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									                                    AMERICAN IMMIGRATION LAWYERS ASSOCIATION
                                 MIDWEST REGIONAL CONFERENCE – FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 2010
                                            CHICAGO HILTON AND TOWERS

7:45 – 8:00 Opening Remarks                                                              AFTERNOON SESSIONS

              Sioban Albiol, AILA Chicago Chapter Chair
                                                                                         Business Track                 Family Track                  Litigation Track
8:00 – 9:00               Hot Topics Panel: 2009-2010 Administrative and                 2:00- 3:00 E Visas:            2:00- 3:00 Waivers at         2:00- 3:00 Brief Writing
                          Legislative Changes in Immigration Law and Practice            Requirements, Preparation      Consular Processing and       at the BIA and Courts
                          You MUST Know About                                            and Practical Tips             Adjustment of Status          of Appeal
              Paul Zulkie (d.l.), Former AILA National President, Chicago, IL
                                                                                         Teri Simmons (d.l.) Atlanta,   Mary O’Leary (d.l.),          Robert Carpenter (d.l.)
              Crystal Williams, Executive Director, AILA National, Washington, DC
                                                                                         GA                             Evanston, IL                  New Buffalo, MI
              David Leopold, President Elect, AILA National, Cleveland, Ohio
                                                                                         Robert Cohen, Columbus,        William Quiceno, Chicago,     Terri Scadron,
              Jerome Grzeca, Board of Governors, AILA, Milwaukee, WI
                                                                                         OH                             IL                            Washington, DC
                                                                                         Eileen Momblanco,              Shirley Sadjadi, Elgin, IL    Michael Fridkin, Senior
9:00 – 9:45               Developments in National Policy
                                                                                         Chicago, IL                    Robert Frank, Newark, NJ      Staff Attorney, U.S.
              Crystal Williams (d.l.), Executive Director, AILA Nat’l, Washington, DC    Therese Yee, Chicago, IL                                     Court of Appeals for the
              January Contreras, USCIS Ombudsman, DHS, Washington, DC                                                                                 7th Circuit
              *Rep. Luis Gutierrez,U.S. Congressman, Illinois’ 4th District
              Roxana Bacon, Chief Counsel, USCIS, Washington DC
              Ben Johnson, Executive Director, American Immigration Council
                                                                                         3:00- 4:00 Health Care         3:00- 4:00 Military Spouse,   3:00- 4:00 Federal
9:45 – 10:45              USCIS/ District Counsel/ ICE Interagency Panel                 Workers: Temporary and         Widows, and Substitute        Court Updates
                                                                                         Permanent                      Sponsors
              Lee O’Connor (d.l.), AILA Indiana Chapter Chair                                                                                         Beth Werlin (d.l.)
              *Donald Ferguson, Field Office Director, USCIS, Chicago, Illinois          Cheryl Lenz-Calvo (d.l.),      Elizabeth Bruen (d.l.),       American Immigration
              Douglas Craig, Chief, Service Center Counsel, USCIS, Chicago, Illinois     Chicago, IL                    Chicago, IL                   Council, Washington DC
              David Venturella, Acting Director, Office of Detention and Removal, ICE,   Penny Lechtenberg,             Leah Duckett, Chicago, IL     Judge Robert Vinikoor,
                          Washington, DC                                                 Rockford, IL                   Brent Renison, Lake           EOIR, Chicago, IL
              Karen Lundgren, Chief Counsel, ICE, Chicago, Illinois                      Loan Huynh, Minneapolis,       Oswego, OR                    Maria Baldini-Potermin,
              Roxana Bacon, Chief Counsel, USCIS, Washington, DC                         MN                             *Margaret Stock,              Chicago, IL
                                                                                         Robert Cohen, Columbus,        Anchorage, AK                 Michael Fridkin, Senior
BREAK                                                                                    OH                                                           Staff Attorney, U.S.
                                                                                                                                                      Court of Appeals for the
11:00 – 12:00             OIL/ US Atty/ CBP/ ICE Interagency Panel                                                                                    7th Circuit

