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Letterhead Template Indesign - PDF


Letterhead Template Indesign document sample

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Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition

Design a high tech corporate identity
like a pro
Jumpstart your Adobe® InDesign® CS projects with             Color to have access to the colors already defined in
templates created by leading designers. Adobe InDesign       your document. Then click a color, including Paper,
CS PageMaker® Edition provides easy access to more           and click the gradient ramp to add the color to a stop.
than 80 templates, including these high tech corporate       Continue adding as many color stops as you want. Then
identity templates from Earl Gee of Gee + Chung              click Add to save the gradient color and define another
Design.                                                      one, or click OK to add the new gradient swatch and
                                                             close the dialog box. Then apply gradients with
To use a template, simply open the Template Browser,
                                                             complete freedom-text even remains editable when you
choose a template, and then replace the placeholders
                                                             apply gradients to it!
with your content.
                                                             Copying and pasting Illustrator graphics: Copy and
                                                             paste editable Illustrator graphics into Adobe
Template design notes                                        InDesign® files. To make sure that the graphic remains
                                                             editable, choose Edit > Preferences > General
Designer Earl Gee is fearless about creating bold
                                                             (Windows) or InDesign > Preferences > General (Mac
designs. "To me there is nothing risky about being
                                                             OS), or uncheck Prefer PDF When Pasting, and click
innovative," says Gee. "It's far riskier to look dull and
                                                             OK. Then, when you paste Illustrator graphics into
boring, and miss the chance to be unique."
                                                             InDesign, you can edit their shape, the colors or
This template set dramatically illustrates his point. Gee    gradients applied, and more.
has created the framework for a powerful identity
system. Several bold elements-the star with the warm
yellow radial gradient behind it, the corporate logo, the    Templates
red text, and the scroll-like frame-create a consistent
identity across all of the pieces. Secondary elements-
such as the stylized globe in the datasheet template-plus    Presentation folder
a choice of four cool-toned accent colors give you the
tools to create distinctive product identities within this
overall corporate identity. An elegant use of die-cuts in
the presentation folder, envelopes, and business card
makes an unforgettable impression on an audience. The
best way to use these templates? Be bold, and push your
creative limits.

InDesign tips
                                                             33.625" W x 19.61" H.
Flexible gradients: Create gradients using the Swatches
or Gradient palette, which work like the ones in Adobe®
Illustrator®. From the Swatches palette menu, choose
New Gradient Swatch. Enter a name for the gradient,
and select Radial or Linear for Type. Select a source for
the Stop Color. For example, choose Swatches for Stop

                                                                                          ADOBE INDESIGN CS PAGEMAKER EDITION 2
                                                                                     Design a high tech corporate identity like a pro

Designer tip: Be sure to zoom in on this layout to see its   InDesign CS tip: Save elements that you use repeatedly
details. For example, when you're zoomed out, there          across documents, such as graphics, logos, and even
appears to be a plaid pattern, which is actually tiny rows   guide sets, in an object library that can be accessed from
of type on vertical color stripes. Also, the actual print    any InDesign document and shared with colleagues and
layout is on the last two pages of the template. The first   clients. To create a library, choose File > New > Library,
few pages illustrate the main components in the piece.       enter a name and location, and click Save. A library
                                                             palette will appear in your window. To add items to the
Designer tip: Use superfine ultra white smooth 130 lb.
                                                             palette, select them on the page, and choose Add Item
double-thick cover for your paper stock.
                                                             from the Library palette menu. The Library palette is
InDesign CS tip: Use the standard Adobe Pen tool and         saved as a separate (.INDL) file, which you can hand off
other vector drawing tools to create a distinctive shape,    to other InDesign users. Access it by choosing File >
like the lyrical scroll-like shape used throughout this      Open, and double-clicking the filename.
collateral system. By copying that shape, scaling it to
different sizes, and even rotating it, Gee has created a
versatile object to carry through his designs.

Datasheet series

                                                             8.5" W x 11" H (US) or 210mm W x 148.5mm (A4 ISO), Offset
                                                             Litho, 200 lpi halftone screen.

                                                             Designer tip: The choice of a double-tipped arrow for
                                                             the company logo is intended to suggest both breadth
                                                             and depth, as well as worldwide or international aspira-
                                                             Designer tip: Use superfine ultra white eggshell 80 lb.
                                                             text for your paper stock.
                                                             InDesign CS tip: Add arrowheads to the start and end of
                                                             a line by using the Stroke palette. Choose Show Options
                                                             from the Stroke palette menu. Then select the
                                                             arrowhead style you want for Start and End. InDesign
                                                             sizes the arrowheads based on the stroke weight applied
                                                             to the path, but does not change the length of the line.

