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					                                                                SP73236 - 'META' BUILDING MANAGERS REPORT COMPLETED ITEMS
                                                                                                                    COMPLETED ITEMS
Date:    01/05/2008-

ITEM #   ITEM NAME                 ISSUE                                                      DATE        REQUESTED     CONTACT   ACTION                                                              DATE        BUILDING                   EC & STRATA
                                                                                                          BY            NO.                                                                           COMPLETED   MANAGEMENT                 MANAGERS COMMENTS
1        Garbage Compactor         Elephant Foot came in to service compactor                 1-Aug-07    Service                 Routine service successful/ no further action                       8/1/2007
                                   (Quarterly service)
2        G303 complaint            Resident complained of strange sounds coming from          2-Aug-07    G303                    BM investigated and found the garbage chute was jammed              8/2/2007
                                   level 3 garbage room                                                                           because someone inserted a large object into the chute. BM
                                                                                                                                  rectified issue.
3        Lift Inspection           Liftronic met with security company to discuss             2-Aug-07    BM                      BM attended meeting                                                 8/2/2007
                                   synchronization of new security system with the lift
4        Garbage room cleanup      Full cleanup of Compactor and garbage room                 3-Aug-07    Carrington              Full cleanup conducted by On York Enterprise and BM                 8/3/2007

5        Alarm trigger             Alarm went off in Diesel room                              6-Aug-07    B609                    BM checked and reset the alarm (This is triggered when the          8/6/2007
                                                                                                                                  petrol in the diesel motor is low) BM informed AFT (service
                                                                                                                                  contractor) of this and they confirmed they would refill at the
                                                                                                                                  next monthly service.
6        Cleanup of Café storage Room allocated to the Café to be cleaned up                  7-Aug-07    EC                      BM arranged cleanup of the room to be handed over to the            8/7/2007
         room                                                                                                                     commercial tenant.
7        Goulburn St Entry Door This was an issue noted on the last report. Door was          8-Aug-07    G305 & G117             O'Brien came today to fix it                                        8/8/2007
                                not closing properly
8        Lift Service              Monthly service                                            9-Aug-07    Service                 Liftronic came to service the lift                                  8/9/2007

9        Vehicle obstruction       A tenant parked his vehicle in the middle of B2            11-Aug-07   G307                    BM went onsite but the tenant has already left the building         8/11/2007
                                   carpark, causing obstruction                                                                   and so the BM cannot trace the culprit
10       Orientation               Orientation for the window cleaners                        13-Aug-07   EC                      BM conducted orientation for the new window cleaners @ 6.30 8/13/2007           After hours 6.30pm
11       Security upgrade          New security system for the whole building                 Ongoing     EC                      BM advised this is now complete.                                    8/15/2007

12       Louvers Service           Commencement of louver service                             21-Aug-07   EC                      The louver windows have all been serviced except for B305.The 8/21/2007
                                                                                                                                  owner of B305 was unavailable on the nominated date so this
                                                                                                                                  unit will be done when the service company are next in the
13       Glass smoke door to       Glass door was reported as damaged by cleaners                         B609                    WF O'Brien inspected and advised that only the fire seal
         Brisbane St Level 1       vacuum cleaner.                                                                                around this door was damaged. BM replaced the fire seal

14       Door Vandalized           BM was informed by G305 at 7:30 pm that the door           22-Aug-07   G305 & G117             BM called a handyman to temporarily rectify the door until the      8/23/2007   After hours 7.30pm
         Goulburn Street           was vandalized.                                                                                next working day. On the next working day the BM called
         Entrance                                                                                                                 O'Brien's who fixed the door.

15       Public Toilet             BM was informed by the café owner that the lock on         25-Aug-07   G001 - Café             BM changed the lock with the help of Alex (On York                  8/25/2007   After hours Saturday 9am
                                   the public toilet had been vandalized                                                          Enterprise)
16       Carpet in Goulburn St     Carpet in entry foyer had lifted                           27-Apr-07   G302                    Carpet was re-affixed on 27/4/07 but lifted again so was            5/7/2007
         Foyer                                                                                                                    stretched and re-affixed on 7/5/07 by carpet contractor. BM
                                                                                                                                  will monitor this.
17       Goulburn St Name          Screws missing from Goulburn St name plaque                May         EC                      BM sourced and replaced these screws himself                        May
18       Clean Security room       Security room was untidy                                   May         EC                      BM arranged for the room to be tidied up.                           May

19       Garage door               Garage door continues to malfunction. This seems to        Ongoing     BM                      BM has now worked out the problem so does not need to call       8/27/2007      This is rectified but is
         malfunction               be a result of people covering the laser to keep the                                           Allgate when this occurs in future. It is only a problem when it                going to be an ongoing
                                   door open & the laser is then out of alignment.                                                is out of hours & the BM needs to come and realign the laser.                   issue.

