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					August 2010
 Time based lab operation management
 Sample based lab operation management
 Lab data access management
 Access authentication and booking control
Things to Consider:
 Business Model: Account based or facility based charging scheme
 Reporting option: Bookings vs Usages
 Invoicing Option: Bookings vs Usages
 One hour block booking or ½ hour block booking
 Email address as login name or any as login name
Login Home Page:
 Login
 Reactivation (for Access)
 Registration (Either online reg form or
  link to your own reg page or doc)

 Contact Us email is used for :
    General inquiry
    Reactivation
    Online registration
Online Registration:
 6 stages:
    User data entry
    School/Org selection or entry
    Supervisor selection or entry
    User photo upload (optional)
    Account entry (optional)
    Confirmation and submission
List of Functions:
 Major functions:
    User Resources
    Make Bookings
    View Bookings
    Facility Status
    Report Manager
    Invoice Manager
    User Profile
    Track Samples
    Staff Resources
    System Settings
Information at Top bar:
 Login User Name
 Generic Group
 Training Records
 Booking Restrictions
 Online Help
 Logout
User Resources:
 Accessing shared data files (FTP configuration)
 Accessing sample reports
 Accessing invoice statements
 Accessing staff-only documents (yet to implement)
 Accessing course materials (yet to implement)
 Reporting incidents (underway)
 Request supports (underway)
Make Bookings:
 Weekly bookings with the selected facility
 Daily bookings with the selected facility
 Session bookings with the selected facility
 Daily booking for all facilities (staff only)
 Training bookings (staff only)
 Service bookings (staff only)
 Commercial bookings (staff only)

 Booking permission IAW user training certificates (records)
 Booking email reminder
 Booking all (staff only)
 Booking email notice for each booking action
View Bookings:
 View monthly booking calendar against facility
 View my monthly bookings
Facility Status:
 Show the current (at this very moment) facility booking status and
  facility login status
 Staff can access the full view of both
Report Manager:
    Usage Data Report (If system is configured in usage report option):
       Usage Provide monthly facility booking/usage per user
       Provide monthly facility booking/usage per facility
       Provide monthly facility booking/usage per school/org

    User can view his own booking/usage
    Supervisor can his own group booking/usage

    Pulling Data Report by period:
       Provide facility booking/usage per facility over the selected period
       Provide monthly facility booking/usage per school/org over the
          selected period

    Batch Data Report (Plug-In):
       Run the full monthly report (both booking and usage) at one go
       Sort the report in orders of many options
User Profile:
  You can:
      Register user data manually
      Register user data through user online submission
      Step 1: Upon receiving registration email notice, the
       respective staff will organize the required meet-up and
       training, etc
      Step 2: Staff in charge (administration staff) will decide
       whether to approve the online submission or discard
      Step 3: Upon the successful registration, system will send
       out the email notice to the respective user
      Edit user accounts, certificates, etc.

  Only system admin and data admin can change user details
  User can only see their own data and change password
User Profile:
  Search Users by Supervisors
      Open to all staff and supervisors

  Search New Users
      Handy tool to collect information about the number of
       new user registration during a period of time
Track Samples:
 Staff only
 Handle sample jobs with multiple groups under one roof
 Sample based operation
 Pre-requisite: sample types, sample analysis or process method
 Capable of producing sample job log report, invoicing, upload sample
  analysis reports, etc
Broadcast Messages:
 Create your own signature, system will attach your
  signature automatically for each message
 Broadcast short messages to all user groups
  (generic) or certificate groups
 Generate the entire user email list so that staff can
  make use of local email client program to send out
  any emails with attachments
 Active user list is dynamically changing with new
  registration, deactivation, etc.
Data Logbook Manager:
 If system is configured in usage tracking:
    Edit the incorrect login/logout data caused by
     unexpected data error
    Auto-fix to those incorrect logs
    Only system administrator can delete the log record

 If system is configured in booking tracking:
    Edit booking records for past two months, starting from
     the day before
Training Manager:
 Manage training certificates and trainers
     Trainers:
        Register trainers for each facility
     Certificates:
       Define certificate structures

       Register each certificate per facility including
        title, contents, groups, etc.

