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									Thank you for choosing McCord Business Brokers Ltd., the Curves Preferred Company, to handle the sale
of your Curves franchise. Outlined below is a checklist for you to follow in order to begin what we hope will
be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

For your protection, any information you furnish us is confidential and will be disclosed only to those buyers
we feel are qualified to purchase your business. Confidentiality is important to us as well as to you. Once we
have developed a price and are ready to put your facility on our Web site, we will submit your ad by email or
fax for your approval.

As soon as your business is on our Web site, you will have 24-hour access to view any negotiations or
progress we are making toward the sale of your Curves. We will email you details on how to log on to the
seller’s member area of our site. This area is a benefit for McCord Business Brokers listings only.
Everything you want and need to know about the sale of your club will be available to you at the click of your

Curves franchise sale checklist: (Please complete one packet for each club you are selling)

      Complete and return the Listing Agreement.
      Complete and return the General Information form.
      Complete and return the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment form.
      Provide the “Exhibit A” territory outline, please include any amendments (refer to
      franchise agreement).
      Provide bank statements including summary page for the last three months for each
      facility you are selling. This information is necessary in order to evaluate the business. If
      you are using one bank account for several clubs, please separate information as best you
      can. (Please make sure you blackout all account numbers)
      Provide projection sheets for the last three months for each club you are selling.
      Provide year to date profit & loss statements for each club you are selling.
      Provide the last 2 years tax returns for the business. If you have not owned the business
      for 2 years, please send your most recent tax returns.
      Provided a copy of the lease agreement for each club you are selling.
      Include your $2,000 deposit in the form of a cashier’s check payable to McCord Business
      Brokers; please indicate your territory name on the check. (The $2,000 deposit will be
      applied toward final commission. Also, you may review the listing agreement for refund
      Please go to and fill out the intent to sell form (leave buyer’s
      section blank) and mail with your packet.
      Please email 2 digital photos of each facility you are selling to (1-inside, 1-outside). Pictures help us to get a
      visual description of your facility when writing your ad. If you are unable to provide digital
      pictures, please send pictures when you mail your packet. (If do not want your pictures to
      be viewable to potential buyers, please let us know.)
      Training Assistance Agreement (If you would like to offer training assistance, please
      complete this form.)
      On a separate piece of paper, please give a brief description of your club and any other
      information you would like us to know.

Please mail all above requested documents as soon as possible to:

McCord Business Brokers
220 S. 2 Street. Suite 1
Waco, TX 76701

Note: It is very important that you visit and review Curves International’s current
Resales procedure and F.A.Q’s. Any questions you have regarding Curves International’s Resales procedure,
please direct them to Curves Corporate office at 1-800-848-1096 or

              220 South 2 Street Suite 2, Waco, TX 76701 | Tel. 1.877.753.3818 | Fax 254.753.3819
                                                 LISTING AGREEMENT

Individual name(s) as it appears on franchise agreement:

LLC/Corp. Name:

Club Address:                                                            City/St:                   Zip:

Territory Name/Franchise ID#:                                           County:

                                     SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SALE
    1. The Seller engages McCord Business Brokers Ltd., on a sole and exclusive basis, to sell the
        above business, including all fixtures, goodwill, trademarks, trade names, leasehold rights and
    2. The Seller agrees to pay McCord Business Brokers Ltd. Five Percent (5%) of the total purchase
        price with a minimum fee of two thousand dollars ($2,000)
    3. The Seller Agrees to pay McCord Business Brokers Ltd. a two thousand dollar ($2,000)
        deposit. This deposit will be applied toward the final Five Percent (5%) commission. However,
        if McCord Business Brokers, Ltd. and the seller are unable to agree on the initial asking price;
        the full deposit of two thousand dollars ($2,000) will be refunded to the seller.
    4. The Seller agrees if this listing is cancelled or the property withdrawn from sale during the
        listing term by the Seller, the deposit will be refunded, except for five hundred dollars
    5. The Seller agrees that the commission shall be immediately due and payable if the Seller,
        directly or indirectly, enters into an Offer to Purchase (however designated) or accepts a deposit
        or does any other act tantamount to a sale or contract to sell without the written approval of
        McCord Business Brokers Ltd. The cancellation or rescission or any of the foregoing acts shall
        not act as a release of the Seller for such liability.
    6. In the event the franchisor elects to exercise its first Right of Refusal, McCord Business
        Brokers, Ltd. will keep the deposit of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) as payment in full as
        any commissions due under this agreement.
    7. This Agreement shall begin on the day and the year below and continue for six (6) months.
        Upon expiration of this agreement, the seller may exercise their right to renew this agreement
        for an additional six (6) months with no additional fees. If seller chooses not to renew, McCord
        Business Brokers, Ltd. will refund one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) of the initial
    8. The Seller agrees to pay the full commission set forth in this Agreement to the Broker in the
        event the business is within six (6) months after the termination of this Agreement sold or
        conveyed to anyone referred to the Seller by McCord Business Brokers Ltd. during the term of
        this Agreement.
    9. The Seller acknowledges that he/she has supplied the listing information above and warrants
        that the information is true and correct, including any financial information.
    10. The Seller acknowledges that he/she has read this Agreement and has received a copy of it.
    11. If the Seller is a partnership, corporation or other entity, the person(s) signing on behalf of the
        business represent(s) and warrant(s) that he/she or they have the authority to enter into this
        contract on behold of the business.
 Broker                                                                                      Date

