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									  October, 2003
  Second Quarter, FY 04                       Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline
  Issue #1                                           Newsletter

                              The Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline is housed at the Rape Victim Advocacy Program in Iowa City.
  Issue Highlights:

  • Free background
                              Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline 101
    check packets             The Iowa Sexual Abuse                              While the ISAH is located at       cost, to anyone in a position
    from the ISAH             Hotline (ISAH) began                               the Rape Victim Advocacy           to help others.
    pg. 2                     services to the state of                           Program office in Iowa City,
                                                                                                                    The ISAH has a new
                              Iowa on April 1, 1999.                             we serve the entire state of
  • Rural Areas are                                                                                                 coordinator as of August
                                                                                 Iowa, concentrating on
    not immune                The ISAH is a 24-hour                                                                 2003. Tara Wood
                                                                                 Iowans in smaller
    from sexual               hotline staffed by trained                                                            graduated from Iowa State
                                                                                 communities and rural
    assault                   Rape Victim Advocacy                                                                  University with a Bachelor’s
    pg. 2                                                                        areas, and underserved
                              Program advocates who                                                                 Degree in Journalism and
                                                                                 populations who do not
                              provide crisis counseling,                                                            Mass Communications.
  • What is the                                                                  have ready access to
                              support, information and                                                              She worked for six years as
    Volunteer                                                                    sexual assault victim
                              referrals to callers from                                                             a volunteer, part-time
    Coordinators’                                                                services.
                              areas not immediately                                                                 advocate and, most
    Resource Group
    (and why you              served by other agencies or                        Advocates on the ISAH use          recently, as the Training
    should get                who, for reasons of                                the Iowa Sexual Abuse              and Volunteer Coordinator
    involved)                 confidentiality, wish to use                       Hotline Resource Guide for         at the Assault Care Center
    pg. 3                     the state hotline.                                 referral information.              Extending Shelter (ACCESS)
                                                                                 Information in this                and Support in Ames, Iowa.
                              The hotline has two TTY
                                                                                 publication includes
                              machines so that the line is                                                          Tara will combine her
                                                                                 contact numbers for victim
                              accessible through TTY                                                                professional experience as
                                                                                 service agencies, law
                              during business hours,                                                                an advocate with her
                                                                                 enforcement, DHS and
                              Monday – Friday,                                                                      education in public
                                                                                 hospitals in each County in
                              9 a.m. – 5 p.m.                                                                       relations to bring the ISAH
                                                                                 Iowa. The Resource Guide
                              1.800.284.7821                                                                        to those who need it.
                                                                                 is available, at minimal
More in this Issue:
                                                                                     Rape Victim Advocacy Program
Background Checks         2                                                                 Reported Rapes
                                                                                    13 year Comparison: FY90-FY03
Recruiting Volunteers     3

 Service Requests         4                                     300                                                               261
                                                                250                                                 226 233 234         233
                                              Number of Rapes

                                                                                               148 145 155 155
                                                                150              115 120 124
                                                                       88   85


























                                                                                                   Fiscal Year
                                                                                               July 1st-June 30th

                                                                      *Includes calls on the ISAH from FY99 to FY03
                                   Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline                                             Page 2 of 4