8.5" W x 11" H (US) or 210mm W x 297mm H (A4 ISO), Offset
Litho, 200 lpi halftone screen.                              Business card

Designer tip: Take a look at the annotated overview of
this layout with detailed comments by designer Earl Gee
on his use of color, type, and imagery to make a
coherent identity.
Designer tip: Use superfine ultra white smooth 100 lb.
cover for your paper stock.                                  3.5" W x 2" H (US), Offset Litho, 200 lpi halftone screen.

                                                                                                 ADOBE INDESIGN CS PAGEMAKER EDITION 3
                                                                                             Design a high tech corporate identity like a pro

Designer tip: Adding a diecut edge to a business card               Note card
makes it more dramatic and distinctive. However, if you
need to keep printing economical, try using the shape to
frame the contents of the card instead. In addition,
make the most of the back of the business card to
reinforce the corporate message and identity by
including a mission statement, a compelling note, or a
design element that extends the brand.
Designer tip: Use superfine ultra white smooth 130 lb.
double-thick cover for your paper stock.
InDesign CS tip: Get a better sense of what a design will
look like in print by hiding frame edges (choose View >
Hide Frame Edges) or by switching to Preview Mode
(click the Preview Mode button at the bottom of the

Mailing label

                                                                    5.5" W x 8.5" H, folds to 4.5" H x 5.75" W, 4-color, 2 sides,
                                                                    bleed + diecut.

                                                                    Designer tip: Use superfine ultra white smooth 100 lb.
                                                                    cover for your paper stock.
5" W x 4" W, Offset Litho, Kisscut 4-up on US Letter or A4 sheet.   InDesign CS tip: Quickly produce the striped effect on
                                                                    the back of the card by using the Step and Repeat
Designer tip: Use bright white Crack 'n Peel uncoated               command. Create a background element and fill it with
label for your print stock.                                         a solid color. Then draw and fill a rectangle to create the
                                                                    first stripe in your pattern. With the rectangle selected,
InDesign CS tip: Import paragraph styles from one
                                                                    choose Edit > Step and Repeat. Enter values for Repeat
document to another to ensure consistency, especially
                                                                    Count and Vertical and Horizontal Offset, and then
in collateral systems. Choose Load Paragraph Styles
                                                                    click OK.
from the Paragraph Styles palette menu. Locate the
InDesign document with the styles you want to use, and
click Open.

                                                                                    ADOBE INDESIGN CS PAGEMAKER EDITION 4
                                                                                Design a high tech corporate identity like a pro

Note card envelope                                          Inspiration: iAsiaWorks
                                                            A unique attention to detail
                                                            For designer Earl Gee, every design choice matters. No
                                                            element is merely decorative. It either contributes to
                                                            what the client wants to communicate, or it doesn't
                                                            belong on the page. Gee created his inspirational design
                                                            for a Web-hosting provider with an Asian focus. This
                                                            collateral system unites a classic Asian motif with an
                                                            integrated circuit to convey connection, integration,
                                                            and the linking of cultures through technology. The
                                                            pattern of circles derived from the logo represents a
                                                            giant door or gateway leading to Asia.
                                                            Even Gee's choice of color is deliberate, and serves a
                                                            stronger purpose than merely catching the eye. In
                                                            China, for example, red has layers of meaning: It's
                                                            considered Yang, a positive active male energy with
                                                            protective power and good luck. Gold suggests
                                                            prosperity. The marriage of these two colors communi-
                                                            cates a sense of confidence and power about this
5.75" W x 4.5" H, bleed.                                    business.

Designer tip: Use superfine ultra white eggshell 80 lb.
text for your paper stock.                                  About the designer
InDesign CS tip: Maintain your identity even in the         Established in 1990 by Earl Gee and Fani Chung, Gee +
small details, such as printing addresses on the front of   Chung Design is an award-winning multi-disciplinary
envelopes for a large mailing from your office. Just set    design firm creating identity and branding programs,
up an address template that positions that information      annual reports, marketing and sales collateral, product
just as you want it to appear on each envelope. Then        packaging, environmental design, and Web sites for
export the addresses you need from the spreadsheet or       clients including Apple Computer, the Federal Reserve
database where you store them as a comma-delimited          Bank, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Lucasfilm, Ltd., and
(CSV) or text (TXT) file, which you can import into the     Sony Electronics.
InDesign template using the new Data Merge palette          Gee + Chung Design
(available if you've installed the Adobe PageMaker          38 Bryant Street, Suite 100
Plug-in Pack). Use the data field information listed in     San Francisco, CA 94105
the Data Merge palette to tag where the address             (415) 543-1192
elements (name, title, company name, address, city,         www.geechungdesign.com
state, ZIP) will appear. Apply paragraph styles to format
the adddresses appropriately. Check the Preview Record
option to see how the data will look. Then choose
Create Merged Document to automatically generate a
multi-page file with appropriately formatted addresses.
Set the envelopes up in your printer, and print from


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