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									                                    BSA Troop 16
                             TROOP MEETING NOTES from
                                Monday, August 30, 2010
Troop website:

Due to the dedication and hard work of the following Scout, he hath had bestowed upon himself the
justified increase to his Scouting Merit Badge sash. This decorated Boy Scout of America, having
shown the necessary knowledge and prowess in accomplishing those requirements as written in his
Scouting Merit Badge requirement booklet, and having properly presented himself with the
necessary documentation to their merit badge counselor, is deserving of prompt recognition. As
such, it is with great distinction and pride that all shall acknowledge and congratulate this tempered
member of BSA Troop 16 for having received his earned and just reward:

       CONNER MACDONALD – Citizenship in the Community (Eagle Required)

POC: Jonathan Echols (, 538-1196)

Troop 16 will be attending the 09/01/10 Suffolk City Council Meeting THIS WEDNESDAY. This
visit is specifically being held for those Scouts taking the Citizenship in the Community or
Communications Merit Badge that have not been able to attend as yet. Scouts only need to attend
one city hall meeting to satisfy their requirement.

Scouts will be dressed in their Class “A” Scout Uniform (don‟t forget your closed-toed shoes)
meet in the parking lot across from the Suffolk Municipal Building, 441 Market St. No Later
Than 6:30 p.m. Troop 16 members will be leading the Pledge of Allegiance for the City Council
that evening.

FYI: the Suffolk City Council meets the FIRST & THIRD Wednesday of each month. The
meeting begins at 7:00 p.m., so all visitors must be in their seats BEFORE that time.

For additional information, here is the city council section from the City of Suffolk
website: (
Council Meetings are scheduled to commence at 7 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of
each month. Suffolk's City Council Meetings are conducted in City Council Chambers -
located on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Building at 441 Market Street. Suffolk's City
Council Meetings are aired live via cablecast on Municipal Channel 8, and tapings are
recast during the week. Suffolk's City Council Meetings and Work Sessions are also
available online. Click here for more details.

In observance of LABOR DAY, Troop 16 will NOT BE MEETING on MONDAY, 09/06/10.

Troop 16 will meet again on MONDAY, 09/13/10 where the following will be TRUE:
    You will already have attended the OA CHAPTER MEETING 09/08
    You will already have attended SCOUT SURGE 09/11
    You will wear your Class “A” Scout Uniform (Uniform of the Day)
    You will pay your Scout Dues for the next 6 months ($13/Scout)
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         You will be ready for the Board of Review that night!
         You will be ready to take the TRACKING MERIT BADGE CLASS
         You will be preparing for the Carrolton Library Community Service (09/18)
         You will be thinking about the PLC Meeting on Monday, 09/20

  POC: Sharon Spivey (, 923-0465)

          PLEASE contact SHARON As Soon As Possible BEFORE Monday‟s
          MEETING so that she can bring your order to the Troop 16 Meeting!

  The time has come, once again, for the smell of popcorn to waft through your household, your
  parent‟s vehicle, and the kitchen of every Scout in the US. The rules have changed a little this for
  year‟s campaign: When you bring in your order to be filled, bring in the $$ to go with it! Chocolate
  will be available for fulfilling orders in October.

                            KEY POPCORN DATES TO REMEMBER!
   08/11/10    Official Kick-Off Rally for Trail‟s End Popcorn!
   08/16/10    Popcorn Selling BEGINS!
   10/07/10    Chocolate items & Trail‟s End Mix available at the warehouse to fill orders.
   10/09/10    FARM FRESH SHOW & SELL (3675 Shoulder’s Hill Rd.,
   10/26/10    DEADLINE for orders to Troop 16. NO ORDERS will be accepted after this date!
   10/26/10    ALL POPCORN MONEY must be TURNED IN to the Troop by this date.
   11/04/10    All unsold popcorn (Show/Sell) must be returned to the warehouse by this date.
   11/18/10    PICKUP Date for remaining popcorn orders from the warehouse.

  There is some BIG CHANGES (BC) for this year‟s Trails End Popcorn campaign!
         BC#1: The bulky metal tins are OUT! This year, Trail‟s End Popcorn is packaged in re-
         closable paper. This includes and average of 20% more product in each bag.
         BC#2: There are two levels for military shipments ($25 & $40)
         BC#3: Canola Oil is used exclusively this year.
         BC#4: Payment is due when you make your orders.
         BC#5: Local attractions are part of the sales incentive this year!

          Sell this much:    Get this:            For this many:
          $1,000             IMAX Tickets         Family 4-pack
          $2,500             Admirals Tickets     Family 4-pack
          $5,000             Great Wolf Lodge     One night stay for up to 6

Your customers can have their ORDERS FILLED QUICKLY. DO NOT WAIT until your order
  form is completely filled out before returning it to the Troop! Bring in your order form (WITH
  MONEY) to the meeting and receive the items at the next meeting. Better yet, send an
  email to the POC listed above) and you’ll soon be on your way to making your customer
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           pick popcorn kernels from his teeth! THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY CHOCOLATE
           ITEMS UNTIL OCTOBER. For chocolate items (and Trail Mix) prior to October, just  get
           the order,  get the money, and  let the POC know! These items will be available for
           distribution on 10/07/10.

                 COUTING CAN BE EXPENSIVE! All of us in Scouting know this cold, hard fact all too
                 well! One way to get what you need is to (essentially) HAVE SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR
                 IT, and not necessarily Mom & Dad (not all of the time, anyway)! In Troop 16 we have
           several plans to help each of our Scouts earn their way through Scouting. One of these plans is
           TRAIL’S END POPCORN. Many of you should have received your packets and order forms in the
           mail so you can go out there and provide for your customers immediately! IF you have not received
           your order forms, be sure to pick one (or more) up at the NEXT Troop Meeting where they have
           been available since Monday, August 16, 2010.

           Other Troops may take their “cut” of their Scouts‟ profits, but in Troop 16, our Scouts get to keep
           the money that they earn! The money is placed in their personal Scouting Account to be used for
           any Scout oriented material and expenses. It is just the thing to help YOU get what YOU want and
           NEED to enhance your Scouting experience! Normally, Scout profits are about 1/3 (33%) of the
           selling price of each item.

           SHOW & SELL: These events are scheduled where Troop 16 Scouts can “work the crowds” in
           front of local stores. A selection of Trail‟s End Popcorn items is sold on-the-spot to customers
           during a brief period and the profits are shared among those Scouts participating during that day.
           The dates, time, and locations will be posted in the table above as they as arrangements are
           confirmed with local businesses.

           Community Service is an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America and a REQUIREMENT for
           earning rank. It is also a REQUIREMENT for all Troop 16 Scouts, whether they need the hours to
           gain their next rank or not. Community Service can be any type of an unpaid good turn done for
           the benefit of someone outside of the BSA. It does NOT have to be performed as a function of
           Troop 16, as long as it is authorized by the Scoutmaster. Some examples of Community Service
           are helping your church with child care or repairs, collecting or serving food for the homeless,
           working at BGUMC Easter Egg Factory, performing chores for an elderly or disabled neighbor,
           volunteering time at a public library, etc. Below are some Community Service items currently on
           our radar screen:

                 SCOUT SURGE 9/11                        – A SCOUT IS LOYAL – A special NATION-WIDE
           observance of those who perished in the September 11th attack on the US in 2001 is planned for this

           year. Scouts and Scouters, their families, neighbors, and friends are all invited to unite in downtown
           Driver to recite the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE at 8:46 a.m. (the time of the first attack in New
           York City)! Please wear your Scout Class “A” Uniform and arrive at the lot where “Red‟s” Store
           once stood (at the corner of King‟s Hwy. & Driver Lane) by 8:15 a.m. for this special gathering.
           YOUR participation is needed to complete a strong show of unity in the face of our adversaries.

                  MULCH ADO ABOUT CARROLTON LIBRARY                                       – A SCOUT IS
           HELPFUL – This is a unique project that is being scheduled for SEPTEMBER 18, 2010. The
           fun will commence at 9:00 a.m. This community service project stems directly from the Eagle
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Scout Project of our own MICHAEL CREECH! A load of mulch will be delivered to the library
grounds and Troop 16 Scouts are needed to spread it around the Eagle Gardens! The POC for this
project is ASM Michael Blei (, 934-0273, Don‟t
forget your gloves, rake, forks, shovel, and wheelbarrow if you have. You should also wear clothes
suitable for yard work!

