Investment Banking Process - Excel by msc85991


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									    Seniors                          Uniquename        Concentration
Laina         Biglow            lbiglow              Accounting

Ashley        McEvoy            amcevoy              Accounting

Jackie        Rocca             jrocca               Accounting, Finance

Lauren        Yaffe             lyaffe               Acounting, Strategy, MO

Alba          Arrendondo        albamarc             Finance

Sandhya       Murali            smurali              Finance

Eileen        Sene              ebsene               Finance, Accounting

Ariella       Morrow                                  Finance, Accounting

Joy           Lee               joyl                 Finance, Accounting

Danielle      Sperla            dpatrice             Finance, Accounting

Arti          Mattu             amattu               Finance, Accounting

Maggie        Smith             maggiels             Finance, Corporate Strategy

Jodi          Hochberger        jhochb               Finance, Marketing

Emily         Audette           audettet             Marketing

Suzanne       Hadeed            shadeed              Marketing

Alissa        Goldstein         aagolds              Marketing

Wendy         Yeung    Marketing

Julie         Dennis-Litinger   jdlit                Marketing

Carmen        Ortiz-Tello       caort                Marketing

Reanna        Levinson          reanna               Marketing

Brigid        Jennings          bmjenn               Marketing

Amy           Chung             amsies               Marketing, Strategy

Angie         Justian           justang              MO

Amy           Stein             amystein             Operations Management

Sarah         Heckert           sheckert             Strategy, Finance

Joanna        Sheldon           jshelden             Finance, Accounting
Courtney   Robinson                        Finance,

Erin       Rea        erea                 Operations Strategy
Jaclyn     Menacher   jaclynme             Finance

Harriet    Fung       funharri             Marketing
       Career              Experience
Corporate Finance     Financial Leadership Development Program at PPG

Accounting            ?

Consulting            Ernst & Young

Plante & Moran, Morgan Stanley as Finance/Marketing intern

                     Goldman Sachs
Private Wealth Management

Investment Banking    ?

Accounting, ConsultingSystem Process Analyst, Target

Finance, Investment Banking at Unilever

Accounting            Accounting Audit at GMAC

Investment Banking    Goldman Sachs

Finance               Equity Research at JPMorgan

Finance, Consulting   Finance intern at Microsoft

                     Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management
Private Wealth Management

Marketing             SC Johnson sales intern

Marketing             American Express

Marketing             L'oreal

Marketing             L'oreal

Marketing             Media and Advertising

Marketing             L'oreal

Marketing             American Express, Omnicom Group, CBS Sportsline

Retail                Production intern at cosmetics company

Consulting, Marketing Whirlpool Corporation

Consulting, HR, Law   HR intern at Owen's Corning

Consulting            Investment Banking

Investment Banking    UBS Investment Bank

Investment Banking    UBS Investment Banking
Corporate Finance   General Motors

Consulting          NA
Consulting          Boston Consulting Group


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