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									The One-Page Professional Resume
The One-Page Professional                    JOHN Q. PUBLIC
                                                   123 Any. St.
                                               Cookeville, TN 38505
• Highlight your name in some                     931-555-1212
manner, such as by use of color,    
capitalization, and/or larger type
size.                                   [Objective:]

• Make headings uniform in              Experience:
• An Objective statement is included,
or not, depending on your discipline.   Honors/Awards:

• Put Experience before Education if    Personal:
you can list some work relevant to
your career choice.                     References available on request.

• Limit the number of items listed
under Personal.
The Experience Section            Experience:
of a Resume
                                  • May 2007-Aug 2007; Smith’s
                                  Biological Systems; field
• List dates of employment in     assistant (full-time)—assisted
reverse chronological order.      technical personnel with surveys
                                  of flora and fauna.
• Provide name(s) of
companies/agencies where
employed.                         • Aug 2006-May 2007;
                                  Tennessee Tech Univ. Library;
• Provide job titles and short    student worker (part-time)—
descriptions of work performed.   worked at circulation desk,
• Place this section before
                                  checking out books to library
Education if you have             patrons.
experience relevant to your
career choice.                    • May 2006-Aug 2006; Cracker
                                  Barrel; cashier (full-time)—
                                  processed customers paying for
The Education Section of               Education:
a Resume
                                       Aug 2006-present; Tennessee
• Specify dates of matriculation.      Tech University; Biology; QPA
                                       3.52; graduation expected May
• List institutions of higher          2009.
learning by name in reverse
chronological order.
                                       Aug 2004-May 2006 Volunteer
• Do not list high school(s).          State Comm. College; Biology;
                                       QPA 3.40. A.A. May 2006.
• Include expected graduation
date for B.A./B.S., if not in hand.
                                       Computer Programs: ArcGIS
• Include your major and your          9.2; Excel; FrontPage.
QPA if 3.0 or higher; if your QPA is
below 3.0, list your QPA in your       Language competency: Spanish
major if it is 3.0 or higher.          through intermediate courses.
• List computer skills; language
competencies; certificates.            Certificate: CPR Training.
The Honors and Awards              Honors and Awards:
Section of a Resume
                                   • Dean’s List, Spring 2007,
                                   Tennessee Tech Univ.
• List most recent honor and/or
award first.                       • Pennebaker Biology
                                   Scholarship, Biology Dept., TTU,
                                   Fall 2006-Spring 2007.
• List honors and awards most
relevant to career choice first.   • Freshman Scholarship,
                                   Volunteer State Com. College,
                                   Fall 2005-Spring 2006.
Personal Section of a       Personal:
                            Enjoy hiking, skiing, and water
• List 3-4 key interests,
hobbies, avocations.        Am a Civil War buff.
References                         References available on
• Always include at least a
statement that “References are     OR
available on request” at the end
of the resume.                     References:

• If you include the names (and    James B. Smith
addresses, phone numbers,          123 Any St.
email addresses) of your           Cookeville, TN 38501
references, always be sure to      931-555-1212
have asked permission to list
                                   Ezra L. Jones
• When you ask permission, ask     456 Any Ave.
in the form, “Can you provide me   Two Egg, Florida 32462
with a GOOD reference?”            813-555-1111

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