       BGUMC YARD DAY – A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS – Beech Grove United
Methodist Church (our SPONSOR and the place where we meet 90% of the time!) is planning a day
of outdoor activities for all of our Scouts! Included in the events are: Weeding, Sprucing, Clearing,
and other challenging measures to put a shine back on the place! This COMMUNITY SERVICE
DAY is coming just in time to fill in all of those blank spaces in YOUR SCOUT HANDBOOK that
deal with Doing a Good Turn, and Being Helpful and Loyal, and EARNING RANK! So don your
Class “B” Scout Shirt, roll up your sleeves, and join in the festivities and the camaraderie of the day.
SATURDAY, ___ / ___ / 2010, ___:___ a.m. [Still working on the date/time thing!]

       FOOD DRIVE – A SCOUT IS KIND – Our Driver Ruritans are also conducting an
on-going FOOD DRIVE. You can help to further their success by bringing along a can of food to
donate or conducting your own collection event. Non-perishable food items may be brought to any
of our meetings and Mr. Rick will deliver them to the Ruritans. The great thing about supporting
this event is that you CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN! Just grab your parents and canvass a
neighborhood, or two for a few hours. Just be sure that you wear your Class “A” Scout Uniform and
let people know that you are supporting the Driver Ruritans Food Drive!

POC: SM Tony Stewart (, 484-0019, 651-8264)
DEP: Friday, 09/24/10
RET: Sunday, 09/26/10

By popular vote of the Scouts present on Monday, 08/30/10, the September Campout has been
changed to NORTHWEST RIVER PARK in Chesapeake. Just a short jaunt away, you are offered
canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, and all of the other outdoor amenities compliments of a public park
with 763 acres of land. Check out the website link above for additional information on the park and
what it has to offer. Pricing, meals, departure time, and other data will be posted as soon as
reservations are sewn up.

DEP: Friday, 10/15/10
RTN: Sunday, 10/17/10

Join BSA Troop 16 for the convergence of Scouts in the Suffolk area to the Isaac Walton League
(IWL) Campgrounds on the North Side of Kings Fork Road near the baseball and soccer fields. A
red gate marks the entrance displaying the Izaak Walton League sign.

Invitations have gone out to Cub Pack 89, Girl Scout Troop 3292, and Pack 911 to join us for
camping, scouting, eating, and a whole lot of FUN! Some of the events that will take place are use
of the Zip Line through the woods, the Paul Bunyan Award, the Pathfinding Merit Badge, Scout
Crafts & Projects, use of the Rifle Range, Canoeing (possibly), US Flag Retirement Ceremony,
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Campfire, Camp-wide Meal, and much more! This is a very local event, just minutes away from
BGUMC! Busy schedule? Fit in when/where you can!

With so many Scouts having earned so my awards, a Court of Honor to recognize their achievements
is certainly in order. The next Court of Honor will be held on MONDAY, 09/27/10. The Scouts
voted on the menu (08/30/10) and decided on PIZZA. The finer details are being considered and
will be posted ASAP.

There is still time for those Summer Camp (and other) PARTIALS to be completed before then.
And don‟t forget the 4 revived merit badges, available for 2010 only!

Time has a way of creeping up on you so “don‟t put off „til tomorrow what you can do today!”

Also, the final Court of Honor for 2010 AND Christmas Party, has been tentatively scheduled for
Monday, 12/20/10.

If you ordered one (or more) of the special, centennial BSA Order of the Arrow METALLIC
FLAPS, be sure to see Michael Blei. All orders have come in and he picked them up in time for the
Troop Meeting on Monday, August 30, 2010.


Troop 16 is looking to return to CAMP DANIEL BOONE, near Asheville, NC for our summer camp
in 2011. This was an extremely popular location for us back in JULY, 2004. The camp is about 10
hours in driving time, so, as before, a 2-day trek will be planned. Previously, Troop 16 went to
SLIDING ROCK and spent the night after taking the plunge there. The cost is predicted between
$280 (for base camp) to a maximum $430 for high adventure. There will be extra costing for fuel,
road meals, and such. Don‟t forget that Troop 16 offers several opportunities for Scouts to EARN

I apologize, but I have NOT updated the following list. If your name appears on this list and you
have already taken care of the paperwork, God bless you! Otherwise, get busy! If you don‟t have a
current BSA Med Form, complete AND on the correct form, don‟t bother to show up for Troop 16
campouts and outings as of 09/01/10.

Word has been received that PATIENT FIRST (near Chesapeake Square Mall) is charging $25
for BSA Physicals! They are open until 10:00 p.m.
Here is a list of outstanding medical checks for Troop 16. EVERYONE must be in compliance or as of
August 31 you will NOT BE PERMITTED to attend ANY Troop 16 camping functions or trips. As is, we are
offering a substantial grace period.

C. Barclay.....has Jambo Medical; need a copy.                        Mark Johnston
E. Barclay.... "    "     "      " " "                              Christian Jones
                                                                                         Page 5 of 26
Mike Blei .... expired 6-18-10;                                                Collin Jones
R. Boswell                                                                   Dylan Kania
Ryan Carr... has Jambo Medical; need troop copy.                                 Eric Kennedy
Hayden Champigny                                                              Brian Kiddy...exp. 6-15-10
Matt Clark                                                                    Alex Litt
Andrew Creech                                                                 Jacob Litt
Kevin Creech                                                                  Connor MacDonald...exp. 6-17-10
Dale Duke                                                                     Jack McCarthy
Jay Echols                                                                    Mike McCarthy...exp. 6-19-10
John Echols...pending 6-22-10                                                    Alex Mosiychuk
Alan Ferguson                                                                 Kevin Ohara
Harris Fischer                                                                Trey Page
Trevor Fletcher...will exp. 6-29-10                                             Tom Page
Ben Freiler                                                                  Andrew Stockman
Denis Garrett                                                                 Timothy Thomas
Kyle Garrett                                                                 Tim Thomas (Sr)
Ean Greene...exp. 6-17-10                                                      Adam Turner
Joe Greene...exp. 6-19-10                                                       Steve Turner
David Hahn                                                                    Matt Werner
Dustin Harrel                                                                Kevin Windoloski
Steve Harrel                                                                 Brian Breisemeister
Austin Heyman...will exp. 6-29-10                                              Bryan Gordon
Matt Hooker                                                                  Tim Dugan

The BSA Medical Forms HAVE CHANGED. The Class I, II, and III physical requirements HAVE
BEEN replaced with an ANNUAL PHYSICAL requirement for everyone. The old forms are no
longer recognized and CANNOT BE USED as of 01/01/10. All Scouts and Scouters that have the
old Class I, II, and III forms MUST obtain a NEW PHYSICAL on the NEW FORM before
attending Scouting Events!!!

You can download the new BSA MEDICAL FORM from the Colonial Virginia Council website: . From the home page, select the General Forms from the Forms Tab
at the left of the screen. The file is in .pdf format (Adobe).

Refer to the two training articles below ([1] & [2]) for additional information
on this item of great importance! Included is the link to the training website!
If the necessary training is not completed by the end of the year, YOU will NOT
be permitted to be placed on next year’s roster!

[NOTE: LAST UPDATE 08/23/10]
I went through my records and here is the latest. I know that folks are busy each day, but if they would set
aside some internet time, they could complete these easily. I ask that each leader provides a copy of the
certificate of completion to me as a back-up when CVC "misplaces" them.

Mike Blei.............notice: YPT will expire 10-12-10
Rick Daigneault....notice: YPT will expire 11-15-10
Carol Ferguson.....notice: YPT will expire 06-25-10.

YPT is Youth Protection Training, WX is Hazardous Weather Training. I have a Tour Permit being held up
presently due to missing & required training. YPT is good for two (2) years from date taken. Hazardous
Weather has no expiration as far as I can tell.

