Value Chain Analysis Model in Automotive Industry

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					                                                                            Wednesday, October 15, 2008
     7:45 AM -
                                                                                                     Networking Coffee Break
      8:45 AM
                                                                                      G-1: Workshop Introduction and Orientation
     8:45 AM -                                                                      Scott Baker, Automotive Workshop Committee Chair
      9:00 AM
                                                                                                 Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons DEFGH

                                                                                            G-2: State of the Automotive Industry
     9:00 AM -                                                                                    Dutch Mandel, AutoWeek
      9:40 AM
                                                                                                 Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons DEFGH

                                                                                         G-3: Engineering Knowledge Management
     9:40 AM -                                                                                David Fedler, Tata Technologies
     10:20 AM
                                                                                                 Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons DEFGH
    10:20 AM -
                                                                                                Networking Break (30 minutes)
     10:50 AM
    10:20 AM -
                                                                                                      COE SolutionsFair Open
      3:40 PM
                                                                                 G-4: What will Virtual Car Development be Tomorrow?
    10:50 AM -                                                                             Olivier Sappin, Dassault Systèmes
     11:30 AM
                                                                                                 Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons DEFGH

                                                                               G-5: The Future Automotive Enterprise & PLM Innovation
    11:30 AM -                                                                               Paul Silver, IBM Corporation
     12:10 PM
                                                                                                 Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons DEFGH
                                                                              G-6: GLACOe and Western Michigan CATIA Users Group
    12:10 PM -                                                              Paul Silver, IBM Corporation and Jeffrey Roark, Johnson Controls
     12:20 PM
                                                                                                 Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons DEFGH
    12:20 PM -
                                                                                                        Lunch (60 minutes)
     1:20 PM
                                Global Collaborate                   Efficient Design                    3D Collaboration                    COE UNIVERSITY             COE UNIVERSITY
 Session Tracks                    Environment                          Processes                           Solutions                        Training Room #1           Training Room #2
                            Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons
                                                               Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons BC        Mediterranean Room                     Dennison I-II                Niles I-II
                                                                                                       3D Web Applications:
                               OEM to Supply Base                         201
                                                                                                     Trends and Technologies
     1:20 PM -                Collaboration with PLM           Usage of Legacy CATIA V4
                                                                                                          for Downstream
      2:10 PM                        Express                      Models in CATIA V5
                                                                                                     Applications of 3D Content
                                George Boustead,                 Scott Pokriefka, INCAT
                                                                                                       Randy Ochs, Mental                                                      TR-4
                               Dassault Syst èmes                                                                                                 TR-1
                                                                                                             Images Inc.                                              Automating Templates
                                                                                                                                           DMU Kinematics Laws
                                                                                                                 302                                                 Jeffery Roark, Johnson
                                                                                                                                           Jody Sanders, RAND
                                                                           202                       Design Chain Management:                                        Controls; Kandarp Patel,
                                     102                         Shortening the Design                How SOA-Enabled PLM                                                IBM Corporation
     2:20 PM -              3D CAD Model Validation                  Cycle with FEA                    Systems Can Support
      3:10 PM                   Jim Martin, ITI                 Christina Feist, Dassault               Value Chain Design
                                TranscenData                            Systèmes                            Collaboration
                                                                  SIMULIACorporation                     Steve Shoaf, IBM
     3:10 PM -
                                                                                                Networking Break (30 minutes)
      3:40 PM
                                                                            203                                 303                                TR-2                        TR-5
                             Enterprise PLM: Where
                                                                 ICEM Shape Design- An                Sharing PLM Information             V6 Fundamentals Hands-     Exploring CATIA Drafting
     3:40 PM -               Has the Savings Come
                                                                  Integrated Approach to                    with 3DXML                          on Session                   Standards
      4:30 PM                         From?
                                                                     Class A Surfacing               Franck Montigon, Dassault            Michael Melton, Dassault     Tom Swindell, IBM
                              Philip Page, Dassault
                                                                    Ken Stewart, ICEM                        Systèmes                            Systèmes                   Corporation
                                                                                                     V6 Lifelike Experience: An                    TR-19                      TR-10
                          A Complete, Lean and High                        204
                                                                                                       Introduction to 3DVIA                 (REPEAT OF TR-2)         Adding Intelligence to
                           Quality Supply Chain in a              An Eight Point Plan to
     4:40 PM -                                                                                                Composer                    V6 Fundamentals Hands-       PowerCopy & UDF
                                PLM 2.0 World                    Template Development
      5:30 PM                                                                                         Jean-Jacques Grimaud,                     on Session           Features for Automotive
                            Jos Voskuil, Dassault               Fred Karam, Engineering
                                                                                                     Dassault Systèmes; Tod               Michael Melton, Dassault       Interior Design
                             Systèmes - ENOVIA                     Solid Solutions, Inc.
                                                                                                       Cruikshank, Dassault                      Systèmes            David Anderson, RAND
                                                                                                              Systèmes                                                     Worldwide
     5:30 PM -
                                                                                           COE SolutionsFair Opening Reception
      7:30 PM
*This schedule is subject to change.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Last updated 11/14/2010
                                                                             Thursday, October 16, 2008
      7:00 AM -
                                                                                                   Networking Coffee Break
       8:00 AM
                                    Working with                                                                                             COE UNIVERSITY             COE UNIVERSITY
  Session Tracks                   Knowledgeware                  Systems Management                              V6
                                                                  Peninsula Grand Ballroom, BC            Mediterranean Room                 Training Room #1           Training Room #2
                             Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons
                                                                                                                                                 Dennison I-II                 Niles I-II

