data from SIS to CS data mapping spreadsheets has been exposed using this
                    application. This was demonstrated to the DWR team on 3/12.

Last week’s activities
      Megan has applied bundles, up to 13 to some of the DW90 instances. Concomitant Ascential upgrades
        remain to be applied.
      The documented quote for Cognos training closed. Seven bids are to be evaluated ASAP.
      Stars related to PS_F_EXT_ACAD_SUMM and PS_F_TESTSCORE have been migrated to CIWDEV.
      AMPS OID setup for DWR team members has been requested.

Planned activities
     Complete upgrade of DW90 instances to bundle 13
     Move metadata comment storage from Access MDB to Oracle
     Add EmplID/Group Associations to OID to provide developer access to CognosDev on Jimmy.
     Continue evaluating smoke tested CEMLIs for potential impact on DW90.
     Begin development of the first dimension mod based on an Admissions request.
     Data validation
             o Begin scheduled row count compare between counts on CS and OWS.
             o Continue investigation of means to validate dimension tables.

Open items and issues
    Data validation methods and procedures need to be developed for OWS [staging] tables first, then for
        dimension tables. This remains a difficult challenge, especially for dimensions, and ultimately, for facts.
    CS schema modifications from CEMLIs which have an impact on the CSW are still believed to exist, but
        have not yet been identified. There is some potential financial impact to the project, currently thought to
        be small, since the cost to bring the CSW in line with changes made to the CS schema was not estimated
        in CEMLI documentation.

Document Management

Any details pertaining to Part 2 Admissions applications are marked with an *

     Technical/Architecture: DM Development System
           o System installation:
                    Began base installation of Singularity into Dev system. 03/09/2009
                    Revised security and system permissions. 03/09/2009
                    Identified and installed additional software ImageMagik, Ghostscript. 03/09/2009
                    Identified and installed additional software components Java 1.6. 03/10/2009
                    Revised firewall parameters. 03/10/2009
                    Finished base installation. 03/10/2009
           o Mass Access installation on the Dev server (*used for part 2 Admissions applications):
                    Began Mass Access base installation onto Dev system. 03/12/2009
                    Modified VPN client to handle Mass Access ports 8080. 03/12/2009
                    Finished base installation. 03/10/2009
           o System Configuration:
                    Added system users. 03/13/2009
                    Began base user authentication setups. 03/13/2009
                    Modified system for AD authentication, but not working yet. Possibly need to look at
                       releasing windows authentication ports in the firewall. 03/13/2009
                    Conducted basic system overview training with Hershey. 03/13/2009

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                     Page 11 of 20
                        Modified and tweaked a few system timing parameters. 03/13/2009
               o  System architecture:
                        Had UIS run throughput testing on the storage subsystem. Results were very poor.
                           Recommended UIS investigate the mounting method on the file system. 03/11/2009
                        After investigation UIS modified the storage subsystem mount method, resulting in
                           significant speed increases. 03/12/2009
                        Requested External DNS entries for the Dev server from UIS. 03/10/2009
                        Requested SSL access for the Dev through the Juniper DX from UIS. 03/10/2009
          Technical/Architecture: Scan inputs
              o Created and submitted SPO approval and SSJ for departmental scanners. Requested additional
                  scan/capture license from Hershey. Result: will be received once first payment for software has
                  been posted. 03/09/2009
              o Technical/Architecture: Fax integration
                        Compiled additional data from a fax server solution provider. 03/10/2009
              o Technical/Architecture: Print integration
                        Gathered data on IPP printer needs. Discussed bulk load inputs with Hershey. Result:
                           Hershey may have to modify their bulk load input methods to match what they claimed
                           they could do in the RFP. There seems to be a gap. 03/09/2009
              o Technical/Architecture: Interfaces
                        Met with Matt and identified 4 interfaces between DM and CS (*One interface that will
                           be necessary between DM and CS allows DM to retrieve Bio Demo data from CS to place
                           inside of a PDF. This could be used for the part 2 Grad apps, but is not required.)
              o Created interfaces technical reference and submitted to Hershey for comment. 03/13/2009
              o Requested new and or additional information from Hershey for which we have older data.
                        Singularity Agents
                        Singularity PeopleSoft Integration Button
                        Mass Access Singularity PDF Forms
                        Scan Index integration
              o Implementation and Conversion:
                        Created Customer Team contact list for Hershey 03/09/2009
                        Updated Hardware Specification technical specs for Hershey 03/10/2009
                        Completed Document Volume Forecast for Hershey 03/10/2009
                        Scheduled Singularity Administrative Training for April 7-9, 2009 (*the third day of the
                           training will cover using forms which will be used for the Part 2 Admissions applications.
                           Ryan and I are discussion how to approach the training with his staff) 03/09/2009
                                 Formed Administrator training Agenda along with Hershey 03/10/2009
                                 Verified departmental users to attend training 03/11/2009