 Without certificates, users can not book the facility, but
  this is subject to the training certificate setting in
  Facility Manager
 Staff do not require certificates
Account Manager:
 Register user account information and data
    Account No
    Account Type: Internal or External
    Validity control
    Account charging rate (Account Based
Budget Manager:
 Budget envelop mechanism is implemented
    through budget manager
   Track each account balance sheet (exclusive of
   Budget rollover
   Balance alert
   Account deactivation control

 Integrating with future subscription business
    model (to be implemented)
Facility Manager:
   Facility grouping
   Register facility information and data including:
       Facility title
       Booking parameters control (booking cancellation,
         weekend booking enable, session, etc)
       Facility charging rate (Facility Based Configuration)
   Facility can be computerized or non-computerized, such as
    tools, meeting rooms, etc.
   Only the computerized facility can form a usage-loop login (one-

   vMFL is available now to deal with many-to-one login

   Experimental data push to centralize data storage service (to be
    investigated and implemented)
Group Manager:
 Establish access authentication policy (6 generic levels):
     System admin
     Data admin
     Manager
     General staff
     Supervisors
     Users

 You can further create many groups under each generic group
     For example, you can create “beginner user group,
      intermediate user group, and advance user group”
     Different groups have the independent booking policies
School/Org Manager:
 Register user school and organization
Supervisor Manager:
 Register supervisor information and data
 You can get this done through user profile
  registration to avoid double work

 For broadcast messages, if you select
  supervisor group, messages will be sent to
  the supervisors through supervisor
 It is important to have the supervisor set
  up for invoicing
System Settings:
 Configure System:
     Global parameters settings
     Access records
     Announcement scroller
     Plug-in license information

 Upload Systems Files
     Upload customized banner image
     Upload invoice logo image
     Upload terms & conditions file for online reg
     Upload user title file
     Upload research type file
System Settings:
 Email Receiver Manager:
     Set up additional staff members to receive online
      reg request email notice
     Set up staff members to receive budget alert

 Email Content Manager
     Customize the online reg request response email
     Customize the user access confirmation email
      notice content
     Preview the contents
System Settings:
 Link & Directory Manager:
     FTP data access setup
     Online help link setup
     Online reg link setup (if opt for not using the
      online reg form)
     Facility Info Link (underway)
System Settings:
 Set Facility Login:
     Show facility status through Facility Status Page
     Facility local logon program permission
 ACLS proven, reliable and secured;
 Online registration and activation;
 Project-based, account-based or facility-based
  billing scheme;
 Weekly, daily and session booking with booking
  reminders, booking notes and email reminder
 Service booking with automatic notifications;
 Training booking with automatic notifications;
 Multiple group sample tracking and reporting;
 Message broadcast to all users groups;
 Data reports and invoices.
 Real time login data collection at terminals of
Labs with ACLS:
    The Analytical Centre: EMU, BMSF, NMR, SSEAU, BMIF, UNSW
    Microscopy & Histology Unit, UNSW
    The School of Medical Sciences, UNSW
    Biological Resources & Imaging Lab, UNSW
    Advanced Electronic & Photonic Materials Lab, UNSW
    ANFF NSW Node, UNSW

    Centre for Advanced Microscopy, ANU
    Electron Microscope Unit, The Faculty of Engineering, UOW
    Australian Institute for Innovative Materials, UOW
    Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, UOW
    Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation & Analysis, UWA
    Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Royal North Shore Hospital
    Department of Imaging & Applied Physics, CUT
    Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, Monash University
    Histopathology Laboratory, Discipline of Pathology, The University of Sydney
    School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney

    Facility for Analysis, Characterisation, Testing and Simulation (FACTS), Nanyang Technological
     University, Singapore
    Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices, Trinity College, Ireland
What’s New:
 2010:
    Incidents & Requests
    Subscription Manager
    Multiple user training bookings

 2011 and beyond:
    Periodic Bookings
    Weekly Booking Control
    Course Manager
    Data Push Manager
    iPhone/iPod Web Access
    Facility Electronic Bulletin Board
    HQ Report Polling
    Auto Sampler Integrator
    Excel Data Manager
    iCal Event Tool
    More …
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Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

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