20       Rubbish in Wemyss         It was reported by resident of B609 that there was         23-Aug-07   B609                    BM called Council - Robert Dudek on 24/8/07 & he advised that 8/24/2007
         Lane                      rubbish in Wemyss Lane                                                                         if garbage is in bags on the collection day it is not illegal
                                                                                                                                  (which was the case) however if rubbish is all over the laneway
                                                                                                                                  not in bags this is an issue. Laneway is now clean

21       Move-in of B601           Tenant moved into apartment via Brisbane St front          23-Aug-07   B609                    Tenant coordinated his move with the building manager.         8/23/2007
                                   entry. Resident of B609 reported that the movers                                               Tenant could not park his container in Wemyss Lane or on
                                   damaged the mirror frame in the Brisbane St foyer.                                             Goulburn St. Tenant has pre-arranged with Council to park it
                                                                                                                                  in Poplar St which runs perpendicular to Brisbane St & was out
                                                                                                                                  of the way of traffic. Tenant also had permission from Council
                                                                                                                                  to use a crane parked in Wemyss Lane to lift large items of
                                                                                                                                  furniture into his apartment. BM was on hand off and on
                                                                                                                                  during the day to monitor the move. However could not be
                                                                                                                                  there the entire time as the move took all day. Mirror was
                                                                                                                                  noted in previous inspections as being damaged.
22       Soundproofing             Council requested access to 601, 602, 609 to               23/08/07    B609                    Mr. Dudek from the council was given access to the units by    23/08/07
                                   implement sound proofing of the air-con motor                                                  residents
23       Rubbish in Wemyss         Resident of 609 reported to the BM that debris once        24/08/07    B609                    Council informed the resident of 609 that photo evidence is         23/08/07
         Lane                      again was found along Wemyss Lane                                                              required in order for the council to pursue the matter
24       Illegal parking in B1     Owner of 609 reported to the BM that on weekends,          18/8/7      B609                    BM went to see the owners of 607 who denied that their              18/8/7      After hours
                                   the guest of 607 parked in the no parking area in the                                          guests park in this area                                                        Saturday 3pm
                                   B2 carpark

25       Window cleaning           Half yearly window cleaning                                16-Jul-07   EC                      BM distributed leaflets to all the residents notifying them of the 28/8/7
                                                                                                                                  work commencing on the 20th (weather permitting). Due to
                                                                                                                                  wet weather cleaning did not commence until 21/8 & was then
                                                                                                                                  delayed due to further wet weather. Expected to be complete
                                                                                                                                  29/8/07, finished on 28/8/7
26       Illegal Parking           Owner of G105 called the BM at 7:30 pm to inform           27/8/7                              BM went onsite to address the issue and informed the guest of 27/8/7
                                   him that someone had parked illegally in her car                                               B205 to remove his illegally parked vehicle.

27       Rubbish in rubbish        Resident has moved out/ in and dumped a lot of             8/27/2007   BM                      BM reviewed video footage but could not determine who left          8/27/2007
         room                      rubbish in the rubbish room                                                                    this rubbish
28       Faulty doors              Owner of B609 reported that the doors of B609 and          29/8/7      B609                    Mr. Pak from DFT informed the owners that the doors were in         29/8/7
                                   B601 were not shutting properly.                                                               working condition and are fine
29       Level 3 Faulty Lights     Lights on level 3 were found to be faulty                  27/8/7      G 303                   BM removed all the lights individually till he found the faulty     27/8/7
                                                                                                                                  one and replaced the faulty bulb.
30       Security upgrade for      Liftronic working with security company to connect lift 16-Aug-07      Service                 Lift is now level specific.                                         8/27/2007
         Lift                      to new security system
31       G302 Faulty Aerial        The antennae fro 313 was reported to be faulty .        30/8/7         G302                    BM sent the antennae repairman who found and reported the           30/8/7
                                                                                                                                  defect to the resident who requested that the defect be left as
                                                                                                                                  it is. This was due to furniture requiring to be temporarily
                                                                                                                                  moved which the resident did not want done.
32       Security Camera           Installation of the security camera in the lift in         31/8/7      EC                      Liftronic and the security company installed the camera in the      31/8/7
         installation to lift      Goulburn street building                                                                       lift in the Goulburn Street building

33       Quote for carpark and     A 2nd Quote is needed for the cleaning of the garage 31/8/7            Lynette                 Challenger came and inspected the premise and prepared a            31/8/7
         carpet cleaning           and carpark                                                                                    quote which is going to be submitted directly to the SM


