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                                                               Lee Michael Homes, Inc.
                                                               Knight Realty &
                                                               Associates, LLC
                                                               2518 Eubank Blvd. NE
                                                               Albuquerque, NM 87112
                                                               (505) 681-9447

                                                                    When it comes to homes, Alexa Knight has
                                                               experience in all areas of the industry. Moving a
                                                               lot as a child, real estate interested her because
                                                               she continually envisioned the comfort and
                                                               security that goes hand in hand with a place to
                                                               call home. “I would draw designs of my dream
                                                               home as I grew older,” Knight says, “always
                                                               wanting to find the perfect design for a place to
                                                               plant roots and call home.”
                                                                    Starting off in the mortgage business as a
                                                               loan officer, Alexa moved into commercial real
                                                               estate, appraisal and property tax work, where
                                                               she eventually found her niche working with her
                                                               husband, Mike, an established developer who
                                                               owned his own home building company. “As a
                                                               team with my husband, I feel we have developed
                                                               a well rounded real estate company,” Alexa says.
                                                               “With our combined 60+ years of experience
                                                               in lending, appraising, title company work,
                                                               residential land development, home marketing
                                                               and the designing and building of custom
                                                               homes, we can offer advice and support on many
                                                               levels for our customers, in both existing and
                                                               new home sales.”
                                                                    Alexa has spent time overseas and lived
                                                               in Africa for the majority of her teen years.
                                                               She finished high school in Santa Fe, attended
                                                               UNM and has called New Mexico home for
                                                               30 years. Her experiences abroad have helped
                                                               her understanding of many cultures and
                                                               international traditions. “Having traveled a lot
                                                               as a child, I am very tolerant of the differences
                                                               of individuals and am able to adapt to the varied
                                                               needs of our clients,” she says.
                                                                    A Certified Green Professional, Knight
                                                               keeps herself in the know by reading real estate
                                                               and custom home building trade journals,
                                                               attending design/build seminars relating to
                                                               current trends, lifestyle changes, energy efficient
                                                               living and innovative building practices, as well
Alexa Fabry Knight & Mike Knight                               as networking on Twitter @LeeMichaelHomes
                                                               and Facebook. She is also a member of the Elite
                                                               25, the Home Builders Association of NM, the
                                                               Remodelers Council of NM, the Better Business
                                                               Bureau, and is a multiple award winner in
                                                               custom design and home building.

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