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									Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

We appreciate your interest in our Real Estate Business Opportunity with your visit to
our website.

What we have provided, however, is approximately thirty nine pages of text, concise
and informative and meant to answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Upon completion of your review, we invite you to apply.

We will then provide you with further solid information, data, references, and
contacts so as you may ascertain your level of interest in our program.

Thank you for your recent inquiry with respect to our Partner’s Real Estate program.

If you are seriously considering seeking a full or part-time partnership opportunity
that provides substantial income, prestige, recognition, and accomplishment coupled
with solid growth, then the following information provided should be read in detail.

Princeton Realty Consultants, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is comprised of two
separate divisions.


Our Corporate Equity Division, in business since 1988, manages a growing network
of professional Partners, who in turn, are working with individual and corporate
Clients who are seeking Investors, venture capital, debt funding, mergers,
acquisitions or divestitures nationwide. We currently have over 200 individual
Partneroffices throughout the U.S. and Canada, all of which are involved in providing
Investor capital to a wide range of business projects and corporations.


Our Real Estate Division, which we are currently building, works with our Real Estate
Partners in the acquisition, management, and eventual resale of income producing

But before we describe our Real Estate Partner program in detail, let us take a
minute to tell you who we are, what we've done, and our past experience.

The principals of Princeton Realty Consultants were senior and general partners of
Hibernian Properties, Balmoral Properties, and Winchester Properties Corporations.
Our partners were with all companies since their inception in 1977.

All of these concerns specialize in locating investment grade realty projects
throughout North America, and then forming joint-ventures with private Investors in
order to acquire these properties. Since 1977, both Balmoral and Winchester, along

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

with private Investors, have purchased and resold over 680 properties, with a
combined value in excess of $990 million dollars. Virtually all acquisitions were
profitable transactions to all parties in the joint ventures. These projects ranged in
size from a low of $350,000 to a high of $6,000,000.

We decided to break from our parent group twenty years ago and form our own
company, Princeton Realty Consultants. Through our two divisions, we specialize in
providing passive or active Investor capital to a wide range of viable business and
realty projects, and in so doing, earn ourselves and our Partners sizable profits.

Over the years, we have found our primary area of expertise was in marketing,
meaning we have the ability to not only analyze a business or real estate project
accurately, but also to package and successfully present the project in order to
arouse serious interest and to secure Investor funding.

Since your interest lies in the real property area, let us move on and explain the
workings of our Real Estate Division.

Simply put, through our Partner, we locate quality, investment grade, income
producing or potential capital gain Real Estate. This project could be an apartment,
or multi-family property, a commercial or industrial property, or even raw land.

We then negotiate the terms and conditions of purchase, using letters of intent and
contracts, then inspect the property, the books and records, and once satisfied,
"package" the property in a marketing format for our Investor consideration.

We then locate one (and only one) Investor who will provide the entire down-
payment required, and sign the required mortgage or lien documents. We then
remove contingencies and close. We will manage the property for a period of time,
usually 1 to 2 years or longer, and then look for a resale and a profit.

Upon resale, the Investor, the Company, and our Partner will divide this profit
between themselves according to their percentage interest.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

At this point, you might say;

       (a)    Sounds too good to be true...
       (b)    Too simple to work...
       (c)    Why would an Investor put up all the money...?
       (d)    There's a catch to all this...
       (e)    I know the Real Estate business and never have I seen...!
       (f)    Wishful thinking...

Well, let's move to further explain the program in order to make it as clear as

But before we begin, let us say again, we have been principals and have completed
over 680 of these joint-ventures with an aggregate value of over $990 million

So first of all, our program works.        And works extremely well.     And makes
substantial profits. (Our returns just to Investors, have averaged from 12% to 57%
over the years.)

Now, let us explain why, and how, it works. Also, let us explain the roles of each
entity in the joint venture process.

Initially the Partner reviews the properties being offered for sale in their geographic
area. By using set company formulas, the Partner can quickly decide if a particular
property meets our investment criteria.

Should the property meet these criteria, then the next step is to frame the offer to
purchase. Again, this is done according to a set company formula that ensures we
"buy right".

Once an offer is accepted by the seller, "conditional upon, or subject to" us acquiring
an Investor, or with a "due diligence" period of inspection time, we then inspect both
the property and all relevant records.

Once satisfied, we then interest an Investor in becoming our financial partner.

Now, a word about Investors.

We currently have over 850 Real Estate Investors in our computerized data base.

These are Real Estate Investors who we have either done business with, or who are
interested in investing in properties. Some have been with us for over 25 years.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

Each Investor is categorized as to investment dollars, parameters, areas of
investment interest, and other personal investment criteria.

These particular Investors have been accumulated over the past 35 years of forming
joint-ventures for the acquisition of Real Estate. Each property signed is presented
to specific and targeted Investors for funding consideration.

Why do Investors supply the total dollars required for a percentage (usually 50%) of
the profits?

The answers lie in several areas, but the main reasons are straight forward.

       (A)    We have already secured "the deal" by contract with the seller. The
              Investor does not have to negotiate with a seller. They recognize the
              deal as exceptional, and realize they only have to sign the joint-
              venture in order to participate.

       (B)    We are "presenting" or "marketing" a simple yet effective investment
              proposal to the Investor by way of a professional marketing package
              by professional individuals.

       (C)    We have the knowledge and expertise to acquire, or "buy right".
              Normally, the Investor does not.

       (D)    We do not charge any up-front fees to the Investor, nor are there any
              on-going management fees.

       (E)    We handle all property management or we supervise an outside firm
              doing the property management.

       (F)    We do not take a profit until resale (other than a quarterly division of
              net cash).

       (G)    We work with the Investor as an active, working partner until a
              successful resale.

       (H)    We provide the vehicle for an Investor to participate in the property
              marketplace on a one-on-one basis without requiring the expertise or
              skill that is needed.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

One thing to understand. Our business of acquiring a Real Estate investment,
managing it, and then reselling at a profit may sound simple.

It's not.

There are one thousand and one things you must know, and probably just as many
things you must do. It's detail oriented, and it's complex.


What we have done, utilizing our 35 years experience, is taken every facet of this
business and reduced it to manageable steps. Then, we have taken each step, and
reduced it to a formula. The Partner's job is to implement these formulas, in the
order in which they are designed.

Let's review exactly what our Real Estate Partner will do, project by project.

        (A)   Contact 5 - 7 local commercial or investment real estate brokers
              requesting information on properties or projects available in the

        (B)   Review these projects offered for sale, and, by overlaying our formula
              sheets on each aspect of the investment, isolate those projects that
              meet our criterion.

        (C)   By using our standard formula offer sheets, frame specific purchase
              offering proposals for review by Head Office.

        (D)   Once Head Office has concurred with the offer, act as the middleman
              in presenting the purchase proposal to the Seller's broker.

        (E)   Once accepted, again by using formulas and checklists, examine all
              aspects of the proposed investment.

        (F)   Assist in gathering all relevant property information for inclusion in the
              marketing package.

        (G)   In conjunction with head office, and using our standard marketing
              package, prepare the Investor marketing presentation package.

