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                                    Terms of Reference
Title:                  Provision of salary survey services in Turkmenistan
Location:               Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Duration                20 working days within April – May 2010, (10 days –home based desk
                        work and 10 days mission to the country)

Type of contract:       Institutional Contract - for companies/
                        SSA – for individual contractors

    I. Background
UNDP HQs has revised the service contract (SC) guidelines with effect from 1 January 2008. As
part of the revision, a new remuneration methodology has been introduced. The basis of this new
methodology is to make consistent approach in the pay levels for service contract holder with
comparable work in the local labor market.

UNDP Turkmenistan would like to implement the salary survey since SC holders are planned to
be integrated into the global payroll system in 2010. Therefore it is essential to adopt a more
consistent and structured approach in setting and maintaining SC remuneration.

    II. Objectives
    1. Based on the list of organizations participated in the previous Salary surveys and
       provided by the UNDP Turkmenistan, to make a research at Turkmenistan labor markets
       and define the list of organizations that could be considered as comparators for the SC
       Remuneration Survey. The final approval of the list of comparators will be made by
       UNDP Turkmenistan
    2. To collect information using prevailing survey questionnaire template (as outlined in the
       SC remuneration handbook) from 10 recommended surveyed employer that agreed by
       UNDP (seven from public sector and three from private sector).
    3. To review the value of typical allowance and benefits those are found in the market from
       such employers.
    4. To conduct survey interview and matching the benchmark job for the six service
       occupations across the eleven levels of responsibility typically found in a UNDP (please
       refer to page 6, SC remuneration handbook as attached). Benchmarking exercise should
       consider the job in the context of overall structure of organization, scope and depth of
       responsibilities, experience, training requirement and qualification for that particular job.
    5. To develop programme and tools for analysis the data from comparators and examine the
       utility of scale from competitive market position perspective.
    6. To make recommendation on the salary scales with market position which falls from 40%
       to 60 % percentile and establish the remuneration with target of the fiftieth percentile of
       the surveyed employers. The final remuneration scales should integrate into the following
       five broad bands (please refer to SC remuneration handbook page 9 as attached):
             Contribution Value                           SC Levels       Service
             Substantive Innovation                       SC-11           SB-5
             Adaptive Delivery                            SC-10
             Analytical                                   SC-9            SB-4
             Basic Conceptual Comprehension               SC-8
             Integrated Service Execution                 SC-7            SB-3
             Comprehensive Process Support                SC-6
             Specialized Process Support                  SC-5
             Basic Process Support                        SC-4            SB-2
             Repetitive Support                           SC-3
             Mechanical Operations                        SC-2            SB-1
             Physical Operations                          SC-1

    7. To do matching process between actual service contract salaries/positions and new
       remuneration scale consisting of :

            1. Aggregate TOR data to the band level
            2. Smooth the raw band data to provide for an internally consistent yet market
               influenced progression between bands
            3. Set the minimum/maximum span of remuneration for each band.
            4. The Consultant shall review the TORs of all SC holders and create generic job
               descriptions at each band
            5. The Consultant shall classify the TORs based on the newly set salary scale

    8. To prepare the following end-of-assignment report: internal report and report that will be
       shared with comparators in confidential manner.

    III. UNDP Turkmenistan Inputs
The UNDP Turkmenistan will provide logistical support, including visa and hotel arrangements,
registration with local authorities, arranging internal transportation if needed.
The UNDP methodology of how to implement the salary survey for Service Contract holders
(Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel) goes as an attachment to the
    IV. Deliverables:
I phase       -   Based on the list of possible comparators provided by the             -   2 days
                  UNDP Turkmenistan, submission of the first report to the
                  UNDP indicating of a list of recommended employers with
                  their contact information (minimum 10 comparators)
              -   Submission of the second report to the UNDP consisting of :           -   5 days
                  o Summary of data collected from the specific organizations
                       showing TOR matches and the valuation of their
                       remuneration package
                  o A table showing the average of all organizations by
                       benchmarked TORs and the 40 - 60 percentile
                  o A summary table of organization practices on
              -   -Submission of the final report to the UNDP consisting of:             -   8 days
                  o    Suggested salary scale as per UNDP methodology and HR
                       guidelines (3 versions targeting market position at 40-50-
                       60% percentile)
                  o All documents used during the salary survey
                  o Tool that will allow easy updates of data to be performed
                       by the HR unit for carrying out further interim salary
                  o The recommendation to HR on the integration of existing
                       SC salaries and positions to the revised SC remuneration.
II            -   Submission of the draft report on the subject of Generic ToRs          -   3 days
phase             classification based on the new SC salary scale
              -   Submission of the final report on classification of existing SC        -   2 days
                  ToRs based on the new SC salary scale

    V. Reporting modality:

Throughout the assignment a consultant/company will work in close collaboration with the Local
Salary Survey Committee, comprised by representatives of different UN agencies.

    VI. Qualification Requirements:
The successful offeror (either a company or an individual) should meet the following criteria:

    6.1 Professional experience:
     Proven track of experience in the area of compensation and benefit for international
        organization (at least 3 years);
     Experience in dealing with salary survey for non profit organizations will be an asset
     Knowledge of labor market in Turkmenistan will be an asset.

    6.2 Technical capacity (requirements for the professional staff who will conduct the
        survey on behalf of company or individually)
       Advanced University degree in any related field
       At least 3 years of relevant experience in conducting salary surveys
       Excellent knowledge of English language. Knowledge of Russian language would be an
       Familiarity with the UNDP regulations and experience within UN system would be an

    VII.    Submission of offers
        Offer should include the following elements:
       Technical offer of the solution, including workplan with timeframe for each phase as per
    clause IV.
       Company profile meeting the minimum requirements as outlined in clause VI.
       CVs of staff that will be involved in the process.
        References/contacts (pls. provide at least 3 organizations that employed you for similar
    type of services).
        Full cost estimate in USD and breakdown of related costs without VAT (value added

    VIII.   Criteria for Evaluation of Offers
A. Technical feasibility and soundness of the offer as per evaluation matrix described in clause IX
B. Acceptability and competitiveness of rates.
    8.1 Preliminary examination
Offers will be determined whether they are complete, whether any computational errors have
been made, whether the documents have been properly signed, and whether the Offers are
generally in order.

Arithmetical errors will be rectified on the following basis: If there is a discrepancy between the
unit price and the total price that is obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity, the unit
price shall prevail and the total price shall be corrected. If the Offeror does not accept the
correction of errors, its Offer will be rejected. If there is a discrepancy between words and figures
the amount in words will prevail.

Prior to the detailed evaluation, each Offer will be screened by the substantial responsiveness to
the Request for Quotations (RFQ). For purposes of these Clauses, a substantially responsive Offer
is one which conforms to all the terms and conditions of the RFQ.

An Offer determined as not substantially responsive will be rejected and may not subsequently be
made responsive by the Offeror by correction of the non-conformity.

    8.2 Evaluation and comparison of offers

The offers are evaluated on the basis of its responsiveness to the Terms of Reference (TOR) and
based on the below evaluation form:
The contract will be awarded to the Offeror which obtains the highest combined scores

   IX. Payment conditions:

Payment under the contract will be made as a lump sum upon satisfactory completion of the
assignment and full acceptance by UNDP Turkmenistan.

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