34       Fire Alarm B1             BM was informed by G307 at 4:30 pm that the alarm          9-Mar-07    G307                    BM reset the alarm and fully inspected the building                 3/9/07
                                   was triggered in both buildings (various calls

35       Sanitary disposal         Request for sanitary disposal to be installed in       11-Jul-07       EC                      Sanitary disposal unit installed in common property toilet          3/9/07
         quotation                 common property toilet
36       Garage Door issue         B609 owner is requesting the garage roller door be     9-Apr-07        B609                    BM pass this information the EC                                     4/9/07
                                   replaced with a 'commercial door' as it is causing
                                   accidents. Owner of B609 is claiming a piece of wire
                                   from the garage roller door hit the resident of B102
                                   close to his eye. Neither the resident of B609 or the
                                   resident B102 remember exactly when this incident
                                   occurred but believe it was early 2007. Owner of B609
                                   is claiming the garage door should be a "commercial
                                   gate" instead of a domestic gate because it is causing
37       Fridge Dumped in B2       BM discovered a dumped fridge in the B2 carpark.       5-Sep-07        BM                      BM checked the camera footage and discovered that it was            5/9/2007
         carpark                                                                                                                  dumped by the resident of 503B when they moved out. All
                                                                                                                                  information was passed to the Strata Manager to follow up.

38       Private cleaners tried to 2 private cleaners were trapped inside the carpark         6-Sep-07    BM                      BM told the cleaners that they are not authorized to access the 6/9/2007
         force the gate of B1      and tried to get out by pushing the gates open-BM                                              carpark, and that the residents who contracted them should
         carpark                   discovered them                                                                                not be allowing them entry to the carpark. They should be
                                                                                                                                  parking on the street.
39       Owner of G313 was         Owner of G313 called the BM because she was                8-Sep-07    G313                    BM went onsite and explained to her that the old security key   8/9/2007        After hours
         locked out of the         locked out of the carpark                                                                      is obsolete, and that she has to use the new keys.                              Saturday 9am

40       Removal boxes             Resident of B107 called BM requesting that he assist       8-Sep-07    B107                    BM advised resident that this is not a BM responsibility but that 8/9/2007      After hours
         belonging to B107 left    her in moving her removalist boxes into her unit                                               the BM could put her in contact with a removalist who could                     Saturday 11am
         in the B2 carpark                                                                                                        assist her. Resident was happy with this.

41       Water seepage in          Ongoing ground water seepage from the base of the          2-Sep-07    EC                      BM inspected the work requested by builder to ensure it was         8/9/2007    After hours
         security room             wall in the security room                                                                      carried out properly. EC member Russell Lee also inspected                      Saturday 8.30am
                                                                                                                                  and confirmed it was satisfactory.

42       Request by G117 owner     Owner of G117 asked to review the security camera     11-Sep-07        G117                    Camera footage was reviewed & the culprit found. G117 owner 11/9/2007
         to review camera          footage with BM has his newspapers are being taken                                             will follow this issue up himself.
         footage                   by another resident.
43       Cleaning of Chandelier    How to clean and who will clean the chandelier in the 11-Sep-07        EC                      Building Manager confirmed that the cleaners are cleaning the       9/11/2007
                                   Goulburn St foyer                                                                              chandelier on a weekly basis & will continue to do this.
44       Damaged garbage           BM discovered the issue during a routine inspection, it 12-Sep-07      BM                      BM called Elephants Foot to arrange for the chute repair on         9/12/2007
         chute (level 1)           was attributed to a missing pin in the door chute                                              the 12th. An appointment was made on the 14th. They came
                                                                                                                                  and repaired the chute.

45       Email Inquiry             Owner of 609 issued an email inquiring about the           13-Sep-07   B609                    BM called owner of B609 and explained that individual air con       9/13/2007
                                   colour of the lights as well as the service price and                                          units are the owners' responsibility and the service of air-vents
                                   frequency re: Aircon units /motors                                                             in the building is on a scheduled basis, the company
                                                                                                                                  contracted for the job is called Quill. He also indicated that
                                                                                                                                  some lights are undergoing a replacement process which was
                                                                                                                                  highlighted in the most recent EC meeting

46       Noise complaint           Owner of B609 complained of noise emanating from           14-Sep-07   B609                    BM went to investigate the source of the noise and couldn’t         9/14/2007
                                   601 or the roof.                                                                               find any evidence to sustain the allegations. Re: noise from
                                                                                                                                  601, BM indicated that the resident from 601 has been
                                                                                                                                  overseas for the past month.
47       Plumbing Service          This is being re-tendered.                                 7/16/2007   Anton                   Anton confirmed via email 14/9 that Mr. Water Plumbing has          9/14/2007
         Contract                                                                                                                 been appointed & will be contacting the BM ASAP for service