Kevin Creech..........................needs YPT & WX
Dale Duke..............................needs WX only (ID# still a problem)
                                                                                                 Page 6 of 26
John Echols...........................needs YPT & WX
Sean Edwards........................needs YPT & WX (still not recorded online)
Alan Ferguson........................needs YPT & WX
Carol Ferguson.......................needs YPT & WX
Bryan Gordon.........................needs YPT & WX
David Hahn.............................needs WX (recommended)
Steve Harrel............................needs YPT (WX recommended)
Bob Schatzel..........................needs WX
Steve Turner............................needs YPT (expired 07/08/10)

The following folks, although not active but chartered as leaders, have no training on file that is current. If
they complete only YPT, it would be in the Troops best interest. Especially helpful would be Mr. Patton & Mr.
Schultz given the position they hold with the troop.

Brian Briesemeister                                                                 Logan Sorenson
Jeff Goodwin                                                                        Bob Edwards
Billy Joe Clark (WX recommended)                                                    T. "Buster" Stockman
Daryl Hines                                                                         Denis Garrett
Ken Dugan                                                                           Tim Thomas
CJ Holmes                                                                           Robert Patton
Tim Dugan (WX recommended)                                                          Walter Schultz

Thank you,

Yours In Scouting,
Scoutmaster Tony

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America announced important changes to its Youth Protection policies. The purpose of
these changes is to increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already
exist today in Scouting.

Effective June 1, 2010:
      Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers, regardless of their position.
      New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before submitting an application for registration. The
           certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time the application is made and before volunteer
           service with youth begins.
      Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer's Youth Protection training record is not
           current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.

To find out more about the Youth Protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America and how to help Scouting keep your
family safe, see the Parent's Guide in any of the Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting handbooks, or go to

Questions and Answers
The following are answers to some of the questions we have received about these important changes. To read more, visit

Q1: When does the change go into effect?
A1: As of June 1, 2010, all registered adult volunteers--no matter what their position entails--must complete Youth Protection training prior to
beginning their volunteer service.

Q2: Why a new training policy on such short notice?
A2: Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the Boy Scouts of America. It is important to implement this training at all levels of the organization. The
BSA is always reevaluating and reassessing its policies to ensure the safest youth program and the best training are offered. The BSA's Youth
Protection training has been in existence long enough for it to be understood and accepted as a mandated training for all registered BSA adult

Q3: What is the deadline to meet the new Youth Protection training standard?
A3: All registered leaders should take or renew their Youth Protection training so that it is current as of today. A unit will not be able to recharter

                                                                                                                                          Page 7 of 26
without its key registered adults being up-to-date on their Youth Protection training. No individual leader will be able to register without being up-to-
date on his or her Youth Protection training.

Q4: Is there a grace period to get all adults trained?
A4: No. If a leader's Youth Protection training is not current, the volunteer must take or renew this training immediately. Every effort should be taken
so that all adults involved in Scouting have a current certificate of completion of the Youth Protection training.

Q5: Will the system be able to handle the overload of people taking training at the last minute?
A5: The system platform that houses e-learning is expected to be able to handle
the high volume.

Q6: Does "all volunteers" mean all volunteers -- even board members and council presidents?
A6: Yes. The goal is to have all registered volunteers Youth Protection-trained. This is an important statement for the Boy Scouts of America as a
youth organization and reinforces the BSA's commitment to the well-being of all youth members and volunteers.

Q7: I am sure I know all there is to know about youth protection. Can I "test out" by only taking the Youth
Protection online quiz?
A7: No. You must complete the entire online training in order for your Youth Protection certificate to be valid. This ensures you receive the latest
information on BSA Youth Protection.

Important: Please note that the quiz has been removed from the e-Learning Center because the content did not reflect the new changes in Youth
Protection policy.

Q8: Does the executive officer (institutional head) of a unit need to take Youth Protection training?
A8: If the executive officer is not a registered leader, he or she is not required to complete Youth Protection training, although it is strongly
recommended. If the executive officer is a registered member of the BSA, then he or she must complete Youth Protection training.

Q9: I am a Tiger Cub adult partner and ScoutParent. Do I need to take Youth Protection training?
A9: The Tiger Cub adult partner and ScoutParent designations are not registered adult positions; therefore, mandatory Youth Protection training is not
required. It is strongly recommended, however, that all adults involved in Scouting take Youth Protection training. All registered adults are required to
take Youth Protection training.

Q10: I am an Explorer post Advisor. Does this new policy apply to me?
A10: Yes. All registered adults are required to take Youth Protection training.

Q11: The new policy indicates that a Youth Protection certificate of completion must be submitted "at the time of
application." What does that mean?
A11: A BSA application should be collected from a prospective leader only with the fully completed form, with a copy of the individual's Youth
Protection certificate of completion. Both documents should be submitted together to the council service center.

Q12: Do leaders need to wait until they have final clearance on the background check to meet with youth?
A12: No. As long as their application is fully completed, submitted to the council service center, and approved, their fee is paid, and their Youth
Protection training has been received by and acknowledged by the council, they will be able to interact with youth members while the criminal
background check (CBC) is still pending.

Q13: Do merit badge counselors need to take Youth Protection training?
A13: Yes. A merit badge counselor is a registered volunteer position.

Q14: Can units that have some adult leaders who have not completed Youth Protection training be rechartered?
A14: In order for a unit to be rechartered, it must have all the required positions filled with Youth Protection-trained adults. Adults who do not have
current (within the past two years) Youth Protection training will not be reregistered.

Q15: Will the new adult applications have this information?
A15: Yes. All new applications will reflect these changes.

Q16: Can a council or district organize Youth Protection group training for its adults?
A16: Yes. It is encouraged that adults take the training via the online module, but the instructor-led model is still acceptable as long as the most current
version of the Youth Protection DVD (item No. 610327 or 36121) is used and the end-of-course quiz is proctored by the trainer at the end of the
training session. Reminder: It is critical that training completion certificates be issued after successful completion and that a formal training record
roster be submitted to the council registrar so proper credit can be recorded in the profiles of each participant.

Q17: Will both the regular and Venturing leader versions of Youth Protection training meet the requirement?
A17: Yes, as long as the most current versions of the DVDs are used for group training. The online version is the preferred method, as it allows for

                                                                                                                                          Page 8 of 26
those taking the training to get one-on-one training and take all the time they need for review. The individual is issued an immediate certificate of
completion, which allows for the updating of the volunteer's ScoutNet record.

Q18: If a person is not a registered leader, how can he or she log in and take the Youth Protection training?
A18: A person does not have to be a registered volunteer to take Youth Protection training. To take the training, log in to and click on
create an account. After you have confirmed your new myscouting account user name and password, log in to and click on e-training to
begin the Youth Protection training. Upon completion, print a certificate to submit with a completed adult leader application to the unit leader or your
local council representative for processing. Remember to keep a copy for your records.

Once the application is approved, the new leader will receive his or her membership card with their member
ID. It is important that new members log back in to and update their profile with this member
ID to receive credit for completing this and any other training.

It takes a computer and about 45 minutes of your time. All one needs to do is to log onto, create an account (if you don‟t already have one) and TAKE THE

Please take a few minutes to catch up on a couple of your REQUIRED TRAINING COURSES!
You can obtain adult training for WEATHER HAZARDS and BOY SCOUT LEADER YOUTH
PROTECTION, and now THIS IS SCOUTING by using the link for My Scouting above. If you
have never opened an account, you will need your BSA Member number to allow access. This
number can be found on your BSA Adult Certification Card. If you already have an account, be
prepared to change (upgrade) your password and modify your user name from your current email
address user name.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we get ALL ADULT LEADERS up to date with their
required training in DECEMBER, 2009 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Your service & diligence to
our youth is appreciated by all and an absolute necessity for our organization.

04/19/10 UPDATE: Add one more to the list of ADULT LEADER REQUIRED TRAINING –
This Is Scouting (replaces the old Fast Start Training). Those of us that have already taken the Fast
Start MUST take this new course AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You can find the on-line training in
the same locale as the other courses listed here.