 Seller(s)                                                                                   Date
 (anyone who signed executed franchise agreement must sign this form)

             220 S. 2 St. Ste 1 Waco, TX 76701│Tel. 254.753.3818│Fax 254.753.3819│
                                         GENERAL INFORMATION

Seller(s) Name:

Home Address:                                                 City/St                                Zip

Home Telephone:                               Cell:                                  Fax

Territory Name/Franchise ID#:                                  E-mail Address:
                                           FACILITY INFORMATION

Reason for sale:

What do you think your facility is worth? $                        Do you own any other clubs?

Hours of operation:                                                Days of operation:

Go-Figure : Yes/No                     Value of Curves Retail Products: $

Number of CD’S:                 Monthly:              Prepays:          Medical Holds:           Add ons:

What is the rate you charge for CD’s? (Circle one)           $29.00     $39.00     $49.00 $59.00

Year club opened?                                        How long have you been the owner?

How many hours week do you work in the club?

How many employees do you have?                       Full Time:                    Part Time:

Average monthly payroll: $           Does this include owner’s salary? Y/N            If yes, how much?

Average monthly expenses: Phone: $             Electric: $         Gas: $         Water: $       Insurance: $

                                           LEASE INFORMATION

Gross monthly rent:                                                         Square feet:

#Bathrooms:                                                                 Dressing Rooms:

Lease expiration date:                 Options:                             Any additional real estate?

Do you currently have your club listed for sale on our site?

Income derived from any other source? (Ex: tanning beds)

 Broker:                                                                                      Date

 Seller:                                                                                      Date

           220 S. 2 St. Ste 1 Waco, TX 76701│Tel. 254.753.3818│Fax 254.753.3819│
                   Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

Curves Equipment :                                         FF&E
(check all that apply)                                     (current estimated value)
Lateral Lift*                                              Television                             $
Oblique*                                                   VCR                                    $
Glute Machine*                                             DVD Player                             $
Pec/Dec*                                                   Stereo System                          $
Dip Shrug*                                                 Go Figure Software                     $
Recovery Stepper*                                          Computer                               $
Stretching Circuit*                                        Monitor                                $
Leg Curl                                                   Printer                                $
Bicep/Tricep                                               Fax Machine                            $
Leg Press                                                  Copy Machine                           $
Ab/Back                                                    Phone                                  $
Hip Abductor                                               Credit Card Machine                    $
Chest/Back                                                 Water Machine                          $
Squat                                                      Microwave                              $
Shoulder Press                                             Training material                      $
Recovery Stations                                          File Cabinets                          $
Non-Curves Equipment:                                      Desks                                  $
(current estimated value)                                  Table                                  $
Tanning bed                $                               Chairs                                 $
misc.                      $                               Benches                                $
misc.                      $                               Mats                                   $
misc.                      $                               Cleaning Supplies                      $
misc.                      $                               Misc. Office Supplies                  $
misc.                      $                               misc.                                  $
                     Total $                               misc.                                  $
                                                           misc.                                  $
                                                           misc.                                  $
                                                           misc.                                  $
*extra pieces                                                                               Total $

                 220 South 2 Street Suite 2, Waco, TX 76701 | Tel. 1.877.753.3818 | Fax 254.753.3819
                  Training and Assistance Agreement
I agree that I will train and assist the purchaser of my business, in all aspects of running and
operating it. I will be available at the business for, at least, a minimum of __________ hours a
day for _____ days. I agree that I will also be available by telephone during this time period for
additional assistance. I understand that I will not be compensated for this training and assistance.

Any additional training:

Territory Name:

Seller(s) printed Name:

Seller(s) Signature:                                                                       Date

             220 South 2 Street Suite 2, Waco, TX 76701 | Tel. 1.877.753.3818 | Fax 254.753.3819

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