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									                 SOUTH MIAMI ROTARIAN
              Meets Tuesdays 12:15 PM at the Holiday Inn, 1350 S. Dixie Hwy. Coral Gables, FL 305-667-5611

       Tuesday, January 6, 2004                                         Today’s Speaker
   President Mike Newman Officiated
                                                            January Program Chair Wendy Lapidus
    President Mike Newman reported on last              introduced retired Circuit Court Judge Eleanor
night’s Board of Directors meeting. Discussed           Shockett who presented information on the
were an update and status of the Harry White            LEAP program. LEAP is an acronym for Law
Scholarship fund along with the approval and            Enforcement Against Prohibition, an international
funding of three international projects eligible for    nonprofit organization created to give a voice to
matching grants from both the District and RI.          current and former members of law enforcement
The Pure Water Project will create potable water        who believe the War on Drugs has failed and
in Honduras; another will provide bus service to        support alternative policies on drug regulation
the homeless elderly in Fiji and the third project      and control.
supports the Guatemalan Children’s Fund.                    Judge Shockett likened the criminalization of
    Also at the Board Meeting, John Sorgie              drugs to the days of Prohibition and the
presented the Club with a check for $3,845.32,          criminalization of alcoholic beverages. Pointing to
the money raised by the Football Mania program.         the impact on society, Shockett noted that 70%
President Mike also pointed out that a portion of       of Drug users are white and that half the people
that money came from the Rotary Club of                 addicted have mental illness – schizophrenia –
Coconut Grove for their participation in the            and use drugs to self medicate. She puts part of
Football Mania program. For next year, begin            the blame on the failure of public mental
introducing the Football Mania program to other         healthcare, which, due to funding shortages, is
Clubs earlier – starting in April – so more Clubs       only available to criminals – referring to court
can participate in raising money for projects.          appointed care -- and not to the poor.
    The Board also heard from Club Secretary                Federal regulations make drug arrests
Ellen Book who delivered the semi-annual                attractive to local law enforcement as a means of
attendance report. As attendance is an important        raising funds. The same holds true for
part of everyone’s commitment to Rotary, if you         prosecutors who don’t prosecute legitimate
miss seeing someone you sponsored, make a               crimes because of federal reimbursements. As a
phone call to determine that everything is okay,        result of drug arrests, most judges must deal with
and also to get involved with a committee.              1500 cases per month leaving John Q. Citizen
Committee Chairs will be contacting committee           with expensive delays in resolving legal issues.
members for input and ideas.                            Last year, there were 28,882 drug users
    President Mike also publicly thanked Ellen          sentenced to prison in Florida at a cost to the
Book for her ingenuity in taking the unsold boots       public of $47/day/prisioner.
from the Garage Sale and selling then on E-Bay.             She closed her remarks lamenting that the
    Mike also thanked the membership for their          legislators have mandated tougher sentences for
donations of canned foods that were distributed         drug users than those convicted for
to the needy by the City of South Miami.                manslaughter.
                                                                    Meeting Functionaries
            Mark Your Calendar
                                                        Invocation:            Bill Enright
Jan. 6 6:00PM CraftFest Meeting at South                Pledge:                Doreen Reitnauer
       Miami Public Library                             Guests:                Hampton Booker
Jan 11 12:45PM Family of Rotary Day at                  Happy $:               Noel Markman
       Everglades National Park. Meet at the            Door Prize:            Otto Fuentes
       Royal Palm parking lot near the Park             Raffle Prize:          Eleanor Shockett
       entrance. The Plan: 1-1/2 hour walk              4-Way Test:            Darrel Downs
       along the Anhinga Trail. PLUS, a visit to
       a gator hole – wear mud boots and
                                                                              On Deck
       rubber bands to tie off your pant legs.
Feb 12 9:30AM District 6990 Family of Rotary
                                                        Door Prize:            Don Streaker
       Day at MetroZoo. Catering by Bobby
                                                        Dessert:               Bill Enright
       Rubino’s $27/Adult; $14/children 3-12.
                                                        Speaker:               Ron McGill, MetroZoo

                                                        Apologies to Donna Gaines for not having
                                                        published her Craft Talk. Beginning her career as
                                                        an interior designer, Donna moved into Real
                                                        Estate and helps people get their home ready for

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