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					ORG ID                                     CompanyName                             City
1008250   City of Anniston, Alabama                                      Anniston
1008250   City of Springdale, AR                                         Springdale
1008250   City of Avondale, Arizona                                      Avondale
1008250   Cochise County Planning Department                             Bisbee
1008250   City of Chandler                                               Chandler
1008250   City of El Mirage Community Development Department             El Mirage
1008250   City of Eloy                                                   Eloy
1008250   City of Glendale Code Compliance Department                    Glendale
1008250   Lake Havasu City                                               Lake Havasu City
1008250   City of Maricopa                                               Maricopa
1008250   City of Mesa                                                   Mesa
1008250   City of Phoenix, Neighborhood Services                         Phoenix
1008250   Town of Queen Creek                                            Queen Creek
1008250   City of Winslow                                                Winslow
1008250   Town of Youngtown                                              Youngtown
1008250   City of Alameda Code Enforcement Department                    Alameda
1008250   City of American Canyon                                        American Canyon
1008250   City of Anderson - Government Jurisdiction                     Anderson
1008250   Placer County Building Department                              Auburn
1008250   Placer County Redevelopment Agency                             Auburn
1008250   County of Kern (Code Compliance Division)                      Bakersfield
1008250   Kern County District Attorney's Office, Real Estate Fraud UN   Bakersfield
1008250   City of Baldwin Park                                           Baldwin Park
1008250   City of Banning                                                Banning
1008250   City of Belmont                                                Belmont
1008250   City of Blythe Building Department                             Blythe
1008250   City of Buena Park                                             Buena Park
1008250   City of Burbank, Licence & Code Services                       Burbank
1008250   Ceres Dept. of Public Safety - Code Enforcement Division       Ceres
1008250   City of Chico                                                  Chico
1008250   City of Chula Vista                                            Chula Vista
1008250   City of Claremont                                              Claremont
1008250   City of Corona                                                 Corona
1008250   City of Corona #2                                              Corona
1008250   City of Covina                                                 Covena
1008250   Del Norte County Code Enforcement                              Crescent City
1008250   City of Duarte                                                 Duarte
1008250   City of Dublin                                                 Dublin
1008250   East Palo Alto Police Department                               East Palo Alto
1008250   City of El Centro                                              El Centro
1008250   City of Fairfield, Community Resources                         Fairfield
1008250   City of Folsom Code Enforcement Division                       Folsom
1008250   City of Fremont                                                Fremont
1008250   Garden Grove Police Department Code Unit                       Garden Grove
1008250   City of Gilroy                                                 Gilroy
1008250   City of Gilroy #2                                              Gilroy
1008250   Glendora Police Department                                        Glendora
1008250   City of Hawthorne                                                 Hawthorne
1008250   City of Hercules, CA                                              Hercules
1008250   City of Hollister                                                 Hollister
1008250   San Benito County Building & Planning Code Enforcement Division   Hollister
1008250   City of Huntington Beach                                          Huntington Beach
1008250   City of Huntington Park Police Department                         Huntington Park
1008250   City of Imperial                                                  Imperial
1008250   Indio Police Department                                           Indio
1008250   City of Lake Forest                                               Lake Forest
1008250   City of Lancaster - Code Enforcement                              Lancaster
1008250   City of Lodi Police Department                                    Lodi
1008250   City of Lompoc, Public Works                                      Lompoc
1008250   City of Los Alamitos                                              Los Alamitos
1008250   Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety                     Los Angeles
1008250   City of Madera                                                    Madera
1008250   City of Manteca/Police Dept. - Code Enforcement                   Manteca
1008250   City of Milpitas                                                  Milpitas
