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					College Apps ‘101’

    Demystifying the College
        Application process
Mt. Carmel High School
     Senior Team
        The Class of 2010 Senior Team

    Greg Magno – Assistant Principal
    Dena Tracanna – Counselor
    Vanda Wilshire – Guidance Technician
    Shevaun Teegarden – Attendance Assistant
    What we’re doing to help…

Classroom Presentations –
    Senior Social Studies - October 6th, 9th,16th
    T1 Non Social Studies - October 7th, 15th

College Application “Open Lab” time
        November 3rd 5th, 12:30-3:30pm
                  More MC Support…

MC Senior webpage - Debut

     Career Assessments

     Exploring Majors
                    California Master Plan

   The University of CA makes every effort to provide a place
    on one of its campuses for all California resident applicants
    who meet the minimum admissions requirements and file
    an application during the appropriate filing period, Nov. 1-

   However, in this climate of budget problems, it is important
    for your student to consider all UC campuses as an option
    and follow through on all instructions and deadlines.
                        CSU Budget Updates
   Revenue –     Combating      Expenses
    $500 million deficit
                                   ◦ Enrollment
     ◦ Fee increases                 reduced 11%

                                   ◦ Voluntary 10%
                                     salary reduction
                                   ◦ classes closed

                                   ◦ “pruning”

                                   ◦ Academic
                           Making the Match…

   Students who value the outdoors: UCSC, UCM
   Beach communities : UCSB, UCSD, UCSC, UCI
   Big city campuses: UCB, UCLA
   Suburban area: UCI, UCR
   Which campuses have academic programs that most
    interest you?
   Intellectual community: All campuses in the UC system
    are drawing students from the top 12.5 percent of high
    school graduates in California.
   Consider applying to a variety of campuses.
                              Consider Choices

   Most Competitive: UCLA, UCB, UCSD

   If you only apply to these three schools you may be
    denied at all three, so consider other campuses.

   If gaining admission to the University of California is a
    priority for your family, please consider UC Merced and
    UC Riverside because these campuses admit the
    highest percentage of UC eligible applicants.
                  The Online Application

CSU website: 10/1 – 11/30

UC website: 11/1- 11/30

       Preparation
         ◦ get a transcript, gather info
       Save before logging out
       Copy for records
       Send scores
                 Fees and Fee Waivers

   Application fees per campus

     ◦ CSU: $55
     ◦ UC: $60
     ◦ Privates: $75+

   Fee Waiver
     ◦ Imbedded in the application
   EOP – Educational Opportunity Program
     ◦ Imbedded in the application
                        ESTIMATED COSTS
       Fees will increase with the 2010/2011 School Year

AVERAGE               CSU                   UC
Fees                  $5,112              $8,700
Books and            $1,600                $1,500
Health/Misc           $801                 $1,000
Room and             $10,030              $12,600
Personal Items       $2,578               $2,600

Total                $20,450              $26,400
                UCHousing
◦Guaranteed with admission.
  Admissions Statistics for Fall 2009
Campus             Admission Rate   Average High     Total University
                                    School GPA       Enrollment
                                    (Grades 10 & 11)
                                    with AP and H up
                                    to 8 semesters)
UC Berkeley        26.6             4.15             35,409
UC Davis           46.2             4.00             31,426
UC Irvine          43.9             4.00             27,631
UCLA               21.7             4.16             39,650
UC Merced          77.8             3.53             2,718
UC Riverside       78.3             3.61             18,079
UC San Diego       37.3             4.08             28,200
UC Santa Barbara   48.3             3.93             21,868
UC Santa Cruz      63.2             3.76             16,615
Comprehensive Review Factors
    Grades and courses in A-G           Special talents or
     courses Grades 10 and 11             leadership.
    The number and content of,          Significant community
     and performance in, courses          service.
     completed in academic
     subjects beyond the minimum         Academic accomplishments
     specified by the University's        in light of the applicant's life
     eligibility requirements.            experiences and special
    Honors, AP, Community College        circumstances.
                                      • This information will be
    The quality of the senior year     conveyed on the
     program, as measured by the
     type and number of academic        application.
                                      • No letters of
    Outstanding performance in         recommendation will be
     one or more specific academic
     subject areas.                     accepted by the University
    Outstanding work in one or         of California.
     more special projects in any
     academic field of study.         • Students should work to
                                        include insight into these
    Recent, marked improvement
     in academic performance, with      areas in their application
     particular attention given to      essay.
     the last two years of high
                   Important Information for
                       Students and Parents
   Although senior grades will not be reported on the self reported
    transcript, it is important to remember that all admission
    decisions are conditional.