NOTE: As an update [12/21/09], I have experienced repeated problems in obtaining
the certification with my BSA ID# and Council/District name. So there are exceptions
to the rules. I will dedicate additional time during our holiday shut-down to correcting
this, even if it means taking the course a third, or even forth, time! If you are in the
same situation, please let me know – Misery Loves Company! Ken Faller

There are several registered adults with no current training. WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED

  Troop 16 Adult Leaders must provide, at a minimum, a copy of Youth Protection Training
  (YPT). Those that camp with the troop or provide support on trips should also obtain Weather
  Hazards Training (WX). Both can be completed on-line in less than 45 minutes time. Please
  print a certificate of completion and give a copy to SM Tony for local records and to send on to the
  Council. Without these courses, it puts Troop 16 in a position of non-compliance and jeopardy for

                                                                                                                                        Page 9 of 26
     When your training is complete, print out any certificate or documentation awarded and bring it to
    CERTIFICATES! If not, check/update your user profile and try printing again. Give a copy
    to the Scoutmaster (and fire an email to me [] so I can update the list!). Tony
    will forward it onto the District, where it will be promptly lost and no record of it will be found –

    The 05/24/10 meeting of the Patrol Leader‟s Council has approved the wearing of the Troop 16
    Class “B” Scout Uniform for Troop Meetings. This approval will be implemented from the Troop
    Meeting on Monday, 06/07/10 and will continue until the Troop Meeting on Monday,
    09/13/10 (the first Monday following Labor Day). The Troop 16 Class “A” Scout
    Uniform is still required for such events as Court of Honor, Board of Review, transit to certain
    Scout outings, and other times as notified in advance.

    This order is conditional and may be rescinded if uniform wear becomes too lax (failure to adhere
    to the Troop 16 guidelines posted below). The proper (PLC approved) Class “B” Uniform
    guidelines are provided in the UNIFORM OF THE DAY section near the end of this newsletter.

    Remember that all classes of the Troop 16 Scout Uniform require closed-toed shoes. BSA (or
    suitable green-colored socks) are also required if uniform shorts are worn.

    Have a nice day! 

    Scout Rank Advancements gained in 2010 will sport a special, never to be repeated, Centennial
    Motif! The badge is still the same physical size, but unique writing and borders have been sewn
    into the background. Do you need any other incentive to advance in rank?

    If you have already received your run-of-the-mill standard badge, it can soon be replaced with the
    genuine new-fangled article. The badges are in hot demand, so patience is a virtue!


   SEE BRIAN KIDDY ABOUT THIS! He is working on it and can give you pointers!

    THIS ONLY HAPPENS ONCE!!! As part of the BSA's 100th Anniversary
    celebration, a special "YEAR OF CELEBRATION AWARD" is being made available
    to ALL BSA members and alumni. The award consists of a pocket patch and 5 specific
    'sub-awards', indicated by ribbons that attach to the patch: Character, Leadership, Service,
    Outdoors, & Achievement.

    For each of these 5 'sub-awards', there are specific set of requirements depending on who you are
    (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, Adult Leader, Alumni). You must complete 3 of the 5
    requirements to earn each sub-award.

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The program began Sept 1, 2009 and ends on Dec 31, 2010, so you still have some time to
complete each of them.

For additional information and a copy of the requirements, check out the official website at:

RETRO MERIT BADGES FOR 2010 – ONLY (this link used as the point of
reference for below)

[08/09/10 UPDATE] Here’s the latest information on our in-house
classes for these merit badges:

TRACKING MERIT BADGE – (09/13/10) -- ALL SCOUTS and the entire
meeting will be devoted to this class.
PATHFINDING MERIT BADGE – (10/16 & 18/10) -- This class will begin
during the Isaac Walton Campout and end on Monday.
CARPENTRY MERIT BADGE - CM Bryan Gordon will be teaching this one
on ONE SATURDAY. The date will be announced.
SIGNALING MERIT BADGE – Scoutmaster Tony is eying this one along
with other volunteers [anyone versed in SEMAPHORE?]

In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Scouting, four retired merit badges are being
offered this year, only. The requirements MUST BE COMPLETED BY 12/31/10. After that,
these badges go back into retirement! Included are Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaling, & Tracking.
Troop 16 Scouts that wish to earn any of these need to down the material (the above link has all
the information) and discuss the matter with our adult leadership for counselor assignment.

In the last 99 years, there have been many changes in the merit badge offerings. As society has
changed, the Boy Scouts of America has adapted by revising the requirements, implementing name
changes, adding new merit badges, and in some instances, eliminating some badges altogether.
For the 100th Anniversary Celebration, four vintage merit badges are being released for the
centennial celebration year only, giving Boy Scouts the hands-on opportunity to experience the
exciting past of Scouting while learning how our world has changed in that 100 years.
The historical merit badges will count toward a Scout’s rank advancement. However, Scouts must start and
finish all requirements within the year 2010. So if your guys built furniture for their patrol kitchen at last
year’s summer camp, they can’t use that product for the Carpentry merit badge. And don’t delay—after
Dec. 31, 2010, these merit badges will go back on the “retired” list.

Badges may be earned by individual Scouts, but districts and councils are encouraged to offer
opportunities to complete requirements for at least some of these merit badges at summer camp, local
merit badge workshops, BSA 100th Anniversary events, and other special venues.

                                                          — Overview of historical merit badge requirements

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TO JOIN THE CREW: This Scouting organization is “co-ed”, open to male &
females. Youth must be at least 13 years old and have completed the 8th Grade.

       Upcoming adventures:         Trip to Florida to snorkel, kayak, check out
        manatees, NASA, etc.

[Mon 8/16/2010 9:49 PM]

Hey everyone
Just a little reminder that we have a crew meeting this Thursday. See you there.

Aug 19 - Crew meeting.
Aug 20 to 22 - Nansemond Indian Pow Wow with crew 25.
Aug 30 - Greg Swanson's birthday.
Sept 2 - crew meeting.
Sept 16 - crew meeting.
Sept 17 to 19 - Davy Jones Rendezvous with Ship 16.
Sept 30 - 3rd Thursday night out.
Oct 1 to 3- apple fest/ Crabtree falls with crew 25.
Oct 6 - VOA meeting / venturing open house.
Oct 7 - Crew meeting.
Oct 8 - Elena's birthday.
Oct 21 - crew meeting.
Oct 22 -Michael's birthday.
Oct 22 to 24 - Bayport Scout camp. COPE????
Nov - event????
Nov 4 - crew meeting.
Nov 18 - crew meeting.
Dec 1 - VOA meeting.
Dec 2 - crew meeting
Dec 16 - crew meeting.
Dec 18 - Applebee's pancake fundraise. Money to be used to FLA trip.
Dec 18 - recharter due.
Dec 24 - Mr. Edwards birthday.
Dec 27 to 1- Florida trip, NASA and snorkeling with the manatees.

Mr. Rick
Crew 247 Adviser

The Suffolk City Council will once more play host to Troop 16 Scouts on
Wednesday, 09/01/10, as part of their requirements to attend a town hall
meeting. With that detail out of the way, WRAP UP YOUR WORK AND

TROOP 16 SCOUTS: As of Monday, MAY 10, 2010 a new class for the Citizenship in the
Community Merit Badge was begun. This is an Eagle required merit badge that takes some time
and effort to complete. Troop 16 leaders have [again] offered to help our Scouts earn this badge.
This merit badge is quickly wrapping up and should be completed by the end of AUGUST.

Our camping numbers, while improving lately, continue to be of a major concern to each leader in
Troop 16 for the threat that takes place to our current programs. Boy Scouting is, after all, about

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camping, outdoor activities, backpacking, and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Nature
is best observed up close and personal - immersed in it if you will!

We would really like to know where ANY problem lies. Please feel free to email, talk to, write
to, call, or otherwise contact any adult leader in Troop 16 with any information that will get us
all back on the trail! To help with the flow of communication, here is a list of just some of the
adults associated with Troop 16 that will be more than happy to help! Of course you can always
email me and request that I forward it on to anyone, listed or not. I will provide anonymity if that
is your wish, just so we can get everything moving in the right direction once again. BTW – I‟m
Ken and my information is included below.