                             Scheduled Admissions/Registrar Doc Class / Permission / Prelim Conversion Consulting
                              for April 28-30. 03/13/2009
                                    These consulting sessions are designed to collect and create the baseline
                                        document type configurations for the system.
                                    Since the Registrar’s documents are closely linked to Admissions we’ll conduct
                                        the Registrar document type consulting at the same time
                                    *Any Part 2 Grad apps can be defined during this stage of the implementation
                                        process. Others can be defined at later stages.
                             Scheduled Financial Aid/Bursar Doc Class / Permission / Prelim Conversion Consulting
                              for May 12-14. 03/13/2009
                                    These consulting sessions are designed to collect and create the baseline
                                        document type configurations for the system.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                       Page 12 of 20
                             Worked with DMPT to consolidate individual departmental document classes into a
                              single grouping. 03/11/2009
                                    Bursar grouping consisted of 72 document classes that either needs to be
                                       converted or created in the new system.
                                    Registrar grouping consisted of 42 document classes that either needs to be
                                       converted or created in the new system.
                                    Financial Aid grouping consisted of 552 document classes that either needs to
                                       be converted or created in the new system.
                                    Admissions grouping consisted of approximately 35 document classes that
                                       either needs to be converted or created in the new system.
                                    The next task will be to consolidate these into a single system wide list. Then
                                       also apply security to the respective documents classes.

Planned Activities
     Technical/Architecture: DM Development System
            o User authentication:
                    Using AD: finish testing user authentication with AD
                            Need to isolate current issues
                            Create DMPT users for testing
                            Expected Completion Date: 03/19/2009
                    Use FedAuthN instead of AD/LDAP
                            Hershey has agreed it seems to be a good direction for user authentication for
                                the CU system
                            Will require analysis and assessment by Hershey
                            Will require system change request from CU
                            Expected Completion Date: 05/29/2009
            o System configurations:
                    External DNS enabled and tested on Dev system
                            Expected Completion Date: 03/23/2009
                    SSL access enabled and tested on Dev system
                            Expected Completion Date: 03/23/2009
                    Create test Document classes on Dev system
                            Expected Completion Date: 04/01/2009
                    Install/test SafeKeep server on Dev system
                            Expected Completion Date: 04/03/2009
                    Test Mass Access Server on Dev system (*Necessary for Part 2 Grad Apps)
                            Expected Completion Date: 04/10/2009
                    Performance testing on Dev system
                            Conduct full system performance testing on Dev system
                            Expected Completion Date: 04/15/2009
                    Culverin Bulk imports on Dev system
                            Bulk Email Imports for indexing
                            Bulk Print Imports for indexing
                            Bulk Fax Imports for indexing
                            Expected Completion Date: 05/15/2009
                    Backup systems enabled and tested on Dev system
                            Expected Completion Date: 05/15/2009
                    Test DARS/PS Transcript Integration on Dev system
                            Create interface plan and dataflow plan
                            Modify default Singularity interface to match DARS needs
                            Expected Completion Date: 08/30/2009
            o Client Software Testing and Config