48       Timber floor              Timber floor to be replaced in lift foyer of level 5 & 6   7/11/2007   EC                      BM arranged a quotation & sent this to Anton 11/7/07.         9/11/2007          Completed
         replacement L5 & 6                                                                                                       Subsequently Department of Fair Trading inspector was shown                     Monitor flooring
                                                                                                                                  the floors by the owner of B609 and advised that he would not
                                                                                                                                  classify anything he saw as a defect. It was discussed at EC
                                                                                                                                  meeting 11/9 that this would be monitored
49       Holes in door in car      An investigation was requested by the owner of B609        31/8/7      B609                    BM looked into this but could not attribute blame to anyone as 9/11/2007
         park                      with regards to 2 holes in the door of the spare room                                          the camera does not have any footage of the movement in that
                                   resulting from the previous lock change.                                                       area.

50       Pest control              Amalgamated pest control have contacted BM to            9/5/2007      Service                 Anton Peetz advised 14/9 that work order has been issued to         9/14/2007
                                   advise that the common property routine quarterly                                              amalgamated & BM is to allow access and ensure notices are
                                   cockroach treatment is due at a cost of $495.00.                                               displayed in the building 7 days prior to treatment
                                   Amalgamated also advised that if meta is
                                   experiencing a rodent problem as stated in Marcella
                                   Nelson-Aebi's email dated 27/8/07, they can
                                   supply/install tamper resistant rodent stations to these
                                   areas as required, at a cost of $44.00 per station.

51       Metal flapping on roof    A piece of metal was reported to be flapping on the        6-Sep-08    BM                      This was repaired by BM & Handyman, however it was during           9/6/2007
                                   meta roof.                                                                                     the APEC summit & police helicopters & police cars arrived
                                                                                                                                  onsite to find out what they were doing on the roof. This was
                                                                                                                                  explained by the BM & the roofing repaired.
52       Noise complaint           Owner of 609 complained of noise emanating from            14-Sep-07                           BM went to investigate the source of the noise and couldn’t         9/15/2007
                                   601 or the roof.                                                                               find any evidence to sustain the allegations. Re: noise from
                                                                                                                                  601, BM indicated that the resident from 601 has been
                                                                                                                                  overseas for the past month.
53       Garbage chute             Pin is missing                                             14-Sep-07                           Elephant's foot came onsite to replace the pin and the problem 9/17/2007
                                                                                                                                  was solved

54       Fire maintenance          Scheduled maintenance                                      17-Sep-07                           Aft came down to conduct the scheduled maintenance                  9/17/2007

55       Oil spill in B1 carpark   Resident of 302 reported about an oil spill on the lot     18-Sep-07   302                     BM went to investigate the complaint and liaised with the           9/18/2007                              Completed
                                   of 303                                                                                         resident of 303 and informed her to clean up her car space

                                                              SP73236 - 'META' BUILDING MANAGERS REPORT COMPLETED ITEMS
                                                                                                                         COMPLETED ITEMS
Date:    01/05/2008-

ITEM #   ITEM NAME                 ISSUE                                                      DATE            REQUESTED    CONTACT   ACTION                                                             DATE             BUILDING                      EC & STRATA
                                                                                                              BY           NO.                                                                          COMPLETED        MANAGEMENT                    MANAGERS COMMENTS
56       Water leak in shop        Owner of the frame shop complained of water                18-Sep-07                              BM tried to get in contact with 116 to investigate on the 18/9     9/19/2007
         space                     leakage into his unit from the air-con above his                                                  but there was no one home. 19/9 BM went to the frame shop
57       Oil spill in B1 carpark   premise.
                                   Owner of 302 informed the BM that she has banned           19-Sep-07       302                    BM relayed thereported that the leak has of 302 to the owner
                                                                                                                                     but the owner message from the owner stopped.                      9/19/2007
                                   the vehicle responsible for the oil spill from the lot                                            of 303
58       Noise complaint           Owner of 609 complained of alleged noise coming            19-Sep-07       609                    BM was invited by the resident of 601 to inspect the unit and      9/19/2007
                                   from the unit 601                                                                                 couldn’t find any supporting evidence of the source of the
                                                                                                                                     alleged noise. B.M informed Beverly( the owner of 609) about
                                                                                                                                     his findings
59       Lift lights               Lift coloured lights have been vandalized and part of      Ongoing         Various                Electrician has confirmed he has received the strip lights and     9/17/2007
                                   the strips have been pulled down                                           owners                 will install them on 14/9/07