1008250   City of Montclair                                                 Montclair
1008250   City of Morgan Hill                                               Morgan Hill
1008250   Murrieta Police Dept. / Code Enforcement Unit                     Murrieta
1008250   City of Norwalk (California)                                      Norwalk
1008250   City of Pacifica (Government Agency)                              Pacifica
1008250   City of Palmdale                                                  Palmdale
1008250   City of Patterson                                                 Patterson
1008250   City of Petaluma                                                  Petaluma
1008250   City of Pittsburg Police Department                               Pittsburg
1008250   El Dorado County                                                  Placerville
1008250   City of Pleasanton                                                Pleasanton
1008250   City of Port Hueneme                                              Port Hueneme
1008250   City of Porterville - Fire Department                             Porterville
1008250   City of Rancho Mirage, Code Compliance Division                   Rancho Mirage
1008250   City of Rancho Mirage                                             Rancho Morage
1008250   City of Red Bluff                                                 Red Bluff
1008250   City of Red Bluff Ca.                                             Red Bluff
1008250   City of Redding Code Enforcement Division                         Redding
1008250   County of San Mateo                                               Redwood City
1008250   City of Rialto Code Enforcement                                   Rialto
1008250   City of Riverbank                                                 Riverbank
1008250   United States Secret Service - Riverside Resident Office          Riverside
1008250   City of Rosemead                                                  Rosemead
1008250   City of Roseville                                                 Roseville
1008250   City of Sacramento                                                Sacramento
1008250   Sacramento County Code Enforcement                                Sacramento
1008250   Monterey County Building Services Department                      Salinas
1008250   City of San Bruno                                                 San Bruno
1008250   City of San Clemente                                              San Clemente
1008250   City of San Jose Code Enforcement                   San Jose
1008250   Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office       San Jose
1008250   City of San Juan Capistrano                         San Juan Capistrano
1008250   City of San Leandro                                 San Leandro
1008250   City of San Rafael                                  San Rafael
1008250   City of Sanger - Code Enforcement                   Sanger
1008250   Sanger Fire Department / Code Enforcement           Sanger
1008250   City of Santa Monica (Building & Safety Division)   Santa Monica
1008250   City of Santa Rosa, CA                              Santa Rosa
1008250   City of Santee                                      Santee
1008250   City of Selma                                       Selma
1008250   City of Simi Valley                                 Simi Valley
1008250   City of Soledad                                     Soledad
1008250   City of Soledad #2                                  Soledad
1008250   South San Fransisco Fire Department                 South San Fransisco
1008250   City of Stockton                                    Stockton
1008250   USA Help, Inc.                                      Temecula
1008250   City of Union City                                  Union City
1008250   City of Vacaville                                   Vacaville
1008250   City of Vallejo                                     Vallejo
1008250   City of Ventura - Code Enforcement                  Ventura
1008250   County of Ventura Resource Management               Ventura
1008250   Ventura County District Attorney                    Ventura
1008250   City of Willits, California                         Willits
1008250   County of Glenn                                     Willows
1008250   City of Woodland, California                        Woodland
1008250   Yolo County Planning & Public Works                 Woodland
1008250   City of Ansonia Fair Housing Office                 Ansonia
1008250   City of Ansonia                                     Ansonia
1008250   Town of Avon                                        Avon
1008250   Town of Bethel                                      Bethel
1008250   Town of Canton                                      Collinsville
1008250   Town of Cromwell                                    Cromwell
1008250   Town of Glastonbury, CT                             Glastonbury
1008250   Town of Granby                                      Granby
1008250   City of Meriden Housing Division                    Meriden
1008250   Town of Middlebury                                  Middlebury
1008250   Nutmeg Financial Holdings, LLC                      Naugatuck
1008250   Town of North Stonington                            North Stonington
1008250   Town of Putnam                                      Putnam
1008250   Town of Ridgefield, CT, Town Clerk's Office         Ridgefield
1008250   Town of Tolland                                     Tolland