        (H)   Once Investor equity funding is secured, and by using our checklist,
              co-ordinate the countdown to the closing process.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

       (I)    Once ownership is obtained, initiate the property management

       (J)    During the ownership process, monitor the real estate market, the
              property management, and determine an optimum time for a
              profitable resale.

Our purpose in building our Real Estate Partner’s Network is very basic. We have
Investors seeking to invest, but we need a professional, motivated individual who is
attuned to the local or regional market and can maintain a knowledgeable hands-on

Our responsibilities to the joint-venture partnership are many fold.

       (A)    We act as the "mother ship" providing all the paperwork, analysis,
              instruction, advice, consultation, assistance, and direct involvement in
              any and all negotiations.

       (B)    We provide all necessary documentation, forms, manuals, and
              paperwork required for day-to-day use.

       (C)    We provide complete and all inclusive initial and on-going training and
              orientation sessions at our head office in Dallas.

       (D)    We assist in preparing the Investor Marketing Package, and, once
              completed, ensure each property is put in front of all those Investors
              who are seeking this particular type of property investment.

       (E)    We then "shepherd" the Investor forward to property presentation,
              and assist in this presentation and any subsequent negotiations in
              order to form the investment partnership.

       (F)    We assist in arranging any required mortgage financing debt sources.

       (G)    In essence, we are seeking to successfully bring a qualified, moneyed
              Investor to the table within the allotted time frame that we have, and
              ensuring the Investor signs on as our financial partner.

As in any partnership or association, we look to the Partner to contribute their share
of work just as we are prepared to contribute our labor and knowledge to the
success of the enterprise.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

A word about Real Estate markets nationwide.

You no doubt have a much better idea of how your local property values are doing
than we do. Needless to say, some regional markets are slowing down, some are
down, and some are heading back up.

Regardless of each markets economics, our program is effective in isolating and
acquiring profitable projects in any area. Also, we have been talking about certain
projects as our example. But our Investors will consider any Real Estate project that
can demonstrate a low risk-high gain situation. That might be office buildings, strip
centers, hotels, raw land or new developments.

Now, let's discuss income potential.

The first thing to understand is our program will not make you a wealthy person in 6

But it very well might in 2 years, and it certainly will in 5 years.

Let us run through one example of how a joint-venture works, and who receives

Let's assume we've acquired an 80 suite multi-family apartment complex for
$1,520,000 or $19,000 per unit. (We won't get into a discussion about down
payment, gross income, expenses, or debt service, but let's say we show a positive
cash flow of $45,000 per year.)

Let us further assume conservatively, that we resell the project 24 months after
taking ownership for, say $21,725 per unit, or $1,738,000.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

That would show the joint-venture partnership a $218,000 gross profit. (We have
not taken into account closing adjustments or Real Estate commissions.) Assuming
our standard 50% to the Investor, 25% to Princeton Realty Consultants, and 25% to
the Partner, then; at the end of 24 months, the Partner would receive:

       (1)    25% of $218,000, or                                   $   54,500

       (2)    25% of 2 years of $45,000 cash flow, or                   22,500

       (3)    50% of Real Estate commissions (approximately)            13,000

       (4)    A 4% per annum property management fee,
              (paid monthly) or (about)                               18,000

                                                                    $ 108,000+

As you can see, in a very basic example, it is possible to earn considerable profits on
just one project. We have not included a discussion on Real Estate or property
management fees, which, in themselves, can provide on-going cash flow to yourself
as an Partner. We expect each Partner to acquire and close on at least two projects
per quarter (8 per year). We, however, would like to see each Partner close one per
30 day period, or 12 per year.

Your income will obviously escalate according to your level of ambition and
motivation. Our documented corporate cost of locating, training, establishing, and
then working with an Partner to bring Investors and projects together is
approximately $16,500 per year. Since we are establishing a partnership, we ask the
new Partner to defray a portion of this expense.

Therefore, there is a one time pre-paid management, supplies and training fee of
$9,750 which partially assists in defraying these costs of administration and
management in support of the Partner program.

Our training program, held in Dallas, is complete, comprehensive, and detailed. You
will leave training totally prepared with our manual, forms, agreements, and
confidence allowing you to initiate our program immediately.

Also, head office partners are a telephone call away to provide support and on-going

One other thought. You may start as an Partner part-time, working from a business
telephone at home until your remuneration allows you to participate full time. There
is no necessity for an office, secretary, or other costly business equipment.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

As you can appreciate, we cannot possibly put every eventuality or situation in this
letter. In some cases, I'm sure we've stirred up several questions about our

But that's what we want.

In closing, let me give you a thumbnail summation. We will teach you our business
comprehensively. We will then have you start to acquire projects that meet our
Investor criterion. We will jointly locate and sell an Investor on the project. We
close on the project, thereby creating a three way joint-venture. When we sell, and
make a profit, we split it three ways according to our percentage interest.

As you can appreciate, our Partner program is a serious, solid and substantial
opportunity for those who can recognize the potential of what we are doing, and how
they can earn a sizable yearly income working in conjunction with our Corporation.
Your earnings can start immediately, and build to financial security.

If our proposal is of interest to you, I would ask that you re-read our letter and other
material in detail. (We know it's lengthy, but we try to provide as much information
as possible.) Then, write down any questions that you may have.

Once you have had time to review our information, and you wish to proceed, follow
the directions to submit your information. After receipt, I will call you to ask and
answer questions and provide any further information you require.

In closing, I would like to say the facts and numbers outlined in this letter are real.
The income you can earn is real, and verifiable. Our opportunity is solid and
substantial. Give our proposal serious thought.

Alan Hart, Sr. Partner

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity


Can I start part-time and eventually progress to full time?
Yes. In fact, until a Partner has closed on three to four projects, we recommend
part-time involvement. All that is required is five to eight hours per week in the
beginning stages.

Are there enough projects "for sale" in my region that meet the investment
Yes. Regardless of location and regional economics, there are always ample
opportunities within a given marketplace.      Also, remember, with investment
properties, a number of "for sale" projects are never advertised, but brokers are
aware of them.

Who decides which projects to bid on?
We both do, using our formulas, and working in conjunction with each other.

Who prepares or decides on counter-offers?
We both do.

What is the average size of acquired projects?
Usually a minimum of $1-$2 million to a maximum of $25 million. The average is $1
- $3 million in size.

What is the average investor down payment?
Depending on the project, the area, the financing, and the cash flow, down
payments will range from a low of 20% to a high of 50% of the purchase price.

Will an Investor invest in a negative cash flow project, even if potential
gains look sizable?

Who lines up the projects long-term financing?
In some cases, financing is already in place, and is assumable. We also look for the
seller to carry back some financing. However, if new financing is required, we assist
in locating financing sources to arrange long-term money.

Who guarantees the mortgage?
Normally, no one. The project and Investor down payment act as security. But if a
lender insists on a guarantee, then the Investor is the only one to sign.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

Who puts up the earnest money to "tie up" the project "subject to" for the
time required to find the Investor?
We have a formula that allows in most cases, the project to be "tied up" with no out
of pocket expense.

