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									                                                              Welcome	                                          Why	should	you	make	an	

My	Safe	                                                     to	My	Safe	
                                                                                                                investment	to	strengthen	your	
                                                                                                                home	against	hurricanes?		We’ve	
                                                                                                                got	three	good	reasons:
Florida	                                                        Florida	                                        Reason	1:	A	free	home	inspection.	Before	you	

Home		                                                           Home                                           can	improve	your	home’s	ability	to	withstand	a	
                                                                                                                hurricane,	you	need	to	know	how	hurricane	resistant	
                                                        For	many	of	us,	buying	and	owning	a	home	is	one	        it	is	today.	The	inspection	will	be	conducted	by	a	
                                                        of	the	most	important	investments	we	make	in	our	               	
                                                                                                                qualified	home	inspector	trained	in	wind-resistant	
                                                        lives.		When	we	make	this	investment,	we	expect	our	    building	techniques.	Following	the	inspection,	a	
                                                        homes	will	protect	us	and	serve	as	a	safe	haven	from	   detailed	report	will	be	provided	to	you	that	will:
                                                        To	better	protect	ourselves	and	our	homes	when	         1.	 explain	and	prioritize	what	
                                                        a	hurricane	hits,	we	must	also	invest	in	building	          improvements	can	be	made	to		    	        	     	
                                                        standards	and	techniques	that	will	strengthen	our	          strengthen	your	home	against		
                                                        homes	and	communities	against	the	catastrophic	             hurricanes,	
                                                        damage	that	hurricanes	inflict.                         2.	 provide	cost	estimates	for	making	each	
                                                                                                                    of	the	recommended	improvements,	
                                                                                                Alex	Sink
                                                                 Chief	Financial	Officer,	State	of	Florida
                                                                                    	                           3.	 rate	how	hurricane	resistant	your	home	
                                                                                                                	 is	today,	and	how	resistant	it	will	be		  	       	
                                                         How	do	you	know	if	your	home	is	                           after	improvements	are	made,	
                                                              hurricane	resistant?                              4.	 explain	what	insurance	discounts	are		 	        	
                                                                                                                    available	to	you	if	improvements	are		 	        	
                                                        The	Department	of	Financial	Services	is	providing	
                                                                                                                    made	and	how	to	get	them,	if	you	provided	
                                                        guidance	on	what	you	can	do	to	strengthen	your	
                                                                                                                	 your	insurance	information.
                                                        home	against	catastrophic	storms	and	better	protect	
                                                        you	and	your	family.	
                                                                                                                Reason	2:	A	financial	incentive.	For	qualified	  	
                                                        You	can	start	by	taking	advantage	of	a	new	program,	    homeowners,	the	state	will	offer	a	matching	grant	
                                                        My	Safe	Florida	Home,	which	offers	free	wind	           of	up	to	$5,000	to	help	pay	for	the	cost	of	the	
DESIGNED	TO	                                            inspections	to	measure	how	safe	your	home	is	           hurricane-resistance	improvements	recommended	in	
                                                        against	hurricanes.		Following	the	inspection,	you	     your	inspection	report.		
PROTECT	                                                will	receive	a	detailed	report	that	will	explain	
                                                        key	steps	you	can	take	to	make	your	home	more	          Reason	3:	A	discount	on	insurance	premiums.	
FLORIDIANS                                              hurricane	resistant.		The	report	will	also	outline		
                                                        insurance	discounts	that	may	be	available	to	you	if	
                                                                                                                Homes	that	are	strengthened	with	hurricane-resistant	
                                                                                                                improvements	are	less	likely	to	suffer	serious	
                                                        you	take	the	recommended	steps	to	strengthen	your	      damage	in	a	hurricane.	Homeowners	who	invest	
AND	                                                    home,	if	you	provided	your	insurance	information	       in	strengthening	their	homes	will	be	entitled	to	a	
                                                        at	the	time	you	apply	(wind,	premium,	dwelling	         range	of	discounts	on	their	homeowners	insurance	
THEIR	HOMES	                                            coverage	and	hurricane	deductible.)	                    premium,	depending	on	what	and	how	many	of	
                                                        But	that’s	not	all.		You	may	be	eligible	for	a	         the	recommended	improvements	are	made.	The	
                                                        matching	investment	of	up	to	$5,000	to	help	make	       discounts	you	may	be	eligible	to	receive	will	be	
                                                        recommended	improvements	to	strengthen	your	            outlined	in	your	free	wind	inspection	report.
Alex	Sink,	Chief	Financial	Officer,		State	of	Florida   home	against	hurricanes.	
What	kind	of	improvements	can	                           5.	 Reinforcing	roof-to-wall	connections.	                 Step	3:		Once	your	home	has	been	inspected,	you	
                                                            For	example,	installing	metal	tie-down	straps	that	     will	be	provided	an	inspection	report	that	will	rate	    What	else	do	I	qualify	for?
be	made	to	strengthen	my	home	                              attach	roof	rafters	to	wall	studs	to	decrease	the		 	   the	hurricane	resistance	of	your	home	before	and	
against	hurricane	damage?                                   chances	that	all	or	part	of	your	roof	will	lift	up	     after	improvements,	prioritize	which	improvements	       Strengthening	your	home	by	participating	in	My	Safe	
Free	wind	inspections	provided	through	                     from	your	house	during	a	hurricane.                     will	give	you	the	greatest	defense	against	hurricanes	   Florida	Home	may	also	qualify	you	for	discounts	on	
My	Safe	Florida	Home	will	recommend	                                                                                and	the	cost	of	these	improvements.	It	will	also	        your	insurance	premium.	The	threat	of	property	loss	
improvements	in	one	or	more	of	seven	specific	
                                           	             6.	 Upgrading	exterior	wall-opening	protections.		         outline	the	potential	insurance	premium	savings,	if	     and	the	need	for	family	security	are	enough	for	most	
                                                            For	instance,	installing	hurricane-rated	window		 	     you	provided	your	insurance	information	you	could	       Floridians	to	invest	in	hurricane-resistant	products.	A	
categories:                                                                                                         receive	if	improvements	are	made.
                                                            shutters.                                                                                                        reduction	in	your	homeowners	insurance	premium	is	
                                                                                                                                                                             an	added	bonus.
1.	 Improving	the	strength	of	your	roof	deck		                                                                       You	may	qualify	for	a	free	wind	inspection	if	
                                                         7.	 Upgrading	exterior	doors.	
    attachment.	                                            For	example,	replacing	a	standard	garage	door		 	          you	have	a	single-family,	site-built	home	
                                                                                                                                                                             By	law,	all	companies	offering	homeowners	
   For	instance,	if	your	roof	                                                                                                                                               insurance	must	provide	discounts	to	policyholders	
                                                            with	a	hurricane-rated	garage	door.
   is	made	of	shingles	nailed	to	plywood		 	                                                                                                                                 who	invest	in	products	and	improvements	proven	
   sheets,	the	wind	inspection	may	reveal		 	                                                                         NOTE:	Mobile,	modular	and	manufactured	                to	defend	a	home	against	hurricane	damage.	
   that	the	plywood	sheets	are	not	                                                                                    homes,	apartments	and	condominiums	                   Contact	your	insurance	company	or	your	agent	to	
                                                            For	more	information	on	the	seven	
   adequately	nailed	to	your	roof	trusses,		 	                                                                                   are	not	eligible.                            	
                                                                                                                                                                             find	out	what	discounts	are	available	to	you	after	
   and	that	more	nails	and/or	longer	nails		 	
                                                             categories	of	improvements,	visit	                                                                              strengthening	your	home.	
   need	to	be	added	to	prevent	the	plywood		                          	
                                                          www.mysafefloridahome.com	by	call	the	                      For	some	Floridians,	this	report	may	be	the	
   from	being	blown	off	during	a	hurricane.                   My	Safe	Florida	Home	helpline	                          only	My	Safe	Florida	Home	tool	they	need!	