Scoutmaster Tony Stewart           651-8264
Michael Blei                       934-0273
Brian Champigny                    488-2801
Rick Daigneault                    334-2646
Bob Edwards                        538-0445
Sean Edwards                       538-0445
Chris Esch                         374-5818
Ken Faller                         641-1487
Alan Ferguson                      923-0362
Bryan Gordon                       484-8305
David Hahn                         484-4297
Robert Patton                      538-1801
Bill Swanson                       488-0307
Steve Turner                       483-6159

(Troop Elections Were Held 05/17/10)
       LAST PLC was Monday, August 9, 2010
               NEXT PLC will be held Monday, 09/20/10, 6:00 p.m.
       Scouts that are currently holding a leadership position within the Troop or Patrol are
       expected to attend this meeting of the minds with the Scoutmaster. Attending the monthly
       PLC is part of YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a SCOUT LEADER! If the Patrol
       Leader from any patrol cannot be present, then the Assistant Patrol Leader needs to take his
       place for this meeting! If the Assistant Patrol Leader cannot be present, then the Patrol
       Leader must delegate someone from his patrol to represent him at the meeting.

               The suffix number in [brackets] indicates the assigned ASPL
    TROOP 16 POSITION              SCOUT‟S NAME                         ADVISOR
JASM                                                           Scoutmaster
SPL                         Ean Greene                         Scoutmaster
(1) ASPL                    Merritt Blei                       Scoutmaster
(2) ASPL                    Thomas Page III (Trey)             Scoutmaster
HISTORIAN [1]               Collin Jones                       Ralph Atkinson
LIBRARIAN [1]               Trevor Fletcher                    Dale Duke
SCRIBE [2]                  Chris Duke                         Kathleen Duke
SCRIBE [2]                  Robert Boswell                     Kathleen Duke

                                                                                            Page 13 of 26
QUARTERMASTER [1]                Matthew Schatzel                 Michael Blei
CHAPLAIN‟S AID [2]               Devin Lockhart                   Joe Greene
CHAPLAIN‟S AID [2]               Drew Stockman                    Joe Greene
GUIDE                            Brian Kiddy (05/24/10)           Scoutmaster
GUIDE                                                             Scoutmaster
INSTRUCTOR                       Tim Thomas (05/24/10)            Scoutmaster
INSTRUCTOR                                                        Scoutmaster
OA REP.                          Merritt Blei                     Scoutmaster
BUGLER                           Ryan Windoloski

Patrol Elections (Held 05/17/10, Except As Noted)
NINJA TURTLES / STAG PATROL [1]                 B. Swanson, S. Harrel, A. Ferguson, & D. Garrett
PL                                              Hayden Champigny
APL                                             David Ferguson
P SCRIBE                                        Conner MacDonald

PUMAS PATROL [1]                                  K. Creech, T. Page, T. Thomas
PL                                                Thomas Westfall
APL                                               Harris Fischer
P SCRIBE                                          Drew Stockman
P QUARTERMASTER                                   Tim Thomas

EAGLES PATROL [2]                                 R. Atkinson, D. Duke, J. Greene
PL                                                Christian Jones
APL                                               Brian Kiddy
P SCRIBE                                          Chris Duke

WARRIORS PATROL [2]                               S. Turner
PL                                                Adam Turner
APL                                               Ryan Carr
P SCRIBE                                          George Hackett
P QUARTERMASTER                                   Collin Jones

WOLVERINES PATROL [2]                             T. Fletcher, R. Schatzel, K. Windoloski
PL                                                Eason Barclay
APL                                               Alex Litt (corrected 05/24/10)
P SCRIBE                                          Matthew Werner

SCALLYWAGS PATROL [2]                             M. Blei
PL                                                Zachery Rood
APL                                               Ben Leonard
P SCRIBE                                          Devin Lockhart

PANTHER PATROL [1]                                J. Echols, M. McCarthy
PL                                                Christian MacDonald (updated 05/24/10)
APL                                               Sean Leonard (updated 05/24/10)

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Holding a position of leadership is not only essential to obtaining certain ranks in Boy Scouting, but is a
powerful and valuable life lesson for any youth. Troop 16 holds leadership elections twice a year. Note
that Patrol Quartermaster is an optional position for Troop 16 patrols, and that the positions of APL, Patrol
Scribe, and Patrol Quartermaster do not as leadership for rank advancements. The position of Bugler is
acceptable for rank advancement only for Star & Life (not for Eagle).
                                ASPL 1                           ASPL 2
                      Historian                         Scribe 1 & 2
                      Quartermaster                     Chaplain’s Aid 1 & 2
                      Turtle / Stag Patrol Leader       Eagle Patrol Leader
                      Puma Patrol Leader                Warrior Patrol Leader
                      Panther Patrol Leader             Wolverine Patrol Leader
                                                        Scallywag Patrol Leader

POC: ASM Rick Daigneault (, 334-2646,

        FILLED. An ADULT waiting list has been started, just in case of a
        cancellation! Scouts may have their own waiting list (in case someone
        needs to bow out before the trip).

05/17/10 – Your next scheduled payment for this event is due now!

Seven days in the Florida Keys! Air conditioned dormitories! Two nights camping on an island!
Kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, sightseeing above & below the water, boating…

                 Your next BSA (Big Scouting Adventure)!
Keys Adventure:
DEP:    Depart Suffolk, Saturday July 2, 2011
ARR:    Arrive Sea Base Tuesday July 5, 2011
DEP:    Depart Sea Base Monday July 11, 2011
RTN:    Arrive in Suffolk before Sunday July 17, 2011

               $725.00 ( $100 deposit due by March 29, 2010) plus transportation to and
              from Sea Base
Crew Size:     6 Minimum - 8 Maximum (2 must be adults) – ALL SLOTS FILLED! –
Restrictions: Age 14 by September 01, 2011

The Troop’s next payment for Sea Base is due in September. This means everyone should have made
$395 in payments to date. If not please make your account up to date.

Troop 16 Sea Base payment schedule:
                        Month-Year                Payments Due          Running Total
 Deposit                  Mar-10                       $100                $100
                          Apr-10                        $59                $159
                                                                                               Page 15 of 26
                        May-10                      $59                $218
                         Jun-10                     $59                $277
                         Jul-10                     $59                $336
                        Aug-10                      $59                $395
                         Sep-10                     $59                $454
                         Oct-10                     $59                $513
                        Nov-10                      $59                $572
                        Dec-10                      $59                $631
                         Jan-11                     $59                $690
                         Feb-11                     $60                $750
                        TOTAL                      $750                $750

                The other option includes two $325 payments
                (September & February) after the required $100 deposit.

This exciting program offers a potpourri of aquatic activities that can only be experienced in the
Florida Keys.
The various programs change based on weather patterns, but you can be assured of a lot of
snorkeling, fishing, sailing, boat riding, and visiting historic areas in the Florida Keys. Ocean
kayaking and catching lobsters (during season) are but a few of the activities offered.
You will be housed in air conditioned dormitories overlooking the ocean and have three great
meals at the Brinton Environmental Center or on Big Munson Island. Quite often, weather
permitting, we can venture off for an overnight on a secluded island and explore the southernmost
part of the United States for fishing and bird and marine study.
If you are looking for a great getaway with varied activities, the Keys Adventure is the program for
you. This is a seven-day adventure. All participants must be 14 years of age by September 1st of
the year of participation. Out Island Adventure Short Description During this week-long Robinson
Crusoe-like experience you will be starting your adventure at The Brinton Center, located at mile
marker 23.8. You will travel from the center to Big Munson Island via ocean kayaks; your food
will be delivered for unloading by our powerboats.
Big Munson Island, over a hundred acres of high hardwood hammock fringed in lush mangroves,
is much like it was when the pirates arrived in the 1800‟s. The lush vegetation is the home of the
endangered Key Deer and Key Vaca raccoon, both of which wander in and out of campsites at
During this week-long Robinson Crusoe-like experience you will be starting your adventure at The
Brinton Center, located at mile marker 23.8. You will travel from the center to Big Munson Island
via ocean kayaks; your food will be delivered for unloading by our powerboats.
Your week will be spent snorkeling and fishing off the powerboats for grouper, barracuda and the
like. You will experience some of the finest snorkeling in the Keys at Looe Key. There will be
ample time to explore the island on foot or on small kayaks through the mangrove island.
Your Island Mate, who will be with you for your entire adventure, will explain the flora and fauna
of the island as well as the underwater wilderness that begins just yards from your tent.
Because this is a primitive camping experience, don‟t expect white sandy beaches and native girls.
You will have to wade all of your food, water and equipment ashore to your campsite. Imagine
yourself camped under the canopy of gumbo limbo trees. They are not doing that in anywhere else
in the United States of America. If your crew has strong camping skills and enjoys challenges, the
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Out Island program is for you. This is a seven-day adventure. All participants must be 14 years of
age by September 1st of the year of participation.