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                        Page 13 of 20
                        Install/Test Capture/Scan Client
                        Install/Test Catapult Client
                        Install/Test MS Office integration
                        Install/Test Transcripts module
                        Install/Test OCR for AnyDoc client
                        Expected Completion Date: 05/08/2009
         Technical/Architecture: DM Production System
              o Work with UIS to get production systems ready
              o Internal Networking
              o External Networking
              o Physical Infrastructure and Redundancy
              o Storage Volumes
              o Backups
              o Databases
              o Email integration
              o IPP Print integration
              o Fax integration with Solution Provider
              o User authentication with FedAuthN
              o Expected Completion Date: 06/08/2009
         Implementation and Conversion:
              o Finalize and Create Document type and classes
              o Finalize Document type Conversion matrix
              o Finalize and Create Security groups
              o Finalize and Create Document Type Group Definitions
              o Finalize and Create User-List Group Assignments
              o Finalize Technical Specs
              o Identify and Mass Access Form Definitions for each department
              o Identify and Create Forms Workflow Definitions for each department
              o Expected Completion Date: 06/01/2009

Scheduled dates for on-site training. consulting or events
            o March 19th: Project Kickoff (Graduate School of Public Affairs, Lawrence Street Center Room
            o April 7-9: Administrator Training (TBD)
            o April 28-30: Admissions/Registrar Doc Class / Permission / Prelim Conversion Consulting (TBD)
            o May 12-14: Financial Aid/Bursar Doc Class / Permission / Prelim Conversion Consulting (TBD)

Open Items and issues
    Availability of key DM Project team members is turning into a risk. I will work with the DMAC to re-
        enforce priorities.
    Time to implement will be a constant risk.
    Ability of DM vendor to deliver functionality stated in RFP materials and demos. Even with fully vetted
        products there is always a risk that a certain function may not work the way we think it should.
    Ability of DM vendor to deliver customizations or requested modifications within implementation period.
    Ability of DM vendor to schedule resources for implementation and consulting within implementation

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                 Page 14 of 20

      Environment
           o A decision has been made to create 3 MDM environments, coinciding with CS90 environments
                (dev, test, SIT). An additional server is being ordered for MDM to support 3 non-production
                environments and the required 2 server HA production environment.
           o MDM-Test environment is 95% built and HR/CS bio-demo source data has been loaded.
                Installation and data migration process will be completed by Thursday, 3/20.
           o MDM-SIT environment build is underway. Hardware and OS are installed.
      Application
           o A decision has been made to implement UCM 8.1.1 with ACR437 in production. GA timing of
                UCM 8.1.2 upgrade release does not allow adequate time for CU installation and testing prior to
           o LumenData contractors continue to resolve UCM application related bugs. Three issues were
                resolved last week, including:
                      The Linux version ISS connecter required for data cleansing has been successfully
                      Constituent Update is deleting old records (should not). Operation type ‘upsert’
                          resolves this problem.
                      Test migration is dropping high volume of address records. Issues with User Key set up
                          for addresses have been resolved in UCM.
      Data
      Integration
           o Integration team continues to work through BPEL problems encountered with end-to-end create
                messaging. Matt will team with Kirk the week of 3/16 to work through issues. Update messaging
                is similar to create messaging and so should be successfully developed with sync messaging
                within a week of create messaging completion.
      Knowledge transfer/information sharing
           o Adnan provided a very informative environment overview session to a subset of the MDM team.
      Testing
      Resources
           o Hiring process is progressing for temporary MDM technical lead. We hope to have staff on site
                by the 1 week of April.
           o LumenData resources have been extended to implement MDM in MDM-test and MDM-SIT
                environments. Additionally, LumenData resources will facilitate knowledge transfer as
                opportunities arise (examples include Adnan’s upcoming deep dive and stewardship meetings).