60       Car illegally parked in   609 was illegally parked in B1 and a complaint was         24-Sep-07       302G                   No action was taken because she was parked on the night of         9/24/2007
         B1 carpark                raised.                                                                                           the 21/09/07
61       Rubbish in B1 carpark     A anonymous owner dumped a mattress and a                  25-Sep-07       B.M                    The Building Manager instructed the cleaners to remove the    9/24/2007
                                   washing machine in B1 carpark                                                                     items from the B1 carpark and also check the cameras and talk
62       Hole in the wall of the   A big hole appeared on the wall of the third floor B       26-Sep-07       B.M                    The Owner ofresponsible agree to the owner then took the wall on going
                                                                                                                                     to the owner 306 B was ( 203B ) pay for the repair of the                           Painters start work on the
         third floor B                                                                                                                                                                                                   wall on 27/10/07
63       Pest control              Building pest control                                      27-Sep-07       B.M                    Amalgamate pest control was on site for the 6 month routine        9/27/2007
                                                                                                                                     pest control including all the balconies
64       Building Antenna          307G Owner raised a complaint about his television         28-Sep-07       B.M                    Building Manager called Mr. Antenna who was able to located        9/28/2007
                                   reception hi his apartment                                                                        the problem in the raiser of the Building

65       Garage door               Garage door malfunction. This seems to be the laser 1-Oct-07                                      BM went to investigate the complaint and was able to located       10/1/2007
         malfunction               is out of alignment.                                                                              the problem and fixed .
66       Garage Sensors            Garage door malfunction. This seems to be the laser 2-Oct-07               307                    BM went to investigate the complaint and was able to located       10/2/2007
                                   is out of alignment.                                                                              the problem and fixed .
67       Garage Door               Garage door malfunction. This seems to be the laser 8-Oct-07               303                    the BM came to the building and realign the laser.                 8-Oct-07         After Hours
         malfunction on            is out of alignment.
68       Water leak in shop        Pipe was leaking water into the frame shop                 9-Oct-07        B.M                    BM met the Aircon tech @ 7am to investigate the problem.115        15-Oct-07
         space                                                                                                                       was found to have a faulty air-con. B.M has to contact the
                                                                                                                                     owner of this unit

69       After Hours Building      A Company of Building Manager sent by a Member of          11-Oct-07       Strata                 After BM showed the Building and all the facilities he said he     11-Oct-07
         Manager Quoting           EC came to the building to quote for after hours call                      Manager                would send his report and quote Lynnette member of EC as
                                                                                                                                     she had requested it.
70       Hot water supply cut      Residents called the BM at 7:30 am to inform him that 14-Oct-07            Various                BM went to site to assess the problem and also met a plumber       10/16/2007       BM left the building at
                                   there was no hot water in the building                                     Residents              from MR. Plumber. The malfunction was caused by one of the                          11 am
                                                                                                                                     valves. It was agreed to cut one boiler and leave the second
                                                                                                                                     running to service the building for the next 24 hours till the
                                                                                                                                     spare part could be obtained. Mr. water replace the faulty
                                                                                                                                     valve and hot water back to normal

71       Moving in through the     Resident of Brisbane Building called to complain that 12-Oct-07            Various                BM was not able to get to the building at the time.                14-Oct-07
         Brisbane St entry         the new tenant of B609 was moving in through the       15-Oct-07           Residents                                                                                 15-Oct-07
                                   main entry door instead of carpark as stipulated by EC

72       Lift Curtain Missing      One piece of the lift curtain (Mirror Cover) went 12-Oct-07                BM                     B.M checked the building camera angled at the lift at the time       15-Oct-07      COMPLETED
                                   missing between 10 am 12-Oct-07 and 8 am 13-Oct- 13-Oct-07                                        the mirror cover went missing but it was impossible to                              Curtain was left in the
                                   07.                                                                                               determinate because the angle of the camera was covering                            Garbage shute level 6 on
                                                                                                                                     footage in the opposite direction                                                   18/10/07
73       News Paper Missing        Owner of G117 reported his newspaper that is               15-Oct-07       G117                   Camera footage was reviewed & it is believed it was not being      15-Oct-07
                                   delivered daily has not been received                                                             delivered.

74        Garbage chute Blocked A large item ( compact disc player ) was put inside           16-Oct-07       Cleaners               The BM with the help of Alex ( Cleaning Company ) removed            16-Oct-07
         (level 3)              the garbage chute                                                                                    the item from inside the chute
75       Mr. Water initial regular SM sent a new company to carry out the buildings           17-Oct-07       BM                     Mr. Water attended the building & carried out the service            17-Oct-07
         services                  regular plumbing service
76       Brisbane enter lift out   Lift at the entrance of Brisbane st was out services for 18-Oct-07         605                    BM call Liftronic they were in to the building within 35 minutes     18-Oct-07
         of service                45 minutes                                                                                        and the lift service was restored to normal. The issue was an
                                                                                                                                     electrical problem.
77       Push bikes stolen         Resident of B505 advised the BM that her bike had          22-Oct-07       505                    BM checked the footage on the security camera and provided           22-Oct-07
                                   been stolen from her storage cage in the carpark (G)                                              the police with the footage for their investigation

78       Water Meter Reading       609 request BM to provide access to the Water meter        23-Oct-07       609                    BM advised the resident that he does not hold the key to             23-Oct-07
                                   room                                                                                              access to Water Meter room. Sydney Water access this meter
                                                                                                                                     themselves via Wemyss Lane. Sydney Water did not leave a
                                                                                                                                     calling card in the BM's mail box as the BM instructed.