Does attaining the rank of Eagle Scout seem too far away to worry about? Is it an unreachable
goal for you? Consider this – our Colonial Virginia Council had an Eagle Scout recognition
ceremony recently geared especially for those that earned Eagle Scout in 2008. From TROOP 16
alone, there were 8 Scouts to be honored! In the entire council, there were over 200!

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is NOT for everyone, this is true. But neither is this organization
of the Boy Scouts of America! While everyone has the determination and focus to accomplish
great things, it is up to you where you will apply your efforts. For those Scouts that are willing to
reach the ultimate goal in Scouting, one that will affect your paths in life forever, Troop 16 is here
to help!

As of 01/12/09, Troop 16 has added a new adult leader position whose specific purpose is to assist
our Scouts to reach the rank of EAGLE SCOUT. ASM Bill Swanson is Troop 16‟s first ever
EAGLE GUIDE and he is ready, willing and able to help! POC: ASM Bill Swanson
(, 488-0307 (H))

Stick around in Troop 16 long enough, apply what you learn here, and YOU will be working on an
Eagle Scout Project for yourself. This means that YOU will be:
            Searching for a project worthy of your standards,
            Drawing up the plans for it,
            Presenting it for approval,
            Knocking on doors trying to fund it,
            Gathering donated material (or at least at cost),
            Seeking the help of your peers to provide the labor, &
            Completing and submitting your paperwork for final approval.

Each year, Troop 16 is fortunate enough to sponsor several of its Scouts through the Eagle process.
And, each year these Eagle fledglings need the support of their fellow Scouts to help them see their
project through to the end.

This is where YOU come in! No Scout should be alone in his journey towards attaining the rank
of Eagle. Troop 16 Scouts are there to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to get the job done quickly,
cheerfully, and right for their fellow Scouts!

POC: ASM Bill Swanson (, 488-0307 (H))

01/11/10 UPDATE: SM Tony & ASM Bill Swanson will be meeting personally with each
Scout and his parent(s) for Scouts with the rank of Star or Life. The meeting is to ensure the
family is aware of the strict time constraints and responsibilities needed to attain Eagle

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As of 01/12/09, Troop 16 has added a new adult leader position for the specific purpose of
assisting our Scouts in their reach for the ultimate rank of EAGLE SCOUT. ASM Bill Swanson
is Troop 16‟s first ever EAGLE GUIDE.

Do you have a difficult time getting to the Scout Store in Newport News before they close? Have
you tried to make arrangements with someone that works “across the river” to stop and shop for
you only to feel guilty for imposing on their time?

The Boy Scouts of America has an easy, efficient, and painless way for you to shop – ONLINE. I
can attest to this since I have purchased the entire adult uniform in less than 30 minutes with
delivery to my door in less than 1 week! Often times, they even offer such perks as free shipping
and discounts to entice you to go ahead and make those purchases you‟ve been trying so hard to
make locally.

You can also download catalogs, uniform inspection forms, and other data rich official documents
for free. Check out what‟s new and available at the on-line BSA Retail Store at the following link:

Troop 16 is offering a package deal on special “green” uniform items. In recognition of the
centennial celebration of Boy Scouting in America, and in conjunction with the latest wave of
earth friendly designs, the official BSA uniform is undergoing several changes.

As part of this movement, we will be selling a $15.00 package containing: 1- new green Troop 16
neckerchief with yellow embroidery (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST – This item has been
discontinued); 1- set of green shoulder loops for the khaki BSA shirt, and 1- “16” green number set
(instead of having to attach a “1” and a “6” individually.

The cost is just $15 to our Troop Treasurer, Carol Ferguson, and hold onto the receipt as proof of
payment. Of course, Scout Accounts may be used for this purchase! The POC adult leader will be
available when your payment is made.

Troop 16 is updating its information for merit badge counselors. Each adult leader (concerned
parents, this applies to you, too!) will fill out a BSA Merit Badge Counselor Information Form
(available at all Troop meetings). This is an extremely useful tool for our Scouts to use as an aid
through the many subjects available for their study. Do you have a special interest or occupation
that ties in with the course of study for a merit badge? Put it to great use by sharing your
knowledge and skills with your Scouts. You DO NOT have to make your services available to the
district, unless you want to.

POC: Troop Librarian – Scout Trevor Fletcher

YOU may be the Scout that checked out a Merit Badge book and just forgot to return it. You may
have just wanted to find out more information about the requirements. Or you may have
                                                                                  Page 18 of 26
successfully completed all the requirements and just set it aside, beaming that you were able to do
such a great job so quickly.

Now is the time to give others the same chance that you had! Please check the nether regions of
your closets, move the dust bunnies under you bed, check around the wayward french fries beneath
the seat of your family vehicle, and FIND THOSE BOOKS!

You may also wish to make a donation of a book, too. That will be great as well! Bottom line,
there are a lot of books out there in Scout land that need to be returned HOME! Since they cannot
do it on their own, you will need to show a little persistence and guide them back!

As decided and agreed upon by Troop 16 Scout Leadership at the PLC on Monday, April 12, 2010,
the Camping Committee from this time forward will consist of Scouts that have attended 50% or
greater of the total Troop 16 Campouts and Overnight Events during the previous 12 month period.
This attendance DOES NOT include Summer Camp or OA Camping events. The previous
requirement that all patrols must be represented during the retreat is no longer valid. As an
example, if an entire patrol has camped at least 12 nights out of the 23 possible during the year, the
entire patrol will be able to attend.

This change is effective immediately and will be enforced in the upcoming Camping Committee
Retreat scheduled for the weekend of OCTOBER 1-3, 2010 in Corolla, NC.

The Scouts at the Camping Committee has met and hammered out a workable calendar for BSA Troop 16
for 2010. All readers should keep in mind that this is a “Living Document” and is subject to changes,
augmentations, modifications, and upheavals over the course of time. While we strive to keep the Scout‟s
calendar and events intact, this is not always possible. So much for the disclaimer, here are the results:

     16 – Rock Gym at Peak Experience, Richmond
     23 – MBU Session #1 (This is now the first class)
     23 – Troop Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

     5-7 – Klondike Derby (Moved to MARCH)
     26-28 – OA Winter Ordeal (CANCELLED)

    5-6 – Scoutmaster/Committee Member Specifics Training
    05-07 – Timberline Ski Trip ($134 covers nearly everything!) [Revised Date] (New
    Registration Deadline  MONDAY, 12/14/09)
    13 – MBU Session #2 (New date for 2nd class)
    20 – Council Eagle Banquet
    26-28 – CT IOLS (Moved to APRIL)

     7-11 – C&O Bike Trip

                                                                                             Page 19 of 26
        09-11 – BOY SCOUT LEADER BASIC TRAINING PART II, Introduction to Outdoor Leader
        Skills (NEW DATE)
        23-25 – OA SR-7A Conclave (Registration must be conducted by the Scout(er) ONLINE with
        payments to be made at the Scout Office). Use this link to start the registration process:

        1 – National Jamboree Shakedown
        14-16 – OA Spring Ordeal
        21-23 – James River Canoe/Fish/Tubing Adventure

        25-27 – Back Bay Canoe Trek

        04-10 – Summer Camp Goshen Scout Reservation (REVISED DATES)
        26-31 – 2010 National Jamboree

     1-4 – 2010 National Jamboree (continues)
     20-22 – A.T. Trek HOLIDAY LAKES STATE PARK! (updated 07/19/10) CANCELLED
     27-29 – OA Summer Ordeal

     24-26 – Northwest River Park, Chesapeake (LOCATION CHANGED)

    01-03 – Camping Committee Retreat, Corolla, NC
    15-17 – Isaac Walton Campout (King‟s Fork, Suffolk) – Cub Packs, Girl Scouts INCLUDED!
    29-31 – OA Fall Fellowship

    5-7 – Blackstone Merit Badge Camp
    5-7 – A.T. Trek

     10-12 – Merchant‟s Mill Pond Canoe/Hike Campout

Troop 16 has vowed to commit to the “Beaver Day” program at Camp Bayport. For this event, participants
arrive at camp on a scheduled Saturday morning and receive a work assignment somewhere within the
confines of camp. The tasks could include clearing trails, repairing structures, landscaping, and other such
clearing, repair, or beautification. Lunch will be provided by the camp, if desired. The participating
members may camp their Saturday night, free of charge, and depart on Sunday morning, with the feeling of
accomplishment that they have improved their camp just a little bit more.