1008250   Torrington Fire Marshal Office                      Torrington
1008250   Waterbury Development Corporation                   Waterbury
1008250   Belleair Police Department                          Belleair
1008250   City of Bradenton Code Enforcement                  Bradenton
1008250   City of Cape Coral                                  Cape Coral
1008250   City of Crestview                                                      Crestview
1008250   Okaloosa County Board of County Commisioners                           Crestview
1008250   Town of Davie                                                          Davie
1008250   City of Deltona Enforcement Services                                   Deltona
1008250   City of Edgewater                                                      Edgewater
1008250   City of Eustis                                                         Eustis
1008250   City of Fort Lauderdale Building Department                            Fort Lauderdale
1008250   St. Lucie Co. BOCC - County Attorney's Office                          Fort Pierce
1008250   Clay County Board of County Commissioners, Code Enforcement Division   Green Cove Springs
1008250   City of Jacksonville Beach                                             Jacksonville Beach
1008250   City of Maitland                                                       Maitland
1008250   Town of Malabar                                                        Malabar
1008250   Collier Community Government, Code Enforcement                         Naples
1008250   City of Ocoee                                                          Ocoee
1008250   Neighborhood Improvement Division, City of Ormond Beach                Ormond Beach
1008250   City of Palm Coast - Code Enforcement                                  Palm Coast
1008250   City of Rockledge                                                      Rockledge
1008250   Seminole County Sheriff's Office                                       Sanford
1008250   City of Sarasota                                                       Sarasota
1008250   St. Johns County Code Enforcement Division                             St. Augustine
1008250   HUD/OIG                                                                Tampa
1008250   Hillsborough County Citizens Boards Support                            Tampa
1008250   Okaloosa County Board of County Commisioners                           Walton Beach
1008250   City of West Palm Beach, Florida                                       West Palm Beach
1008250   Palm Beach County, Planning, Zoning & Building                         West Palm Beach
1008250   Housing & Urban Development - OIG - Investigations                     Atlanta
1008250   City of Lawrenceville, Georgia                                         Lawrenceville
1008250   City of Macon Economic and Community Development Department            Macon
1008250   Chatham County Building Safety and Regulatory Services                 Savannah
1008250   City of Smyrna, GA                                                     Smyrna
1008250   Snellville Police Department                                           Snellville
1008250   City of Marion                                                         Marion
1008250   West Des Moines Police Department                                      West Des Moines
1008250   City of Champaign                                                      Champaign
1008250   Business and Professional People for the Public Interest               Chicago
1008250   Chicago Deputy Commissioner                                            Chicago
1008250   City of Chicago                                                        Chicago
1008250   City of Chicago 14th Ward                                              Chicago
1008250   City of Chicago Ward 38                                                Chicago
1008250   Legislative Reference Bureau                                           Chicago
1008250   City of Danville, IL                                                   Danville
1008250   Flossmoor Police Department                                            Flossmoor
1008250   Village of Forest Park                                                 Forest Park
1008250   Village of Hanover Park IL                                             Hanover Park
1008250   Village of Lombard                                                     Lombard
1008250   Village of Midlothian                                                  Midlothian
1008250   Village of Mount Prospect                                              Mount Prospect
1008250   City of Naperville                                                          Naperville
1008250   Village of North Brook                                                      North Brook
1008250   Village of North Riverside                                                  North Riverside
1008250   The Village of Orland Park, Illinois                                        Orland Park
1008250   Village of Schaumburg                                                       Schaumburg
1008250   Village of Skokie                                                           Skokie
1008250   Village of South Elgin                                                      South Elgin
1008250   City of Woodstock                                                           Woodstock
1008250   The City of Elkhart                                                         Elkhart