Planned activities
       Environment
             o Carol will schedule an HR MDM readiness meeting in the next week with Scott Munson to get an
                  update on HR/CWS/IB progress to assess MDM readiness and sketch a preliminary timeline for
                  integration development, testing and go-live.
       Application
             o Siebel application for MDM-SIT environment will be fully installed by 3/25.
       Data
             o A repeatable process will be developed and documented by CS team to upload constituent id
                  (CID) from UCM into CS. This process will be tested in the dev and/or test environment before
             o A fresh SIS Legacy bio-demo extract will be loaded into CS90Conv by the conversion team the
                  week of 3/16 for upload into MDM-SIT. The fresh data is required to generate new duplicate
                  record reports for legacy data clean up. Reports will be available for distribution to campus clean
                  up staff by mid to late April.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                       Page 15 of 20
               o   Carol is completing a document for the data governance group which provides information about
                   MDM data address cleansing, survivorship rules, duplicate records and more. The goal of the
                   document is to provide background information to MDM data governance members to help
                   inform MDM related policy.
              o Carol meets today with Robin and Corina to share information about upcoming MDM data
                   validation and clean up needs which will require assistance from CC team.
         Integration
              o Current UCM/CS schema differences for ‘state’ require integration team to create a translation
                   table to map from fully qualified state to abbreviated state (globally). This issue raises a
                   question regarding what types of translations are appropriate for SOA. Carol will talk to
                   LumenData staff on Monday to determine the feasibility of alternate solutions.
              o SOA team meets today to decide how SOA will be set up for one to one dev, test and SIT
                   mapping with CS and MDM environments.
         Knowledge transfer/information sharing
              o As follow-up to Adnan’s MDM environment overview, a 3-4 hour deep dive workshop and demo
                   is being scheduled to share more information about Siebel architecture and the MDM
                   environment in general. The goals are education and context. *Please contact Carol if you are
                   interested in participating!
              o A data stewardship demo is being scheduled in early April to provide background information for
                   understanding and development of data stewardship roles.
         Testing
              o MDM group will meet this week to identify types of testing required for the April SIT and assign
         Resources

Open items and issues
       Resource related:
            o Data migration will not be completed by 3/29. The environment will not be 100% ready for SIT
                 on 3/30. Note: this issue is emerging. It potentially has a broad impact on work being scheduled
                 in other areas. Carol will meet with Adnan asap to explore options.
            o LumenData contractor resources continue to fill in for CU work due to lack of CU resources. CU
                 has no long term MDM support strategy in place.
            o Transfer of knowledge from LumenData to CU is being compromised due to limited CU resources
                 combined with need to roll contractor resources off project. Fortunately, contractor assignments
                 have been extended to provide support through SIT.
            o Schedule for completing interface integration is tight and at risk due to:
                       instability of j developer tool on workstations
                       limited resources
                       limited middleware expertise
                       increased complexity of integration requirements due to CS-UCM mapping needs and
                           Siebel ACR437.
       Software/compatibility related:
            o Constituent Search not returning all records (only 1). This defect has been confirmed by Oracle.
                 Waiting for next build to fix.
            o Best Version ID (Foreign Keys from UCM to Master records) were not being resolved for several
                 child entities. This issue is partially resolved, however Constituent Name is still not resolving.
       Testing/Tuning:
            o Slow running queries. There are several places where the UCM application is performing slowly
                 after a full set of dta has been loaded in UCM. DB performance tuning will be done over the next
                 couple of weeks.
            o Initial UI and process review revealed several gaps when analyzing data for incoming and existing
                 duplicates. LumenData team is making configuration changes to create a more meaningful set of
                 views for CU.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                     Page 16 of 20
Portal, Integrations, Flex Development, Training, SIS Legacy