Beaver Days are scheduled on the following Saturday’s in 2010: 01/16, 02/13, 03/13, 04/10, 09/18,
11/13, & 12/11.

Please use the following to check/update your calendars. The Troop 16 calendar has been updated
with all months available up to DECEMBER, 2010! Now available for download from
our website at:

        08/30/10 – WATER FUN NIGHT! Wear your old clothes and/or bathing suits!
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       08/30/10 – Girl Scout Ice Cream Social (Fellowship Hall OFF LIMITS to Boy Scouts)
       09/01/10 – SUFFOLK CITY COUNCIL MEETING (Cit. in Comm. & Commun.)
       09/01/10 – Scouting Dues are Due ($13/Scout)
       09/06/10 – Labor Day – NO TROOP MEETING!
       09/08/10 – OA Chapter Meeting (Oakland Christian Church)
       09/08/10 – District Roundtable Meeting (Oakland Christian Church)
       09/11/10 (8:46 a.m.) – SCOUT SURGE (Commemoration of 09/11 attack)
       09/13/10 – Troop Meeting – TRACKING MERIT BADGE CLASS for all
       09/18/10 – Carrolton Library Community Service Project
       09/20/10 – PLC Meeting (Troop & Patrol Leadership to Attend)
       09/20/10 – Troop Meeting
       09/24-26/10 – Northwest River Park, Chesapeake [LOCATION CHANGE]
       09/25/10 – Beaver Day @ Camp Bayport
       09/27/10 – Court of Honor
       09/29/10 – Troop Committee Meeting
       10/01-03/10 – Camping Committee Retreat
       10/04/10 – Troop Meeting
       10/10/10 – OA LEC Meeting
       10/11/10 – PLC Meeting (Troop & Patrol Leadership to Attend)
       10/11/10 – Troop Meeting – Columbus Day
       10/13/10 – OA Chapter Meeting (Oakland Christian Church)
       10/13/10 – District Roundtable Meeting (Oakland Christian Church)
       10/15-17/10 – Isaac Walton Campout (Cub, Crew, & Girl Scouts invited)
       10/16/10 – PATHFINDING MERIT BADGE CLASS (Isaac Walton Camp)
       10/16/10 – OA Lodge Day of Service
       10/18/10 – Troop Meeting – PATHFINDING MERIT BADGE CLASS (finale)
       10/25/10 – Troop Meeting – Board of Review
       10/27/10 – Troop COMMITTEE Meeting
       10/29-31/10 – OA Fall Fellowship
       10/31/10 - Halloween

Troop 16 has acquired, through one method or another, a small cache of used Scout uniforms for
our Scouts in need. Most are sized rather small, but not all Scouts are the giant economy size yet.
See one of the Troop Adult Leaders for assistance. Also, if you have uniforms that don‟t quite fit
as well as they used; consider donating them to the Troop to give another Scout an opportunity to
wear them with PRIDE!

      PLEASE keep your payments current! Our Troop Leaders, including many well-
        meaning parents of Troop 16 Scouts, are continually getting “short changed” for being
        so kind to help out. When they use their own money to fund Scouting events and then
        do not get reimbursed by those that attended the event [for free] or dropped out without
        good cause, it hurts so many financially. MONEY IS MONEY! Our adults are doing
        their part in making the arrangements and deposits necessary for our quality programs
        and events; Scouts, YOU need to do YOUR part as well. A Scout is Loyal, Helpful,
        and Thrifty!!! You may be required to provide transportation next time!

                                                                                      Page 21 of 26
        Individual PATROL ACTIVITIES are permitted.         Two adults (minimum) with at least
           one trained in Youth Protection, must attend. Submit the request at least 2 weeks in
           advance to the SM for approval and a tour permit!
        Easy to help!     Bring your CAMPBELL Product labels to BGUMC. A collection “can”
           is available in the Fellowship Hall. The church will turn the labels into the company
           for cash!
        All Community Service Projects MUST BE APPROVED by the Scoutmaster (or his
           representative) to count towards rank advancement.
Our 2009 Re-Chartering with our NEW Chartering Organization, the Driver Ruritans, has been
completed. The total cost of signing everyone up (Scouts and Scouters alike) was over $1,556!

A very special heart-to-heart meeting was held during Monday‟s Troop Meeting on 03/09/09
between the Scoutmaster and our family‟s parents and guardians. This meeting covered numerous
issues and BSA policy changes that will have a direct impact on each one of us in Troop 16. I will
try to present the highlights of this meeting here (in no particular order):

    1. Scouts must wear their full, Class “A” Uniforms to meetings [*a trial period has
         been granted for wearing of the Class “B” uniform -as
         described in the uniform section below- for meetings during
         the summer] and such or they will be turned away. This has taken effect as of the first
         of April, 2009. The article near the end of this newsletter has been upgraded to include the
         changes of what a Class “A” Scout Uniform is and when wearing it is required. The
         uniform requirement is a product of the Scouts themselves and is backed by our Chartering
    2. Scouts must provide their own mess kit (plate, bowl, silverware, cup, etc.) on campouts.
         The current Troop and Patrol chuck boxes are going to be reduced to cooking and cleaning
         items only. This standard has been implemented with the Isaac Walton Campout on
         03/27/09. (Please see the related articles within this newsletter.) Don‟t forget to etch or
         mark your name or initials on each piece.
    3. The official BSA Scout(er) Uniform is changing. The newest BSA Centennial Style
         uniform is replacing the old standards. For Troop 16, the new style will be phased in as
         time goes by, so there is no need to rush out and plop down $125 or so.
    4. Those Scouts that present themselves before their Eagle Scout Board of Review MUST
         wear the complete, official BSA Scout Uniform. No civilian knock-offs are permitted.
         During Eagle Boards, we use a guest officiator that checks over the process of the Scout,
         the Troop, and the District to ensure that BSA National standards and requirements are met
         and adhered to. Becoming an EAGLE SCOUT is something that is not taken lightly as its
         affects will carry the Scout through the rest of his life!
    5. The BSA Medical Forms HAVE CHANGED. The Class I, II, and III physical
         requirements HAVE BEEN replaced with an ANNUAL PHYSICAL requirement for
         everyone. The old forms are no longer recognized as of 01/01/10. All Scouts and Scouters
         that have the old Class I, II, and III forms MUST obtain a NEW PHYSICAL on the NEW
Our Chartering Organization is now the DRIVER RURITANS. The Bennett‟s Creek Ruritans
have folded. The Driver Ruritans held our charter many, many years ago, so we have now come
full circle and returned to each other‟s side.