What out of pocket expenses does the Partner have?
Some minor printing and copying expenses, some secretarial work for each project,
and collection of data for inclusion in Investor packages. Also, we look to the Partner
to run local ads for new investors on each project.

How does the Partner initiate the business to locate suitable projects that
are for sale?
The simplest method is to contact a number of commercial brokers and outline what
we are seeking in the way of property investments.

Can an Partner have a partner?
Yes, absolutely.

How long until an Partner can start making money with the program?
Depending on a number of factors, such as real estate commissions, property
management fees, net cash dividend pay-out, and of course, eventual resale, it can
range from 60 days to 120 days. Discuss this question in more detail, as it relates to
your personal and business situation, with a Princeton Realty Consultants partner.

How are my rights and property ownership protected?
First of all, your ownership interest, normally 25%, is registered on title to the
property at closing. Secondly, your rights are protected by the three party joint-
venture agreement.

Who does property management?
The Partner can perform all property management supervision if so desired, and
receive the usual 4% of gross revenue fee paid monthly. Or, property management
can be farmed out to an independent firm at the 4% rate.

What is the Partner's exposure or financial risk in each project?
Little to none. The Partner does not have an investment in the project, other than
time. Even though they are recorded as owners, exposure is limited to that interest.
The Partner may, however, choose to not go on title but rather have their interest in
the title recorded by the joint venture agreement.

Who prepares the marketing package for Investor consideration?
The Partner assists in the preparation of the first draft, but the final package is
approved by head office.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

How are the Investors in the Company's computerized data base made
aware of each project?
Each targeted Investor is mailed a one page Executive Summary of the project. The
Investor then contacts the Partner or head office to request the complete marketing
package. Also, as mentioned we require the Partner to advertise each project in the
local paper. This will continue to grow our investor database. In addition, each
Partner package is sent to all other Partners who have built up local investors.

Then what?
The Investor will then contact the Partner to ask questions about the property. Once
the Investor is ready to proceed, they will arrange to visit the project and meet with
the Partner.

And then?
If 100% satisfied, the Investor will be ready to proceed to joint-venture contract
stage. These contracts are covered completely in our training program.

After the closing, who determines how we manage the property, when to
place it back on the market for resale, and at what price?
The property investment is controlled by a "management committee", consisting of
the Partner, the Investor, and the Company. All decisions are reached by consensus
between the parties.

Why does Princeton Realty Consultants need Partners?
Simple. We need key individuals working on the local and regional level to locate
and "negotiate" quality property projects.

Why is there a $9,750 Partner fee?
Two reasons. One, it shows a commitment from the individual. Two, since we know
our expense to train and work with a new Partner for one year is approximately
$16,500, it helps to off-set our cost.

Who is your average Real Estate Investor, and what is their average
               The average Investor is usually a professional individual (doctor-
dentist, attorney, engineer) and their average investment per property is $150,000
to $750,000.

There is only one Investor per project?
That's correct. We do not do limited partnerships, syndicates, or any type of
investment groups. We only allow one Investor to invest in each project.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

What happens if the property has not increased in value in the one year to
two year holding period?
We will continue to hold the property, usually raising rents or income to increase our
cash flow and wait until the market allows a profitable resale.

This business sounds so simple, yet it has to be complex. How can I learn
the thousand plus things I need to know?
Every step in our acquisition, management, and resale process is a formula. We
teach you these formulas. Also keep in mind, we are a phone call away for answers.

What guarantees do I have this program will work for me?
None. But if you follow the program, use the formulas, and do your part, we will do
ours. This mutual effort will result in sizable earnings in not only your first year, but
also for years to come.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

                           Princeton Realty Consultants
                                   REAL ESTATE
                              PARTNER AGREEMENT

This Agreement is between:
Princeton Realty Consultants

              A body corporate having its registered office Dallas,
              Texas hereinafter referred to as "the Company",


a ________________________________________________)

hereinafter referred to as "the Partner".


       The Company and the Partner, acting as independent contractual agents, are
       desirous of entering into this Agreement for the purpose of effecting certain
       contracts with Joint-Venture Investors and to be monetarily compensated
       both jointly and severally with respect to these Joint-Venture undertakings
       upon successful completion of the specially defined terms and conditions
       between the Company, the Partner and the Investor.


       (1)    The Partner will locate, assess, review and recommend various and
              sundry Real Estate income producing investment grade properties for
              the purposes of framing and submitting offers to purchase these so
              identified properties.

       (2)    The Partner will employ Company supplied documentation, work
              sheets, purchase contracts and formula directives when trading on any
              and all Real Estate properties.

       (3)    The Partner will adhere to the systems, procedures, policies and rules
              as set forth in the Company manual and as amended by the Company
              in bulletins or written directives.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

      (4)    Upon acceptance of an offer by a Seller of a Real Estate property, such
             offer submitted by the Partner, then the Partner will, in every case,
             and without delay, submit a copy of the accepted offer and a draft
             copy of the Investor marketing package to the Company.

      (5)    The Company will, after review of the marketing package and final
             preparation of a one-page Executive Summary describing the property
             investment, mail this summary to each and every current Investor
             who has expressed an interest in this type of property investment.

      (6)    The Partner will cause to be sent to each further interested Investor a
             complete marketing package.

      (7)    The Partner will initiate the standard Company Joint-Venture
             Agreement      with  the Investor without   additions, deletions,
             amendments or changes without the express written permission of all
             signatories to the Agreement.

      (8)    The Partner will be entitled to a 25% ownership position in the
             property, 25% of the net cash flow distributed quarterly, a 4%
             property management fee (should the Partner elect to perform the
             property management duties) and a 50% share of the Company's
             share of any and all Real Estate commissions on either the purchase or
             sale of the property if so licensed, or in a legal position to receive
             these commissions.

      (9)    The Partner will not divulge information about the Company, its
             systems, procedures, formulas, criterion or its method or style of
             business to any individual or entity at any time without the express
             written permission of the Company.

      (10)   The Partner recognizes that all procedures, formulas, systems, forms,
             documentation, letters, summaries, marketing packages or proposals,
             advertising copy, contracts, Joint-Venture Agreements or any and all
             other supplementary written material of the Company is regarded as
             the sole proprietary right of the Company, and may not be employed,
             shared, copied, distributed or otherwise employed without the express
             written permission of the Company.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

      (11)   The Partner recognizes that all Investors who make contact with the
             Partner for the purpose of gaining information in order to evaluate a
             Real Estate Joint-Venture investment, regardless of the origin of these
             Investors, are regarded as the sole and exclusive proprietary rights of
             the Company, and any attempt to entice an Investor to invest in a
             purpose other than a Joint-Venture between the Company and the
             Partner will be considered a breach of this Agreement.

      (12)   The Partner may not employ, use, or otherwise benefit from the
             Company, its systems or procedures, documentation, marketing
             material, advertising copy or contracts, Investors, regardless of
             source, unless it is within the confines of this Agreement, and in an
             attempt to form Joint-Ventures between the Partner, the Investor, and
             the Company. Time is not of essence with this clause.