                                                                Performance Information                       601                                                    TR-17 (REPEAT OF TR-10)
                                        401                                                                                                                            Adding Intelligence to
                                                                   and Tuning of O/S,                  VPM V4 to PLM2.0
      8:00 AM -                 CATIA for Mold & Die                                                                                                                    PowerCopy & UDF
                                                                Hardware Optimization for                 Coexistence
       8:50 AM                  Mike Ray, Dassault                                                                                                 TR-7               Features for Automotive
                                                                CATIA and VPLM Systems                 Swadheen Tripathi,
                                     Systèmes                                                                                            Hands On Test Drive with          Interior Design
                                                                 Rajendra Bhadri, IBM                  Dassault Systèmes
                                                                      Corporation                                                            3DVIA Composer           David Anderson, RAND
                                                                                                                                         Tod Cruikshank, Dassault            Worldwide
                                                                           502                                                             Systèmes; Abe Sahi,
                                         402                                                                 602                            Dassault Systèmes
                                                                 FBDI (File Base Design                                                                                       TR-12
                            Electrical & Tubing Design                                               CATIA V4 to CATIA V6
      9:00 AM -                                                   Import) for Electrical                                                                                Working with DMU
                                      Checker                                                            Coexistence
       9:50 AM                                                          Systems                                                                                      Nathan Haller, Inalfa Roof
                               Rahul Suryadevera,                                                     Swadheen Tripathi,
                                                                   Sebastien Gaetan,                                                                                         Systems
                               Dassault Systèmes                                                      Dassault Systèmes
                                                                   Dassault Systèmes
      9:50 AM -
                                                                                                 Networking Break (30 minutes)
      10:20 AM
      9:50 AM -
                                                                                                    COE SolutionsFair Open
       3:30 PM