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    6. Our population on campouts and other outings has been dwindling for many months.
         While we realize that some of this may be due to the weakened economy, this in itself
         should not be an excuse to stay home. Troop 16 has resources already in place that can
         help those Scouts with financial problems so they can attend and participate in our
    It is our sincere hope that with the increased Scout input and implementing the changes
    suggested by them, along with Troop members getting back to the basics of Scouting, many
    more lines of communication between the Scouts, their parents/guardians, and our Scout
    leaders will been opened. Our older lines of communication will be maintained and
    strengthened for the health and maintenance of the Troop‟s programs that best benefit our

 07/30/09 UPDATE: Troop 16 will be changing the method that Scouts use to sign-up for, and
 commit to, Scouting events. A form will be published shortly that the Scout‟s parent will sign.
 This is to ensure that both the PARENT and the TROOP are aware of the vital information and
 commitments necessary for our Scouting Outings! At present, the participant darkens in the
 bubble next to his/her name on a ready-made roster sheet to indicate their intention of going. The
 new form will provide a copy of the Name of the Event, the Beginning & Ending Dates, the Cost
 of the Event, and other pertinent data needed for all to stay out of the dark about what‟s going on!

Effective 04/01/09
 Link to the BSA on-line catalog:

 As any participant in sports knows that in order to play or
 practice, the appropriate uniform must be worn to participate.
 SCOUTING IS NO DIFFERENT. Show your commitment as an important
 part of the Scouting team by wearing the proper uniform with
 pride! Keep in mind that the decision to wear the Class “A” Scout
 Uniform came from our own Scouts during several Patrol Leaders
 Council meetings. This decision is embraced and supported by our

 The Troop 16 Uniform of the Day is the Class “A” Boy Scout Uniform
 for all Troop Meetings [*a trial period has been granted for
 wearing of the Class “B” uniform -as described below- for meetings
 during the summer], Courts of Honor, Boards of Review, Eagle
 Ceremonies, Cub Pack Assistance, and Transit for Troop Functions &
 Outings, Chapel Services, and Other Occasions unless otherwise

 For certain other Scouting Functions, as announced, the Uniform of
 the Day will be Class “B”. The Class “B” shirt may be worn
 underneath the Class “A” khaki shirt to improve functionality for
 some events.


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                NOTE: The NEW Troop 16 uniform items are now available through ASM
                Bryan Gordon for $15. This includes the exclusive Troop 16 Neckerchief,
                the Centennial Numeral “16”, and the Centennial Shoulder Loops.
       BSA KHAKI SCOUT SHIRT displaying the correct badges and patches for rank,
       position, Troop, etc. The NEW BSA Centennial shirt will be phased in over time and is
       NOT A REQUIREMENT at this time. The old-style with the red shoulder loops are still

       SHOULDER LOOPS – The Boy Scout Red loops are being phased out and will
       eventually be replaced with the Centennial Green ones. The red ones are no longer being
       sold by BSA but are still acceptable to wear.
       OLIVE DRAB (OD) TROUSERS OR SHORTS (BSA issue or military issue e.g.
       BDU‟s or civilian e.g. Wal-Mart) – NO CAMOUFLAGE-STYLE TROUSERS
       SCOUT BELT – Any appropriate leather or web belt. The new Centennial Scout
       Trousers come with a web belt already installed.
       NECKERCHIEF OR BSA BOLO – Red with Yellow insignia, or special (Green Chanco
       333, Blue Troop 16, Eagle). We will be phasing in our new TROOP 16 Green
       Neckerchief. The expected cost for this is $10 (includes special embroidering). This is
       NOT a requirement for Troop Meetings.
       NECKERCHIEF SLIDER – BSA Metal, Turks head, Woggle, etc. The neckerchief will
       NOT be tied in a knot. This is NOT a requirement for Troop Meetings!
       MERIT BADGE SASH – Required for Scoutmaster Conference, Board of Review, and
       Court of Honor
       SCOUT SOCKS – OD Socks can be substituted for BSA issue (Long Pants can hide non-
       OD socks).
       SHOES OR BOOTS (no sandals, flip-flops, Bunny slippers, etc.)

    BRIGHT RED T-Shirt or Polo Shirt with Troop 16 emblem [*or other shirt
    sporting an imprinted Scouting theme] displayed on it (silk-screening will
    be available)
       BRIGHT RED Hoody with Troop 16 emblem displayed on it. [NOTE: We are STILL
       searching out a new supplier of Red Hoodies! If you find a source, please pass it on!!!]
       Olive Drab (OD) slacks or shorts (BSA issue or military issue e.g. BDU‟s or civilian e.g.
       Shoes or Boots (no sandals, flip-flops, Bunny slippers, etc.)

Sit back and close your eyes for a moment – Well, read this first before you do that! When you
think of the Boy Scouts of America, what article of gear do you naturally link of? A
BACKPACK! As a member of Troop 16, you will have NUMEROUS opportunities to travel to a
MULTITUDE of places throughout the year – EVERY YEAR! To keep with the image above;
because you ARE dedicated to the ideals of Scouting; since you need to get in the practice of it;

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Of course there are a few exceptions such as Summer Camp where most of your living is done out
of a plastic box for security, convenience, and protection over the course of a week, but for the
most part, the BACKPACK is the Scouts Preferred LUGGAGE of Choice! As it just so
happens, the Troop, and some of its members have a few extra packs to LOAN on a SHORT-
TERM BASIS to put on the BACK of our PACK-LESS Scouts. Ask around and you can kick up
a few BACKPACKS to fill your personal shortage – but in the meantime, be on the lookout for a
suitable BACKPACK just for you.

When you are ready to purchase a Scout‟s LUGGAGE (that is – BACKPACK), try it on first.
Load it with heavy stuff and try it on before you leave the store to see that it settles on you well
(make sure you take the stuff out before leaving the store – That‟s known as concealment and
shoplifting if you don‟t pay for it!). Purchasing a BACKPACK is a lot like buying HIKING
BOOTS (which you will also need very soon into your Scouting career – It may seem to fit well in
the store, but a few minutes of wear will reveal whether it‟s the right one for you! Might be that‟s
why there are some extra BACKPACKS out there for borrowing!

Troop 16 will no longer be providing personal dinnerware for each Scout(er). This new policy
took place as of the Isaac Walton Campout on 03/27/09.

The day of the Patrol and Troop Chuck Box is quickly waning. Scouts are required to own, use,
and maintain their own personal mess kits for all camping meals. A mess kit typically includes (as
a minimum) a plate and/or bowl, a cup, and eating utensils. A skillet and/or cooking pot can serve
a double duty for the plate/bowl to reduce space and weight in the backpack.

make his own kit from items around the house, including everyday “silverware”. While aluminum
is the lightest material and the easiest to maintain as it does not rust, it can also be more difficult to
cook with (food sticks) and to clean after cooking, especially when a wood fire is used.

PLEASE – Etch or mark each piece of your mess kit with your name/initials so it can find its
way back to you!

As a patriotic reminder, the only time that it is proper for a Boy Scout (or Boy Scout Adult
Leader) to salute the U.S. Flag (the right hand in the Scouting 3-fingererd sign at the right brow of
the head) is when in full Scout Class “A” Uniform. Hats (covers) are optional. Class “B”
uniforms are not a full Scout Uniform and require the traditional right hand over the heart
respect to the US flag. LEFT HANDS will always remain OUT OF POCKETS and be kept at the
side. FULL ATTENTION and RESPECT will ALWAYS be given to the US FLAG by Troop 16

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A tiny, common, house mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife
open a package. "What food might this contain?” the mouse wondered. He was devastated to
discover it was a mousetrap.

Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed this warning: "There is a mousetrap in the
house! There is a mousetrap in the house!"

The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a
grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it."

The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a
mousetrap in the house!"

The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do
about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers."

The mouse turned to the cow and said, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a
mousetrap in the house!"

The cow said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you, but it's no skin off my nose."

So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer's mousetrap . .
. Alone.

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house -- the sound of a mousetrap catching
its prey. The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did not see that
it was a venomous snake whose tail was caught in the trap.

The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital. When she returned
home she still had a fever. Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup. So the
farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup's main ingredient:

But his wife's sickness continued. Friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock.
To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig. But, alas, the farmer's wife did not get well. She

So many people came for her funeral that the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough
meat for all of them for the funeral luncheon.

And the mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great sadness.

So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and you think it doesn't concern you,
remember ---
        When one of us is threatened, we are all at risk.
        We are all involved in this journey called life.
        We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one


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