      (13)   The Partner recognizes that along with the Company, and the Investor,
             there is a mutual responsibility and duty to ensure that each Joint-
             Venture investment is accorded all diligence and attention in order that
             we jointly and severally achieve our collective financial aims.

      14)    This Agreement will remain in force for one year from the date of
             signing, and will be automatically renewed each successive year in
             perpetuity unless there is a breach of this Agreement so noted to
             either party and not corrected within sixty (60) days of written notice
             of the said breach. Termination of this Agreement by either party
             does not cancel any moneys due to the other party, and does not
             cancel any obligations, rights, or interests contained herein. Time is
             not of essence in this clause.

      (15)   If the Partner has breached this Agreement to achieve personal
             financial gain without the inclusion of the Company, by way of a Joint-
             Venture Agreement, then the Company may, without further notice,
             action or proceeding, be automatically entitled to its legal twenty-five
             percent (25%) interest in the project. Time is not of essence with this

      (16)   The Partner will indemnify the Company against acts of omission or
             misrepresentation, oral, written, or otherwise with respect to the
             Partner's business activities. The Company will indemnify the Partner
             against acts of omission or misrepresentation, oral, written, or
             otherwise with respect to the Companies business activities.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

         (17)   This Agreement contains the full and complete contract between both
                parties, with no other warranty, guarantee or representation, written
                or oral. Neither party may bind the other party to any agreement or
                obligation without the express written permission of the other party.

         (18)   Both parties agree to protect and insure the rights of the other party
                to this Agreement, and to act and perform in the spirit, essence, and
                good intentions so implied.

         (19)   The Company hereby acknowledges receipt of $9,750 payable by the
                Partner, to the company, with such one-time Partner fee to be used to
                defray the expenses of administration and management of the Partner

Signed               at            ____________________________________,
         _________________________ this

__________ day of ____________________, 19____.

Princeton Realty Consultants                The Partner


            Witness                                                     Witness

______________________________                     ______________________________

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

                          APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS

Princeton Realty Consultants has received a great many inquiries requesting
information concerning our property acquisition program.           As a result of this
response, we encourage you to review the enclosed information as soon as possible
in order to determine your interest level and suitability to our program.

To move forward, follow the steps listed below.

       1)     Review all of the enclosed information thoroughly.
       2)     Fill out the 2-page background information form and fax it to
              (972) 491-2506


       1)     Upon receipt, your background experience will be reviewed by me and
              Senior Partners.

       2)     I will then contact you to determine our mutual suitability, and answer
              any questions that either you or I may have.

       3)     Once you and I have discussed our program in detail, and we both
              have achieved a comfort level, I will then have a few of our partners
              contact you for further discussions.

       4)     If the decision is then mutually reached where we both wish to
              proceed, I will then schedule a meeting date in Dallas, where we can
              both meet face to face and look to establish a financially rewarding

                             TIMING IS IMPORTANT.

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

                         Princeton Realty Consultants
                            REAL ESTATE PARTNER
                         BACKGROUND INFORMATION

                    Complete this form and fax: 972-491-2506















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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity






_____ $25,000 TO $50,000

_____ $50,000 TO $75,000

_____ $75,000 TO $100,000

_____ $100,000 +



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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity





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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity







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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity






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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity






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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity




              PRINT, COMPLETE THIS FORM AND FAX: 972-491-2506

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

The following words and phrases are common in our industry, and allow people
searching for our website to easily locate and access our information.

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10-K                             Airlines                               Asset classes
12B-1 Fees                       Alpha                                  Asset swap
12B-1 Two-factor model           Alpha Equation                         Asset turnover
3-d Technology                   Aluminum                               Asset/equity ratio
Abnormal returns                 American Depositary Receipts           Asset/liability management
Abstract                         American option                        Asset-backed securities
Abstract (of Title)              American Stock Exchange (AMEX)         Assets
Acceleration Clause              American-Style Option                  Assets
Acceleration clause              Amortization                           Assign
Accounting Systems               Amortized loan                         Assignee
Accounts receivable turnover     Analog Radio Systems                   Assignment
Accredited                       Analyst                                Assignor
Accretion                        Angel Investor                         Assumption
Accrued interest                 Annual fund operating expenses         Assumption of Mortgage
Accumulated benefit obligation   Annual Percentage Rate (APR)           At The Money
Acid-test ratio                  Annual Report                          Athletic Apparel
Acknowledgement                  Annuity                                ATM Machines
Acquisition                      Annuity                                Attachment
Acre                             Apparel                                Attorney in fact
Active portfolio strategy        Appraisal                              Attribute bias
Actuals                          Appraisal fee                          Auditor's report
Adjustment interval              Approved attorney                      Auto bodies
Administrator                    Appurtenance                           Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
Adverse possession               Arbitrage                              Automated Payment Systems
Advisor                          Arbitrage pricing theory (APT)         Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
Aerospace and Defense            Arbitrage-free option-pricing models   Automatic Transfer Service (ATS)
Aesthetic Procedures             Architectural Design                   Account
After-tax profit margin          Arithmetic average (mean) rate of      Autoregressive
Agency                           return                                 Average
Agency basis                     Arithmetic mean return                 Average (across-day) measures
Agency pass-throughs             Arms Index                             Average Maturity
Agreement                        Ask                                    B2B
Agreement corporation            Ask price                              Baby Clothing
Agreement of Sale                Assessment                             Back office
Agriculture                      Asset                                  Back-end loan fund

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

Backwardation                        Beverages                            Bullet contract
Balance Sheet                        Biased expectations theories         Bullet strategy
Balanced fund                        Bid                                  Business Filings
Balanced mutual fund                 Big Board                            Business Financing
Balloon (payment) mortgage           Binder                               Business risk
Balloon maturity                     Biotech                              Business Services
Balloon payment                      Black-Scholes option-pricing model   Business Ventures
Bank discount basis                  Blanket mortgage                     Busted convertible
Bank For International Settlements   Block trade                          Butterfly shift
(BIS)                                Blood Glucose Monitors               Buy in
Bank holding company                 Blow-off Top                         Buy limit order
Bank regulation                      Blue Chip                            Buy on close
Bank Stocks                          Board                                Buy on margin
Bank supervision                     Board sports                         Buy on opening
Banker's Acceptance                  Body Armor                           Buy-and-hold strategy
Banking Technology                   Bond                                 Buydown
Bankruptcy                           Bond indenture                       Buy-down
Banks                                Bond indexing                        Buyout
Bank wire                            Bond Market                          Buyout
Barbell strategy                     Bond-equivalent basis                Buy-side analyst
BARRA's performance analysis         Bond-equivalent yield                By-laws
(PERFAN) factor model                BONDPAR                              Cable Modems
Base interest rate
                                     Book value                           Calendar effect
Base probability of loss
                                     Book value per share                 Call
                                     Bootstrapping                        Call money rate
Basis point
                                     Bottom-up equity management style    Call Option
Basis risk
                                     Breach of contract                   Call price
Basket trades
                                     Break                                Call protection
                                     Break-even time                      Call provision
Bear Market
                                     Breakout                             Call risk
Bear Raid
                                     Breakthrough                         Call swaption
Before-tax profit margin
                                     Bridge Finance                       Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
Bellwether issues
                                     Broker                               Capital Expenditures
                                     Broker loan rate                     Capital Gain
Benchmark interest rate
                                     Browser Technology                   Capital gains
Benchmark issues
                                     Building Line or Setback             Capital Gains
                                     Building restriction line            Capital Loss
Best Hedge
                                     Bull                                 Capital market line (CML) Capital
Beta (Mutual Funds)                                                       market
                                     Bull Market
Beta Equation (Mutual Funds)                                              Capitalization
                                     Bull Spread
Beta Equation (Stocks)                                                    Capitalization method
                                     Bulldog market

