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					                                   PLEASE READ ENTIRE PAGE
Dear Donor,

Greetings from Car Angel! We would like to thank you for your recent donation. We are sending you this package to
complete the donation process. Enclosed you will find a questionnaire, our official IRS confirmation letter, a copy of a
check we have sent to aid the sick and a disposable camera. After you send back the requested items, your item will
be sold on our charity website and then picked up. In order to begin this process we will need your help. Everything we
need from you is listed below. Please follow the directions below.

In this package you will find a disposable camera. In order for Car Angel to sell your item, we will need an adequate
set of photos. The following are notes on what to do with your disposable camera. We know not everyone
is a professional photographer.
    - We need a full evaluation of your vehicle with photographs – think 360 degrees INTERIOR AND
    - We must have good interior shots, PLEASE USE THE FLASH IN DARK PLACES
    - If something on your vehicle is broken, we need a photograph of it
    - A good picture of the engine, if there is no engine, a picture of where the engine should be
    - A shot of the entire vehicle from the side.
    - Photos of any extra items that are included with the vehicle (i.e. spare tires, jack, radio, tool
        boxes, etc.)
    - If your vehicle is covered we need photos with the COVER OFF
    - Don’t take the same photograph twice, there are 28 exposures on the camera so 28 different
        photographs would be nice.
    - If you would like to expedite the process please email a MINIMUM of 10 photographs to
    - Please make sure to keep your fingers away from the lens, a photo that is half finger is equal to
        no photograph.

                                                OWNERSHIP DOCUMENTS
We need to have a clean Title for every vehicle that is donated. If your vehicle has a lien we can not take it. If your
vehicles lien has been released it needs to be signed off on the title or we need an original lien release letter. Please
sign your Title as the seller. If the title is not in your name please try to get it in your name or provide appropriate
documentation showing the transfer of ownership from the previous donor to yourself, such as a Bill of Sale. If you do
not want to send your original title we MUST have a photocopy.

The second page of this donation packet is a car questionnaire. We need the entire questionnaire filled out
COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY. We use the information provided by you when listing the item through our
auction, the more details of the vehicles condition the better we can accurately represent the vehicle. We appreciate
honest and complete disclosure of all problems with a vehicle.

Thank you for your time! Please call 1-800-227-2643 if you have any questions. If you have not already received a
receipt through e-mail, please keep this letter as proof of donation until your donation sells. After your donation is
picked up, call us for the deduction value and then visit to obtain your donation receipt. Thank you
for helping us help others

The Car Angel Team
                                                                  DONATION SUBMISSION FORM
                                                                      ****PLEAS E PRINT NEATLY****
                                                                                                                                              PHONE: ____________________
(DO NOT WRITE IN BOX)                                                                                                                         ALT P H.:____________________

X                                                                 ____                                                                        _______
(donor signature)                                                              (printed name)

_________________________________________ ____                                                  _________________________                                 ________ ____________
                          Street Address                                                                               City                                    State               ZIP Code
The above sign ed Donor appoints Po wer Of Attorney to Car Angel and appointed Ag ents for an y and all title applications corr ections statem ents of error to allo w the ch arit y to pro cess
vehicle tr ansfer.

Where is the vehicle currently located? (if same as above, leave blank):
__________________________________                                                          _______________ _____ _________
                             Street Address                                                           City                                State               ZIP
Is the vehicle location a: (circle one)                                     SERVICE SHOP / PRIVATE RESIDENCE / STORAGE

Year:                        Make:                                                          Model:                                                         Sub Model:
                                                                                                                                                              (Example: LS, type-R, 240DL)
Mileage:                   (REQUIRED)                                                                    Does Vehicle have Title? YES / NO
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

 How many Cylinders (circle one): 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12
Fuel Type (circle one): GASOLINE // DIESEL // ELECTRIC // HYBRID // ETHANOL // OTHER
Transmission (circle one): MANUAL // AUTOMATIC
Interior Color:             Exterior Color:
Circle or Check ALL that apply:
             Does the engine run?                       Yes          No                            Does the transmission work?                          Yes          No
             Does the A/C work?                         Yes          No                             Are the seats ripped or torn?                       Yes          No
             Does the heater work?                      Yes          No                            Front lights work?                                   Yes          No
             Is there any rust?                         Yes          No                            Brake lights work?                                   Yes          No