1008250   City of Merriam                                                             Merriam
1008250   IRS - Criminal Investigation (Kansas City)                                  Overland Park
1008250   City of Salina Neighborhood Services                                        Salina
1008250   City of New Orleans Office of Code Enforcement                              New Orleans
1008250   City of Boston Inspectional Services Dept.                                  Boston
1008250   City of Somerville                                                          Somerville
1008250   City of Worchester                                                          Worchester
1008250   City of Worchester - Division of Neighborhoods & Housing Development        Worchester
1008250   Baltimore Housing Code Enforcement                                          Baltimore
1008250   City of Brunswick                                                           Brunswick
1008250   Town of Colmar Manor Police                                                 Colmar Manor
1008250   Town of Hurlock                                                             Hurlock
1008250   Montgomery County Government Department of Housing and Commu                Rockville
1008250   Montgomery County Govt. Housing Code Enforcement                            Rockville
1008250   City of Taneytown                                                           Taneytown
1008250   Town of Thurmont - Thurmont Police Department                               Thurmont
1008250   Town of Walkersville                                                        Walkersville
1008250   City of Westminister                                                        Westminister
1008250   Detroit Office of Forclosure Prevention & Response                          Detriot
1008250   Community Legal Resources (Detroit Vacant Property Campaign)                Detroit
1008250   Building and Safety Engineering Department, Property Maintenance Division   Detroit
1008250   City of Ferndale                                                            Ferndale
1008250   City of Fraser, Building and Code Enforcement                               Fraser
1008250   City of Lathrup Village, MI                                                 Lathrup Village
1008250   City of Rochester Hills                                                     Rochester Hills
1008250   Oakfield Township                                                           Rockford
1008250   City of Roseville (MI)                                                      Roseville
1008250   City of Southfield                                                          Southfield
1008250   City of Trenton                                                             Trenton
1008250   City of Troy Michigan                                                       Troy
1008250   City of Westland                                                            Westland
1008250   City of Anoka                                                               Anoka
1008250   City of Buffalo                                                             Buffalo
1008250   City of Chaska                                                              Chaska
1008250   City of Eagan                                                               Eagan
1008250   City of Foley                                                               Foley
1008250   City of Northfield                                                          Northfield
1008250   City of Shoreview                                                           Shoreview
1008250   City of Belton                                                Belton
1008250   St. Louis County Government                                   Clayton
1008250   City of St. Charles                                           St. Charles
1008250   City of Wildwood                                              Wildwood
1008250   City of Gulfport                                              Gulfport
1008250   City of Ridgeland Community Development Department            Ridgeland
1008250   Town of Pelham                                                Pelham
1008250   City of Las Vegas                                             Las Vegas
1008250   Douglas County Code Enforcement                               Minden
1008250   North Las Vegas Fire Department - Code Enforcement Division   North Las Vegas
1008250   City of Sparks                                                Sparks
1008250   New York State Police Special Investigations Unit             Binghamton
1008250   Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency                                Jamestown
1008250   United Attorneys Office, Southern District of New York        New York
1008250   City of Avon Lake, Ohio                                       Avon Lake
1008250   City of Beavercreek                                           Beavercreek
1008250   City of Bedford, Building Department                          Bedford
1008250   City of Bedford Heights                                       Bedford Heights
1008250   City of Berea, Ohio                                           Berea
1008250   City of Blue Ash                                              Blue Ash
1008250   City of Canton                                                Canton
1008250   City of Canton Building Department/Code Enforcement           Canton