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Capitalization ratios               Clearinghouse                      Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
Capitalized                         Clearinghouse Interbank Payments   Company-specific risk
Car                                 System (CHIPS)                     Competition
Carry                               Clinical Testing                   Comptroller of the Currency
Cash And Equivalents                Close, the                         Computer Programming
Cash commodity                      Closed-end credit                  Computer Science
Cash Dividend                       Closed-end fund                    Computer Security
Cash Flow                           Closing                            Computer Services
Cash Flow                           Closing Costs                      Condemnation
Cash Flow                           Closing Day                        Condominium
Cash flow matching                  Closing Purchase                   Confidence Indicator
Cash markets                        Closing range                      Confidence Level
Cash settlement contracts           Closing Sale                       Confirmation
Cash-equivalent items               Cloud (On Title)                   Consensus forecast
Cashflow                            Cloud on title                     Conservator
Cash-surrender value                Cluster analysis                   Constant-growth model
Catalogs                            Co-branded Cards                   Construction loan
Caveat emptor                       Coefficient of determination       Construction Materials
CC&R's                              Coinsurance                        Consumer Advisory Council (CAC)
Cease-and-desist order              Collateral                         Consumer Price Index
Cell phones                         Collateral trust bonds             Contango
Cellphones                          Collateralized mortgage obligation Contingent deferred sales charge
Ceramics                            (CMO)                              (CDSC)
                                    Collections                        Contingent immunization
Certificate of deposit (CD)
                                    Combination matching               Contract
Certificate of eligibility
                                    Combination strategy               Contract for deed
Certificate of occupancy
                                    Commerce                           Contract month
Certificate of satisfaction
                                    Commercial banks                   Contract of Purchase
Certificate of Title
                                    Commercial paper                   Contractor
                                    Commission                         Convention statement
Chain of title
                                    Commission house                   Conventional loan
Changes In Financial Position
                                    Commitment                         Conventional mortgage
                                    Committee for Performance          Conventional pass-through
                                    Presentation Standards (CPPS)      Convergence
Cheapest to deliver issue           Commodities
Check clearing                                                         Conversion factors
                                    Commodities Exchange Center (CEC)
Chemicals                                                              Conversion parity price
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)                                      Conversion ratio
                                    Common shares
Churning                                                               Conversion value
                                    Common stock equivalent
Circuit Assemblies                                                     Convertible bonds
                                    Common stock market
Clean opinion                                                          Convertible Eurobond
                                    Common Stock/Other Equity
Clearing member                                                        Convertible preferred stock
                                    Communication Systems

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Convertible security                 Cumulative probability distribution   Defined contribution plan
Convex                               Currency                              Delivery
Cooperative                          Currency risk                         Delivery notice
Cooperative Housing                  Current account balance               Delivery options
Copper Wire & Cable                  Current Assets                        Delivery points
Corner A Market                      Current Liabilities                   Delivery price
Corporate bonds                      Current Ratio                         Delta
Corporate Security                   Current Yield                         Demand deposits
Corporation Charter                  Current-coupon issues                 Dentists
Correspondent bank                   Custodial fees                        Depository Institutions Deregulation
Cosigner                             Customer Care                         Committee (DIDC)
Cost approach                        Customized benchmarks                 Depreciation
Cost of carry                        Cyber Stocks                          Derivative instruments
Co tenancy                           Cyberspace                            Derivative markets
Counterparties                       Cyberspace Classrooms                 Derivative Security
Counterparty risk                    Data                                  Desktop Computers
Coupon                               Database Guides                       Desktop Management
Coupon Rate                          Day Order                             Deterministic models
Covenant                             Day trading                           Detrend
Cover                                Dealer                                Diagnostic Systems
Coverage ratios                      Dealer options                        Diagnostics
Covered Call                         Debenture bond                        Difference From S&P
Covered call writing strategy        Debit card                            Differential disclosure
Covered or hedge option strategies   Debit Cards                           Diffusion process
Covered Put                          Debt instrument                       Digital Age
Credit                               Debt market                           Digital Cameras
Credit                               Debt/Equity Ratio                     Digital Wireless
Credit analysis                      Debt-to-income ratio                  Directors
Credit card                          Decile Rank                           Disaster Recovery
Credit Cards                         Declaration Date                      Disclaimer of opinion
Credit history                       Dedicating a portfolio                Discount
Credit report                        Deed                                  Discount rate
Credit risk                          Deed of Trust                         Discretionary account
Credit scoring system                Default                               Distribution
Credit spread                        Default risk                          Distributions
Credit unions                        Defense Systems                       Distributors
Crediting rate                       Deferred futures                      Divergence
Creditor                             Deferred interest                     Diversifiable risk
Creditworthiness                     Deferred Taxes                        Diversified Financials
Cross hedging                        Deficiency judgment                   Diversified Wholesalers
Cumulative preferred stock           Defined benefit plan                  Dividend

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Princeton Realty
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Dividend discount model (DDM)      EDGAR                               Escrow
Dividend rate                      Edge act corporation                ETF
Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)   Education                           Ethanol
Dividend Yield (Funds)             Education                           Euro straight
Dividend Yield (Stocks)            Effective convexity                 Eurobond
Dividends                          Effective date                      Eurodollar
Dividends Per Share                Effective duration                  Eurodollar bonds
Doctors                            Efficient portfolio                 Eurodollars
Documentary Stamps                 Electronic Design                   Euro equity issues
Dollar duration                    Electronic Engineering              European option
Dollar return                      Electronic Fund Transfer Systems    European-Style Option
Dollar safety margin               (EFTS)                              Euro yen bonds
Dollar-weighted rate of return     Electronic Retailing                Evaluation period
Domestic market                    Embedded option                     Evening up
Dotcom                             Emerging markets                    Event risk
Dow Jones Industrial Average       Emerging Markets                    Ex post return
Dower                              Eminent domain                      Extant return
Down payment                       Encroachment                        Except for opinion
Downgrade                          Encumbrance                         Excess reserves
Down payment                       Endowment funds                     Excess returns
Drug Companies                     Energy Drinks                       Exchange
Drug retail                        Energy Efficiency                   Exchange
Dual agency                        Energy Frontiers                    Exchange rate risk
Dual-currency issues               Enhanced indexing                   Exchange, The
Due on sale clause                 Enterprise                          Exchangeable security
Duration                           Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) Ex-dividend
Dynamic asset allocation           Equilibrium market price of risk    Ex-Dividend Date
Dynamic hedging                    Equity                              Execution
Earnest Money                      Equity cap                          Execution costs
Earnings                           Equity claim                        Executor
Earnings                           Equity collar                       Exercise
Earnings                           Equity floor                        Exercise price
Earnings Per Share (EPS)           Equity Income                       Expectations theories
Earnings surprises                 Equity Investment                   Expected return
Earnings Yield                     Equity market                       Expected value
Easement                           Equity Options                      Expense Management
Easement Rights                    Equity sharing                      Expense Ratio
e-commerce                         Equity swap                         Expensed
Economic surplus                   Equity-linked policies              Expiration Cycle
Economy                            Equivalent taxable yield            Expiration Date
Economy                            Escheat                             External efficiency