                                  Responsible Background Checks
                                  Recently, the discussion of      Abuse and Sex Offender         would be $13 to $15.00
                                  background checks for            Registries. However, Iowa      each. Some a gencies, with
                                  volunteers, staff and board      lacks the legislation          just the employee or
                                  members was brought to           necessary to give centers      volunteer’s full name and
                                  the attention of domestic        such as ours access to the     date of birth, are doing their
                                  and sexual violence              Dependent Adult Abuse          own free back ground
                                  centers. Every project           Registry. Also, Iowa does      checks using
                                  needs to conduct thorough        not have a law that would
                                  criminal checks on any           authorize the FBI to provide   These individuals must
                                  advocate providing direct        background checks for          keep in mind that,
                                  service to victim/survivors.     domestic/sexual violence       depending on the county,
                                                                   advocacy agencies.             the records on Iowa Courts
                                  Checking the criminal                                           Online can be missing or
                                  background of employees          Currently, in light of these   incomplete. Currently, the
                                  and volunteers is                challenges, a thorough         web site does not record
                                  imperative not only from a       background check would         deferred judgments that
                                  liability standpoint, but from   include separate forms for     have been completed, and
                                  an ethical standpoint. The       each advocate sent to the      all records are purged
        The Iowa Coalition        movement to end violence         Department of Criminal         periodically.
   Against Sexual Assault         against women needs to           Investigation (DCI), the
     is addressing Iowa’s         ensure that                      Central Abuse Registry at      The Iowa Sexual Abuse
       need for a law that        victim/survivors are not put     Iowa Department of Human       Hotline has packets
     authorizes the FBI to        in further jeopardy by           Services (Child Abuse          containing the forms
         conduct criminal         accessing our services.          Registry), and your local      necessary to conduct
   background checks for                                           Sheriff's Office (Sex          background checks. To
      non-criminal justice        The most thorough                Offender Registry).            have a packet sent to your
               licensing or       background check would                                          project, call Tara at
   employment in its next         include a national check         The registry information is    319.335.6015 or e-mail
       legislative agenda.        with the Federal Bureau of       free, while DCI checks for
                                  Investigation (FBI), along       volunteers not
                                  with separate request            compensated in any way
                                  forms sent to the Child          are $5.00 each. The cost
                                  Abuse, Dependent Adult           for DCI checks on staff

                                  Sexual Assault in Rural Iowa
                                  Not only do people               reported sexual assaults       police. These victims may
Iowa is one of several states     assume there is less             in order to glean an idea      fear retaliation, care about
     classified by the Violence   sexual assault in rural          of their prevalence in rural   the perpetrator on some
     Against Women Office as      Iowa, many rural Iowans          Iowa is unwise, as a           level, or blame themselves
  “rural.” They define “rural”                                                                    for the assault. Also, the
                                  themselves feel that             majority of rural rape
         as “a State that has a
                                  sexual assault does not          victims choose not to          myth is that sexual assault
  population density of 52 or
    fewer persons per square      exist in or near their small     report. Several factors        consists of a stranger
  mile or a State in which the    town. This belief may            exist to deter rural victims   jumping out of the bushes
      largest county has fewer    exist because oft en the         from speaking out.             at night. The reality is that
 than 150,000 people based        only sexual offenses we                                         over 80% of sexual assaults
           on census figures.”    hear about are the ones          “Everyone knows                are often perpetrated by an
  – Rural Womyn Zone, 2002                                         everyone.” Historically,       acquaintance or loved one
                                  that, after being reported
                                  to the police, end up in the     victims of acquaintance        who uses the victim’s trust
                                  news paper.                      rape are much less likely      as an opportunity.
                                                                   than survivors of stranger
                                                                                                            Continued onpage 4
                                  Relying on numbers of            rape to report the crime to
Page 3 of 4                                   Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline

            Volunteer Coordinators’ Resource Group
Recruitment was the topic       volunteers for a rural                   by the victimization
of the last Volunteer           community, half of their                 of loved ones to
Coordinator’s Resource          volunteers are community                 attend training         The Volunteer
Group meeting, which was        members, i.e. non-college                when they’re ready.     Coordinators’ Resource
hosted by the Domestic and      students, who are the most                                       Group is a professional
                                                                The Resource Center also         network of volunteer
Sexual Abuse Resource           difficult group to recruit.
                                                                announces training and           coordinators for domestic
Center in Decorah.
                                Some methods the                volunteer opportunities          violence and sexual
The Domestic and Sexual         Resource Center uses to         during every community and       assault programs across
Abuse Resource Center           recruit the elusive             school presentation. They        the state of Iowa.
serves Clayton, Fayette,        community member                currently teach their entire
Howard and Winneshiek           include:                        advocate training as part of     The next meeting will be
Counties. They are also one                                     a sociology course for a         co-hosted by ACCESS and
                                    1. Looking for retired                                       the ISAH in Ames on
of three projects covering                                      local college.
                                       groups or clubs,                                          November 21st. The topic
Allamakee County.
                                       such as RSVP and         Another idea shared during       is Funding.
Their group of 45 volunteers           go talk to them IN       the meeting was finding
answer the 24-hour crisis              PERSON.                  “insiders” to do your            Contact Tara at
line, which is forwarded to                                     recruitment for you. This        319.335.6001 or
                                    2. Trying Direct                                    for more
their homes or a digital cell                                   can mean cultivating a
                                       Recruitment – call                                        information.
phone.                                                          relationship with a
                                       or approach people
                                                                professor, faith coalition
The Decorah Project is an              that you know have
                                                                member, etc. or it can mean
excellent model for                    time and would be
                                                                capitalizing on a current
successful recruitment                 good at it.
                                                                relationship your project has
methods. Besides having
                                    3. Inviting people who      with an organization’s
such a large pool of
                                       have been affected       representative .