79       609 Complaint against     Owner of unit 609 sent a list of complaints to the BM      25-Oct-07       B609                   The BM informed the SM and called the cleaning company's             25-Oct-07
         the Cleaners              in relation to the Cleaner and general issues                                                     supervisor to arrange a meeting. Cleaners agreed to buy a
                                                                                                                                     trolley to load recycling refuse from crates on each level into.

80       Broken Louvers at B605 SM requested BM to inspect the louvers in unit B605           26-Nov-07       B605                   BM inspected the louvers & arranged for them to be repaired        31-Oct-07
                                as they had been reported as not working
81       Large Object on           A box of Old Video Cassette was deposit inside the         30-Oct-07       Cleaners               BM with the help of Alex removed the item. There is a sign in        30-Oct-07
         Garbage Chute level 1     Garbage Chute on level 1                                                                          every garbage room advising residents not to put large objects
                                                                                                                                     down the chutes.
82       Water running into        Water was reported to be running into apartment            8/20/2007       G313                                                                                      Completed

83       Council Disapproval       Owner of B609 has advised that the new storage             18/8/7          B609                   BM advised the owner of the café who will bring it up with the EC to advise BM After Hours
                                   room allocated to the café is not approved by Council                                             Meta EC. This was discussed at EC meeting 11/9/07. BM          on this
                                   & that she would report this to Council.                                                          awaiting Instructions from EC on this issue.

84       Security upgrade          Final Inspection of the new security system by the         30/8/7                                 The strata manager, EC, BM & security company inspected the 10/31/2007
                                   Meta EC                                                                                           security system installation. It was noted that some damage
                                                                                                                                     has occurred to the manhole. The security company has now
                                                                                                                                     repaired all damage to building at their cost

85       Roof drain pipe           Resident of G401 reported to the BM that the ceiling       9/1/2007        G401                   BM inspected roof & found a blocked down pipe. A handyman 10/31/2007                Completed
         blockage                  inside his unit is wet                                                                            was sent to unblock the pipe. Internal damage assessed &
                                                                                                                                     reported to SM. Repair undertaken & apartment returned to its
                                                                                                                                     previous condition
86       Repair to building        Window cleaners found some drummie render on the           9/1/2007        Window                 The builder was contacted & a detailed inspection was         10/16/2007            Completed
         render                    Brisbane St building slab edges facing Wemyss Lane.                        Cleaner/               undertaken with the removal of any loose render carried out.
87       People Moving in/out of We are still having problems with residents not       Ongoing                Various                BM supervises moving in & out of residents when he is made         BM continue to
         Meta                    notifying the BM when they are moving in / out of the                        owners                 aware of moving dates & times. BM ensures lift curtains are in     monitor
                                 building.                                                                                           place when he is notified of residents moving.

88       Damaged manhole L6        Manhole on L6 in new building is damaged & hinge           9/11/2007       EC                     Hinge repaired & damage rectified                                  10/31/2007
                                   broken. This was raised at EC meeting 11/9/07
89       Damaged Corridor walls Resident of B306 is responsible for damaging the              9/12/2007       BM                     BM called SM for further instructions and after talking to the     Completed        This is an ongoing issue.
                                walls along the corridor in front of his unit with his                                               owner of B306, he has agreed to bear the repair costs. BM will                      The resident has again
                                motorized scooter.                                                                                   organize repair of walls                                                            damaged the walls &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         another repair is required.

90       Goulburn L3 Light         BM received an email from G302 regarding light             12/09/2007      G302                   Email was responded too                                            10/25/2007
         replacement               replacement on level 3 Goulburn St building                 25/10/07

91       G307 & G304 - window      Owner of G307 & G307 reported that their apartment         3-Oct-07                               Carrington staff member inspected the windows & concluded          10/30/2007
         seals                     is very noisy on the Brisbane St side of the building.                                            the seals to the windows are damaged. B&W windows to call
                                                                                                                                     owner & arrange a time to inspect & rectify the seals