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External market                      Financing statement                 Futures contract multiple
Extrapolative statistical models     First notice day                    Futures option
Face value                           First-in-first-out (FIFO)           Futures price
Fair price                           Fixed rate                          Gardening
Fashion Designer                     Fixed-charge coverage ratio         Gas Reserves
Feasible portfolio                   Fixed-income equivalent             General Warranty Deed
Feasible set of portfolios           Fixed-income instruments            Germ & Disease Detection
Federal Advisory Council (FAC)       Fixed-income market                 Gift Cards
Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationFixed-rate payer                    Global Business
(FDIC)                               Fixture                             Global Technology
Federal funds                        Flattening of the yield curve       Gold Trusts
Federal funds market                 Floating-rate contract              Golfing Products
Federal funds rate                   Floating-rate payer                 Good 'Till Canceled
Federal Home Loan Bank Board         Floor broker                        Graduated payment
(FHLBB)                              Floor trader                        Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM)
Federal Home Loan Mortgage
                                     Flow-through method                 Grandfathered activities
Federal Home Loan Mortgage           Food Production                     Grantee
Corporation (FHLMC)                  Food Services                       Grantor
Federal Reserve                      Foreclosure                         Graphic Design
Federal reserve float                Foreign exchange desk               Gross income
Federal reserve system               Foreign exchange transactions       Gross margin
Federally related institutions       Foreign market                      Ground lease
Fed wire                             Fortune                             Growth
Fee simple                           Forward contract                    Growth Rates
Fill                                 Forward rate                        Guardian
Fill or kill order                   Franchises                          Hazard Insurance
Filter                               FRCS-80                             Head & Shoulders
Finance                              Full faith-and-credit obligations   Health Care Distributors
Finance charge                       Full price                          Hedge Funds
Finance Systems                      Fully modified pass-through         Hedging
Financial Advisor                    Fund Family                         Hiatus
Financial analysts                   Fundamental beta                    High Price
Financial Consultant                 Fundamental descriptors             High Risk
Financial Data                       Funding                             High Yield Investments
Financial institution                Funding ratio                       Holding Company
Financial leverage ratios            Funding risk                        Home Builders
Financial market                     Funds From Operations (FFO)         Home Building
Financial Offers                     Furniture                           Home Detection
Financial risk                       Futures                             Home Furnishings
Financial Services                   Futures commission merchant         Home Health Care
Financial Strategy                   Futures Contract                    Homestead deed

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Princeton Realty
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Hospice                         Information less trades                (IDR)
Hospital Industry               Information-motivated trades           International market
Hospital Technology             Ingress and egress                     International Monetary Market (IMM)
Hot Picks                       Initial margin requirement             Internet Commerce
Hot Prospects                   Initial note rate                      Intestate
Hot Stocks                      Initial Public offering (IPO)          In-The-Money
Hotels, Casinos, Resorts        Innovation                             Intramarket sector spread
Housing ratio                   Input-output tables                    Entrepreneurs
HR Management                   Insider Information                    Intrinsic value
HUD                             Insiders                               Inventions
Hybrid                          Institutional investors                Inventory
Hydraulics                      Institutionalization                   Inventory Turnover
Image Sensor Chips              Insurable title                        Inverted market
Image Stabilization             Insurance                              Investment analysts
Immunization strategy           Insurance                              Investment grade
Implied repo rate               Insured bond                           Investment income
Implied volatility              Insured closing letter                 Investment management
Impound                         Insured plans                          Investment manager
Income                          Intangible asset                       Investment Multiples
Income approach                 Intelligence Systems                   Investment Resources
Income statement                Interchange Rates                      Investment Trust
Indemnity                       Interest                               Investment value
Index                           Interest                               Investor
Index and Option Market (IBM)   Interest coverage ratio                Investor's equity
Index Funds                     Interest rate agreement                Invitro Fertilization
Index warrant                   Interest rate cap                      Invoice price
Indexing                        Interest rate ceiling                  IPO
Indicated Dividend              Interest rate floor                    IPO
Indicated Yield                 Interest rate risk                     IRA
Indifference curve              Interest rate swap                     IRA/Keogh Accounts
Individual Retirement Account   Interest Rates                         Issue
Industrial Design               Integrated Circuits                    Issuer
Industrial Equipment            Interim financing                      Jensen Index
Industry                        Intermarket sector spread              Joint Clearing Members
Inflation                       Intermarket spread swaps               Joint ownership agreement
Inflation Hedge                 International monetary fund (IMF)      Joint tenants
Inflation risk                  Internal market                        Judgment lien
Infomercials                    Internal rate of return                Jumbo loan
Information coefficient (IC)    Internally efficient market            Junior mortgage
Information costs               International Banking Facility (IBF)   Junk bond
Information Technology          International Depositary Receipt       Kappa

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Lab Equipment                            Lognormal distribution            Market-if-Touched (MIT)
Ladder strategy                          Long                              Marketing
Land contract                            Long hedge                        Marketplace price efficiency
Large Cap                                Long Position (Options)           Markowitz diversification
Laser Eye Surgery                        Long straddle                     Markowitz efficient frontier
Last Split                               Long Term Assets                  Markowitz efficient portfolio
Last trading day                         Long Term Debt/Capitalization     Markowitz efficient set of portfolios
Last-in-first-out (LIFO)                 Long Term Liabilities             Mark-to-Market
Law of one price                         Long-term debt to equity ratio    Matador market
Lawyers                                  Long-term Finance                 Matching concept
LBO                                      Low P/E Stocks                    Mathematical programming
Lease hold estate                        Low Price                         Maturity date
Legal Services                           Low price-earnings ratio effect   Maturity phase
Lender                                   Macaulay duration                 Maturity spread
Leveraged buy-out (LBO)                  Magic of diversification          Maturity value
Leveraged portfolio                      Maintenance margin requirement    Maximum price fluctuation
Liability                                Majority                          MBO
Liability                                Managed Health Care               Mean-variance efficient portfolio
Liability funding strategies             Management                        Mechanic's liens
Liability on an account                  Management fee                    Media
Liability swap                           Management/Closely Held Shares    Medical Coverage
Lien                                     Map Guides                        Medical Instruments
Life cap                                 Margin                            Medical Practices
Life estate                              Margin Account (Stocks)           Medical Procedures
Limit Order                              Margin call                       Medical Safety
Limit order book                         Margin Requirement (Options)      Medical Technologies
Limit price                              Market Capitalization             Medium-term note
Limited Partnerships                     Market conversion price           Mega Mergers
Limited-tax general obligation bond      Market Cycle                      Member bank
Liquidation                              Market impact costs               Merchant Payments
Liquidation                              Market model                      Merger
Liquidity                                Market Order                      Metal Production
Liquidity risk                           Market portfolio                  Metes and bounds
Liquidity theory of the term structure   Market Research                   Methane
Lis pendens                              Market risk                       Mezzanine Finance
Listed stocks                            Market sectors                    MicroFibres
Load Fund                                Market segmentation theory        Mid Cap
Loan application                         Market timer                      Minimum price fluctuation
Loan value                               Market timing costs               Minimum Purchases
Loan-To-Value Ratio (LTV)                Market value                      Modified duration
Local expectations theory                Marketable Title                  Modified pass-throughs