Volunteer Recruitment on the Web
Using the internet to recruit   organization and business       recruitment. Also have an       “58% of computer users
volunteers is effective,        has a list of contacts, as      immediate next step             have searched online for
easy, and (best of all) free.   well as College or University   planned out for people who      information related to
                                departments. Call and ask       call or e-mail (e.g. schedule
One effective way to recruit                                                                    volunteering.”
                                if you can e -mail the person   a face to face meeting).
on the web for agencies on                                                            
                                in charge of the list serve     Respond within 24 hours to
a budget is by using
                                an announcement of your         avoid hard feelings about After
                                upcoming training along         your program on the part of
becoming a member, a
                                with descriptions of            potential supporters.           Check out these web sites for
volunteer coordinator can
                                volunteer opportunities.                                        more information on volunteer
post available volunteer                                        While using the internet to
                                It’s a little work with a big                                   recruitment:
positions. Those looking to                                     recruit new volunteers is a
                                reward!                                                              
get involved in some form                                       great way to help build a            
of service simply enter their   According to                    successful program, it               
zip code and scroll through, those        cannot take the place of             
a list of organizations in      new to this form of             the tools being used                 
their area who are              recruitment should have         successfully already.                (click on “Volunteer
advertising on the site.        well-defined descriptions of    Presentations, ads, flyers           Management” under
                                an available opportunity        and word of mouth are still          “Program Management”)
Another successful web tool
                                before beginning online         essential.
is e-mail list serves. Every
                               Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline                                                Page 4 of 4
                                Sexual Assault in Rural Iowa
  Iowa Sexual Abuse             Continued from pg. 2            victim to forget about it and   shared some successful
       Hotline                                                  move on. The unspoken           endeavors of rural
                                 “Is this confidential?”
                                                                code in many rural              providers. Some are:
                                Though medical and
                                                                communities encourages
   320 S. Linn Street           counseling services for                                         1. Have a trained sexual
                                                                keeping personal problems
  Iowa City, IA 52240           rape victims are                                                assault advocate available.
                                confidential, the victims
                                                                                                2. Utilize federal grants to
        PHONE:                  may still have concerns         While these obstacles may
                                                                                                train police and medical
     319.335.6001               about people finding out.       seem overwhelming, rural
                                                                                                personnel in sexual assault
                                Someone may see his/her         communities have several
                                                                                                investigations and exams.
         FAX:                   car parked at the hospital      opportunities for reaching
     319.335.6057               or rape crisis center and       out to victim/survivors. In     3. Create service provider
                                start asking questions.         “Unspoken Crimes: Sexual        alliances or groups.
                                Also, the victim may be         Assault in Rural America,”
        E-MAIL:                                                                                 4. Raise awareness,
                                reluctant to work with          the National Sexual                                                                              educate and reach out.
                                doctors, counselors or law      Violence Resource Center
                                enforcement who are
    COORDINATOR:                acquainted with the            Incidents of sexual abuse in rural counties served by RVAP
      Tara Wood                 perpetrator.                   County          Adult Sexual     Adolescent/    Total
                                                                               Abuse            Child Sexual
                                “Don’t worry about it.”                                         Abuse
                                Most victims turn first to     Cedar/Iowa                  7               2                 9
                                their family or friends for
                                                               Washington                 19               7             26
                                help. Many times, these
                                loved ones advise the                                                                  FY 03

                                Service Requests
                                This year has been a time       The Iowa Sexual Abuse           Abuse Hotline Coordinator
  We’re on the Web!             of change for many sexual       Hotline exists to help          at or
        See us at:              assault projects. While         address those needs, such       319.335.6015 if there is a           some may be adding              as professio nal trainings      city or rural community,
                                counties to their service       and presentations in areas      inside or outside of your
                                areas, others may be losing     where there is an unmet         service area, in need of
                                crucial funding for outreach    demand.                         education or training.
                                and development.
                                                                Contact the Iowa Sexual

    320 S. Linn Street
   Iowa City, IA 52240

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