If engine does not run, why?
Does the vehicle drive, does it move down the roadway? YES / NO if no, why?_________________________
When was vehicle last serviced by a mechanic:      /    /         (MM / DD / YYYY)
What work was done, if any:

What condition are the tires in: Excellent                                        Good             Fair         Flat
What condition are the brakes in: Excellent                                       Good             Fair         Poor

□ Air Conditioning         □ Cassette                    □ Custom Paint             □ Keyless Entry
□ Power Steering           □ Single CD                   □ Alloy Wheels             □ 4WD
□ Power Windows            □ Multi CD                    □ Premium Wheels           □ Premium Speakers
□ Power Locks              □ Satellite Radio             □ ABS                      □ Bedliner
□ Driver Power Seat        □ Leather                     □ Dual Air Bags            □ Tool Box
□ Dual Power Seats         □ Sun Roof                    □ Driver Air Bag           □ Tow Hitch
□ Cruise Control           □ Moon Roof                   □ Navigation System        □ Roof Rack
□ AM/FM Stereo             □ Window Tint                 □ Car Alarm
Circle or Check ALL that apply
              **Please use this space for any extra notes or comments concerning the donation*
                                 Frequently Asked Questions
                                        For Vehicles
Q: How long will it take to move my vehicle?
A: Generally two weeks after we receive your donation package back in the mail. We may be able to move it faster if it MUST be moved
     IMMEDIATELY. Please contact us in this situation.
Q: When will I be contacted concerning vehicle removal?
A: From the day we receive your donation package in our office it is generally 2 weeks until you will be contacted, we will leav e a message
     if we do not speak to you directly. You will release all ownership information to the individual picking up the vessel.
Q: I need my vehicle picked up immediately, what do I do?
A: You need to contact us immediately so we can start making arrangements to get your vehicle moved. We can move vehicles faster if
     absolutely necessary.
Q: How do I determine the value of my vessel?
A: Your donation value is based on 2005 IRS tax law, you will receive a minimum of $500 for the donation or whatever the charity receives
     above and beyond that.
Q: Will I receive FULL fair market value for my donation?
A: You may receive full fair market value for your donation if the charity makes a significant improvement to the donated item. Please
     contact us concerning this matter.
Q: Am I required to send in my Title with the donation package?
A: No, you are not required to send your title but if you do not send the title please make sure to SEND A COPY of the title, ho wever it is
     much easier for us to move the vessel and deal with marinas if we retain original title.
Q: What if I do not have a Title for this donation?
A: If you do not have a title then please send a letter of donation with your package. The letter should state who you are, who you are
     donating it to, and exactly what you are donating, please sign and date the letter.
Q: The title is not in my name, will I still get a tax donation value?
A: We can only provide a tax donation value to the person listed as the owner of the vessel on the title unless you can provid e sufficient
     documentation to show ownership, such as a Bill of Sale.
Q: When will I receive my tax receipt?
A: Generally, within a month from us receiving your donation you should have your receipt in the mail. Please allow at least a m onth
     before calling if you have not received your receipt. We can fax a copy but the original must be mailed.
Q: What do you want me to do with the camera?
A: Please take as many pictures as you feel necessary, minimum o f 10. Please see the front page of this packet for more details.
Q: Why do I have to sign the Donation Submission Form?
A: This certifies that you are donating and gives our charity Power of Attorney so that we can transfer the vessel more easily.
Q: What if my vehicle doesn’t sell in your charity auction?
A: We have sold over 4000 boats and vehicles in the past 2 years and have a very large audience that watches our auctions. Approximately
     90% of all donated items sell within 7 days.
Q:   What if my boat has sank?
A:   If your vehicle has been in a severe accident or has a salvage title, please inform us with a note to that effect.
Q:   What if I can not provide pictures, due to the boat being to far away?
A:   We must have photographs of all donated items, if you can not provide them we request you provide information for someone near the
     vehicle that may be able to help us. (i.e. dealership, storage facility, friend)

IF YOU HA VE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE CA LL US AT                        1-800-227-2643

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