   Students must successfully complete the senior year courses
    listed on the self reported transcript with grades that reflect the
    same level of achievement reported from the sophomore and
    junior year.

   Campuses will rescind acceptances in July or later if the final
    transcript is not received on time and/or does not reflect grades
    or information reported in the application.
   Fill out and send your             Admissions decisions will
    application early in                be available online (via
    November. Do not wait
    until after                         student portal) during the
    Thanksgiving!!                      month of March.

   Be sure to print out your          The Application Status
    electronic receipt for online       Website will be the portal
    submission.                         for all applicant updates
                                        prior to January.
   No application will be
    considered if electronic
    stamp indicates it was
    submitted after 11:59 PM
    on November 30.

   Print and keep a copy of
    your application.

Apply Between Nov 1-30
Personal Statements

  aka “The College Essay”
  Purpose
  Not required by all schools
                              Send Test Scores

   Make sure you have completed both SAT Reasoning Test (or
    ACT with Writing) and SAT Subject Tests in two different
    subject areas no later than the December SAT test date.

   Make sure to order test scores sent directly from the
    College Board or ACT to each of the UC campuses you are
    applying to in order to complete your application. Failure
    to do so will postpone or cancel any admission

   You will receive only one reminder if test scores are not
    received on time (usually in January).

   Score Choice? (Send all scores and ASAP!)
                     Official or Unofficial

Which one do I need and when?
 Unofficial – Now!
 Official – Depends on College you are applying to (don’t
  need for UC/CSU apps)
 Mid-year Report
    Private School Applications

 FERPA - Permission to Release School Record Information
 Letters of Recommendation
     Personal Data Form
     Parent Input Form
     Peer
 Large envelope with deadlines containing:
     College Counselor Forms
     Pre-addressed envelope(s) with 2 stamps
     Official Transcript(s)
     Mid-year reports
         The Common Application

   One application
    accepted at over
    250 colleges and
Early Decision vs. Early Action

 What is the difference?
  Early Decision – BINDING!
  Early Action – Not Binding…but risky…
     Letters of Recommendation

 Who to ask and how to ask them
 Forms
                                Financial Aid


   Scholarships/Grants
   Loans
   Work Study

   Financial Aid Night:
     ◦ Jan. 10th @ 6 pm in G8
               When will I hear back?

   Students in the Top 10% of
    their class may hear back as
    early as December

   Early March is the typical
    response date
                    Intent to Register

 May   1st deposit due
                        Rolling Admissions

   Applications are accepted throughout the year

   Best to apply early as possible at a Rolling Admissions
                    Community College

Community College Workshop - Spring 2010

Community College Placement Tests- Spring 2010

       Transfer Admission Agreements

   7 UC campuses have these agreements with all
    California Community Colleges.

   Please explore this option if your student is set on a
    certain campus.

   General education requirements are similar for the first
    two years for many majors.

   Students must complete 60 semester or 90 quarter
    units to transfer.
               So What Do I Do Now?

   Have an honest discussion with your child about post
    secondary interests/opportunities…
    -Is your child mature enough right now for the 4 year
    college experience?
    -Does their academic background support their choices?
    -What time have you invested in researching different
         campuses either online or in person.
    -Have you determined what you can afford?
 Good Luck!
Buena Suerte!
Bonne Chance!
  Viel Gluck!


Thank you for coming!

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