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Money center banks                     Natural Gas                             Notional principal amount
Money management                       Navigation Systems                      Objective (Mutual Funds)
Money manager                          Nearby                                  Odd lot
Money market                           Nearby futures contract                 offer
Money market demand account            Negative amortization                   offer to Purchase
Money Market Fund                      Negative carry                          Offerings
Money Markets                          Negative convexity                      official statement
Mortage Insurance Premium              Neglected firm effect                   offset
Mortgage                               Negotiable order of withdrawal          Oil exploration
Mortgage                               (NOW) account                           Oil Field Equipement
Mortgage (Open-End)                    Net                                     Oil prices
Mortgage bond                          Net Asset Value (NAV)                   Omnibus account
Mortgage Commitment                    Net Change                              Open contracts
Mortgage Note                          Net effective income                    Open Interest
Mortgage pass-through security         Net financing cost                      Open order
Mortgage rate                          Net Income                              Open Source Software
Mortgage-backed securities             Net Margins                             Open-end credit
Mortgagee                              Net operating margin                    Open-end fund
Mortgagor                              Net worth                               Open-end lease
Most distant futures contract          Networks                                Opening price
Motor Vehicles                         New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)          Opening Purchase
Moving Average                         Next futures contract                   Opening Sale
Multifactor CAPM                       NM                                      Opening, the
Multiperiod immunization               No Load Mutual Fund                     Open-Outcry
Multiple regression                    Noise                                   Operating cycle
Multirule system                       No-load fund                            Operationally efficient market
Municipal bond                         Nominal price                           Opinion shopping
Mutual Fund                            Non assumption clause                   Opportunity costs
Mutual Fund                            Non-cumulative preferred stock          Optical Components
Mutual Funds                           Non-insured plans                       Optimal portfolio
Mutual offset                          Nonmember depository institution        Optimization approach to indexing
Mutual savings banks                   Non-parallel shift in the yield curve   Option
Naive diversification                  Non-reproducible assets                 Option
Naked strategies                       Normal deviate                          Option premium
National Association of Securities     Normal distribution                     Option price
Dealers Automatic Quotation            Normal portfolio                        Option seller
(NASDAQ) System                        Normalizing method                      Option writer
National Credit Union Administration   Notary public                           Option-adjusted spread (OAS)
(NCUA)                                 Note                                    Options
National Futures Association (NFA)     Notes                                   Options contract
National market                        Notice day                              Options contract multiple

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Options on physicals                 Performance attribution analysis    Preferred Stock
Original margin                      Performance evaluation              Premium
Other Current Assets                 Performance measurement             Pre-paid Cards
Other Long Term Liabilities          Permissible nonbank activities      Pre-paid Trends
Other Sources                        Perpetual warrants                  Prepayment
Out of The Money                     Pet Medications                     Prepayment penalty
Overbought\Oversold Indicator        Petroleum Refining                  Prepayment speed
Overdraft checking account           Pharmaceuticals                     Prepayments
Overfunded pension plan              Phone Switching                     Prerefunded bond
Overlay strategy                     Photographic Products               Pressure Systems
Overnight repo                       Pipelines                           Pre-trade benchmarks
Overreaction hypothesis              Pipestem lot                        Price compression
Over-the-counter market (OTC)        Pit                                 Price discovery process
P&S                                  Pit committee                       Price impact costs
P/E                                  Piti                                Price momentum
P/E Ratio Equation                   Pivot                               Price persistence
Packaging                            Plan sponsors                       Price risk
Pain Medications                     Plastics                            Price value of a basis Point (PVBP)
Par value                            Plat                                Price/Book Ratio
Parallel shift in the yield curve    Plowback rate                       Price/Earnings
Parity value                         Point                               Price/Earnings Ratio
Participating GIC                    Point And Figure Chart              Price/Sales Ratio
Partition                            Points (loan discount points)       Price-earnings (P/E) ratio
Partner                              Policy asset allocation             Prices
Passive portfolio strategy           Pooled                              Price-volume relationship
Pass-through                         Portfolio                           Pricing efficiency
Pass-through coupon rate             Portfolio                           Primary Market
Patents                              Portfolio insurance                 Prime rate
Pat-off amount                       Portfolio internal rate of return   Principal
Payment Date                         Portfolio management                Printed Circuit Boards
Payment-in-kind (PIK) bond           Portfolio manager                   Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Payments mechanism                   Portfolio turnover rate             Private-label pass-throughs
Payroll Services                     Position                            Probability distribution
Payroll Software                     Positive carry                      Probability function
Pension                              Positive convexity                  Probate
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Posttrade benchmarks                Profit Margin
(PBGC)                               Power of attorney                   Profits
Pension Funds                        Precious Minerals                   Program trades
Pension plan                         Precision Parts                     Program Trading
Pension sponsors                     Preferred habitat theory            Programmable Chips
Perfect hedge                        Preferred shares                    Projected benefit obligation (PBO)

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Promotions                       Reference rate                          Return-to-maturity expectations
Prospectus                       Refinance                               interpretation
Protective put buying strategy   Refinancing                             Revenue bond
Prototypes                       Refunded bond                           Revenue fund
Prototyping Devices              Refunding                               Reverse Stock Split
Provisional call feature         Regional Check Processing Center        Reversion
Proxy                            (RCPC)                                  Rights
Public Company Accounting        Registered representative               Rights offering
Oversight Board                  Regression analysis                     Rings
Public sale                      Regulatory pricing risk                 Riparian rights
Publishing                       Regulatory surplus                      Risk
Purchase Agreement               Reinvestment risk                       Risk averse
Purchase Money Mortgage (PMM)    REIT                                    Risk indexes
Purchasing-power risk            Relative Strength                       Risk premium
Pure expectations theory         Relative yield spread                   Risk premium approach
Pure index fund                  Remainder                               Risk-free or riskless asset
Put                              Rembrandt market                        Risky asset
Put Option                       Renegotiable rate                       ROI
Put swaption                     Replicating portfolio                   Roth IRA
Put-call parity relationship     Reproducible assets                     Round lot
Quality                          Repurchase agreement                    Round-trip transactions costs
Quality option                   Required reserves                       Round-turn
Quality spread                   Required yield                          Rubber Tracked Vehicles
Quick Ratio                      Reserve                                 Safety cushion
Quiet title                      Reserve ratios                          Safety-net return
Quitclaim Deed                   Reset frequency                         Sales Agreement
Radio Transmitters               Residual claim                          Sales Charge
Rally                            Residual risk                           Samurai market
Random Walk                      Resissue rate                           Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Range                            RESPA                                   Satellite
Rankings                         Restrictive Covenants                   Savings
Rate anticipation swaps          Retail Industry                         Savings and loan associations
Reaction                         Retail investors Individual investors   Savings deposits
Real Estate                      Retention rate                          SBA
Real Estate Broker               Retirement                              Scalp
Real time                        Retracement                             Search costs
Realtor                          Return                                  SEC
Recision                         Return On Assets (ROA)                  Second mortgage
Record Date                      Return On Equity (ROE)                  Secondary Market
Recording fees                   Return on Investment                    Securities
Redemption Charge                Return on total assets                  Securities & Exchange Commission