     Portal
           o Further analysis done on various options for non-Peoplesoft file locations. Bob will follow up with
               Chris, Juan, & JT to obtain final decision.
           o Established with Boulder campus that they are willing to host data for all three campuses on a
               temporary basis, and that we can consider outside calls to a Boulder-hosted data source as one
               possible tech approach option for our admissions business cases.
           o Created 3 basic roles – student, staff, instructor – and set tab and pagelet access accordingly.
           o Tested the dev portal SSO with a sample faculty person, and faculty center works.
           o Mycuboulder.colorado.edu
                     Updating project plan tasks
                     14 out of 16 business cases in progress (assigned to Chris Rigsby)
                     2 out of 16 business cases on hold
                     5 out of 8 functional specs in progress (assigned to Gary Pollock)
                     3 out of 8 functional specs assigned (Jo Bertrand)
                     All business cases and functional specs have been prioritized
                     University Communications working on framework design
           o UCB Faculty, Staff, and Student site
                     Worked with Barb Todd to identify which of the remaining gaps for faculty/staff/student
                         site are Boulder Campus only functionality and whether a business case is required.
                     University Communications developing site url options for campus review
       My.CU
           o First Steps in Flex series for My.CU group – First Steps in Flex series for My.CU group – Finishing
           o Storyboarded DAZ mockup and began Flex implementation.
           o Researched the viability of using WSRP4J to provide WSRP producer support to uPortal 3.0.x, in
               conjunction with that version of uPortal’s support for Pluto 1.1. This would enable us to directly
               use existing My.CU portlets in the EP.
     Integrations
           o Development
                     Data Hub Integrations:
                               I-DH-01 ~ 75% complete.
                                       o 100% - Messaging from CS to BPEL File Adapter on soadisc1.cusys.edu
                                       o 100% - Message sent from SOAP-UI to MDM web service was
                                       o 75% - Messaging from SOA BPEL process to MDM web service.
                                       o 25% - LOV mappings need work.
                               I-DH-02 ~ 50% complete.
                               I-DH-03 ~ 25% complete.
                               I-DH-04 ~ 5% complete.
                               I-DH-05 ~ 5% complete.
           o Made a decision that our best estimate at this time is that we can complete the first three MDM
               interfaces by March 30 , for SIT II. If we could complete them sooner, Lumen Data would like us
               to have an end to end integration process (I-DH-01) completed for the upcoming HEUG
           o Met with two more teams (AD and DM) to educate them on our new requirements gathering
           o Made a decision to use SOA Suite for interfaces also using stage and load.
           o Development staff attended an Integration Broker Class on Friday.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                   Page 17 of 20
Planned activities
     Portal
             o Figure out how to handle issue of campus-specific instructional text.
             o Work on issue #33, the process for updating the PEP with role information from external sources.
             o Read Chris's roles document.
             o Asked Chris to make sure the server directory and node names that will show up in the portal
                  URL are something reasonable and non-HR-sounding.
             o Assigned to Bob: Attain more clarity on directory structure for non-PeopleSoft files -- the exact
                  wheres and hows.
             o Assigned to Garston: For our existing pagelets that don’t start with the CU_ naming convention,
                  copy them to new names, add the new ones, and remove the old ones. We’ll need to coordinate
                  this with the timing of copying EP90DEV to EP90SIT.
             o Assigned to Tashi: Work with Garett on getting FedAuthN working in front of the portal.
             o Assigned to Tashi: Once FedAuthN is working in a portal instance, work on getting SSO
                  applications for UCCS up and running.
             o Assigned to Tashi: Create guest page for UCCS and UCD with course search and catalog browse.
                  Along with this, create a guest user and set up FedAuthN bypass for those guest pages.
             o Assigned to Tashi: Shepherd discussion of migration process for PeopleSoft objects in portal.
             o Garston has created an access matrix for new developers that I need to vet.
             o Meet with Campus Community about self-service
             o We need to document the configurations we’ve been doing, both to cement our own learning
                  and in case we need the info for migrations.
     UCB
             o Begin architectural design for UCB production web service stack.
             o Determine implementation options for personalization in mycuboulder.colorado.edu
     My.CU
             o First Steps in Flex series for My.CU group – demo of components mockup for Distributed
                  Authorization (DAZ) tool.
             o Continued development of DAZ mockup, which is used to provision access to resources in Oracle
                  Internet Directory (to support Cognos and other purposes).
             o     Summarize the feasible approaches for supporting My.CU JSR-168 portlets.
             o Finish project planning.
             o Prepare to move to working on instant provisioning project with Jason
     Integrations
             o Spend much more time this week on the technical aspects on integrations.
                        I have talked with Kirk, and we are planning to start work at 6AM each day this week
                           and possibly stay late to get the three necessary interfaces completed for SIT II.
                        Complete the transformation for the create person service; I-DH-01.
                        Get end to end messages working for the update person service, I-DH-02.
                        Get end to end messages working for the sync person service, I-DH-03
     SIS – Web
             o Legacy
                        Link to Denver’s direct deposit app added to portal.
                        Assigned to Tashi: Remove a piece of validation that prevents H2 students from using
                           QuikPay. Even though these students will error out on SIS updates every time, AMC
                           wants to collect their money via QuikPay, disguise the error message, and do the
                           updates by hand.
                        Assigned to Tashi: Update CTLS to fix bug with subcode validation in payment app
                        Documentation for the payment apps is ongoing. Bob is putting together something in
                           Visio that we'll store & present online, or at least that's our plan du jour.
                                 Train Mark or Bob or somebody in how to process migration requests.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                  Page 18 of 20
         ASR
                o Emergency contact (ongoing large project).
                o Weekly table changes, both in the IDD and on the web - things like adding majors and admissions
                    contact/response codes, terms in drop-downs.
                o User support for SIS - researching and answering questions, explaining processes, giving support
                    for problem resolution.
                o   Changes to Colorado Springs web pages because of the change in campus phone number prefix
                    (at least 145 files).
                o   Changes to several programs required by the change in official grade from IW/IF to I.
                o   Fix to fsaATLAS download program to correct second major problem.
                o   Researching and resolving problem with a departmental user in web operator.
                o   Set up file of Nursing prospect data for AMC.