1008250   City of Bellevue, Kentucky                                    Cincinnati
1008250   Springfield Township, Hamilton County, Ohio                   Cincinnati
1008250   Cleveland City Council                                        Cleveland
1008250   Cleveland Ohio - Old Brooklyn Community Development           Cleveland
1008250   Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland            Cleveland
1008250   Slavic Village Development                                    Cleveland
1008250   Urban Development Law Clinic                                  Cleveland
1008250   Detroit Shoreway Community Development Orgaization            Cleveland
1008250   Cudell Improvement, Inc. / Midwest Housing Partnership        Cleveland
1008250   City of Cleveland Heights                                     Cleveland Heights
1008250   City of Columbus                                              Columbus
1008250   City of Columbus, Code Enforcement                            Columbus
1008250   Franklin County                                               Columbus
1008250   Franklin County Municipal Court                               Columbus
1008250   City of Dayton                                                Dayton
1008250   City of Oakwood                                               Dayton
1008250   City of Englewood                                             Englewood
1008250   City of Euclid                                                Euclid
1008250   City of Fairborn                                              Fairborn
1008250   Lake Township                                                 Hartville
1008250   City of Independence Building Department                      Independence
1008250   City of Kent                                                  Kent
1008250   City of Kettering (Ohio)                                      Kettering
1008250   City of Lakewood, OH                                          Lakewood
1008250   City of Maple Heights                                         Maple Heights
1008250   City of Massillon, Ohio                                       Massillon
1008250   City of Miamisburg                                            Miamisburg
1008250   City of Middletown                                            Middletown
1008250   City of Parma                                                 Parma
1008250   Ravenna Township Township Zoning Department                   Ravenna
1008250   Village of Russells Point                                     Russells Point
1008250   City of Sandusky Law Dept.                                    Sandusky
1008250   City of Shaker Heights                                        Shaker Heights
1008250   City of Shaker Heights 1                                      Shaker Heights
1008250   City of South Euclid, Ohio                                    South Euclid
1008250   City of Springfield, Ohio Code Enforcement Division           Springfield
1008250   City of Trotwood                                              Trotwood
1008250   City of Twinsburg Gov't Center                                Twinsburg
1008250   City of Youngstown Community Development Agency               Youngstown
1008250   City of Edmond                                                Edmond
1008250   City of Glenpool                                              Glenpool
1008250   City of Salem, Community Development Dept, Compliance Sect.   Salem
1008250   East Hempfield Township                                       Landisville
1008250   Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation               Philadelphia
1008250   Knox County Office of Neighborhoods & Code Enforcement        Knoxville
1008250   City of Portland                                              Portland
1008250   City of Arlington                                             Arlington
1008250   City of Celina                                                Celina
1008250   City of Corinth                                               Corinth
1008250   City of Dallas                                                Dallas
1008250   City of Dallas Housing Department                             Dallas
1008250   City of Denton (Code Enforcement)                             Denton
1008250   City of Farmers Branch                                        Farmers Branch
1008250   Town of Flower Mound                                          Flower Mound
1008250   City of Frisco Texas                                          Frisco
1008250   City of Garland Code Compliance Department                    Garland
1008250   City of Heath                                                 Heath
1008250   City of Kaufman, Texas                                        Kaufman
1008250   City of McKinney                                              McKinney
1008250   City of Mesquite                                              Mesquite
1008250   City of Plano - Property Standards Department                 Plano
1008250   City of Red Oak, TX                                           Red Oak
1008250   City of Rockwall                                              Rockwall
1008250   City of Rowlett Code Enforcement                              Rowlett
1008250   U.S. Marshals Service                                         San Antonio
1008250   City of The Colony                                            The Colony
1008250   City of University Park Community Development Dept.           University Park
