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									Name of Idea, Project or Company
Pay Off (core message of your idea, project or company)


Define your product (technical, functional, quality, manageable, and unique selling

                                                                                                                             Key Facts

                                                                                            Contact Person

                                                                                            E mail

Describe your market (geographical, client groups, client needs, buying power):

                                                                                            Current Stage (e.g. idea, start up)

                                                                                            Next Stage in Development

                                                                                            Time to Market (months, years)

                                                                                            Contribution to MDG 7 (planned)

                                                                                            Potential to Scale Up
Define your business model (organizational chart, revenue model, production proces,
value chain):
                                                                                            Protection of your idea (IPR)

                                                                                                                                   Year 1    Year 2   Year 3   Year 4
                                                                                            Net profit after tax
                                                                                            Total Assets

                                                                                            Investments to be done:                Year 1    Year 2   Year 3   Year 4

                                                                                            Total Financing Need
                                                                                            How to be financed:                    Year 1    Year 2   Year 3   Year 4
                                                                                            Own Contribution
                                                                                            Loans (debt)
Product Affordability (Total Cost of Ownership, competitor analysis, willingness to pay):   External Share Capital
                                                                                            Grant(s) / Subsidies

                                                                                                                                                      Bench    Bench
                                                                                            Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)          Current   Target   Mark     Mark
                                                                                            Purchase Price (EUR / USD)
                                                                                            Initial costs (EUR / USD)
                                                                                            Operating Costs (EUR / USD p.y.)
                                                                                            Maintenance (EUR / USD p.y.)
                                                                                            Capacity (liters per year)
                                                                                            TCO per liter

Entrepreneur / Management Team / Strategic Partnerships:
                                                                                            Current request for business development support:

OUR DISCLAIMER: This material is for your information only. The document does not

consistute an offer or invitation and contains information designed only to provide a       Level of confidentiality of this information:

broad overview for discussion purposes. As such, all information provided herein is sub
               Please only fill in X when applicable                    Y N
Person         Do you have experience as an entrepreneur?
               Do you have experience in the water sector?
               Do you have experience in the sanitation sector?
               Do you currently have a job?
               Do you have direct experience with your future clients
               Do you have any relevant experience

Organization   Is your organization involved in water projects?
               Is your organization involved in sanitation projects?
               Does your organization have a legal status?
               Does your organization have a specific mission?
               Does your organization have a clear governance?
               Any successes accomplished (water and sanitation)?
               Any financial results booked?
               Any people working with you?

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