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Securities analysts              SIMPLE IRA                        Startup
Securitization                   Simple linear regression          State Stamps
Securitized Investments          Simple linear trend model         Stated conversion price
Security                         Simple moving average             Statute of limitations
Security deposit (initial)       Single-index model                Statutory surplus
Security deposit (maintenance)   Single-premium deferred annuity   Steepening of the yield curve
Security interest                Sinking fund requirement          Step-up bond
Security Systems                 Slippage                          Stochastic models
Seed                             Small Business                    Stock
Sell hedge                       Small Cap                         Stock Buy Back
Sell limit order                 Small-firm effect                 Stock Dividend
Seller's points                  Software Content                  Stock exchanges
Selling Short                    Software Engineering              Stock index funds
Sell-side analyst                Software Hardware                 Stock index option
Semi-conductor Wafers            Software Solutions                Stock Market
Semistrong form efficiency       SPDR                              Stock market
Serial bonds                     Special assessment                Stock option
Series                           Special Assessments               Stock quotes
Service charge                   Special Drawing Rights (SDR's)    Stock replacement strategy
Services                         Special Lien                      Stock Research
Settlement Date                  Special Warranty Deed             Stock ticker
Settlement Price                 Specialist                        Stockholder Equity
Settlement rate                  Specialty Retailing               Stop (-Loss) Order
Share Price                      Specific performance              Stop order (or stop)
Share Repurchase                 Speculator                        Stop-limit order
Shareholders' equity             Speed                             Straddle
Shareholders' letter             Spinoff                           Straight value
Shares                           Split                             Stratified equity indexing
Sharpe benchmark                 Sporting Goods                    Stratified sampling approach to
Sharpe Index                     Sports Equipment                  indexing
Short                            Spot markets                      Stratified sampling bond indexing
Short hedge                      Spot month                        Strike index
Short interest                   Spot price                        Strike Price
Short Position                   Spot rate                         Strong form efficiency
Short Sale                       Spot rate curve                   Structure
Short selling                    Spread                            Structured portfolio strategy
Short squeeze                    Spread income                     Structured settlement
Short straddle                   Spread strategy                   Subdivision
Shortfall risk                   Spy-ware Software                 Subject to
Short-term solvency ratios       Standard deviation                Subject to opinion
SIC                              Standardized value                Subordinated debenture bond

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

Subperiod return                  Testate                                Tranche
Substitution swap                 Testator                               Transactions costs
Surcharge                         The Depository Institutions            Transition phase
Surplus management                Deregulation and Monetary Control      Transportation Equipment
Survey                            Act of 1980 (MCA)                      Transportation Logistics
Swap arrangements                 Theoretical futures price              Treasuries
Swap assignment                   Theoretical spot rate curve            Treasury bills
Swap buy-back                     Theta                                  Treasury bonds
Swap option                       Three-phase DDM                        Treasury notes
Swap reversal                     Thrift institutions                    Treasury Rate
Swap sale                         Thrift Institutions Advisory Council   Treasury securities
Swaptions                                                                Trend
Swift                                                                    Treynor Index
                                  Tick Indicator
Switching                                                                Trucking Systems
                                  Tick-test rules
Synchronous data                                                         Trust
                                  Tilted portfolio
Syndications                                                             Trust Fund
                                  Time decay
Synthfuel                                                                Trust Funds
                                  Time deposit
Systematic risk                                                          Trustee
                                  Time premium
Tactical asset allocation (TAA)                                          Truth-in-lending
                                  Time Value
Talcos                                                                   Turnover
                                  Time value of an option
Tangible asset                                                           Two-fund separation theorem
Tax                                                                      Two-step mortgage
                                  Time-weighted rate of return
Tax exempt                                                               Type
                                  Timing option
Tax Shelters                                                             U.S. Treasury bill
Taxes                                                                    U.S. Treasury bond
                                  Title Insurance
Tax-exempt sector                                                        U.S. Treasury note
                                  Title search
Tech Support                                                             Uncovered Call
                                  Title Search or Examination
Technical analysts                                                       Uncovered Put
                                  Top-down equity management style
Technical descriptors                                                    Underfunded pension plan
                                  Total asset turnover
Technician                                                               Underlying
                                  Total debt to equity ratio
Telcom                                                                   Underlying Security
                                  Total return
Telemarketing                                                            Underwriting
                                  Total Revenue
Temporary Help                                                           Underwriting income
Tenants by the entirety                                                  Undiversifiable risk
                                  Tracking error
Tenants in common                                                        Universal life
Tender                                                                   Unsystematic risk
                                  Trade Date
Term bonds                                                               Upstairs market
                                  Trade deficit
Term life insurance                                                      Uptick trade
                                  Trade house
Term repo                                                                User Authentication Systems
                                  Trading halt
Term to maturity                                                         User Generated Content
                                  Trading Range
Term trust                                                               Usury

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Princeton Realty
Real Estate Business Opportunity

Utilities                           Wall Street                        Workstations
Utility function                    Wall Street analyst                Wraparound
VA loan                             Wallflower                         Writer
Value Driven                        Wanted For Cash                    W-Type Bottom
Value manager                       Warrant                            Xray Systems
Variable life                       Warrant                            Yankee market
Variable rate                       Warranty                           Yield
Variable Rate Mortgage (VRM)        Warrenty deed                      Yield curve
Variance                            Waste Management                   Yield curve option-pricing models
Variance minimization approach to   Wasting Asset                      Yield curve strategies
tracking                            Watch List                         Yield ratio
Variation margin                    Water Resources                    Yield spread strategies
Venture capital                     Weak form efficiency               Yield To Call
Venture Capital                     Wealth Building                    Yield To Maturity
Verification of Deposit (VOD)       Web Design                         Yield to worst
Verification of Employment (VOE)    Web Services                       Yields
Vertical analysis                   Weighted-average portfolio yield   Zero coupon bond
VIPERS                              Whole life insurance               Zero uptick
Virtual World                       Wide area networks                 Zero-beta portfolio
Volatility                          Wild card option                   Zero-coupon bond
Volume                              Window contract                    Zoning
Wait Reduction Systems              Wire house                         Zoning Ordinances
Waiver                              Withdrawal Plan
Wall Finishing Materials            Workstations

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