              Erich Straub (d.l.), Past Chair AILA Wisc. Chapter, Mil., WI               4:00- 5:00 Responses to        4:00- 5:00 Affidavit of       4:00- 5:00 Direct
              Sheila McNulty, Special US Atty, Northern Dist. Of Illinois                RFE, Appeals to AAU, and       Support, Government           Examinations, Cross
              Terri Scadron, Asst. Dir., Office of Immigration Litigation, Wash., DC     Federal Court Action           Benefits, Tax Issues and      Examinations,
              Joseph Kolb, Program Manager, Admissibility Passenger & Programs,                                         Social Security Benefits      Objections, Motions
                          US CBP                                                         Nell Barker (d.l.), Chicago,                                 and Other Tips for
              James Squires, Chicago Chief, Customs and Border Protection                IL                             Richard Hanus (d.l.)          Practice before the
              David Venturella, Acting Director, Office of Detention and Removal, ICE,   Scott Pollock, Chicago, IL     Chicago, IL                   EOIR
                          Washington, DC                                                 James Martinkus,               James Teich, Chicago, IL
                                                                                         Champaign, IL                  Theodore Froum, Chicago,      Kathryn Weber (d.l.)
12:00 – 12:45             Ethical Issues in Immigration Practice                         Craig Oswald, Assistant        IL                            Chicago, IL
                                                                                         U.S. Attorney, Deputy Chief,   *Judge Paul Lillios,          Judge Robert Vinikoor,
              Melissa Chavin (d.l.), AILA Chicago Co-Chair UPL/ Ethics, Chicago, IL      Civil Division, Northern       Chicago, IL                   EOIR, Chicago, Illinois
              James J. Grogan, Deputy Administration and Chief Counsel, Attorney         District of Illinois                                         Jeffrey Kriezelman,
              Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Chicago, Illinois                                                                             Chicago, IL
              Isabel Kugler, Chicago, IL                                                                                                              John Gountanis, Deputy
              Jennifer Barnes, General Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice                                                                            Chief Counsel, Chicago,

12:45 – 2:00              Luncheon: American Immigration Council Public Service
                          Williford Room – 3d Floor

              *Not yet confirmed  
                                                   REGISTRATION FORM

                            AILA CHICAGO CHAPTER’S
                                     Friday, April 9, 2010 ● Chicago Hilton and Towers ● Chicago, Illinois
                              One registration form per person. Registration is non-transferable. Please photocopy this form as necessary.

                                                         REGISTRATION INFORMATION

City                                                          State                                      Zip Code
Phone #                                                       Fax #
State(s) for CLE Credit *
*The Conference will be seeking CLE accreditation for the following states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,
Nebraska, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin. Registrants from other states requiring CLE credit should contact Agata Gostynska Frakt at

                                                FEES & PAYMENT
    Registration Fees                                                                                   By March 25                          After March 25
    □ AILA Chicago Chapter Member                                                                         $275.00                                $300.00
           Member Number:
    □ AILA Chicago Chapter Member’s Paralegal                                                               $275.00                             $300.00
           Member Name:
           Member Number:
    □ AILA Member (non-Chicago Chapter Member)                                                              $300.00                             $325.00
           Member Number:
    □ AILA Member’s Paralegal (non-Chicago Member)                                                          $300.00                             $325.00
           Member Name:
           Member Number:
    □ Non-Member 1                                                                                          $375.00                             $425.00
    □ Representative of Accredited Non-Profit Organization 1 & 2                                            $125.00                             $137.50
    □ Law Student 3                                                                                         $150.00                             $175.00

                                                                                                             TOTAL                             $_______
      Attention Non-AILA Members: AILA will not accept conference registrations from persons who provide representation
    without authorization in violation of 8 CFR Part §292 such as for profit “immigration consultants” and "notarios.” Please
    sign below as proof of compliance with the above restrictions:
      Requires signed statement from non-profit agencies
    certifying full-time employment.
      Requires signed statement from law school certifying full-time student status.
    Please Return Registration Form with Payment to:
    Derek Strain
    Minsky McCormick and Hallagan, P.C.
    210 South Clark Street, Suite 2025
    Chicago, IL 60603
    Make check payable to AILA Chicago Chapter. Checks only, no cash or credit cards.
    No payments will be accepted at the door. No phone or fax registrations will be accepted.
    Notice: All registrations subject to acceptance. Registration date is determined by date check is received. Registrations received without payment will
    be returned. In the event the Conference nears capacity, registrations with payment will be accepted in the order received. Registrations are
    NOT transferable and cannot be split among conference attendees. Any and all liability of AILA with respect to registration, reservations, cancellations
    and refunds is limited to a sum no greater than the fee paid. Submission of registration and payment constitutes acceptance of conditions herein.
    Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received by March 25, 2010 entitles registrants to a           In accord with Illinois MCLE requirements, a hardship
    full refund (less $50.00 processing fee). No cancellation requests will be accepted after         waiver is available.
    this date, but the conference materials will be mailed to the registrant after the conference.    Contact: Justin Burton at .
    All cancellation requests must be received in writing.

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