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					March, 2009

                                           New Members
                                                  Supplement #3
The Abstract & Title Company of Florence                  ExpressMED
Abstractors, Real Estate Settlement                       Physician
111 S. Court Street / Florence, AL 35630                  970 Cox Creek Parkway / Florence, AL 35630
764-2011 FAX: 764-5846                                    760-1655 FAX: 760-1699                                                             Ricky or Melanie Stone
Clint Wilkes                                              Family Medical Practice
Real Estate Settlement, Title Insurance Agent
                                                          Fees & Burges, PC
ADS Security                                              Attorney
Security Systems                                          213 Green Street / Huntsville, AL 35801
500 Wynn Drive Suite 511 / Huntsville, AL 35816           256-536-0095 FAX: 256-536-4440
256-503-6726 FAX: 256-721-0290                                                                                       Michale Fees, CEO
Robin McRae                                               Gregory Burgess, Vice-President
Residential / Commercial. Intrusion detection             Donna Stoddart, Business Manager
& burglar alarms / Fire alarms & life safety              Julia Fees, Human Resources
systems. Video surveillance.                              Allen L. Anderson, Shareholder
                                                          Jeffrey L. Roth, Shareholder
Coldwell Banker-Pinnacle Properties                       Fees & Burgess, P.C. is an experienced law firm with a
David Gardner                                             practice emphasis in the representation of government
Real Estate                                               and business in litigation and litigation avoidance and
2093 Florence Blvd / Florence, AL 35630                   in handling its clients' sophisticated corporate needs.
349-0514 / FAX: 766-0926                          Florence Family Practice                                 Physician
Real Estate                                               122 E. Tennessee Street / Florence, AL 35630
                                                          764-9830 FAX: 764-9832
CRC Realty / Linda Littrell                     
Real Estate                                               Linda C. Clemons, MD
227 Cox Creek Prkwy / Florence, AL 35630                  Family Practice
762-5521 FAX: 718-0111                                 Susan Goode / HMN Teachers Insurance
Real Estate                                               Insurance
                                                          118 E. Mobile Street, Ste. 104 / Florence, AL 35630
Edward Jones / Jeremy Goss                                718-0030 FAX: 718-0320
Investment Securities                           
206 S. Pine St Suite 100 / Florence, AL 35630             Susan Goode
764-6601                                                  Providing retirement options and life, property and auto
Number of Employees: 4                                    coverages specifically designed for educators.
Established: 1871                               Hammond Farm Supply, LLC                                       Farm Supply
Jeremy Goss                                               14242 HWY 64 / Lexington , AL 35648
Investment solutions for individual investors; Tax free   Phone: 256-229-6664 FAX: 256-229-6667
investing; Business and personal retirement planning.     Mark Hammond
                                                          Farm Supply & Fertilizer

                              Supplement to Chamber Directory Printed July, 2008
March, 2009

                                           New Members
                                                 Supplement #3
Holy Sanctuary Temple of God                                MediSlim
Child Care Center / Church                                  Weight Loss
1121 West Mobile St / Florence, AL 35630                    155 Ana Drive / Florence, AL 35630
Phone: 760-1014 FAX: 760-1027                               256-767-1000
Contact: Vanessa Beukwith                         
Day Care / Community Center                                 Brent Goodman
                                                            Laura James
Home Depot #8577                                            Keith Simpkins, CEO
Building Materials / Wholesale Lumber                       At MediSlim, we specialize in medically supervised,
351 Seville Street / Florence, AL 35630                     comprehensive weight management and wellness programs.
764-5037 FAX: 718-8273                                      We offer a variety of high quality programs designed to help                           you lose weight and maintain your weight loss long-term.                                           Each of these programs will be customized specifically to
Kenneth Washington, Store Manager                           accommodate your medical conditions, physical limitations
Byron Allen, Operations Manager                             and personal health goals.
Darren Shockney,
     Specialty Sales Assistant Store Manager                M. Keith Medley - Attorney at Law
You can do it. We can help.                                 Attorney
WE ARE HERE TO STAY!                                        1328 N. Pine St / Florence, AL 35630
                                                            766-3131 FAX: 766-3124
Charles Inman                                               M. Keith Medley
Individual Membership                             
764-0339 / 764-9116                                         Personal injury, Wills & Probate, Disability issues,
334 Kingston Dr / Florence, AL 35630                        Social Security Disability
                                                            Pickwell Belle
The Kuby Company                                            Riverboat Cruise
Business Brokerage                                          P.O. Box 367 / Pickwick Dam, TN 38365
P.O. Box 3535 / Florence, AL 35631                          877-936-BELLE
Phone: 256-810-8239                                         731-607-0881 CELL
E-Mail:                                  Tanya Irwin                                   
Contact: Tamara Hudson, Associate Broker          
Carl Kuby, Owner, President                                 An authentic paddle wheel riverboat offering private
To facilitate owners in selling their business while        charters and public cruises on the Tennessee River.
procuring potential buyers. My business is selling your
business with integrity and confidentiality.                Pro-Air Services
                                                            Contractors / Mechanical;
Lauderdale County Children’s Policy Council                 Air Conditioning & Heating / Sales & Service
Organization & Association                                  3444 Valley Ave SW
200 South Crt Street, Suite 317                             Decatur, AL 35603
Florence, AL 35630                                          256-353-4446 FAX: 256-584-7003
760-5825                                                    877-9PROAIR                     
Ellen McGowan                                     
A partenrship of individuals from various social service    Marshall Putman, Owner, President
organizations who work with children and families,          We combine a Service and Project Department to meet the
ensuring the availability of resources to the children of   needs of industrial, commercial, and institutional customers
Lauderdale County and helping them become healthy,          in the Tennessee Valley.
productive adults.