Open items and issues
    Integrations
            o Lack of understanding of our environment.
                     Kirk showed me some of the issues he is running into this week, and I believe we could
                       use a JDeveloper expert to come in for a day or two to provide some guidance. There
                       are some “simple” things in JDeveloper that just don’t seem to work. These include:
                             Adding simple logic statements like an “if” statement to a mapping.
                             DVM mappings in BPEL instead of ESB.
                             Understanding the types of Partner Links, and how that affects other JDev
                                dropdown lists in the development environment.
                             Upgrading the SOA environment from version to (Kirk has
                                tried to upgrade 3 times now, and each time takes hours.)
            o Time to implement and available resources will continue to be risks.
            o Standard procedure documentation will be written as we develop interfaces.

Technical Infrastructure (UIS)

      FedAuthN 2.0 Phase 1 components necessary to support SISR are complete and have been deployed to a
        production environment for use with System Integration Testing
      NOC Boot Camp Training is complete, individualized assessment and training to begin
      Main site hardware build out complete (with the exception of MDM, SOA)
      Campus decision to utilize OpenID for Instant Provisioning of Prospects/Applicants is agreed to by all
Last week’s activities
      Agreed to target FedAuthN filter in place on SIT environments for 3/30/09 – detailed task list developed
        for 3 Phases (SIT II, Adm Go-Live, Campus Registry feed replacement)
      Scheduled External Network Redundancy implementation for 3/21/09
      Assignment of staff for InstaProvisioning complete
      Engaged Bill Walker (CISO) and Security Principals group to assist with evaluation of OpenID risks, target a
        5/15/09 completion of risk analysis. This will allow a bit of time to react to the outcome (if it involves
        simple mitigation steps) and opportunity for risk acceptance by business owners.
      Completion of power up for all DR site equipment

Planned activities
     Test plan for FedAuthN in preparation for SIT II
     Kickoff for InstaProvisioning mini-project week of 3/23/09

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                     Page 19 of 20
         Staffing of InstaProvisioning mini-project
         FedAuthN 2.0 updated timeline to ensure integration with overall SIT/Go-Live timeline (may result in
          FedAuthN 1.0 living on longer than originally anticipated) – need to integrate task list with SIT/Go Live
         Receipt of batch processing requirements from functional leads to allow time to implement UC4
         Build out of VMWare farm at DR site (awaiting licenses)

Open items and issues
    Progress on planning for batch processing is moving slowly. Concerns about time available to implement.
    July 1 NOC implementation is at risk - NOC staff funding is still in question. SISR infrastructure at risk of
        missing planned SLA targets
    Unidentified infrastructure dependencies may lead to resource shortages in run up to go-live
    Short timeline to implement InstaProvisioning

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – March 16, 2009                                                         Page 20 of 20

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