92       Request by Strata         Strata Manager has requested a copy of all keys to         10/31/2007      Strata                 BM organizing for keys to be cut. All keys given to SM             11/2/2007
         Manager for all keys to   the building that the BM holds.                                            Manager
93       Goulburn L1 Light         Light and fitting missing next to the elevator on level    11-Sep-07       G117                   BM replaced the light fitting at no cost to the building           11/1/2007
         replacement               1Goulburn St
94       Level of Noise            Tenant of 504B Complained to BM about the level of         5-Nov-07                               BM went to Unit 404 & the tenant agreed to keep the noise          11/6/2007
                                   noise come from Unit 404B                                                                         down.
95       Garbage Rooms             Cleaner let the BM know that some residents put food 9-Nov-07                                     BM put a notice on all garbage rooms letting the resident know 11/9/2007
                                   in recycles bins                                                                                  that recycle bin are only for cartoons and glass
96       Public Toilet             The owner of 609 requested a key from the BM for          12-Nov-07        B609                   The BM advise her to forward her request to the SM                 12-Nov-07
                                   the public toilet to do her make-up before work also
                                   she ask for the mirror to be located higher up the wall
                                   because she thinks it's to low
97       Lift Mirror Broken        A resident accidentally broke the glass panel in lift the 4-Oct-07                                The glass panel has been replaced by Liftronic.                    16-Nov-07
                                   Goulburn street lift
98       Bath leak                 SM inform the BM that there was a complaint from           13-Nov-07                              This is not a common property issue. A routine inspection of all 11/13/2007
                                   the tenant of Unit B606 in relation's a leaking bath.                                             the meta baths in October was carried out by the builders who
                                                                                                                                     picked up that there was some water beneath the bath in
                                                                                                                                     B606. The surrounds of the bath are to be resealed and the
                                                                                                                                     water removed.
99       Break in Cleaners Room Cleaners Room has been broken into. Vacuum and                19-Nov-07                              BM called police & a report has been issued to the cleaning      11/19/2007
                                cleaning accessories stolen                                                                          company for future insurance claim
100      Brisbane entry lift is out Lift at the entrance of Brisbane st was out line in B1,   22-Nov-07                              BM called Liftronic who rectified the problem                      11/22/2007
         of alignment.              G floor
101      Intruders in Diesel       BM was alerted by a resident at approximately 4pm          26-Nov-07                              BM called cleaners to clean up water in the carpark. Mr. Water 11/26/2007           After Hours - 4 hours
         Room                      that there was a large water leak in the level b1                                                 (plumbing service) and AFT fire services were also called to
                                   Basement. BM located the source of the leak was                                                   return the service to normal & check all services were
                                   from the Diesel room. On inspecting the room it was                                               operating. BM left the Building at 9.45pm
                                   found that intruders had been trespassing in the
                                   Diesel room and caused damaged to the pipes and
                                   the emergency water system.
102      Roof drain pipe           Water was reported to be leaking into apartments           27-Nov-07                              BM inspected roof & found a blocked down pipe. A handyman          11/27/2007
         blockage                  G302, G303                                                                                        was sent to unblock the pipe.Mr Water was call to investigated
                                                                                                                                     and reported to SM.

103      TV Reception              SM informed the BM that there was a complaint from         28-Nov-07                              BM cal Mr. Antenna to rectify the problem and issue a report to 11/28/2007
                                   the tenants in relation to the TV reception in various                                            EC
104      Diesel Door               Door to Diesel room needed to be reinforce d to            29-Nov-07                              BM call a handyman to reinforce the diesel room door               11/29/2007
         reinforcement             prevent future intruders.
105      Hallway lights            Replacing hallway lights with an LED that will give off    March           BM                     Level 1 & Level 3 - complete                                       11/23/2007
                                   less heat & draw less power. At no cost to meta.

106      Wall damage               Damage on the door of 306B                                     9/21/2007                          Painter was not completing the job as his previous invoices had    20/11/07         Painters & owner have
                                                                                                                                     not been paid by the owner of B306. This has apparently been                        been in discussions.
                                                                                                                                     resolved now & the painter should complete the works by                             Owner agreed to pay.
                                                                                                                                     10/11/07                                                                            Painter has commence
107      Front Door Damaged        The fire seal at the base of the front door to 304G is     23-Nov-07                              BM called fire door specialist who will rectify the problem.       1/23/2008
         G304                      damaged                                                                                           Owner notified it is booked in for repair 23/1/08
108      Cleaners Room Break-in Cleaning company advised that their store room has            03-Dec-07       Cleaners               BM checked the footage on the security camera however the          03-Dec-07
                                been broken into                                                                                     camera does not cover the area the cleaners room is located
                                                                                                                                     in. SM has been inform
109      Building Antenna          A number of residents complained that their TV             6-Dec-07        Various                BM informed the SM and SM gave approval for a work order to 12-Dec-07
                                   reception is poor or non existence for some channels.                      Residents              be issued to MR. Antenna to repair and report the problem
                                                                                                                                     directly to SM

