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                    Delta Employees Credit Union Gives Back $8 Million to Members

ATLANTA, GA. (January 10, 2005)—Members of Delta Employees Credit Union got an unexpected
surprise when they opened their year-end financial statements this month. The $2.5 billion dollar Atlanta-
based credit union paid its 165,000 members more than $8 million in savings dividend bonuses and loan
interest refunds as part of its effort to share its financial success. These bonus dollars were in addition to
the $40 million paid to members in regular savings dividends in 2004.

“The credit union was able to give this money back to members because it operates in a fiscally
conservative manner for the benefit of its members. Sharing the credit union’s financial success with
members is important to the staff and board of directors of Delta Employees Credit Union,” said
President/CEO Richard K. Foley. “It is one of the major differences between credit unions and other
financial institutions,“ Foley added.

Savers received a bonus dividend amounting to 10% additional payment of calendar 2004 dividends paid. A
member earning $1,000 in dividends for the year received an additional $100. (Savings account must have
been an active account on December 31, 2004.) Borrowers were rewarded with a 5% interest refund on the
loan interest they paid in 2004. If a member paid $1,000 in interest during the year, he or she received a $50
refund. (Loans delinquent more than 30 days and charged-off loans were not included in the interest refund.)

Since credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, they typically return earnings back to members in the
form of lower loan rates, higher deposit rates and lower fees. Other credit unions have made bonus
dividend payments and some have given interest refunds, but Delta Employees Credit Union may be the
first to do both simultaneously in the same year. Earlier in the year, Delta Employees Credit Union offered
members a 90-day deferral from car payments. (Finance charges continued to accrue and the loan maturity
dates were extended.)

Delta Employees Credit Union is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has branches in Cincinnati, Dallas,
Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. The credit union has over 165,000 members with more than $2.5 billion in
assets. Delta Employees Credit Union primarily serves the Employees, families and retirees of Delta Air
Lines and its subsidiaries and a select group of other companies. The credit union has been awarded the
highest rating for safety and soundness by both state and federal regulators.


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