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					                                                    Senior Checklist

Have you…….

Paid your $50 graduation fee? Please pay in the front office by April 30.

Ordered your invitations? You must go online to order those now.

College Application Checklist
Have you……
        Sent in your application(s)? Many schools have a deadline.
        Had your transcript sent to the school(s) you are considering? See Mrs. Kraus to have this done. There is a
        Taken the SAT/ACT/Asset?
        Completed the Financial aid info online? I have the Ga Student Finance representative scheduled to come
         and help you on March 26 during the day. There is a parent information session that evening at 5:30. You
         can start this process as soon as your parents complete their taxes.
        Completed the Immunization form for college?
        Applied for any scholarships?

Application Pointers
              1. Review the admission criteria and be sure you meet them. Most colleges have minimum SAT/ACT
              2. Type or write in black ink only.
              3. Be neat! Check for spelling and grammar. This is the first impression you will make!
              4. Be timely with all deadlines.
              5. Have a parent/friend proof read your application.
              6. Do not leave anything blank!
              7. Be sure to include the application fee!
              8. List all your activities and honors, sell yourself!

SAT Test Dates for 2nd semester
Jan. 24                       Registration Deadline           Dec. 26
March 14            Registration Deadline           Feb. 10
May 2                         Registration Deadline           Mar.31
June 6                        Registration Deadline           May5
** Cost is $45 ($23 is added if you register after the deadline)
Registration paperwork is in the counselor’s office or online at (must use a credit card to
pay if you register online)

 ACT Test Dates for 2nd semester
Feb. 7              Registration Deadline          Jan. 6
April 4             Registration Deadline          Feb 27
June 13             Registration Deadline          May 8
** Cost is $31 ( no writing) ($18 is added if you register after the deadline)
Registration paperwork is in the counselor’s office or online at (must use a credit card to pay if you
register online)

SAT/ACT Review
* Online SAT course. FREE.
* has the number one ranked SAT review according to Consumer Reports. It also has ACT
and ASSET test review.
* SAT online course.
User ID for students is gapromostudent5 and the password is georgia1

ASSET Test for Technical Colleges:
If you would like to retake the ASSET test or take the untimed version, the COMPASS, sign up in my office.

General Information
Great website for information on HOPE, college planning and career information:
To be an honor graduate: You must have a 90 OVERALL average or above. All courses are averaged together and
there is no rounding up. Honor graduate and class rank calculations will be done after the 3 rd 9 weeks grading period.
To be eligible for HOPE:

College Prep: Must have a 3.0 GPA in CORE classes ( 4 English, 4 Math, 3 social studies, 3 science and 2 foreign
language). Elective courses are not calculated in for HOPE.

Tech/Career Prep: Must have a 3.2 GPA in CORE classes (4 English, 3 Math, 3 social studies, 3 science). Elective
courses are not calculated in for HOPE.

Balfour If you still have an amount to pay, he will return to collect the balance.

Keep up with your classes daily. You MUST have the 28 required units (including all core classes) in order to
participate in graduation. Don’t let carelessness or senioritis keep you from the day you’ve been looking forward too!
There are absolutely no exceptions to this requirement!

Selective service: Males who are 18 must be registered with selective service to get financial aid!

Scholarship applications available in the counseling office.
1. Altamaha EMC-if you receive your electricity through an EMC, you can apply-deadline January 30, 2009.
2. Burger King- deadline Feb. 9, 2009- for students that work part-time
3. Cowart Family Scholarship
4. Candace Canady Memorial Scholarship - April 16, 2009
5. scholarship given to individuals that have made good grade, active in school
organizations and volunteer work. Deadline- October 31, 2008.
6. Johnson Coca- Cola Scholarship-More info to come. Deadline will be around April 1, 2009.
7. Farm Bureau-if your parents have insurance with Farm Bureau and you plan on majoring in an area of agriculture,
see Mrs. Kraus for an application
8. East Georgia College- Must have a 1010 on the Critical Reading and Mathematical portions of the SAT. Please
apply if you are within 100 points of this score- March 2009 deadline.
9. Elease Brinson Gray Scholarship-See Mrs. Kraus for details.
10. Georgia State UAW Essay scholarship Contest- See Mrs. Kraus for details in March 2009
11. Georgia Southern Honors program Scholarship – Apply by the end of January 2009-must have a 1200 combined
Critical Reading and Math SAT score.
12. Jimmy Rane Foundation- - applications available Dec. 1, 2008
13. Jan and Julian Hester Scholarship -This must be turned into Durden Banking Company by March 27.
14. –KFC Scholars scholarship available online December 1, 2008
15. Lee Martin Memorial Scholarship- sponsored by Pilot Club- See Mrs. Kraus if you are planning on pursuing a
Special Education degree
16. Reid Webb Memorial Scholarship- Due April 16. 2009.
17.Robins Federal Credit Union-Must have an account with Robins, have taken the SAT, and have a financial need-
March 23, 2007 deadline
18.Ronald McDonald Community Scholarship for Community Involvement
19 Lion’s Club of Twin City- Due April 16
20. Ridgeway Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Garfield Scholarship- deadline April 16, 2009
21. Roberta Cross-Davenport – a scholarship awarded by Emanuel County Pilot Club- March 30, 2009
22.Pineland Telephone- deadline Jan. 31, 2009 –You must have service with them. It will help that you plan on
returning to a rural area to work after college.
23. Walmart –
24. www.
25. Youmans Family Scholarship- for a senior that intends on pursuing a career in law enforcement or the health care
in law enforcement or the health care

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