                              Supplement to Chamber Directory Printed July, 2008
March, 2009

                                              New Members
                                                    Supplement #3
Shoals Animal Hospital                                     Valley Chiropractic
Veterinarian                                               Chiropractors
707 Avalon Ave / Muscle Shoals, AL 35661                   2415 Avalon Ave Suite B
381-2911 FAX: 381-2913                                     Muscle Shoals, AL 35661                                           389-8250 FAX: 389-8251
Kristy Clopton, DVM                              
Nikki Snipes, DVM                                          Dr. James McGuire
Small Animal Medicine and Surgery                          We provide an opportunity for people to live healthier,
                                                           fuller lives. We focus on the nervous system and manually                                        adjust the vertebral column to affect the nervous system.
Web Site
P.O. Box 3581 / Muscle Shoals, AL 35662                    WellSpring Advertsiing, LLP
256-412-1676                                               Advertsing Agency                                    2910 East 13th Avenue / Sheffield, AL 35660
Serving Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Florence,                256-320-2311
Sheffield and surrounding areas. Connect with your
community, connect with the people around you!             E-Mail:
                                                           Keith Sims
Jeana Brooks Smith, Attorney at Law                        Full Service Advertising Agency
958 Woodmont Dr. / Tuscumbia, AL 35674                     CHANGES:
Phone: 320-5441 FAX: 320-5442
E-Mail:                             Genflex Roofing changed name to
Contact: Jeana Brooks Smith                                Firestone Buidling Products, LLC
Free Consultation. Focusing on all types of                Manufacturing / Building Products
personal legal issues including Bankruptcy,                393 Denton Circle
Collections, DUI, Divorce & Child Custody,                 Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Adoption, Guardianship & Conservatorship,                  386-8380 FAX: 314-1887
Power of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, Estates,       
Disability Claims, & Auto accidents.                       Contact: Coy Johnson
                                                           Amy Connors
Texas Roadhouse                                            We manufacture thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO)
Restaurant                                                 single-ply roofing membranes as the Firestone
307 Cox Creek Parkway / Florence, AL 35630                 brand and the GenFlex brand in widths of 4', 6', 8' 10'
765-7104 FAX: 765-7105                                     and manufacture the industry’s only 12' wide product.                        Under GenFlex, we also supply all the necessary                                     accessories including fasteners and adhesives.
David Grifey, Managing Partner
Gail Griffey, Local Store Marketer
Full service restaurant. Catering,
School fund raisers, not-for-profit fund raisers.

US Air Force
Government Agency
301 Cox Creek Parkway, Suite 1002
Florence, AL 35630
764-5461 FAX: 764-5461
TSgt. Stephanie Rucker
US Air Force Recruiting Center

                                Supplement to Chamber Directory Printed July, 2008
March, 2009

                                   New Members
                                         Supplement #3

                            This Supplement brought to you by:

                              Sweetwater Realty Group
                                    Kim Hicks, Realtor
                                    Florence, AL 35633
                             256-324-8366 / FAX: 256-760-0926
             Real Estate Listing, Selling and Leasing Agent. Certified Property manager.
          Look for my ads in Homebuyers Guide and the Shoals Area Showcase of Homes!
                               I can sell you a house in North Alabama!

                         Hensley - Thompson Properties
                          3410 Chisholm Rd. #1217A / Florence
                            256-764-3033 / FAX: 256-764-3028
                                 John Thompson - CEO
                              Kim Hicks - Property Manager
              Specializing in apartment living for over 60 years. over 400 rental units!
          Every style and size apartment to fit your housing needs! We offer the very best in
          Corporate Housing with short term leasing available. Corporate rates with onsite
              Management Office and full time maintenance staff to better serve you!

                        Supplement to Chamber Directory Printed July, 2008

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