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									Check list for organising your York Courses Group Study Course
Action                                                                                                                       Decision   Responsible Due Date Done
Invite a small steering group to join you and organise an initial planning meeting. Consult with your minister at the
earliest opportunity to check support, involvement and any financial help that might be available.
In advance of the initial planning meeting, make sure you have details of the course(s) you wish to discuss at the
meeting. You can download a copy of our current courses list from or request a printed copy
from our office.

At your initial planning meeting, your steering group may wish to consider the following:

Which course to do? Our taster packs are an inexpensive way of assessing a course and, once bought, can be used by
the group leader to run a course. Ideally each group member will have their own copy of the course booklet.
When? Decide on the start date for the course; the best time of day and best day of the week (factors such as weather,
dark evenings and group leaders/members' availability will affect these decisions); the duration of each session. Most
of our courses have 5 sessions.
Where? Will you meet in the church hall or in someone's home? Factors affecting your decision will include the
number of people, access (wheelchair / steps/ toilets), cost, parking provision, chairs, comfort, electrical socket for
audio equipment, tea/coffee making facilities, availabilty of the venue
Who? How many different groups you may wish to have, how many possible group leaders you have, desirable
minimum and maximum numbers per group, who might like to attend (if you get a lot of people interested you may
wish to consider the mix of ages, gender, experience etc)
What? What do you need to run the course? Who can provide a CD player or tape recorder? Is there a convenient
electrical socket to avoid trailing cables? Who will provide a Bible, pencils, paper, refreshments?

How? How are you going to publicise the course? General notices, vicar to read out in church, church noticeboard,
church website, leaflets through letterboxes or at the back of church, invite friends - word of mouth. Our website has an
A4 poster which you can download and print off, personalising the blanks with your own course details. There is also
an invitation template on the website for you to print off, fill in and distribute.

How much? How will the course materials be paid for? Does your church have a fund that might pay for some/all of
the materials? Some churches pay for the CD/audiotape and leader's transcript and ask each group member to pay for
their own personal copy of the course booklet. Do you need to ask for any extra money to cover expenses such as room
hire, teas/coffees? Interestingly, the hourly cost per head of 5-10 hours stimulating debate, good fellowship and
personal growth is still likely to work out as extremely good value!
Decide who is going to be responsible for each element and agree a date when it will be done by
Exchange email address and telephone/mobile numbers

You may wish confirm the following before the course starts :
Availability of the group leaders on all the times and dates you have chosen and that there is an up to date list of their
contact details
That your chosen venue has been booked for all of your session dates and times
Look through attendees - who might need help with a lift/child care/ can offer lift sharing. Does anyone with hearing
difficulties need a personal copy of the course transcript to help them follow the audio material? If you have anyone
with special requirements, please contact us and we will do our best to try and help you.
Hospitality - who, what, how will this be paid for?
How many people are coming? Has everyone paid?
Order course materials to suit group numbers. We pride ourselves on offering a very prompt service but at our very
busiest time of year (in the run-up to Lent) you may need to allow us up to a week to despatch your order. Second class
post and packing is free, regardless of your order value. And for a flat fee of £2 we will prioritise your order and send
it first class.

Please do check the course materials in advance of the meeting. We have excellent working relationships with our
suppliers but even with the most stringent quality controls a very occasional faulty booklet or CD can get through the
system. Please do take a few moments to play your audio material in advance of the meeting.
Read through the course booklet and prepare for the first session
Plan any follow-up you wish to do in good time for it to be announced at the last meeting

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