110      Pest control              Amalgamated pest control have contacted BM to              10-Dec-07       BM                      BM sent a letter to all residents and placed notices on display 18-Dec-07
                                   advise that the common property routine quarterly                                                 in the building 7 days prior to treatment. Treatment carried out
                                   cockroach treatment is due on 18 Dec                                                              on 18/12

111      Garage Sensors            Garage door malfunction. This seems to be the laser        13-Dec-07       Various                BM went to investigate the complaint and fixed the problem.        13-Dec-07
                                   is out of alignment.                                                       Residents

                                                                SP73236 - 'META' BUILDING MANAGERS REPORT
                                                                                                     PENDING ITEMS
Date: 15/04/08 - 30/04/08

ITEM ITEM NAME                  ISSUE                                                    DATE          REQUESTED   CONTACT NO. ACTION                                                              STATUS           BUILDING            EC & STRATA        ESTIMATED
#                                                                                                      BY                                                                                                           MANAGEMENT          MANAGERS           COMPLETION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    COMMENTS            COMMENTS           DATE
1    Damaged Mirror             Frame of mirror in Brisbane St Foyer is damaged.         7/2/2007      EC                     This mirror was further damaged by the fire brigade in the         Awaiting go        BM awaiting go                         3/31/2008
                                                                                                                              removal of the galss panel from level 6. This will now be repaired ahead by           ahead from
                                                                                                                              under insurance.                                                   insurer after      insurer
                                                                                                                                                                                                 glass is

2    Steam clean CP carpets     Steam clean carpets in all common property corridors & 8/24/2007       EC                     BM arranged quotation from On York Enterprises this was sent         Awaiting EC      Quotation for dry                      Awaiting EC
                                foyers                                                                                        directly to Strata Manager Anton. Anton or EC to advise BM if this Instructions       clean sent to SM.                      instructions
                                                                                                                              work is to be undertaken. At EC meeting on 11/9 BM was
                                                                                                                              instructed to obtain quotations for a dry clean rather than a steam
                                                                                                                              clean. However several companies BM has spoken too have
                                                                                                                              advised that it is not recommended as it is really just a cosmetic
                                                                                                                              fix, apparently it does not extract dirt & leaves a lot of detergent
                                                                                                                              residue. BM was instructed that it is a process used more on clean
                                                                                                                              carpets to fluff up the carpet pile.

3    Steam clean carpark        Steam clean concrete in all basement car parks           8/24/2007     EC                     BM arranged quotation from On York Enterprises this was sent       Awaiting EC        Quotation for                          Awaiting EC
                                                                                                                              directly to Strata Manager Anton. Anton or EC to advise BM if this Instructions       cleaning without                       instructions
                                                                                                                              work is to be undertaken                                                              water sent to SM

4    Mechanical Ventilation     This is being re-tendered.                               7/16/2007     Anton                  Anton sent contractor to Meta to tender. BM showed him around        Pending action                                          Awaiting EC
     Service Contract                                                                                                         Meta. Contractor will send quotation directly to Anton.              by EC / Strata                                          instructions

5    Floor to commercial        Quotation for commercial garbage holding room flooring 9/11/2007       EC                     BM forwarded quotations to SM to concrete the holding room           Awaiting EC                          EC/SM Sent            Awaiting EC
     garbage holding room       to be obtained.                                                                               floor on 19/10/07                                                    Instructions                                               instructions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        to Solicitor for

6    Light Fitting for Brisbane A request from EC to arrange a quote to replace the      11-Sep-07                            BM gave SM a sample of the light fitting and prices for EC           Awaiting                                                Awaiting EC
     st Lobby                   stolen light fittings in all foyers of the Brisbane St                                        consideration. The original light fitting has been discontinued so   instructions                                            instructions
                                building                                                                                      the quotation is to replace all existing fittings and the stolen     from SM & EC

7    Work on Vent Fan           Upgrade carpark exhaust ventilation system               24-Oct-07     Builders               Quill started working on the ventilation system in carpark without Awaiting EC                             In Solicitors     Awaiting EC
                                                                                                                              Carrington's knowledge or EC consent. EC instructed work to        Instructions                           hands.             instructions
                                                                                                                              cease. Formal response has been sought from EC for upgrade
8    A quote for service on   SM request to BM to get a new company's to services        29-Oct-07     SM                     A quotation from JCS Doors and Openers sent to SM                  Awaiting                               Pending            Awaiting EC
     the gates sensor forward the gates at carpark entrance                                                                                                                                      instructions                           discussions.       instructions
     to SM                                                                                                                                                                                       from SM & EC



Description: Handyman Invoices document sample