2.	 Creating	a	secondary	water	barrier	to		                      1-866-513-MSFH	(6734)
    prevent	water	intrusion.	                                                                                       Where	do	I	sign	up	for	a	matching	
   There	are	products	that	cover	and	seal	the	joints		                                                              grant	to	help	pay	for	the	
   between	the	plywood	sheets	on	your	roof.	This	        Where	do	I	sign	up	for	a	free	wind	                                                                                               FLORIDA	DEPARTMENT	
   will	reduce	leakage	if	your	shingles	are		 	          inspection?                                                improvements	recommended	in	                                                      OF
   blown	off.                                                                                                       my	free	wind	inspection	report?                                      FINANCIAL	SERVICES
                                                         Step	1:		To	help	you	get	started	on	making	your	
3.	 Improving	the	survivability	of	your	roof		           home	more	hurricane	resistant,	you	will	need	to	apply	            	
                                                                                                                    Qualified	Florida	homeowners	can	apply	for	up	to	                   MISSION	STATEMENT
    covering.	                                           for	the	free	inspection.	You	can	apply	through	the	My	     $5,000	in	matching	funds	to	invest	in	the	hurricane-
   Upgrading	to	stronger	and	thicker		          	        Safe	Florida	Home	Web	site...	                             resistant	improvements	recommended	in	their	free	                 The	My	Safe	Florida	Home	
   hurricane-resistant	roof	shingles,	attached	                                	
                                                                    www.mysafefloridahome.com	                      inspection	report.		
                                                         ...or	by	calling	the	My	Safe	Florida	Home	helpline	at	
                                                                                                                                                                                        Program	is	designed	to	
   with	properly	sized	and	applied	roofing		 	
                                                                                                                    Local	governments	and	not-for-profit	agencies	are	
   nails,	will	reduce	the	chance	of	your	roof	                                                                                                                                           protect	Floridians	and	
   shingles	blowing	off	during	a	hurricane.                                                                         also	offering	grants	to	low-income	homeowners	in	
                                                         Step	2:		Once	your	application	has	been	approved,	         certain	areas	of	the	state.	These	programs	will	offer	            assist	them	in	making	their	
4.	 Bracing	gable-ends	in	your	roof	framing.		                                              	
                                                         you	will	be	contacted	by	a	qualified	home	inspector	       hurricane	protection	upgrades	at	reduced	or	no	cost	
  This	is	usually	done	in	your	attic	to	lessen           who	is	trained	in	residential	wind	inspections	and	        to	the	qualifying	homeowner.		                                      homes	safe	against	the	
	 the	chances	that	your	roof	will	collapse		 	           wind-resistant	building	techniques.	You	and	the	
  under	hurricane	wind	loads.                            inspector	will	set	up	a	time	for	the	inspection	of	your	        To	obtain	an	application	                                        threat	of	hurricanes.	
                                                         home.                                                              or	just	learn	more,	

    www.mysafefloridahome.com                                www.mysafefloridahome.com                                   www.mysafefloridahome.com                                 www.mysafefloridahome.com

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