1008250   Fairfax County Enhanced Code Enforcement Strike Team          Fairfax
1008250   Office of the County Attorney                                 Fairfax
1008250   City of Bay Village / Building Department                     Bay Village
1008250   City of Bellevue Code Compliance                              Bellevue
1008250   City of Bothell                                               Bothell
1008250   City of Bremerton Code Enforcement                Bremerton
1008250   Everett Police Department Code Enforcement Unit   Everett
1008250   City of Vancouver, Washington                     Vancouver
1008250   City of Menasha Police Department                 Menasha
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AL       15-Oct-09
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AZ      25-Aug-09
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AZ       16-Sep-09
AZ       09-Jun-09
AZ       14-Oct-09
AZ      27-May-09
AZ        20-Jul-09
AZ      05-Aug-09
AZ      02-Nov-09
AZ        21-Jul-09
CA        07-Jul-09
CA       25-Jun-09
CA      08-May-09
CA      27-May-09
CA      08-May-09
CA      07-May-09
CA      09-Nov-09
CA      22-Dec-08
CA       24-Jun-09
CA      08-May-09
CA      07-May-09
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CA       01-Oct-09
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CA      12-May-09
CA      10-Dec-08
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CA    03-Jun-09
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CA   08-May-09
CA   18-May-09
CA   27-May-09
CA   07-May-09
CA    03-Jun-09
CA   18-May-09
CA   07-May-09
CA   06-May-09
CA   26-Nov-08
CA   05-May-09
CA   08-May-09
CA    02-Apr-09
CA    09-Jun-09
CA   13-May-09
CA    16-Sep-09
CA   11-May-09
CA   14-May-09
CA   13-May-09
CA   06-May-09
CA   06-May-09
CA   11-Aug-09
CA   06-May-09
CA   18-May-09
CA   06-May-09
CA   07-May-09
CA   08-May-09
CA   14-Aug-09
CA   14-May-09
CA   15-Dec-08
CA    11-Sep-09
CA   07-May-09
CA    03-Jun-09
CA    07-Oct-09
CA   18-May-09
CA   15-May-09
CA   20-May-09
CA    02-Jun-09
CA   07-May-09
CA   21-May-09
CA   14-Aug-09
CT    18-Jun-09
CT   16-Nov-09
CT    01-Oct-09
CT    05-Oct-09
CT    05-Oct-09
CT    27-Oct-09
CT    16-Oct-09
CT    22-Oct-09
CT    29-Oct-09
CT    07-Oct-09
CT    02-Oct-09
CT   02-Nov-09
CT    16-Oct-09
CT   06-Nov-09
CT    23-Oct-09
CT    30-Oct-09
CT    01-Oct-09
FL   17-Nov-09
FL    09-Sep-09
FL    09-Sep-09
FL    01-Sep-09
FL    16-Sep-09
FL     24-Jul-09
FL    20-Oct-09
FL     23-Jul-09
FL    09-Jun-09
FL    26-Jun-09
FL   13-Nov-09
FL   27-Aug-09
FL    14-Oct-09
FL   17-Nov-09
FL   04-Nov-09
FL    05-Jun-09
FL    04-Sep-09
FL     29-Jul-09
FL   03-Nov-09
FL   16-Nov-09
FL    20-Oct-09
FL     09-Jul-09
FL     30-Jul-09
FL    07-Oct-09
FL    13-Oct-09
FL    16-Sep-09
FL    22-Jun-09
FL   05-Aug-09
GA    30-Oct-09
GA    25-Sep-09
GA    03-Sep-09
GA   09-Nov-09
GA    14-Oct-09
GA    01-Oct-09
IA   10-Nov-09
IA   16-Nov-09
IL   07-Aug-09
IL     30-Jul-09
IL   28-Aug-09
IL   03-Aug-09
IL     31-Jul-09
IL     31-Jul-09
IL     24-Jul-09
IL     01-Jul-09
IL   05-Aug-09
IL   29-May-09
IL     20-Jul-09
IL     17-Jul-09
IL    08-Oct-09
IL    14-Oct-09
IL    02-Oct-09
IL    05-Oct-09
IL    09-Jun-09
IL    02-Oct-09
IL     20-Jul-09
IL    13-Oct-09
IL   28-May-09
IL    08-Sep-09
IN   17-Nov-09
KS   01-Dec-09
KS    16-Oct-09
KS   19-Nov-09
LA   04-Nov-09
MA    27-Jan-09
MA    23-Sep-09
MA    15-Jun-09
MA    15-Jun-09
MD    10-Jun-09
MD     15-Jul-09
MD     01-Jul-09
MD     02-Jul-09
MD     15-Jul-09
MD   30-Mar-09
MD     24-Jul-09
MD     07-Jul-09
MD     02-Jul-09
MD     02-Jul-09
MI   18-Aug-09
MI    05-Jun-09
MI   06-Nov-09
MI    22-Jun-09
MI   27-Mar-09
MI   22-May-09
MI   19-Nov-09
MI   04-Nov-09
MI   16-Nov-09
MI   16-Nov-09
MI    21-Sep-09
MI   29-May-09
MI    30-Oct-09
MN   11-Aug-09
MN   04-Aug-09
MN    08-Jun-09
MN     20-Jul-09
MN     10-Jul-09
MN   10-Aug-09
MN     09-Jul-09
MO    14-Oct-09
MO     16-Jul-09
MO    13-Oct-09
MO   17-Nov-09
MS   05-Nov-09
MS    30-Oct-09
NH    29-Jun-09
NV    30-Apr-09
NV   07-May-09
NV   06-May-09
NV   08-May-09
NY    12-Jun-09
NY     15-Jul-09
NY   02-May-09
OH    22-Jun-09
OH     17-Jul-09
OH     07-Jul-09
OH   31-Aug-09
OH    12-Jun-09
OH   14-Aug-09
OH    12-Jun-09
OH    12-Jun-09
OH    04-Jun-09
OH    10-Jun-09
OH     20-Jul-09
OH    11-Jun-09
OH    10-Jun-09
OH    28-Sep-09
OH    29-Oct-09
OH    30-Oct-09
OH    30-Oct-09
OH   07-Aug-09
OH   27-Aug-09
OH   20-Aug-09
OH   20-Aug-09
OH   14-Aug-09
OH    20-Oct-05
OH   27-May-09
OH   14-Aug-09
OH   26-May-09
OH   27-May-09
OH   26-May-09
OH    12-Jun-09
OH   26-May-09
OH    02-Sep-09
OH    22-Oct-09
OH   14-May-09
OH   06-May-09
OH   31-Aug-09
OH    18-Jun-09
OH   06-Aug-09
OH   06-Aug-09
OH   26-May-09
OH    02-Sep-09
OH     07-Jul-09
OH     31-Jul-09
OH    18-Jun-09
OH    09-Sep-09
OH    22-Jun-09
OH   29-May-09
OH   26-May-09
OK    20-Oct-09
OK    13-Oct-09
OR     27-Jul-09
PA   13-Nov-09
PA    17-Jun-09
TN    08-Jun-09
TN   14-Aug-09
TX    17-Sep-09
TX    18-Sep-09
TX    19-Oct-09
TX    25-Sep-09
TX   20-Nov-09
TX   20-Nov-09
TX     30-Jul-09
TX    13-Oct-09
TX   22-May-09
TX    22-Sep-09
TX    18-Sep-09
TX   11-Aug-09
TX    02-Oct-09
TX     16-Jul-09
TX    17-Sep-09
TX    21-Oct-09
TX    21-Sep-09
TX    18-Sep-09
TX    14-Oct-09
TX    19-Oct-09
TX    14-Oct-09
VA   12-Aug-09
VA     24-Jul-09
WA     27-Jul-09
WA     24-Jul-09
WA     27-Jul-09
WA    22-Jul-09
WA   15-Oct-09
WA   12-Aug-09
WI   15-Oct-09

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