                                       403                         503
                              Using PowerCopies &      Integrated Product Change
     10:20 AM -                                                                                                                                                       The Ease Of Building A
                            UDF’s in Automotive Design        Management
      11:10 AM                                                                               603                                                                     Catalog Of Standard Parts
                             David Anderson, RAND          Debby Welker, IBM
                                                                                     Dassault Systèmes                                                                Scott Pokriefka, INCAT
                                    Worldwide                  Corporation                                              TR-8
                                                                                 ENOVIA V6: Value For the
                                                                                                              DELMIA V5 Simulation:
                                                                                 Automotive Industry & V6 in
                                        404                                                                  Hands-On Optimization and
                           Multi-Attribute Robustness                                                                 Analysis
                                                                   504            Kevin Baughey, Dassault
                            Optimization of a Vehicle                                                        Paul Nutter, Ohio Northern
                                                           An Introduction to        Systèmes; Franck                                               TR-14
                               Suspension Using                                                                      University
     11:20 AM -                                       MatrixOne CATIA Designer       Montigon, Dassault                                 Electrical Harness Flattening
                             Multibody and Durability                                    Systèmes
      12:10 PM                                                   Central                                                                    Sebastien Gaetan,
                           Simulation in CATIA V5 and
                                                      Brett Ade, TechniGraphics,                                                            Dassault Systèmes
                                 LMS Virtual.Lab
                             Karthik Krishnan, LMS
                                  North America
     12:10 PM -
                                                                                                       Lunch (60 minutes)
      1:10 PM
                                    Working with                                                                                             COE UNIVERSITY             COE UNIVERSITY
  Session Tracks                   Knowledgeware                  Systems Management                  Business Processes
                                                                  Peninsula Grand Ballroom, BC            Mediterranean Room                 Training Room #1           Training Room #2
                             Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons
                                                                                                                                                 Dennison I-II                 Niles I-II

                                                                           505                                701                       TR-9                        TR-15
                                                                  Automotive Systems              Engine Design and Analysis      (REPEAT OF TR-2)         An Introduction to the
                                Knowledgeware Part
      1:10 PM -                                                 Development - AUTOSAR             Strategy Through Integrated V6 Fundamentals Hands-on     CATIA-SMARTEAM
       2:00 PM                                                          in Action                      Template Solutions              Session                   Integration
                                Kunal Soni, Dassault
                                                                Ron Felice, Telelogic, an          Fred Karam, Engineering     Michael Melton, Dassault Brett Ade, TechniGraphics,
                                                                     IBM Company                      Solid Solutions, Inc.           Systèmes                       Inc.

                                        406                                                                                                        TR-20                      TR-16
                                                                           506                                 702
                                Maximizing CATIA                                                                                             (REPEAT OF TR-2)      Closing the Design/Analysis
                                                                A Cup Half-Full: PLM in the           Reverse Engineering
      2:10 PM -                Performance for Large                                                                                     V6 Fundamentals Hands-on              Loop
                                                                   Automotive Industry                    Methodology
       3:00 PM                       Assemblies                                                                                                   Session           Christina Feist, Dassault
                                                                   Steve Nykerk, IBM                 Kevin Boling, Dassault
                                 Gary Carne, IBM                                                                                          Michael Melton, Dassault     Systèmes SIMULIA
                                                                       Corporation                         Systèmes
                                    Corporation                                                                                                  Systèmes                  Corporation
      3:00 PM -
                                                                                                 Networking Break (30 minutes)
       3:30 PM
                                                                            507                               703
                                                                 Strategies for MatrixOne            Systems Modeling and
      3:30 PM -               CATIA V5 in Powertrain
                                                                    CAD Data Loading                     Safety Analysis
       4:20 PM               Michael Datsko, Dassault
                                                                      Yogesh Gupta,                Khurshid Qureshi, Dassault
                                                                   TechniGraphics, Inc.                    Systèmes                               TR-6               TR-18 (REPEAT OF TR-4)
                                                                                                                                            Knowledge Based            Automating Templates
                                                                                                               704                              Machining             Jeffery Roark, Johnson
                                       408                                 508                          CAVA: Ensuring                   Cameron Griffin, Adaptive   Controls; Kandarp Patel,
                              Fundamental Knowledge               Advanced SmarTeam                   Compliancy to Legal                      Corporation                IBM Corporation
      4:30 PM -
                                      Tools                          Programming                     Standards for Vehicle
       5:20 PM
                               Jody Sanders, RAND                  Marc Young, xLM                 Architecture with CATIA V5
                                    Worldwide                        Solutions, LLC                Martin Carignan, Dassault

      5:30 PM -                                                                                                Closing
       6:00 PM
                                                                                                  Peninsula Grand Ballroom, Salons ABC                                                Last updated 11/14/2010
*This schedule is subject to change.

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